Republicans Whine About Rudeness After Obama’s I Won Both My Elections SOTU Slam

Obama I won both my elections SOTU

Republicans tried to get snarky with President Obama during the State Of The Union, but were quickly shot down by an off the cuff presidential reply. After the exchange, conservative media cowered and whined about the president’s “rudeness.”


President Obama brought down the house and won the Internet tonight during his State of the Union address when he interrupted rude Republican clapping over the end of his political career with this:

“I have no more campaigns to run.” Insert rude Republican clapping. But Republican thuggery is no match for President Obama’s quick wit and brain. He responded off the cuff (not in his prepared remarks), “I know because I won both of them.”

Oh, snap.

This response brought down the house with happy Democrats cheering and liberals everywhere breathing a sigh of relief that this President was taking Republican rudeness no more, and in fact reminding them just who won two national elections with a mandate.

All of this caused Republicans everywhere to commence whinging, how dare Obama not be nice to them! He said he wanted to be bipartisan and then he had the nerve to defend himself against their unstatesmanlike rudeness. (Let us not forget the unprecedented rudeness and disrespect behind the earlier GOP outburst, “You lie!”)

Stephen Dinan at the very conservative and Republican Washington Times tried to blame Obama for being mean:

President Obama spent much of Tuesday’s State of the Union calling for civility in politics — then taunted Republicans over his two election victories, after many of them applauded the looming end of his political career.
Mr. Obama issued a broad call for “a better politics” that began with common principles, and said his agenda isn’t political, pointing out “I have no more campaigns to run.”

The applause was too much for Mr. Obama, who punctuated his declaration that his campaigns are over by saying, “I know, because I won both of them.”

Democrats roared with delight, while red-faces Republicans grimaced.

Let this be a warning to the slow to catch on Republicans. No more Mr Nice Guy. You play, you pay. President Obama will be respectful and open minded, but if you are disrespectful of the office and of his right to be there, he will put you in your place.

This is how grown ups must treat children in order to help them take responsibility for their actions, so President Obama is right to let Republicans know that if they want to try to embarrass him publicly, he has no problem humiliating them with the facts.

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  1. I loved it! President Obama slapped them down with that quick turnaround.

    Republicans and their sad supporters can dish it, but they can’t take it. Sorry, bullies, but you’re no match for this man and never have been.

  2. So Boehner grimacing at every policy idea to benefit real Americans is not rude? Paul Ryan whispering to his neighbor during the speech is not rude? The GOP refusing to applaud job creation, energy savings, a falling deficit, and healthcare for all is what? Patriotic? Sorry, GOP. You don’t get to be mean and childlike and then be meaner and more childlike when he shoots you down. Once. In a 45 minute speech. Grow up. Be men. Govern this nation instead of playing to the Koch’s dance. We are the USA. Not the Kochs. Not Romney, who whined himself after the speech (he no doubt wanted to be one of the multitude giving a ‘rebuttal.’) How do you rebut plans to help this country? Oh, by pretending you care, pretending Keystone will create jobs. Pretending you love women and young kids more than you love zygotes or unfertilized eggs. The GOP is a farce. Hardly anyone is even listening to them any longer.
    “I won them both!” Please proceed, Mr. President! Please proceed!!

  3. They’ve always been this way. Everything they do and say is rude, they speak sneer fluently. Their base loves their rudeness. And yes, they are the first to cry and point and say see what he did?

  4. The butthurt from the GOP right now is hilarious. Actually that’s one of the things they’re good at, whining and being butthurt.

  5. Can one say, “Truth hurts”? I think the fact that Republicans are no match for President Obama may be one of the key reasons they hate him so much. They know he’s head and shoulders–and then some–above ’em! [WINK]

  6. The repuges remind me of the bratty NYPD can dish it out but when challenged they turn their back and pout.

  7. What a bunch of hypocritical, emotionally immature, losers.

    Republicans have heaped odious, lies and disrespect upon President Obama from day one of his first presidential campaign until today.

    Republicans have questioned Barack Obama’s birthright, identity, intelligence, religion and patriotism. It was during a SOTU that one of THEIR MEMBERS (South Carolina Republican Representative Joe Wilson) called President Obama a liar … shouted it, out loud … during the State of the Union speech!

    So for him to remind them that he beat their candidate TWICE … as they applaud the fact that they won’t have to face him again … is poetic. The reaction of some Republicans is just further proof that they are a bunch of childish crybabies.

  8. Maybe we should call for a WAAAAAAAAAAAbulance for the whiny butt hurt republicans?

    I say to them “GROW THE FUQUE UP!!! Crybaby asshole republicans.

  9. It’s not their butts that hurt. the President just did a mass Ernst on Congress. And there is nothing they can do but swallow hard and smile. Maybe sing ‘kumba-ya.’

    When you have them by the balls, there hearts and minds WILL follow.

  10. This is like the bully who whines about how he’s being persecuted when his victims finally stand up for themselves.

  11. not sure why any republican whined over that comment considering the absolutely disgusting and despicable reaction the GOP had when Obama said he has no more campaigns to run. the republican degenerates cheered and clapped and so Obama absolutely destroyed and humiliated the GOP with his ‘I already won both’ comeback zinger. it was f*cking fantastic. I love this president!!! again the GOP hypocrisy is exposed. they can dish out the insults but cant take it when others insult them. unbelievable.

  12. Hilarious. The GOP are not used to having a President who can react quickly. Remember W on 9/11 sitting in the classroom for minutes, whilst the Towers were being hit?
    I love the sharp steel in Presidents’ eyes as he delivers the coup de grace. Beautiful.

  13. President Obama responded to their rude clapping….with more class than they deserved. I’m tired of people treating him like crap and then complaining when he stands up for himself.
    It was a brilliant speech from beginning to end, he covered everything, and it was perfect in every way. He makes me very proud that he’s our president.

  14. …because “you lie” was never rude and inappropriate. Obviously they can’t get nearly as good as they give. Whinybabies.

  15. Thank you Mr. President for putting the rude white men in their place. They have quite the nerve after Joe Wilson’s unbecoming actions at your first SOTU. He basically received a slap with a wet noodle and many pats on the back. Sock it to them. You really captured the “Moment”.

  16. I only wish I could vote for the president for a 3rd term.

    One other thought, when republicans keep saying they want government out of their lives, they must know that government has to do more to help red states than blue, they need more subsidies just to operate!

  17. The President gets insulted by Republicans on a daily basis. Now that he’s not bending to their will, they have hurt fee-fees. Shut up and take it, Repubs, You asked for it with your shameful behavior.

  18. How dare this crack smoking, ghetto raised, Kenyan, uppity, secret Muslim, n@@@@r give us our just desserts!

  19. I could have worked on a comment all winter long but stiil could not have written it better.
    Sally, you are a jewell!

  20. Yes, they do control Congress, for now, due to illegal gerrymandering.
    Wait until the next census, then talk about it.
    By-partesan re-districting will put a crimp in that.

  21. Not against HIM they didn’t! Why don’t you make a snide comment about the incredible rudeness of the Republicans clapping loudly when he just pointed out that he wasn’t campaigning in his speech because he had no more campaigns to run?

    The Republicans have reviled our President in every way possible – and I do mean VILE – since he was first inaugurated. This was the ONLY time he didn’t just let it pass. More power to him!

  22. After 6 years of the gop/tplibertarians doing everything they could to extend the PAIN of the bush FAILED presidency and economic debacle it is way, WAY, past time that these thugs were put in their place [the sewer] i am well aware that there were people’s voices expressing their dismay at the egregious bush wars, policies, theft of the presidency but those were the voices of citizens and pundits NOT the voices of ‘elected’ officials. The gop/tplibertarian ‘elected’ officials have called President Obama every name in the book and now they have the audacity to snivel and whine when President Obama FINALLY says ENOUGH OF THIS B. S. there is an old, OLD, meme that if you can’t respect the man [or WOMAN], respect the uniform [office] and the gop/tplibertarians have REPEATEDLY, MEAN SPIRITEDLY and EMBARASSINGLY shown that they have NO RESPECT for the office, the citizens, the country. if you don’t have a FAT CHECK or briefcase full of cash they have only an eff you attitude

  23. A terrific post!!!

    Except the word is “childish” not “childlike.” There’s a world of difference between both words.

    The TP-GOP are petulant children.

  24. Basically it was rude, no matter your beliefs. Why even attend the event in the first place if you’re not interested. Anyway it shows the world how screwed up the Americans are. In my opinion all it did is bring nothing more than negativity to the Republicans. It was a bad idea by really immature people

  25. …I was so distracted by the faces he was making….sitting there right behind the President….with all of the cameras trained on them
    Think it was deliberate? or that he just couldn’t help himself… about “childish”


  27. Yeah. He totally slammed Hillary with that diss. Slapped her with a LOSER label and put forth a wishlist she can’t even respond to.
    Stick a fork in her.

  28. The RWNJ arseholes disrespect our prez everyday & they cannot accept truth because it is what it is….He won two elections and they still don’t get it..

  29. EPIC. What else can I say. I watched a lot of stand up last night (all of the highest rating on Netflix). None came close to this level of spontaneity and quick wit. He rocks.

  30. ..and then he paused, turned away and flashed that great big smile! Wish he had 10 more years to get us totally turned around.

  31. “The dirtbag propagandist who writes this dribble is—also, there IS a place where you can leave a comment……let them know what you think of their propaganda!!!!”

    “How dare this crack smoking, ghetto raised, Kenyan, uppity, secret Muslim, n@@@@r give us our just desserts!” DO you possibly believe either one of these comments show any type of intelligence. These type of responses are called the highest form of ignorance. There are many comments and insults posted by delusional people and groups daily. These Americans are out of touch with reality and will lose every time they attempt to move forward. As a prophetic word God , “He is not pleased” with this diabolical behavior. These type of people lack knowledge, understanding and don’t know the difference Between
    Sick, Evil, Sinister, diabolical and malicious behavior PS President Obama Will always be a winner !!!!

  32. The State of the Union Is “Shove Your Midterm Victory” Prior to the release of the speech, you know that most Republicans were fantasizing about President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. They wanted him to hungrily gobble their cocks. They wanted that Negro on his knees, eagerly sucking off all the Republicans to show that he knows his place after the 2014 midterm elections. “He can even spit on my dick, if he wants,” Lindsey Graham thought. How could Obama not acknowledge his masters after Democratic losses that wrested control of the Senate away from them? Unless he’s the most arrogant, uppity sumbitch ever, it was obvious, they believed, that deep-throated hummers were required. Obama needed to ask them what they wanted. He needed to say that he’d do anything to please and pleasure them. Their flies were unzipped, pricks of many shapes and sizes, half-tumescent, ready for purchase in the President’s mouth. – See more at:

  33. The presidents balls are inflated to the proper PSI unlike the the GOP, good for him they been stonewalling him for 6 years turn about is fair play veto pens ready set us up for 2016

  34. I posted your comment on my FB page…I wonder if what you commented is going viral? Well said!!!!!!!

  35. GOP bums can’t match wits with President Obama. Their attempting to match wits is just like their governing, absolutely non-existence. They are only reaping what they sowed. And it’s about time.

  36. Really! What did they have to say about the idiot from South Carolina saying “you lie!” to the president in a previous SOTU. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  37. HI! Long time lurker, first-time poster! :)

    “I only wish I could vote for the president for a 3rd term.”

    Happily seconded…Top reason would be to watch their collective heads explode…
    “Damnit! They did it AGAIN! We’re stuck with him for ANOTHER 4 years!!” ;)

    “One other thought, when republicans keep saying they want government out of their lives, they must know that government has to do more to help red states than blue, they need more subsidies just to operate!”

    Agreed. I’d LOVE to see him call that point out in his speeches, but it would likely do no good ATM…The TeaPubs HAVE to be unmasked FIRST in SUCH a way that even the…ummm…’thinking challenged’ will be able to see what damage they’re inflicting on the nation.

    (I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed on THAT count…) :(

  38. From the party of “You lie!” Joe Wilson? This is the party that was being rude by cheering Obama’s remark about no more campaigns to run. White privilege run amok among the world’s biggest hypocrites and whiners.

  39. “The GOP is a farce. Hardly anyone is even listening to them any longer.”

    The midterm shellacking was perpetrated by the hearing-impaired apparently. I guess the low voter turn-out excuse must be modified with an auditory example. People weren’t listening but they went ahead and voted overwhelming against progressives (and then used the Q-tips…)

    Got it…

  40. Obama knew they would react to the script. They (GOP) are just to stupid to fall in his traps. Most of his executive actions are a mine field of issues they can’t handle. Obama knows their reaction to his every move and plays them like the fools they are. Genius!

  41. Way to go Obama! He did win twice so Republicans please shut up! Instead please help make this country a better place to live…and get a sense of humor!:-)

  42. And in the excerpt,…”The applause was too much for Mr. Obama”…, there is huge disrespect. He is not Mr. Obama, he is MISTER PRESIDENT!!!

  43. They have been rude to this man for 6 years now,they had even lied about him. Now they want to whine about him being rude.Give me a break.

  44. Jim, in the Senate the 46 Democratic Senators received 20 million more votes than the 54 Republicans. That’s a lot more people in this country siding with the Democrats. Furthermore, it wasn’t the president clapping that the Republicans were leaving office; he was simply responding to their rude display with a fact.

  45. This is why they set up the republic the way they did to dampen the tyranny of the democracy. Of course this would not be an issue if not for the 17 Amendment, before that the state legislators determined who would be your states senator. Thus ceding more power to the federal government. I’m sure TPTB were more than happy to have the Progressives of the day sell this bill of goods to the”people.” They new it was easier to influence the masses with Edward Bernays tactics than buy off state legislators.

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