Senate Republicans Unanimously Block Amendment To Keep Keystone Oil In The United States


Republicans have been trying to convince the American people that the Keystone XL pipeline will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and that it will create American jobs. Yet on Tuesday they voted to table an amendment introduced by Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA) and Sen Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) that would have required keeping the pipeline oil in the United States for domestic use. Republicans unanimously rejected bringing up the amendment to a floor vote. So much for reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. As critics have repeatedly pointed out, the proposed Keystone XL pipeline will not reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil because the oil will be exported, after it passes through America’s midsection. Republicans proved that point by explicitly voting down any efforts to keep the pipeline oil here.

Republicans also rejected an amendment proposed by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) to require that if the pipeline is approved, it must be built with American iron and steel. Every Republican, except North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, voted to table that amendment as well. So much for caring about American jobs. Every Democratic Senator approved of the Franken amendment, including pipeline supporters like Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), Mark Warner (VA), Joe Manchin (WV), Claire McCaskill (MO), and Jon Tester (MT). Every Democratic Senator except Heitkamp, Warner, and Manchin also supported the Markey-Baldwin amendment.

Whatever else can be said about the few Democrats who support construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, at least all of them want to guarantee that it is built with American materials. Most of them also want to ensure that the oil stays here. The Republicans, by contrast, don’t care where the material for the pipeline comes from, or where the oil goes. They only say they care about creating American jobs, and they care about reducing our dependence on foreign oil because they believe those talking points will help sell the idea to the American people.

Right now the public isn’t buying. Only 41 percent of Americans currently favor construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. That support may drop even further in the wake of a significant pipeline leak in Eastern Montana that has created a state of emergency and left local residents without drinking water. The 50,000 gallon oil spill in Montana came from a 12-inch pipeline. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is 30 to 36-inch pipeline. For that reason, any rupture on a section of the Keystone XL pipeline, if it is built, would likely be much larger than the Montana pipeline breach.

Democratic Senators put forth amendments to test the GOP’s commitment to creating American jobs and their dedication to reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. The test results came in loud and clear. The GOP failed both tests. The Republican Party doesn’t care about American jobs or keeping the pipeline oil in our nation for domestic consumption. They only care about further lining the pockets of the Koch Brothers and the big multinational oil companies that hold leases on the tar sands in Alberta.


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  1. if I did my math correctly then the area of a 12″ diameter pipe is 226″…

    the area of a 36″ pipe (3 times the dia) is 2036″…

    so the the potential for disaster on a pipe 3 times the diameter of the one we know failed is nearly 10 times the amount…

    you can check my math… area of a circle is 1/2πr²

    I’m not a degreed mathematician but I can follow a math formula…

  2. And, for 38 long-term jobs, we get to transport the world’s dirtiest oil/tar, and an astronomical PSI, over the Ogallalah, Aquifer, and all if the oil leaves the country (profits stay in the pockets of American and Canadian billionaires)?

    Heck of a deal, Reichwing!

  3. We knew the oil was going directly to China and the repubs took the bate and FAILED. Whey will just LIE and LIE to convince their loyal idiots that it’s OK…trust us…BULLSHIT.

    It’s Crazy to Think Keystone XLWon’t Leak
    politifact calls the # of jobs FALSE
    Boehner owns shares in TransCanada
    America’s Dangerous Pipelines

  4. Maybe it’s a quibbling point, but as far as reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, Canada is a foreign country too, so even if the tar-sand oil stayed, it’s not domestic.

  5. Water is life….meanwhile in Glendive, Montana a major oil spill in the Yellowstone river with long term environment damage. The residents are without water. That means hospitals, dialysis clinics, etc can not use the water. A state of emergency is in place and they can not clean it up due to the frozen river. Also, oil sticks to your water pipes and will leave residue….the smell will linger as well as trace chemicals after they say it’s cleaned up!

  6. 3 million gallons of fracking fluid spills in ND!
    Spill happened almost two weeks ago, at that, but they didn’t tell anybody!

    Nearly 3 million gallons of saltwater generated by oil drilling have leaked from a North Dakota pipeline, an official said Wednesday, the largest such spill since the state’s current oil boom began and nearly three times worse than any previous spill. Two creeks have been affected, but the full environmental effect might not be clear for months.
    Operator Summit Midstream Partners LLC detected the pipeline spill on Jan. 6, about 15 miles north of Williston and told health officials then. Officials say they weren’t given a full account of the size until Tuesday.

  7. Can a list of politicians who have a financial interest in Keystone be published,
    no-one seems to be recusing themselves from voting on it.

  8. you are correct… thanks for checking my math.. its been a long time since I’ve used that formula..

    however the proportions are still correct… a 3 times increase in the diameter of the circle still makes for a nearly 10 times increase in the area..

  9. We know the oil is dirty. Right now the American people need to know the GOP blocked a Bill to at least keep the oil in America. The rotten Republicans are only making a play for big oil companies and every voter in America needs to know. Dems and the media need to get the Republicans on record.

  10. From what I understand the Yellowstone is the centerpiece of that town. It has no dams and is (was?) considered a “blue ribbon” trout stream. I wonder how many jobs will be lost when fisherman don’t come back this year.

    If the oil companies have their way all will have are pics of what they destroyed
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  11. Since last year, President Obama has been trying to convince Congress to pass a $302 billion infrastructure bill—the Grow America Act—that the White House says would create millions of jobs.

    Some would call that an investment in America’s future, not to mention money that flows straight back into the economy. But Republicans just aren’t into that. They’d prefer several thousand jobs to millions.

  12. McConnell said he’d like to “repay” the Kochs for supporting his re-election, Boehner has an interest in this pipeline.

    “…the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

  13. Why….do we build pipelines under our drinking water? This beautiful river will take a century to recover to its normal state. So sad, so much life is connected to the trout! We should all weep for what they are being allowed to do to our planet…our life source!

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