Rumors Swirl: Obama To Kneecap The Koch Brothers With Citizens United Executive Order


It is being reported that one of President Obama’s surprises at the State Of The Union will be an announcement of an executive order that will take on the Koch Brothers and Citizens United.

Eleanor Clift of The Daily Beast reported:

Wednesday is the fifth anniversary of Citizens United, and reformers have been told that the president may announce executive action in his SOTU speech that would require businesses contracting with the government to disclose political contributions after contracts have been awarded. This would ensure that the contracting process is blind, but also give the public (and the media) the information needed to connect the dots to look for backroom deals or conflicts of interest.

Guess who happens to have multi-million dollar contracts with the Department of Defense? The federal government hating Koch Brothers have tens of millions of dollars in defense contracts with the federal government. Rush Limbaugh also has a federal government contract that allows his showto be broadcast on the American Forces Network.

It is possible that the president will announce this executive order tonight, but he may also decide to wait and make a separate announcement. When/if the president does decide to make this announcement it will be a huge boost to transparency. The Koch brothers have a web of secret organizations that they route their money through, so most of their campaign spending will remain a secret, but it will become a bit easier to connect the dots and figure how much direct influence campaign donations are having on public policy decisions.

A constitutional amendment or a Supreme Court decision will be required to kill Citizens United, but it appears that the president is planning to take action. Any executive order issued by the president would be the first positive step towards increased transparency in the last five years. President Obama can’t undo Citizens United alone, but he can take steps to give the American people access to information that is currently hidden.

The Koch brothers have chosen their puppets for the 2016 presidential election, but the days of having their cake and eating it too could come to an abrupt end with a stroke of President Obama’s pen.

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  1. This will help, and is a good start. The only way to overturn Citizens United is the ratification of a constitutional amendment that bans private money in our federal elections, requires all federal elections be publicly financed elections, ends corporate personhood, and declares that money is property, not speech.

  2. Since the war was declared over on 28 December, all those Koch/Halliburton ‘defense’ contracts are surplus to military requirements.
    POTUS may ask Congress to end the deficit by ending all those contracts, closing most overseas bases, including Gitmo, and transferring the funds to VA and education.

  3. I just love it! The President can’t be elected again, so he can go all out in a war with the GOP. It will eventually show the American people the GOP have nothing new to show them. That’s why they continue to fight the same old wars, abortion, tax break for rich, voting laws, Obamacare and immigration. Now all he needs is for the Dems to get some balls. Bring it on GOP. Karma is on the way.

  4. Oh, I hope this is true! Fantastic! We might see heads exploding right there on live TV if he does it tonight. [WINK]

  5. Exactly! Anyone with an ounce of functioning brain power sees that money is property, not speech. It’s a ‘liquid asset.’ Leave it to the SCOTUS to make “money talks” a reality. What an aberration of governance. mho

  6. I love how President Obama is taking it to these miscreants and their supporters in Congress. They have done so much to poison political discourse in this country in order to reduce it to a nation of serfs and arrogant overlords like themselves.

  7. Hog-deballer Ernst is going to do what all Republicans are going to do – ignore that part of the speech IF the President brings it up.

  8. One phrase I have NOT heard bandied around about POTUS’s current term in office, even by right wingnuts, is LAME DUCK……. [WINK]

  9. Tea Bag Texas will be hit HARD, they’re economy is dependant on all the $$ that flows in and around their government owned military bases.

  10. Just like I read the other day: 900 bases in 153 countries is not defending our rights, it is an empire.

    In my opinion, this “empire” has been constructed to ensure the 1%s access to resources from which they make billions of dollars and yet they still don’t think they owe the US taxpayers anything.

  11. Senator castrator will try to spin and spin what President Obama talks about tonight, and make a total fool out of herself.
    Who will be the WORST flubbing repub giving a rebuttal, Rubio, Jindle or castrator?

  12. Too much Congressional oversight on the DOJ and IRS. Executive orders are quicker and likely to piss-off the parasites a bit more.

  13. its about goddamn time these Koch brothers are stopped, or atleast slowed down from their obsession to buy this country and then sell it right down the tubes to the highest bidder. all you dems and libbies need to start defending this president and the dems and their policies that the GOP are gonna attempt try to tear apart and the GOP will try to implement bush era policies which destroyed the economy in the first place… don’t let them do it. debunk all the rightwing lies and stand up to the rightwing hate and racism and bigotry. enough is enough. this country belongs to the people. not the wealthy and religious elite.

  14. Just listen to the contents spewing out of a hog’s ass. This will be what Joni Ernst’s speech will be the equivalent to.

  15. About. Damn. Time. Karma’s calling, Koch-sucking GOPs and pussified Democraps.

    (This also fits in perfectly with Bernie Sanders’ potential 2016 presidential run. And I’m 100% okay with that.)

  16. Darn, wish I could watch SOTU live tonight, but I will be working. I will get filled in on the internet I’m sure.

    President Barack Obama is certainly a brilliant man, and humble too. We are so privileged to have him as our POTUS twice!

  17. ARRRGGG-G-H-H-HGGLLLE!!! Impeach the traitor NOW! BECAUSE JEEBUS, OR, OR BENGHAZI…OR SOMETHING!!! This means we’ll have Ebola in our milk soon, or, or Sharia Law in Birmingham. Oh. My. GOD! This gay Muslim usurper commie socialist Alynski Kenyan dictator spineless gun grabbing lying weasel ‘Murika hating ISIS loving racist divider…..AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    (wiping foam and spittle from face and computer)

    Man, why are so many Baggers fat? It’s really hard freaking work trying to rant insanely like that. I need a break. Going to read some s**t on WND. Back soon.

  18. Yes!he’s who I voted for!! Now democrats get a backbone & back him up !quit being cowards & do something for 97% American people!!!!!!?

  19. @BernieinMD, I agree. Since Obama isn’t running again & also doesn’t have to worry about his actions adversely affecting Dems running in Red states he can continue unhampered putting forth his agenda, the same agenda he ran on & promised his voters. By the increase in his recent approval rating it appears people in the US are pleased & are more sensible & liberal then the Dems believed & the GOP assumed.

    Plus, the fact that Obama is trying to unravel Citizens United the same way the GOP is trying to unravel Roe V Wade is a fine addition to the Karma the GOP already has coming.

    We must get extreme money out of politics. I can’t wait to hear the GOP’s spin on this.

    As I always say, when you stop caring you’re dangerous! Go for it President Obama.

  20. You are a dumbass: Soros, George
    Soros Fund Management
    New York, NY $3,560,000
    Your kochs :The Koch brothers may spend $290 million on this election. That’s how much 5,270 American households make in a year.

    That’s a lot of jizz your dumbass is slurping down

  21. Hey Bob. Just came back from laughing at the cretins commenting on WND. Didn’t I see you there?
    Anyway, name one thing, one, that you don’t like about George Soros. I’m going to say you know dick about him, you just throw his name out there to get a reaction. Ignorance is curable, but you have to work at it.

  22. Go get UM< Mr. President. They have destroyed the electoral process by buying puppets to meet their desires. The many companies they own have violated EPA and OSHA rules, just paying fines. That's no penalty.

  23. What about George Soros? Oh, never mind I forgot — you only believe in free speech when you agree with what is being said.

  24. Since the Coke Bros can usually be referred to singularly, the old Queen tune would apply here : Another One Bites the Dust !!!

    HAHAHHAHA !!!!

  25. So the Koch bros are the offenders, and the lib donors, who make the bros seem like pikers are the saints? The senate already took their shot at the Koch bros and free-speech BTW, and I say we should now bring the bill back up for debate and a vote. It would be funny if congress could decide what is “undue” influence now….right??

    I liked the milk shake thing, BTW..

  26. “I would much prefer if he used the DOJ & IRS to get those bastards.”

    There it is. Liberals promoting the illegal use of government agencies to go after their political opponents. How nice.When Nixon tried it, it was a serious crime, but if Obama does it… Oh well, it’s just love and lollipops!!! Kinda doubtful Media Matters will be made accountable for their breaking of 501C3 rules…eh???

  27. Well sounds like to me we are going to see two more years of getting nothing done except watching Washington go on vacation! Same old Same old!

  28. Joel Martinez We are a country of diversity, that’s what makes democracy grow. Thomas Jefferson knew this. We should all have a equal voice. The Kcoh brothers use their money to overpower opposing thoughts and ideas..wrong. Money does not equal free speech. free speech = free speech. Those with less money have less speech? The US Supreme Court is wrong in that decision. Free thought for all is what makes a society grow in wisdom. The Koch Brothers should be aloud to speak equally along with each one of us not dispute all of us who cannot use wealth to influence others. That is the definition of a bribe. The free flowing stream of different voices is what Jefferson had in mind. “Information is the currency of democracy.”.. and not the other way around.

  29. USE Citizens United to have all corporations declared as the same type of ‘being’ as a person.
    Then, subject them to the exact same rates under the tax code as individuals have to pay.
    They should also be subject to the same criminal code as people when they commit crimes. We might not be able to jail the corporations, but we could exile them from conducting ANY business within United States borders during the sentencing time periods.

  30. Does Soros also have federal contracts? How about all the liberal supporters who gave more than the Koches?

  31. What is it with you dumbasses and Soros? Google open secrets and then you will know unless your pea brain cant add

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