Another Republican Failure: Joni Ernst Crashes and Burns During Bread Bag Infused SOTU Rebuttal

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Months after voters sent her to DC because she “grew up castrating hogs” and promised to make Washington’s big spenders “squeal”, freshman Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa delivered the official Republican rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Tuesday evening. (There are many splinter rebuttals.)

Unfortunately, Senator Ernst took a dangerous turn down GOP SOTU rebuttal alley with a bizarre reference to bread bags on her feet in an attempt to appeal to the Americans who are harmed by her party’s policies.


Ernst was supposed to sell the idea of a Republican party that cares about the middle class and has solutions for them. Since they do not have solutions for the middle class, this was a real challenge. But we never even got to real policy, because Ernst delivered a stilted, forced, fake and awkward sounding rebuttal that was so careful and slow, she sounded like a disembodied voice recording of syllables turned into words.

If this is the best the Republican Party has, I am almost terrified for them.

“Rather than respond to the speech… ” This is how Ernst began what can only be described as awkward and fake. She stumbled over the word “Washington” and then they rolled pictures of her as a child on the splitscreen.

At one point Sen. Ernst wanted to paint herself as one of the common folk by pointing out that used to wear bread bags to school on her feet because she only had one pair of shoes. Ernst said, “You see, growing up I had only one good pair of shoes. So on rainy school days, my mom would slip plastic bread bags over them to keep them dry, but I was never embarrassed because the school bus would be filled with rows and rows of young Iowans with bread bags over their feet.”

The question is, was Ernst wearing bread bags on her feet during the SOTU rebuttal?

The Republican freshman Senator called Obamacare a “failed policy”. So that was boring but predictable.

Ernst sounded like an automated robo call, reading from the teleprompter with awkward emphasis on words that made no sense, “What they grow over… THERE.”

Senator Ernst kept repeating “serious jobs bill” as if that would make it real, like Dorothy feverishly clicking her ruby red slippers together.

Ernst was tasked with responding to President Obama’s State of the Union address in a way that attacked the President without sounding like an attack. Republican leadership promised that Ernst would be selling Republican efforts to help the middle class. So right off the bat, she was handicapped by the fact that she had to sell a sad, transparent fib, given that Republicans are already freaking out over President Obama’s proposals to cut taxes for the middle class, calling them a non-starter.

Ernst continued the Republican repackage of the Keystone XL pipeline as the Keystone jobs bill, which in typical Republican fashion is a jobs bill that doesn’t actually create jobs.

Republicans are exhausting themselves trying to find new ways to justify sticking the middle class with an unfair proportion of the tax burden as they trumpet tax cuts for the rich.

Once again, Republicans thrust a fresh-faced rising star onto the national stage in one of the hardest ways possible, the State of the Union rebuttal. The Republican response to Obama has been likened to the “kiss of death” by Elaine Kamarck, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

“It’s almost like the kiss of death to get picked to do the Republican response. It represents an amazing opportunity to catapult yourself into the national conversation, but the risk is huge and the success rate has been minimal at best in recent years.”

Sen. Ernst joined the long list of Republicans who engaged in bizarre behavior during the State Of The Union rebuttal. It is become a tradition during the Obama years that Republicans respond to the State Of The Union by showing the country just how crazy they are.

Joni Ernst and her bread bags, join Marco Rubio’s water and Bobby Jindal’s spiral staircase in keeping the legacy of Republican SOTU response crazy alive and well.

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  1. the #breadbags is all the rage right now over on twitter. And Cruz……………….. well he’s just being Cruz.

  2. I heard she kept her speech really short so she could hurry up and cash the check she got from the Koch Brothers for promoting Keystone XL. Lol.

  3. Were the bread bags from Wonder Bread.. because it’s a wonder why they picked her for the rebuttal. She sounds more intelligent when she talks about castrating hogs.

  4. Sounded like she had those bread bags over her head. Gimme a break … if you were poor and understood what it takes fro others to make it out then you’d support the policies he presented tonight.

  5. Because they can’t help themselves now.

    They’re so dug into the same talking points and failed ideological dogma, they can’t even directly speak to a straight-up SOTU address for fear of getting off message and not pandering to the rubes.

  6. Sounded like she had those bread bags over her head. Gimme a break … if you were poor and understood what it takes for others to make it out then you’d support the policies he presented tonight.

  7. Someone on another site today said that only men do the castrating, because it takes a lot of strength. So I guess old Joni is a big liar.

  8. One word on Joni Ernst….LIAR! Keystone, really…a lawsuit was filed today on behalf of the land owners that will hold up this pipeline for at least 2 years. People like her are bought and paid for by big oil and will talk bread bags of her feet then cut your balls off with a smile!

  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Senator from the western half of Iowa…

    Now you know why I left in the first place!

  10. That was really awkward and forced. Even she knows that Obamacare is not a failed policy but working better than planned. At least she can count on bread bags full of money from her masters for having the gall to lie to the American people with a straight face.

  11. Hell. I and my sisters never had bread bags.
    And you can call Keystone a “jobs” bill all you want. And it will still only create a few jobs for a short time. Putting people to work on infrastructure will put many for work far longer and help other people and businesses to create more jobs. GOP, party of morons.

  12. I don’t think she gets the fact that her campaign is over. Her “speech” sounded like all of her campaign ads rolled into one…. How Pathetic!!!

  13. During almost EVERY “speech” I’ve heard from Joni Ernst, she has told the same 3 “stories”: Hog farming, serving biscuits at Hardee’s, and the good ole bread bag over the shoes bit.

    Am I the only one who thinks Ernst believes that, in a wealthy country like the US, it is GOOD for kids to have to wear bread bags on their feet? They can’t claim that this is support for “recycling,” because most of the GOP doesn’t believe in global warming.

  14. You’d be talking about a full-grown boar, and those are only done if they’re going to be butchered after their stud service is over. Males intended for table use from the beginning are cut as young piglets.

  15. At least Ernst didn’t tell the tale about her family not being able to afford a sharp knife…….. biting pigs test*cles off with your teeth leaves terrible mental scars….. and not just for the pig.

  16. Robotic..
    The republicans job bill, the Keystone pipeline. The end results if not vetoed, “we the people” will be blessed with a whooping 35 permanent jobs. And some want to hang on to their stupidity clinging to the ideology that believes that the Republican Party truly give a hoot about the welfare of the whole of this nation’s of people.

  17. The above posters are correct about Ernst saying the same thing as she did during her campaign. Biscuits at Hardee’s, bags on her shoes, etc….why does this make her qualified to be a senator and share the spotlight with the President of the United States of America?
    And most of us worked at a fast food growing up, why does she think this is news to constantly bring up about herself?

  18. as a fellow Iowan, I would like to point out that we wore the breadbags inside our boots to keep our feet from getting wet, not to protect our shoes! not sure where she got the whole breadbags on the outside thing from…..

  19. To think the people of Iowa elected this utter fool to replace Tom Harkin, their loss for 6 years of “tomfoolerie”!

  20. As she grew up during the Age of Reagan and the “great” trickle down boom times, I’m thinking, did all that skip Iowa?

  21. My parents were never short of money when I was growing up in the 70’s, but I wore Wonder Bread baggies as a water barrier just because frickin Gortex wasn’t invented yet. Had nothing to do with money then.

  22. Infrastructure is needed, it’s bipartisan, it helps urban, suburban, and rural America, it isn’t Red America, it isn’t Blue America, it’s the United States of America. It’s a jobs program and a public good. Infrastructure is a win-win for everyone. I wished that this would have been a challenge for them to respond to.

  23. Um, Johnny, didn’t you know that having a uterus doesn’t necessarily make one a nice person? Are you saying that she’s entitled to respect as a politician that she hasn’t yet earned by deeds? And is she entitled simply because of her gender, and the things she’s done in spite of it?

    Really, now.

  24. To be fair to her although her politics totally different: I thought she was actually okay in her performance as a brand new Senator on the national stage for the very first time.

  25. Gawddddddd, I’m dying here over that bread bag part!! LMAO! That is going to follow her forever and ever and ever and ever …

  26. Cry me a freaking river, man. After all the vile CHIT Obama has been called, you expect us to sympathize? I couldn’t care less if she’s a woman or the first female senator from wherever. She’s an idiot and a twit, both of which are not gender-specific descriptors.

  27. Lets be REAL!, shall we?? since the ”NEW” GOP all the sudden gives a DAMM about po folks, then explain to us joni ernst, WHY was the GOP first move was to defund SOCIAL SECURITY????? and now they’re trying to cut social security benefits by 20%!!!!!!!!!! tell us joni!! BECAUSE your party wants people on social security to wear plastic bags on their feet too?????!!!!

  28. I just read on another blog that her family farm received $460,000 in price supports over the years. Typical Repub. hypocrisy. An ex friend of ours complained about kids getting breakfast on his dime at the same time he was getting paid by the govt. to not grow crops that he never intended to grow in the first place. He had acreage and 3 goats which evidently made him into a farmer.

  29. Yeaaahhh so about that socalled New NEW Thingy. As new as moldy leftovers and literboxes that need to be scooped. As new as week-old dirty diapers. As new as feathered hair, disco and bell-bottoms. Good luck with that, liars!

  30. REJOINDER from the millions of poor Americans the Rethuglicans always shun:

    Bread bags over her shoes?
    Wow – just WOW!
    She had SHOES!

  31. Did she wear those bread bags on her feet when she visited the dentist? Obviously, she got good dental care, with that mouthful of teeth. Reminds me of $carah PayMe only better dressed and clean.

  32. Have you noticed her demeanor? Her demeanor is familiar as are her words …Ernst is another Palin who thinks that fluttering her eyelashes (as Palin) will bring in fans for a fan club.”

  33. Yes, infrastructure improvements are needed, but Keystone XL is the last thing the United States needs.

    There’s a bi-partisan bill presented to the House that Boehner is sitting on and won’t put up for a vote (since he stands to gain hugely from Keystone XL, and he’s pouting that he’s not getting it) that focuses on infrastructure and millions of high-paying, permanent jobs, not 35 of them, which is all we’re going to get out of Keystone.

    Keystone XL is dead and that’s a GOOD thing for the United States. Republicans need to move on from that disastrous pipeline and stop thinking only about stuffing their own pockets with Koch and gov’t cash through bills that don’t help the American people or our environment.

  34. Every Republican I’ve ever met has been a greedy s.o.b.; selfish and apathetic. These are character flaws and I believe they’re genetic, too.

    I have zero compassion for this borderline sociopaths. I loathe them.

  35. This is the ridiculous, non rebuttal by any speaker, from any party that I have ever heard.

    Have the Republicans simply gone mad or do they think that Americans will listen to this dribble, about how they -THE FAT CATS- intend to look out for us.

    Please don’t insult our intelligence, and yes you folks need help in the media department.

    Wow… you botched it on your own again.

  36. LOL no wonder she has a yeast infection in her Brain! Her first Boy Friend had to use one of the bread bags to put over her head!

  37. I’am with you on that Jo. the thugs are now crying a river, because they got hit??Give me a break. they deserve this and more.

  38. they can castrate pigs with super strong rubber bands…..takes no strength at all just cut off the blood supply with the rubber bands and in a week or so they testicles fall off

  39. the pig castrate lady is another epic FAIL! Maybe she should have drunk a glass of water like Rubio LOL!

  40. This is most often done with calves, kids, and goats, whose testicles are pendant, like those of a dog or a man. Though pig testicles are not as sessile as those of a horse or a cat, they’re not as easily rubber-banded. Nonetheless, on small piglets, even non-anesthetised jacknife castration is pretty easy. I’m told it was the practice to first zip the piglet up in a rubber boot, with only its butt sticking out.

  41. In Every republican State of the Union response, it seems they choose to introduce to America their new Dumbass Rookie elected to congress!

  42. Re the usual rebuttal:
    The GOP gang is like a college fraternity.
    They always pick a freshman to take his/her turn in the barrel.
    They’re pro’s. You don’t think a seasoned veteran would chance making a fool of himself, do you?
    Been there, done that.

  43. Joni Ernst didn’t talk about her belief in the goofy conspiracy theory called “Agenda 21” which the Des Moines Register, Richmond Times Dispatch, the Dubuque Telegraph Herald and other have called her out on.

    YouTube has the short and long version for this. Different lengths for the clips, but the same goof-ball conspiracy mindset she possesses…

  44. actualy wore bread bags on my feet while in college. You dont wear them outside of your shoes, or you will have no traction. You wear them between sock and shoe, to keep your feet dry. Dry feet stay warm. I am cracking up thinking of a bunch of school kids in Iowa, trying to board a school bus with no traction….

  45. I was wondering how the hell a bread bag would fit over shoes. Inside to keep socks and feet dry, yes.

  46. So she’s the first time Iowa elected a woman to Congress, huh? How progressive, but is she the best you’ve got for Heaven’s sake? And she’s a vet. I know lots of vets of both sexes who actually have a brain. Why not elect THEM?

    Did you hear her extremely radical rightwing rhetoric BEFORE she toned it down for her campaign? Guess not. Or, maybe you agree with her unhinged ideas. Whatever.

  47. The Republican-led Senate ”voted down” 2 Democratic Amendments:

    The first was introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts)Amendment to The Keystone Bill which would have “prohibited oil shipped through the pipeline from being “exported”. His Amendment would of insured that The Keystone Pipeline “would have delivered on the “claim” that the oil flowing through the pipeline would “benefit U.S. Consumers”. It was defeated in The Senate by a 57-42 vote.

    The Second Amendment which was introduced by Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) which would have “required that The Pipeline be built with American Steel, Iron, and other “manufactured goods” used in Construction of The Pipeline and it’s Facilities. This was defeated in The Senate by a 53-46 vote.

  48. Great timing there Joni. You claimed the Keystone XL pipeline could be built with minimal environmental impact the same day a much smaller pipeline dumped oil into the Yellowstone River.

  49. Two facts about Ernst response: Provided by

    1) Being so poor she had to put bread bags over her shoes. FACT: Ernst’s kin took over $460K in farm subsidies:

    2) Complaining won’t approve KXL. House repubs. blocked $50B infrastructure bill, while pushing a $800B unfunded Tax cut for top 1%

    So let the lies begin by GOP/MSM. Armed yourself with the facts.

  50. ….and yet there is that new pipeline rupture on the Yellowstone River……hmmmm
    what’s to guarantee no spills with the Keystone?

  51. If republican voters can’t see how Transparent she and the party talking points are, they are out of touch with reality….. dreamers, the country is in trouble, more specifically repub. voters prevent progress for the rest of us. Depressing.
    Are these ignoramuses aliens, demons…… I mean from hell or some other planet??????

  52. Off topic but here’s the thing. Very briefly, a plastic bag won’t keep your feet dry for any length of time because your feet sweat. Transpired water would soak your foot really quickly. You could put a bag over the outside of the shoe in the same way galoshes work over shoes. To keep non-water resistant shoes from getting soaked through. That works, briefly. Yes, you could do a vapor-barrier approach with a plastic bag but your sock would get soaked from the inside and regular non-waterproof shoes would get soaked from the outside and your feet would be wet and cold. The physics of this don’t change. There is a reason we don’t just wear plastic socks.

  53. Whenever I attempt that wide open smile, my teeth dry out and my lips stick to them. Vasoline maybe? Or that axle grease used on pigs after the ‘procedure’ to help stop the bleeding.

    Joni seems to be a simp.

  54. What’s with all of these new era Republicans and this concept of “out-bumpkining” one another? I’m sick of it. They act like if you used to be poor and now you’re doing good that it’s great, but if you’re still stuck in poverty, then screw you, you’re lazy and unworthy of America. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. They act like rural white farmers are the only thing that is good and pure in America. From coast to coast there are Americans who look differently, live differently and have different customs and faiths…but they’re all Americans in my opinion. These small-minded bigots have no place running our government. The founding fathers would roll over. And besides, I don’t think it’s very ladylike of her to go around talking about castrating pigs. My Mother and both of my Grandmothers would die before making such classless remarks. I’d like to know if Ernst’s family has gotten any money in farm subsidies? If they have, then she is nothing but a damned foo…

  55. For god’s sake, is she talking to the voters or a bunch of 4th graders? Terrible delivery of a speech by a person in Congress. Rubber bands around the bread bags must have been cutting off the blood circulation a bit.

  56. She will forever be known as the BREAD BAG ON MY SHOES lady.

    Somebody is going to send her bread bags for her shoes very soon. She will have a collection of them….betcha?

    Saturday Night might have some fun with that too…betcha.

    Other things like this may be said to her: “Hey Joni, it’s raining outside…got your shoe bread bags ready?” Ha! -LOL couldn’t help it with that one.
    Or, “On a rainy day, Joni does not leave home without her bread-bags”
    OK, ENOUGH Thomas…..;)

  57. Miss Piggy has outdone Sarah Palin for cutsey atttempt at down home. She’s almost as funny as Michelle Bachmann.

  58. Has anyone asked Joni to “show us the pictures”?
    Am I the only one 100% skeptical that living on an Iowa hog farm a daddy wouldn’t have made sure his little girl had at least one pair of rubber boots to protect her feet from more than just rain and snow.

    Joni—why are you embarrassing your parents? I’m sure it’s a made up memory.


  59. Check the fine print. Spills will be a problem for the locals and the American taxpayers.

    “A bill opponent, Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., said it would “…..subsidize the pipeline by exempting TransCanada from making payments into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to cover the cost of potential oil spills. The vote, on Jan. 9, was 266 yeas to 153 nays.”

  60. Sally,

    I helped with it as a kid on our farm near Joni’s. It doesn’t take a lot of strength. The hardest part is holding the pig, and that was my job.

    I rode a school bus too, K-12 nearly 20 years before her (in Joni’s HS conference) and never saw bread bags over shoes. Standard operating equipment for any farmer and farm kid was a pair of overshoes.

  61. Okay, so you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear …
    … but couldn’t Ernst have made a comfy pair of shoes from a boar’s scrotum?

  62. I don’t know what it is with some of the folks in the Plains and Southern states. They talk so slow that you nod off just trying to listen. Sometimes you want to slap them up side the head to just get their so predictable words out.

    My mom, R.I.P., was born in Nebraska and talked with the same slow and boring cadence. However, her speech was never quite as stilted as Joni Ernst.

  63. I thought diversity and some equal representation for women in congress might be something liberals might like. Oh well, I’ve been wrong before…

  64. Would I? Are you talking about her speech, or that I said it’s not a bad thing that the women are breaking into the “old white-guy” club?

  65. Aw, well…come on.. She’s no orator like Obama.. and I’ll admit that the bread bag thing is a little kitchy… and she’s used it before.. But really, is it so hard to acknowledge that it’s not a bad thing for the right to elect a woman or two? Well, there’s been a few breaking the glass ceiling in the Grand Old Party…

    Shelley Moore Capito (WV-Senate) became the first female Senator elected from West Virginia and Joni Ernst (IA-Senate) became the first woman elected to Congress from Iowa. Elise Stefanik (NY-21) made history by becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, and Mia Love (UT-04) became the first African American Republican woman elected to Congress.

  66. Exactly what did she say other than tired Ideas that don’t work, her lies about her families economic welfare which BTW the family received over 400 grand in government handouts. The only thing I can say she didn’t look like a total fool like the previous five idiots when they gave their rebuttal.

    Joni Ernst’s Family Got Hundreds Of Thousands In Farm Subsidies

  67. So she didn’t look like a total fool… I’ll take it, djchefron!. So is the farm subsidy the thing now, because they, for the most part go to large corporate entities…and the farm bills are always tied to the food stamp programs. I’d think a liberal would be happy that subsidies, at least some of them, end up in the hands of small family farms..instead of absentee “farmers” like Sam Donaldson..

  68. Michelle Bachmann? Eh…. I’m a conservative, but have many liberal views. My view of Bachmann is only superficial.. She has good looks… but that’s about it… on par with Palin. Way to religious for me… That’s my big problem with the right. I’m more of an Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard type conservative.. Very right-wing on economics, but liberal on the social stuff… Bachmann’s curtains have more brains than she does..

  69. I aim to please Shiva… Do me a favor, and show me where Rand promotes corporate welfare… She was totally against businesses colluding with government… She was for the separation of government and economics…. just like she was for the separation of church and state…

    Dagny Taggart, along with Hank Rearden, were totally against Jim’s government friendly gang.. Or did you not read Atlas Shrugged 7 times like Johhny???

  70. See it was written in the book…. Elis Wyatt used new methods for extracting oil from “exhausted” wells, and began the renaissance of Colorado..(See North Dakota and Texas..)… and later in the valley (Galt’s Gulch) alluded to even newer hydraulic extraction techniques…IE====>>>FRACKING!!!

    Rand was Nostradamus…

  71. I know, I know…. Johhny can be trouble… he’s well versed in Randianism… don’t get me started on Arthur Laffer’s ALEC or Krugman’s ignorance of Bastiat’s broken window fallacy.. Friedman’s TANNSTAAFL.. or Maynard Keynes’s aversion to FIAT inflation…

    eh djchefron????

  72. We are trying to wake you up. While you call us the most offensive adjectives you can think of, we are only trying to counter the Geobellesque brainwashing you have succumbed to. Take a look at the likes. It’s about a hundred to one against anything remotely conservative. Don’t you think that’s a little odd? It’s an echo-chamber in here.. One with some access to logic and reason should see that as a red flag. Once a group becomes nearly 100 percent in lockstep with the message, something is WRONG… Think about it..

  73. Which is also what I had my kids do in Montana, bags between layers of socks or mittens to keep feet and hands dry. It had nothing to do with how many pairs of shoes or boots you had – snow got in just about any boot or shoe and you got wet. Makes me think Joni just heard a story about real kids without knowing the details.

  74. Going back to Randy Phillips, I agree that the Keystone is a REALLY bad idea. For all the reasons that have been pointed out. Infrastructure fix would be jobs that cannot be out sourced, and if using American made materials, would create even more jobs. Think that will fly?

  75. We should be thankful for the GOP choice for rebuttal. This is what the future of the GOP will be. American voters elected her and others like her. Failure to vote could not be more obvious to Democrats and Independents. Don’t blame the GOP, blame the American voter!

  76. With the Redumbnicans, it’s all about the optics, marketing, fast-buck advertising to sell useless crap, and superficiality.

    See, the party of ugly rich old white guys can’t put forth one of THEIR kind. People would take one look and think “I don’t believe a word that this fat old fart says”.

    No, they prop out what is THEIR vision of a supposed ‘pretty’ dame, but it’s all fake and plastic. Big hair or helmet/wig. Makeup. Business suit. By using a woman as a stage device, they think it proves that they’re not sexist.

    EVERYTHING is a racket, a scheme, a hustling ‘sell’, a grift and con job to these criminally minded prostitutes.
    And there are just enough stupid people ( most that are in their ‘base’ ) that do fall for this junk, so they keep on doing it.

  77. I just read that Ernst’s husband Gail (Isn’t that a girl’s name, hmmm) once called Hillary Clinton a “HAG”.
    I guess we know who wears the REAL bread bags in that family and it ain’t Gail.
    Joni must still be castrating but NOT hogs any more!
    (Yes, I know what I wrote IS mean, but Ernst deserves it by trying to act all ‘aw shucks’ and thinking we’re stupid enough to believe a word she said.)

  78. Jacqueline – I have a guess as to why they picked her. Since the last two were aspiring to presidential fame and crashed and burned so badly as to end that chance, they picked someone who obviously has NO CHANCE of ever running for pres.

    They paraded their crazy out for all the world to see AND they kept any presidential hopefuls out of the limelight on the most risky night of the year. A win/win.

  79. Oh my, oh my. You just answered a burning question for me. I had been wondering why in the world she ran for Congress in the first place. You nailed it. It’s her audition for FOX! OK, I got it now. Makes perfect sense.

  80. johnny—her gender has NOTHING to do with calling her out. she has lied about being a combat vet.(truck terminal supervisor) she has lied about having family values.(broke up a family w/children to marry gail) she has lied about a jobs program.(keystoneXL-debunked long ago) lied about Iowa values (gave her dad some pretty sweet contracts while an elected official) respect is earned, not given. she’s another laughing stock like steve king & i am ashamed.

  81. Wisconsin has our own Ron Johnson, and now we have a district who sent a person, Glenn Grothman, to congress rivaling Michelle Bachmann. Times are bad in the Midwest. We also have our own Scott Walker running for President. Couldn’t get much worse than that!

  82. She repeatedly describes herself,( and doesn’t correct others for describing her) as a “combat vet.” She is not a combat vet. She was in charge of a supply unit. I believe this is flat-out pandering and lying to gain supporters. No other reason to twist the facts, and it does her no honor, IMO.

  83. With yo-you-heads like this one, Palin, and Bachman, it’s no wonder I don’t vote ReThugliClown. Hey, do you think McCain will pick her for his running-mate next time?

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