Reince Priebus Tells Morning Joe Panel Obama Should Have Just Emailed Out SOTU Speech

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During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday morning, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told the panel that he knows “it’s constitutional, but the President doesn’t actually have to deliver the speech, he could actually email it out and we could read it.” Yes, the leader of the GOP’s national committee told the viewers of a national news show that the President of the United States of America should just send out the nation’s annual address through as an email attachment. This is the level of petulance the Republican Party has reached.

Thankfully, GOP apologist Joe Scarborough was not present, so Priebus found himself dealing with a decent amount of pushback regarding that comment and others, as well as being placed on the hot seat over the party’s decision to only address immigration reform in its Spanish-language response and not the official rebuttal. After he said the email line, an audible snicker could be heard from at least one of the panelists. He followed that line by saying, “Even the things he believes in, I question whether he cares a whole lot about them.”

After making that remark, Priebus prattled on a bit longer about ISIS and “an alternative universe of foreign policy,” claiming he and the GOP have a hard time believing in him at this point. Finally, host Mika Brzezinski stopped him and said, “Here’s the problem. I think the same can be said for your party.” She then asked the chairman if members of his own party would be willing to meet the President on common ground and be conciliatory. This was only met with more whining and complaining, with Priebus using the “both sides” argument and saying it takes “an extraordinary leader” to bring the parties together, stating Obama can’t lead the country and isn’t willing to work with Republicans.

Later on, the Huffington Post’s Sam Stein threw a fastball at Priebus, asking him why the official GOP response to the SOTU didn’t mention immigration reform at all, but the Spanish-language one did. He pointed out that a cynic would see right through this ploy. Priebus’ claimed that, once again, it was all Obama’s fault, saying he’s “kinda screwed things up’ by “overreaching”  and issuing “illegal’ executive actions. Both Mika and Cokie Roberts hammered away at him as he stammered through his Obama-blame. Eventually, Priebus claimed that he’s not a “policy guy” and then pivoted back to Obama not showing enough leadership.

It was apparent that Obama’s speech has Republicans on their heels. Priebus, who even on his best days still has issues dealing with the press outside the friendly confines of Fox News, struggled with his talking points, leading him to appear defensive and ill-prepared. Just a couple months after a resounding midterm victory gave the GOP strong majorities in both Chambers of Congress, the party appears to be in disarray due to the President’s strong progressive push in the last quarter of his presidency.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


24 Replies to “Reince Priebus Tells Morning Joe Panel Obama Should Have Just Emailed Out SOTU Speech”

  1. Rancid is one of the most smarmy and hatefilled morons of the GOP – how he attained his position is simply astonishing due to his ignorance.

  2. I know this is petty and juvenile, but has a still frame ever been captured of rnc_pr_bs where it didn’t look like he was in the throes of passing a brick?

  3. And to think this chinless wonder was just re-elected to the GOP chairmanship again! Mediocrity wins!

  4. We see what putting them on youtube does for you. Did anyone see Cruz blame President Obama for ten year old policies?



  6. Priebus and Scott Walker, (God I need a shower after just typing these names), are pals from the formerly awesome state known as Wisconsin. You may want to check this out, yet I believe Priebus was elevated to Chair after helping Walker win the governor’s race in 2010.

    Both of them are lying, whining, sniveling, uncaring, hateful pieces of crap.

  7. All presidents give SOTU Addresses because the Constitution requires them to. If Priebus took the time to research anything and/or read the Constitution, he could find it in Article II, Sec. 3. The SOTU Address a constitutionally-mandated job of all U.S. presidents.

  8. What a perfect opportunity for rinse to announce that if the republicans ever get another chance to give a state of the union speech, they will just email it instead.

  9. Reince Priebus Tells Morning Joe Panel Obama Should Have Just Emailed Out SOTU Speech

    And why is that, RNC PR BS?

    So the wingnut talking heads could accuse him of being “lazy”?

    Because a speech with too many multisyllabic words is too confusing for the teabagger wing of the GOP?

    All of the above?


  10. . . . how he attained his position is simply astonishing due to his ignorance.

    Well, he attained it primarily due to the fact that the preceding GOP chair, Michael Steele (who took office ten days after President Obama), failed to increase the number of African Americans in the repub party.

    Once again, the GOP thought they increase their popularity among blacks by having a black man in a high position — just as they thought they could appeal to women voters by running Sarah Palin as VP . . .


  11. Take out the vowels: RNC PR BS
    And there you have it!

    Like I always say: not since Lee Iacocca (“I Am Chairman Of Chrysler Corporation, America”) has there been a more apt name-occupation correlation. :)


  12. The SOTU Address a constitutionally-mandated job of all U.S. presidents.

    It’s constitutionally-mandated that the President report to Congress — it doesn’t have to be in the form of a speech by him; it can be in the form of a letter addressed to Congress and read to them by a clerk (which was used by Thomas Jefferson, who thought the speech was too similar to Britain’s “Speech From The Throne.)

    In fact, since Jefferson, no US President gave the SOTUA by speech until Woodrow Wilson in 1913; the last US President to deliver the report by message was Jimmy Carter in 1981.


  13. Sounds like that line up on Morning Joe would be a whole lot more palatable than having Joe actually be there! I might even watch!

  14. Yes, of course, that would be an ideal way for the “Party of NO!” to make sure only gawd’fearin’merican’peepul on the GOP-VIP list would get the speech via email, not “yew people”…

  15. President Obama had a good point in his speech in Idaho yesterday, “What would it take to get a “YES” from The Republicans”?

  16. I’ve yet to see another Republican that was so arrogant and so full of himself while being a total nothing to begin with. Reinhold is a backpfiefngesichht..a face in bad need of a fist. I would revel in the publicity as a result of punching him dead in the mugg.

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