RNC Chair Falls Apart and Blames Obama When Busted On Immigration SOTU Response Hypocrisy

Screen capture from MSNBC
Screen capture from MSNBC

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus was on defense Wednesday on Morning Joe, when Sam Stein asked Priebus why immigration reform wasn’t mentioned in the official Republican State of the Union response but they did mention it in their Spanish language response.

Wanna know why Republicans only mentioned immigration reform in the Spanish language response? Because Obama sucks. Seriously, that is the gist of Priebus’ argument. This is so lame it’s uncomfortable.

Watch here via a clip the DNC:

Sitting around the Morning Joe table the morning after the incredible State of the Union delivered by President Obama last night, Sam Stein asked asked RNC chair Reince Priebus if he could explain why Republicans never brought up immigration reform in their official response, but did bring it up in the Spanish language response.

Can ask about immigration reform. In the official GOP response it wasn’t mentioned but in the official Spanish-language GOP response it was. A cynic might read into that a little bit but I’m not a cynic can you explain what happened.

Priebus: I don’t know I mean I, I think look I, I did an actuality yesterday too so we sent out to all affiliates that can take clips and I think that too in today’s political world you’re gonna have and I think if you look at the Democrats say you’re gonna see almost every senator every congressman send out a press release with their response. I don’t think it’s that strange to have multiple people giving multiple responses —

Roberts: Yes but why not immigration in the official response, in English.

Priebus (looking down): B-b-b-because I think the President kinda screwed things up in regard to immigration reform by overreaching, by taking his executive action and – um—

Brzezinski: Wouldn’t that be why to bring it up in the response?

Preibus (unable to answer, decides to pivot by tossing hot ball at Obama, inaccurately claiming the President’s actions on immigration are illegal): Well, I mean, you know I think we’ve been talking about this executive amnesty action the President’s taken illegally for a long time and I think until that gets resolved it’s very difficult to go back and conduct any other kind of immigration reform. Look, I’m not the policy guy, I certainly have a lot of opinions as you can tell….

And the panel laughs at Priebus’ dodge as the clip ends.

So there you have it. Was it cynical that Republicans didn’t have the nerve to bring up immigration reform in their official response but did bring it up in the Spanish language version?

Um, hello, that was all Obama’s fault. You see, every time the President acts like he has the power of, say — ua President, a Republican loses their mind. If you add that up, you can see how unfair it would be to expect them to have any policies that they were able to be honest about. But they do have a lot of bread bag empathy, in case you were wondering.

So the fact that Republicans spoke out of both sides of their mouth and had nothing of substance to say is obviously the fault of the man who laid out a clear, concise, policy-driven agenda based on proposals he’s actually thought about and provided written words about.

The fact that Republicans have no policy on immigration because they’ve been hijacked by radical, irrational haters is not their fault. Why so mean, world?

Thanks, Obama.

26 Replies to “RNC Chair Falls Apart and Blames Obama When Busted On Immigration SOTU Response Hypocrisy”

  1. Rancid takes Sara Palin’s word salad technique; mixes with Romney’s ‘many opinions” on the same topic technique to deliver the quintessential Republican non-answer to a politically dangerous question. That clip should be enshrined for that very reason.

  2. The President and the Democrats should keep the GOP on defense the next 11/2years. Call them out, be the message, and quit being on defense all of the time

  3. If Joey had been there then he would have sucked up to Reinhold and chastised the panel and everyone who disagreed with him and Reinhold. There was at least some honesty and openness in how bad the Republican agenda is, it’s so bad they don’t even want to talk about it.

  4. I agree, the Dems. should be proud of their records throughout time. Stop tipping around those whom want to do harm to our society. Sure Dems/liberals are not perfect, but everything we propose is to strengthen, and improve our standing in the World.

    Leading from behind and also apologizing for not being politically correct, is a weakness not a strength. We need to go to take not prisoners attitude, and stop letting the Fox repubs. setting our beliefs, and agenda, for ALL AMERICANS.

  5. He blames President Obama for the republiCON “omission” of the immigration issue in the english SOTU speech?

    Oh and the climate change issue was also ommitted.

    The RNC is just like FAUX NOOZE.

  6. They forgot to rewrite the Spanish version. The Spanish version DID mirror the English version until the President opened his mouth and Jimmie Stewart happened. A Frank Capra snake brain to the heart of America.
    The GOP did a fast edit, apparent from the panic on Ernst’s face as she had to wing it on national TV. The closing she had rehearsed. The rest was wasn’t.
    That rewrite signaled a GOP surrender to the Executive branch. John Boehner’s attempts to crawl into his chair were an early indication, and Ryan and Scalise nodded like bobble-heads.
    Rubio knows what the President did. He gelded Congress. He was in shock.
    Sorry – but the Ernst castration/gelding/phallus culture gumbo is fighting with my sinuses and flu.
    but it was pure political magic. Can’t wait for next year! By 2016, the GOP will be dead or blue. Same with Blue dog dems. No safe place to hide from a man with an encyclopedic knowledge of government functioning and legacy to build. And a sense of humor.

  7. Oh my! Rinse Prebut is just a snarky, lying empty suit who looked pathetic this morning on MJ. Only Sarah Palin could understand the jumbled word salad he spewed in response to Sam Stein’s question on immigration reform. Then Cokie and Mika piled on as he was squirming. Rinse had a very bad day on Morning Joe, and looked like he had just messed his pants at the end of the segment. I loved it!

  8. It is an outrage that Boehner went behind Obama’s back and invited Netanyahu to come and address a joint session of congress, in an obvious ploy to mess up the negotiations with Iraq.
    Netanyahu rallied with repubs during the last election for pres, he should not be allowed to meddle in US politics.
    Do we give this creep aid? I’ll bet if we do it is enough to pay for a middle class tax cut!

  9. The 1s time I ever had seen this more-effing-on, he was blathering about caterpillars. He’s one of the stupidest effs that there ever was. Perfect for them. How can one live as long as he has being so unintelligent? Blind luck, and a rich daddy I suppose..

  10. also the SOTU speech was DOCTORED and posted on the republican website for the lazy to view it…they took their cues from Faux Noose.

    The removed the climate change part and this
    “The 43:25 minute mark is not the only place where the video is edited. At the 44:51 minute mark, a section is edited out where Obama spoke of respecting “human dignity,” prohibiting torture, and speaking out against anti-Semitism. The section that is edited out reads as follows: “As Americans, we respect human dignity, even when we’re threatened, which is why I’ve prohibited torture, and worked to make sure our use of new technology like drones is properly constrained. It’s why we speak out against the deplorable anti-Semitism that has resurfaced in certain parts of the world.””


  11. I’ve posted the antisemitism portion that was “oops” edited out..see my post below.
    We do give Israel $$$

  12. Priebus didn’t think anyone would notice the difference and was caught off guard when he was asked about it. Imo, it was no mistake that something about immigration was in the Spanish version of the GOP’s response to the president’s SOTU Address but not in the English version. It was deliberate. The GOP is playing the same game it always plays—paying lip service but not taking any action to back up what they say in public. They’re talking about income inequality, low wages, equal pay, the high cost of college, but the first thing GOPTPers in the House did was introduce and abortion bill, and the first thing they did in the Senate was introduce a bill for imposing sanctions on Iran. Actions speak louder than words, and they’re saying nothing about issues that matter most to the majority of us.

  13. Obama’s got them stuttering now. A non-answer to a question that should be answered straightforward. But, when he could not defend the reason, he punted to the sidelines. Aaargh!

  14. Are you stupid or just don’t research whatever you post
    Doug McIntyre Conservative Republican Host on KABC
    But I guess that makes him a liberal

  15. djchefron people like mr Honda think “Liberal” is a dirty word. Those people and there are a lot of them have no idea what the base word is. The very thing that they claim to love and fight for the most is what they ignorantly fight tooth and nail against because they are gullible and ignorant. They have been successfully brainwashed by Fox News and the Reich Wing.

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