Facts Are In A No-Go Zone For GOP Presidential Hopeful Bobby Jindal


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) continues to spout the paranoid fantasies of right-wing conservatives, by insisting that parts of Europe have become Muslim-dominated “no-go zones”. The concept that entire European cities have become Islamic enclaves ruled by Sharia law is patently absurd. However, FOX News irresponsibly gave a platform to the addle-brained theory of “no-go zones” when they invited “terrorism expert” Steven Emerson on their news channel to give credence to the idea. In a statement that the network has since retracted as false, Emerson proclaimed,

In Britain, it’s not just no-go zones, there are actual cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims just simply don’t go in.

Of course, Bobby Jindal missed the retraction, because as a potential GOP presidential candidate, peddling fear is more important than spreading truth. He may have to compete with Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul for the Duck Dynasty vote after all. Being more afraid of Muslims than the next guy, could be his chief selling point, since nothing he is doing as governor of Louisiana seems to be working. A 2014 poll showed that Jindal was strongly disliked in his own state, and that he would even lose a presidential match-up to Democrat Hillary Clinton by a 48-44 margin.

That Jindal would repeat the “no-go zone” myth after Emerson himself retracted his own lie, says a lot about Jindal’s inability to come to terms with the truth. Ideology is more important than reason for Jindal, as he hopes to court Republican voters for a national contest. FOX News and Jindal should be ashamed that they still regard Emerson as a “terrorism expert”. Emerson’s credibility should have been dismissed when he declared that the Oklahoma City bombing had a “Middle Eastern trait” to it, because it was “meant to inflict as many casualties as possible.” Emerson added,

Oklahoma City, I can tell you, is probably considered one of the largest centers of Islamic radical activity outside the Middle East.

Jindal refuses to back down on his insistence that the no-go zones in Europe are real because he has nothing else to run on. Whether Jindal is promoting the “no-go zone” mythology out of sheer ignorance or because of intentional deception matters little. Neither explanation is very flattering for the Louisiana governor. The truth has been a no-go zone for Jindal for some time. Six years ago in his response to Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address, Jindal made up a story to cast himself as a hero fighting government red tape to rescue people during Hurricane Katrina. Sure it was a bold-faced lie, but an understandable one. After all, Jindal wants to be president some day, for Pete’s sake.

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  1. Republicans are conditioned and coached by handlers to dumb-down their intelligence in order to appeal to their not-so-bright “base” that, after a while, they actually go virtually brain-dead in the process.

    This is why you have Rhodes Scholars like Vitter and Jindal acting as if they don’t have a single intelligent brain cell between them despite their Ivy League education.

    The brain, after all, is a muscle that needs to be trained and exercised in order to stay healthy and vibrant. Use it or you lose it.

    It’s just sad that they’d sacrifice their intelligence for money and high positions in our gov’t. Very sad.

  2. how does Jindal rationalize the New Orleans ‘no go’ zone?

    I haven’t to New Orleans in more than 15 years but at that time tourists were routinely advised to stay between Bourbon Street and the River after dark… beyond Bourbon Street visitors were often robbed, beaten or both…

    if the situation has been corrected I apologize for bringing it up…

  3. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby! Give it up. You will never be a Republican nominee for any national office. You’re ridiculous enough, but you fail the pale test.

  4. Fear, anger and hatred is its own curse. Those who practice this blame their unhappiness on others rather than looking at their own actions, or rather, inactions. Maybe we need to dump prozac in the water supply of red states?

  5. HOW did B. Jindal get elected? Is there buyers’ remorse? Does Louisiana feel proud of their “Native Son” ? Does B. Jindal have any “Juice” within the Republican Governor’s Association? Does B. Jindal realize that his goofiness emanates from his face, and should NOT be making goofy, off the wall statements? It reinforces what folks snicker at (behind his back).

  6. Jingle,Jangle,Jindal sounds less and less competent everytime he opens his mouth. He spouts out false information and looks like the fool he truly is. Some people should not be in politics,he is one of them. He’s a “Roads Scholar”. He learned hoe to find his way home all on his own.

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