Bernie Sanders Goes On MSNBC and Shreds Morning Joe’s Republican Talking Points

bernie sanders on morning joe

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and shredded one of the show’s favorite Republican talking points. Sanders pushed back against the idea that President Obama has to agree with Republicans in order for things to get done.


Mika Brzezinski asked Sen. Sanders a question that was loaded with pro-Republican Beltway conventional wisdom, “Has the proposed anything that will address those two issues that will actually get through Congress, that will pass, that he can agree with Republicans on?

Sanders answered, “Well, the question is whether the Republicans will agree with the American people. The American people are very clear that we need to rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure, and if we do that we can create millions of decent paying jobs. The American people are pretty clear that college today is unaffordable, and that we need bold action to make it more affordable. So the issue is, can we rally the American people to stand up for the middle class rather than continue to give tax breaks to the wealthy and large corporations?”

Sen. Sanders took issue with the premise it will be President Obama’s fault if nothing gets done. It is not Obama’s job to roll over and play dead because Republicans won a midterm election. Whether she realized it or not, Brzezinski asked Sanders a completely loaded question. The question was also based on the popular in the media Republican assumption that the 2014 election represented the will of the people, but President Obama’s rising popularity has already debunked this false assumption. The Vermont Independent wasn’t about to buy into the idea that the president will be to blame. He shifted the responsibility to where it belongs.

Now that Republicans control Congress, they are responsible for getting legislation passed. Boehner and McConnell have to shepherd legislation through Congress that the president will sign. The president’s responsibility is to do the right thing for the country, not rubber stamp the Republican agenda.

MSNBC is supposed to be the network that leans left, but they can’t be taken seriously by viewers when even the liberal member of their conservative morning show asks guests pro-Republican leaning questions. Morning Joe has seen its ratings plunge and has been losing ground to CNN for months. The fact is that MSNBC viewers don’t want to eat breakfast with Republican talking points. Even the questions on Morning Joe contain a built in GOP bias.

Bernie Sanders wasn’t playing along. He saw through the premise of the question and turned the tables. If the mainstream press doesn’t hold Republicans accountable, it is up to Democrats and congressional allies like Sen. Sanders to do their jobs for them.

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  1. Bernie is an honest, caring person, with his head screwed on straight. He’s an excellent senator.

    I detest the morning joe program!

  2. If I ate breakfast while watching MJ, I’d throw it up! The show has been pro Republican since its inception, which I never understood. Why isn’t Joe over at Fox News? MSNBC will continue with its viewer plunge until they give viewers what they want.

  3. Obviously the public does agree with Republicans since they won the majority in both the House and the Senate. Obama is going to have to compromise whether he wants to or not. His “my way or the highway” arrogant attitude is very annoying. And I’ve never watched Morning Joe so I can’t comment on that. I don’t watch any of those political shows. It would be nice to get a non-partisan show on one of these channels.

  4. The only difference between Morning Joe and Fox & Friends is the MJ panel tries not to appear like idiots.

    Today the entire MJ panel trashed the SOTU address for three hours.

  5. You will remember than there was no talk of the Republicans deferring to the President and a majority Democratic Congress back a few years ago. Media only wants to support this later narrative!

  6. Though the Republicans won a majority in both houses, they did not do it with anything like a majority of registered voters. Nor is the arrogance you speak of attributable to the President.

  7. The GOPpers won by gerrymandered districts and voter suppression. Dems actually got more votes than GOPs this time around, dip$hit.

  8. And yet, so many “issues” passed at the midterms were quite progressive. So how do you reconcile that? It is obvious that people did not vote in droves in the midterms, and the ones that did vote were the ones that had “radical” opinions – hence the people who were elected.

  9. I AGREE WITH THIS: “The president’s responsibility is to do the right thing for the country, not rubber stamp the Republican agenda.”
    So either they come up with sensible Bills or else don’t bother to go through the motions with worthless stuff.



    Repigs cheated, they cannot win with their nonsensical kocksukking.

  11. The American public doesn’t agree with Republicans. The Democrats won the popular vote in November 2014. It’s only because of unfair gerrymandering that Republicans control Congress.

  12. Obviously, you don’t read much news. The voter turnout for the 2014 elections was less than 37%, the lowest since WWII. That’s not exactly a “call to action!”, or a show of approval for the Republicans. It was mostly the tea party types voting last year out of fear, ’cause, you know, Obama is the devil, etc, etc, etc…

  13. are you really serious about that???? You do know that only about 25% of the people actually voted and the Democrats actually got more votes…but with cheating the right to vote and gerrymandering the GOP pulled off a win. That will be gone after the next election since it’s so easy to see the arrogance of these a hole like Cruz and Joni Ernst. Wake up…

  14. I am sick to death of hearing all these polls and predictions on the 2016 election. Lets cover legislators in Congress and House of Reps–what bills they are presenting,what’s in them, where they stand on them, what party they affiliate with, who benefits from the bill, who backs the bill, –you know in general lets have a tv channel that covers whats going on in our govt. with honest fact checking and honest objective delivery. Then when its time for elections we have informed voters who not only know the voters but why they are voting for them.

  15. Mike is the “liberal” member of the MJ show? I don’t think so. She has it in the bag for thugs. She leaves the REAL liberal stuff to the guests. I was always uncomfortable with her manner and my suspicions were confirmed with her response to bridgegate – refusing to acknowledge the truth about her bestest buddy “fat bastard” er.. christ-ie. Once again she left that to the guests.

  16. this is why I don’t watch msnbc anymore. its bad enough you have to deal with the anti-democrat BS on abc, cbs, cnn, and fox, but nbc and msnbc??? shame on you. no wonder no one is watching anymore. bring back marin bashir and keith obermann and problem solved!

  17. 20 million more Americans voted for democratic Senators than republican senators. And even with the midterms, today 20 million more Americans are represented by democratic senators than republican senators. You were taught this when you were 7 in grade school but that was probably one of the days you weren’t paying attention. I’ll give you an example to make it very simple for you to understand. Wyoming 38 million population = 2 senators. So. Very simple, yes? Now, and pay attention — this is important — the only reason your side won as much as it did is because you cheated.

  18. Morning Joe is a miserable show. MSNBC is run by a bunch of idiots. I cannot stand two faced Mica and her dragging scarfs that she wears with her unattractive sleeveless dresses. She is a born spoiled brat loser. I never watch more than 5 minutes of the show. Joe is an asshat, redneck hick from the panhandle. Has lots of questionable things in his past!!! what happened to his secretary ??? I wonder how he swept that under the rug and he is so arrogant.
    Bernie Sanders is such an intelligent great man.

  19. I like MSNBC, don’t watch morning joe, would like keith back. if you really want to know what congress is doing watch cspan. also public tv has committee hearings which could cause you to scream or cry. Bernie Sanders is one of the few honest plain speaking reps we have. Also like Chris Van Hollen, wouldn’t mind either of these people as president. But then I like Obama

  20. Used to watch Morning Joe, but simply cannot stand it any more. Three good hours wasted. Joe is a self-centered know-it-all and Mika sucks up to him, no matter how he abuses her.
    Give us some real liberals on MSNBC. And why do all the commentators on MSNBC regurgitate the same news all day and evening long? Are we idiots who have to hear the same news ten times a day and night? Boring!

  21. Mika B. is not “the liberal member” of Morning Joe. She’s right-leaning as well. The Morning Joe program could be on Fox. MSNBC has liberals and Democratic partisans on in the evening, but their news department is right of center and the morning show would fit well on Fox News.

  22. you people got your butts kicked, and most dems stay home because they new what was coming my town had the biggest turn out in many a year. so slide back into your dark little homes and wait for another 20 years, thank god piss ant harry,s gone and his wicked little witch polo went with him.

  23. Want to lower college costs. Get rid of all the easy student loan money. Students are borrowing money to pursue degrees that will not get them jobs that will allow them to subsist and pay off their loans. Half of all college graduates in the last four years are either unemployed or under-employed. We don’t need more college educated unemployed. What we need are more high school graduates equipped to perform the jobs required by the private sector….. Our high schools are producing a crop of unskilled, uneducated graduates that can hardly read, write, and do basic mathematics…..

  24. Obviously the public agree with President Obama since he has” no more campaigns to run. I know because I won both of them.”. He is the president and he has the veto. Get use to having it thrown right back into your face….. [WINK]

  25. I never get tired of watching Bernie Sanders give republicants asskickings that leave them flossing their lying teeth with his shoe leather.

  26. I used to have MJ on in the background when I would scoop my Bengal’s litterbox. It seemed appropriate. Unfortunately, my cat died in August, so now I have no legitimate reason to suffer through MJ.

    Did I say “unfortunately”? Silly me! :-)

  27. “…Wait for another 20 years…”, eh? I’m curious to hear upon what planet you spent the last two presidential elections (’08 and ’12). I believe both of those were Democratic victories, with a much higher percentage of voters participating.

    [Note: This message has been brought to you with punctuation, upper and lower case letters, and a reasonable facsimile of correct spelling.]

  28. CC–the President does NOT have to lie down and act as if the republicaNazis run this country—you can try to make as many propaganda points to make it so, but you and the aforementioned Nazis have painted themselves in a corner where the American public can see them for who they are—a bunch of racist, ignorant, bigoted, intolerant fools who seem to think that the 1% of the country IS the country…..and goosestepping fools who follow them…..

  29. In his SOTU message, POTUS, among other things, proposed higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy in an effort to alleviate our seemingly perpetual national insolvency and secure funds for urgently-needed social programs, infrastructure repair and maintenance, etc. — all for naught! The pols will smile and clap politely while whispering “sure we will, sure we will”. POTUS’s words will fall on the “deaf ears” of those who can effect any meaningful change to our inequitable tax code.
    Frankly, it doesn’t require superior intellectual powers to know that it is utterly unrealistic to ask those in power to legislate against their own – and their campaign contributor’s – interests.
    The fact is that, until we have congressional majorities committed to rational and fair tax reform, the status quo will remain in force.
    If you haven’t already, please visit our FAST website at and join us in to achieve economic equality in this country.

  30. That is absolutely absurd. If we got rid of “easy student loan money,” only the very rich would be able to afford college, and the wealth disparity in our country would go off the charts. Large corporations would find a way to use the lower college enrollment numbers as justification to lower the minimum wage further (even though the current minimum is far too low to make a decent living anyway). Unions would be able to justify cutting benefits for new members, etc. etc. In this day and age, even a college degree doesn’t guarantee you a good job, or for that matter any job at all, as you correctly point out. But you have the reasoning all backwards. It’s because of exorbitant CEO compensation and outsourcing that college grads can’t find work. It’s not their fault. Get your head out of the sand.

  31. No, the President doesn’t have to do any such thing. He was elected,and re-elected as well. Why didn’t the Republicans have to work ‘with’ him? The GOP has spent the last 6 years perfecting ‘non-cooperation’. Now, all of a sudden, it’s a problem? Please.

  32. Sensible bills??? Remember you are talking about rethgus. when have they ever, been sensible????It’s always been their way or the highway.

  33. And “insufferable media terrorism” is a dish best served up by corporate infotainment celebrities (like Mika).

  34. “The only difference between Morning Joe and Fox & Friends is the MJ panel tries not to appear like idiots.”

    They’ve apparently failed, epically.

  35. How ironic of GOP supporters to delude themselves into removing all mirrors–each argument foisted upon their “enemies” seems to be nothing more than a recap of their very behavior toward their “enemies.” There’s a pathological inability to view any other idea or position other than their own…and a masterful self-deception about their very own faults, projected onto others with whom they disagree. Masterful…yet self-destructive.

  36. Nancy, you’ve nailed the one pathological hypocrite MSNBC hired that proves of their inability to detect sh1t from sh1nola. Joe Scarborough is the reason I don’t watch that show–how ironic–and NBC executives and their handlers are the reason I no longer watch most anything with NBC’s poison pen ascribed to it.

  37. Do you think Gerrymandering is unique to Republicans? If so then you have no idea how things are run in Massachusetts.

    I wish they still taught Civics. You do realize that the Congress does not do any gerrymandering it is a STATE issue.

    I beg to differ with you about the popular vote EVERY Congressman/woman or Senator that won their election won the popular vote for their race.

  38. The population of Wyoming is +/- 558,000 people not 38 million people and yes they have 2 Senators, just as many Senators as California or Florida or Texas or Massachusetts.

    Other than bad information in your post what was your point?

    Who cheated and how?

  39. Alan, I get the feeling you don’t understand the impact of gerrymandering if you believe that it doesn’t influence elections. The attached from Bill Moyers did a great job of explaining the effect after the last election. While it clearly shows something totally different than what your idea of what rigging is, perhaps you will be fair enough to be open to reading it.

  40. If the Republicans don’t have the 67 votes to override a presidential veto, it is up to them to gather consensus on bills that the President agrees with. The executive and legislative branches are equal partners in this. Looks like the GOP will be forced to compromise.

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