House Republicans Pass Secret Tax Increase On Small Business In Abortion Funding Ban Bill


House Republicans passed a tax increase on small businesses today that was hidden in a bill that banned federal funding for abortion.

The vote was 242-179 with three Democrats voting for the bill, and one Republican voting against it.

As the Huffington Post reported, the legislation goes beyond attacking women’s rights, and increases taxes on small businesses, “The bill would do a number of things — including block federal funds for abortion for women who are in the military, who live in Washington, D.C., and who are poor — but one aspect of the legislation that hasn’t received much attention is the fact that it would raise taxes on the vast majority of small businesses. Under the SHOP exchange, a part of the Affordable Care Act, small businesses receive a tax credit if they include abortion care in their plans. Roughly 87 percent of private plans include abortion services as part of comprehensive coverage, meaning the bulk of small businesses would be hit with a tax hike if the bill, called the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, were to become law.”

To summarize, John Boehner had to yank a bill that would ban all abortions after 20 weeks because Republicans who are worried about being swallowed by the potential 2016 Hillary Clinton wave refused to support it. House Republican leadership replace the overt abortion ban bill with a more covert attack. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) said on the House floor, “This is really a backdoor approach. You’re really trying to undermine the law of the land, Roe v. Wade.”

House Republicans tried to sell this bill as blocking federal funding for abortion, but it was really a show vote on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The bill is dead in the Senate, and the president has already promised to veto it.

The degree of Republican self-destruction on this bill was epic. House Republicans have managed to both anger the anti-choice people in their party while secretly raising taxes on small businesses. John Boehner’s House may have a bigger majority, but they remain utterly incapable of governing.

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  1. Republicants rob the little man while enriching the rich man bc they are the American Taliban & no better than ISIS,out to kill the sick,destroy this country,starve the poor, & hellbent on our children not getting an education,hate women,hate black folk & intent to undermine our government..People Wake up,we have to vote these unpatriotic bastards out before its too late.

  2. I may be slow but doesn’t the Hyde Amendment block federal funds for abortion? One way or the other they will attack women’s rights

  3. I don’t understand the GOP’s all-consuming intent on making abortion illegal when we have SO many other pressing problems.

  4. That was not a rant, it was truth. They cut taxes for the wealthest among us, but raise it on everybody else. Wake up and smell the coffee! Have you not noticed what the GOP are doing? Every action they take is to increase the wealth of those with the most, while decreasing the wealth of those with the least.
    It is dumb @$$e$ like yourself that elected them into office, thinking they are looking out for your best interest when they are not.
    Then you and your elk have the audacity to point blame at black and brown people, when, truth be told, if you want to know who is to blame, look in the !#== mirror! You voted for them, then want to accuse others of “rant,” when the truth is brought home to you!

  5. Doris where to begin:
    1. Rob the little man while enriching the rich. The latest data from the Internal Revenue Service is for the 2011 tax year. Here is a quick summary: The Top 50% of all taxpayers paid 97% of all income taxes; the top 5% paid 57% of all income taxes; and the top 1% paid 35% of all income taxes in that year.
    2. Kill the sick. I think Obamacare just about covers that
    3. Starve the poor. 47 million on SNAP cards and record levels of obesity.
    4.Children not getting an education. Record spending on education on all levels directed to these largely liberal institutions, hardly bastions of republicanism.
    5. Hate women. Really that again, I would conclude with the record number of out of wedlock births encouraged by the liberal/entitlement wing is the single most destructive thing done to women
    6.Hate black folk. Yes as we see in many of our well run democratic cites like Detroit and Camden.
    7. Intent to undermine the government. With what massive spending see the m…

  6. Lipinsky is a co=sponsor of this bill, HR 7, too. Obama has said he will veto it, so their devotion to their ‘base’ is all this is about.

  7. Republicans are dog farts. And that ‘tan” on Boehner? That’s not a tan, folks..he smokes 10 cartons of cigs a week…that’s tar and nicotine oozing out of his FU soul.

  8. This kind of explains why they keep putting out these laws in spite of the fact that the Hyde Amendment has banned Federal $$$ from being used for abortions since 1977. They’re just adding taxes to the poor and working poor and calling it a “no federal funding for abortion” law to make it look purty to the rill marikens.

    POTUS won’t sign this, anyway. If I wasted money at my job like they do at their job I’d be out the door. Luckily for them, their HR is run by committee of morons and people who called in sick that day.

  9. You and your elk? Who is blaming black and brown people, and what is the difference between black and brown. Most of the “brown” people I know are Indian, but the prefer to be called Asian. I often wonder why so many things automatically boil down to color for many liberals. You should understand to the vast majority of Americans color really does mean nothing and to the ones that it does who are not minorities you are highly unlikely to influence them.

  10. Not one single thing in your rant is based on reality Bb, it is a simple regurgitation of worn out, debunked, right-wing talking points.

  11. As a liberal I happen to care about other human beings ,second obiesidy does not always come from overeating it has to do with eating cheap unhealthy foods ,which often is what people can afford, and unless you are a brown or black person you will never know some of the shit I have to put up with. Yesterday I heard a billionaire speak and be admitted that the deck was stacked against anyone who is not in the 1 percent because of all the loop hole and stock buy backs so do your research something most Republicans Don’t want to to do, if you think it’s okay for corporations to get tax breaks and send the work to another country and not hire our own or pay people livable wages ,but I guess that’s the old Republican way and by the way why are old white men making decisions about abortion and women’s birthcontrol this country has real problem women don’t need to be controlled.

  12. You lost me at “You and your elk.” That’s f-ing hilarious… and makes anything else you have to say equally laughable.

  13. The repubs have spent the years since 1973 whipping up their religious voters. It’s who they are: The rich and religious nut jobs who think their religion is our government.

  14. Josh, you sound really uninformed. You need a new news source. What she said is the truth. It is not a rant. It is reality.

  15. okay, bostonsnob, let’s address a couple of your points.

    1. The wealthier are paying most of the income tax because they have all the money. The rest of us are barely scraping by.

    2. Obamacare doesn’t cover that, as it was meant to, because cold blooded republican govs have refused to expand medicaid in half the states, leaving millions without, and killing thousands, far more than terrorists…

    3. yes the poor are starving, even with the greatly expanded and much needed snap program.. cheap food is full of starch, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, which is used to fatten cattle! the poor can’t afford and don’t have access to fresh good produce, etc..

    4. cons are rewriting our history books with revisionist crap like “slavery – not that bad” and creationism instead of science..

    5, 6. I’m not even going to address your misogyny and racism, which I’m sure you don’t and never will see..

    7. yes, defunding agencies like the dept of ed, homeland security, …

  16. Sean,
    1.So you are admitting the wealthy pay the lions share of the taxes, while it is demonstrable that much of the income going to the poorer ranks is through government transfers. The truly wealthy will remain unaffected since the government has their backs, ones being milked at the behest of the “poor” are the hard working middle and upper middle class as 1/2 of our income is stolen in taxes.
    2. Many states know that expanding Medicaid is financial suicide. When the expanded federal subsidies are pulled back as scheduled many of these states will come to the stark realization that they cannot afford this.
    3. Eating poorly is a choice and cheap food does not have to be laden with starches and sugar, a complete myth. You can buy a whole roasted chicken, a bag of brown rice, fresh tomato, onion and zucchini for under $10 dollars. Enough to feed 4 with leftovers to make soup.
    4.I think you will find most of the non science books in schools have a very liberal bias.

  17. cont. 4. In MA I can certainly attest to that on both the K-12 and university levels.
    5,6.I find curious how when one has no real argument they resort to name calling. All I did was state a well known and quantifiable facts, if you can dispute it feel free. You cannot dispute the fact that women would be better off being married before having children, and are not many of our poorest cities democratically run.
    7. I would be much happier to see both those department eliminated entirely. They are redundant and highly ineffective. If you must spend the money it would be much better utilized on a local level where security and education really happen. When two potheads can blow up a bunch of people at a very public sports event in downtown Boston I would say the DHS is highly ineffective. The Dept. of ED does no educating, just expensive unproductive mandating. We spend more per student than ever before with at best uneven to poor results, no federal mandate will fix this.

  18. @Bostonbob. Who is blaming Black and Brown people? You’re kidding, right? Have you bothered to read legislation passed in the past few years regarding proof of citizenship, health rights and voting rights? They’re all geared toward restricting freedoms, health care and voting of elderly white men, correct?

    Arizona passed laws demanding that police stop every person who they suspect may be in the country illegally. How many middle age white men do you suspect have been stopped and asked to provide proof they are legally in the US?

    How many middle age white males have had their testicular activity monitored by state and federal governments?

    How many laws have been passed to discourage middle age white men from voting for the party and candidates of their choice?

    By the way, I am a 68 year old white male. I have never been turned away from a polling place. I have never had the government intercede in personal healthcare issues nor have I ever had to prove my legal status.

  19. Naomi,
    Why is it that only liberals can have compassion. Have they somehow cornered the market? As I stated below obesity is a choice, being poor does not mean you cannot purchase and prepare healthy meals. I could easily feed a family of 4 for about $15 a day, providing a modest amount of protein and starches and vegetable with every meal. People choose not to. Do you think massive monetary food subsidies keeps the price of food higher or lower.

    I always love the argument that starts with”unless you are black or brown”, people need to be responsible for their own lives and family, color has much less to do with it than hard work. I find it sad that so many believe their race holds them back, and it may on some occasions, but we have a black president, I believe all the barriers have been broken. Sometimes you have to work harder to succeed, that just life.

  20. The teapubs in the new Koch congress know that if they pass anything, their Koch funding will disappear/will be primaried. Teapubs have sold out Americans again. American jihadists.

  21. ok bob..

    1. When Warren Buffet says he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, we should take him at his word. The upward wealth transfers going on dwarf the tiny social programs for the poor.. Wal Mart alone gets 6 billion or so in corporate welfare, while collecting canned goods for their employees.. enough to cover the food stamps we subsidize for same said employees.. and that is just one example.. banks, agribusiness, etc also fleece we the people mercilessly and unconscionably..

    2. expanding Medicaid “financial suicide?” Obamacare was a Heritage Foundation proposal.. study after study has shown that it is much cheaper, for everyone, to provide free preventative health care to everyone, rather than pay for the much more expensive emergency care that inevitably results when people are unable to get a $5 a month cholesterol or blood pressure pill.. or would you rather continue to bankrupt hospitals? Heritage still wants this, but let the dems take the heat for implementing it.

  22. Shouldnt a man be married also? It takes 2 you fool.

    I want the 2.3 TRILLION back that Bush and Cheney stole. So you want to defund education and

  23. cont bob..
    3. no, you cannot buy all of that for under $10.. not even close. and it won’t feed four people.. and even if it did, the poor cannot afford to spend $10 on a single meal.. maximun food stamps = about $12 per day. so, family of 4 = $3 per day per person, or $1 per meal.

    4. Maybe in MA, a notoriously liberal state.. I’m sure you have excellent public education. But have you seen the crap they teach in TX?

    5,6. wow.. the misogyny continues.. “better off married..” just, wow..

    7. there you go, teabagger heaven.. defund everything.. we all know that giving states more control over anything results in disaster. From medicaid expansion to education, to drawing congressional districts.. just like privatizing, it results in more corruption, theft, and waste.. with the least powerful the most to suffer.

    Government is us, bob. We the People. It is our forum for all of us to have an EQUAL say in our community, both local and national. It is not inherently …

  24. …homeland security? You should go live in Burma or someplace else. Maybe stop regurgitating faux “news” lies.

    In reference to Detroit and Camden, both goverend by failing Republicans.

  25. Bob is a bagger, therefore, propagandized to the hilt. He will never get it(must be from one of those “great” educated states). He is of the thought, only people like me are worthy. FYI, red states(republican) are taking more subsidies than blue ones.
    Guess what, Bob, you fell for the “poor little girl”, Joni Earnst bs, whose family got $460,000 in federal $$$$$. Not very poor to have bread bags(maybe her mom was just ocd)?

  26. the makers are the people at the bottom, bob.. the hard working people that gave us the massive productivity gains that the people at the top, the true takers, are stealing through stock buybacks and huge bonuses.. by RomneyBainCapital dismantling companies, selling their jobs overseas, and stealing their pension funds..

    and now want to cut Social Security?

    When Rand Paul can dismiss the pain, and lives, of millions as “a little back pain and anxiety?”..

    it sickens me, bob..

    but hey, screw the 47%, right?

  27. ok, a little more, in regards to your criticism of Detroit, etc… we know the reality is far more complicated than a mayors’ power..

    But how about Kansas, bob?
    Teabagger Utopia?

    where Brownbacks’ conservative tax cuts and spending cuts have completely bankrupted the state, even while the rest of the country is starting to make progress?

    And what about the Keystone XL?
    Why are you so in love with a giant land grabbing environmental disaster-in-waiting that only provides 35 permanent jobs and does nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?

    Solar is the answer, bob…. no more pollution-causing, asthma and cancer causing fossil fuels… solar,thanks to the programs of Barack Obama, is now at least on par cost- wise with fracking. Don’t you think if we are going to poison our people with the side effects of fossil fuel production, we should at least give them healthcare?
    That’s the dirty little secret about fossil fuels. We don’t actually count their true cost.

  28. Sean,
    1.Warrens tax rate may well be lower than his secretary, as I stated before, the truly wealthy will avoid the harsh realities of tax reform, they have the best accountants and bought and paid for politicians. As for tiny social programs, if tiny is 1 trillion dollars per year.

    If you do not like the way Walmart does business do not shop there, I chose not to I think they are largely a destructive for on local economies.

    2.MA has some of the highest medical care and insurance costs in the country. Even with Romneycare the number of people using emergency care continued to grow not decline as expected.

    4.MA has excellent schools in the suburbs and certain cities but as is always the poorer ares have the poorest schools. These schools are heavily funded by the richer towns, the federal government can do little to help those who will not help themselves.

  29. So pensions and healthcare are entitlements? I can see where you would love to deny people food and shelter but all of that welfare only equals up to 10%

  30. Sorry I skipped 3. Market Basket $4.39 for a fully roasted chicken, $3.00 for an 8oz bag of brown rice, $2.69 for 2lbs of onions, 1 Tomato $1.25, 4 med sized Zucchinis $3.50 = $14.38. No tax in MA. use the extra onion rice and Zucchini in the soup made from the bones. SNAP is supposed to be supplemental. There are also food pantries. Again Obesity is a choice.

    5,6. I am not saying one has to be married I am just stating the fact they are better off both men and women regardless if is to either a man or a woman. Call me names all you want.

    7. Having never been to a Tea party event nor ever given them money you can draw whatever conclusion you want. The government we have is unsustainable and vastly larger than it need to be The cost for future promised obligations far outstrips the actual tax revenue the government can take from any and all entities. You will have to cut somewhere I think these two department would be a good start. Cut the military by 50% would be fine by me.

  31. 4.MA has excellent schools in the suburbs and certain cities but as is always the poorer ares have the poorest schools. These schools are heavily funded by the richer towns, the federal government can do little to help those who will not help themselves.
    The Federal Government funds only 12% of the funding the rest comes from local and state taxes so it stands to reason that richer areas would provide the most spending. I keep telling you lay off that steel reserve

    School Finance

    Federal, State, and Local K-12 School Finance Overview

  32. I have shopped at Market Basket and stopped due to rotten and spoiled food I saw there. I have used food banks, there is very, very little fresh food there(expired frozen meat, expired bread, mostly canned goods and pasta. There was not very many healthy choices there. So til you been there stfu. You dont know. Your precious Bush is the cause of increased food stamp need, he tanked jobs/economy, he sent our soldiers into a false war,coming home disabled and need the help. So you basically hate the disabled and our veterens. True American, you arent.

  33. Sean,
    I am not looking to screw anyone,I am just looking to not get screwed. I would rather decide where my money is spent rather than the government.
    I am not in love with any particular company, but I would think if you can get a nation to run its valuable and getting scarcer resources through your country it is a good idea, we are already doing it on Warren Buffets trains, he’s happy to take our money.

    While I have nothing against solar It is expensive and only works with massive subsidies. Many areas it will not provide consistent enough energy and will require large banks of very expensive batteries. On a larger industrial scale it has proven to be inefficient. I will be glad to install it on my home when its cost to value ratio is competitive with other sources of energy.


  34. You are getting your info on Solar from a retired airline pilot? You cant make this shit up

    Solar panels generate the most electricity on clear days with abundant sunshine (not surprisingly). But, do solar panels work in cloudy weather? Yes… just not quite as well On a cloudy day, typical solar panels can produce 10-25% of their rated capacity. The exact amount will vary depending on the density of the clouds, and may also vary by the type of solar panel; some kinds of panels are better at receiving diffuse light. SunPower solar cells, for example, have been designed to capture a broader range of the solar spectrum. By capturing more red and blue wavelengths, their solar panels can generate more electricity even when it’s overcast.

  35. DJ,
    You can play with the graph and pull out pensions, it still comes out to over a trillion. No matter how you cut it it is largely an unsustainable ponzi scheme, Federal pensions at some point will become part of the big pot. I am all for helping the poor cutting the precious military, but what you have with ever expanding debt, entitlement growth is a disaster in the making. All of these programs are so poorly policed that they suffer a tremendous amount of fraud.

    I do see where I am looking to deny people food and shelter, especially since I work in a local south shore food pantry and volunteer to repair homes for the elderly and poor with my daughter with our local church. I also to volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. If this makes me an heartless ogre than so be it. I do think some people should take more responsibility for themselves and their families, they expect others especially the schools to do much of their parenting duties. I should know my wife is a teacher

  36. DJ,
    I am not saying solar cannot work on certain scales in certain areas, but energy returned on energy invested is poor at best. It provides a poor investment for your energy needs and without substantial subsidies it would be a much smaller provider of our energy needs than it already is. As it is it only provides about .5% of our energy needs with all of the subsidies, money that could go to the poor to heat their houses in the winter.



  37. Sorry,
    I did not vote for Bush either time. Without regard to what you have for food, obesity is a choice unless you have no food, which rarely happens here in the US. People need to visit a few poor counties to realize what poverty really is. I am surprised at your experience with Market Basket, I have shopped the one in Brockton, MA many times and found the selection and quality excellent. I am quite happy Arthur T. won the battle to retain ownership. The employees were quite happy about this.

  38. Medicare fraud:

    SS Fraud:

    SSDI fraud:

    EITC fraud:

    SNAP fraud:

    There is much more, but this is what they found/caught, I am quite sure there are a number of people who have scammed the system so well that they have not been caught. A lot of people work off the books as I have seen in the construction industry. Many couples hook up but do not marry as it will interrupt the mothers benefits. If you go to Walmart I prefer not to) or Market Basket you will instances of what appears to be a…

  39. And you trust Deutsche Bank. I always trust the banks and their figures, especially the big ones.


  40. DJ you’re making my point that 12% instead of being wastefully washed through the federal government with all of its costs and money sucking mandates should be kept in the states or more so in the towns and cities.

  41. How do you figure? Your statement was that the feds make up the bulk of education spending and when I showed you were wrong you say I am making your point?

  42. I used to be a smoker. I don’t know of anyone who could smoke 10 cartons a week. That’s 10 packs per carton, with 20 cigs each, so 200.

    200×10=2,000 cigarettes

    You would have to smoke in your sleep to manage that rate. But yeah, Boehner’s pretty gross looking. I watched his ugly mug during the SOTU. He looked like he was either going to pass gas or vomit all night. I don’t think I should have to put up with that.

  43. That so called 60 minutes story of SSDI has been debunked
    Social Security disability fraud is rare
    AP Reports that 99.8 Percent of Social Security Disability Payments Were Proper

    I don’t know what they do in other states but when you are on SNAP you can only buy food in Oklahoma and you cannot use an EBT CARD at a casino or buy liquor with it. Now if you withdraw the money which BTW it isn’t that much from a ATM machine and do buy liquor how is the state going to stop that? You think you can just walk into any office and they give you an EBT card because of GP?

    On Medicare it is the doctors who are defrauding the government and they are doing something about it
    So you would deny people who paid into the system their healthcare because a few crooks are scamming the system?

  44. This site tracks the current Reagan Bush Debt.
    The Reagan-Bush Debt is how much of the national debt of the United States is attributable to the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and
    the Republican fiscal policy of Borrow-And-Spend.

    As of Friday, January 23, 2015 at 12:22:12PM CT,
    The Current ReaganBush Debt is:
    which means that in a total of 20 years,
    these three presidents have led to the creation of

    of the entire national debt
    in only 8.3682% of the 239 years of the existence of the United States of America.
    The Iraq War Could Cost More Than $6 Trillion

  45. Republicans must love running deficits. Here are just a few states that have to start cutting services due to poor budgeting.
    New Jersey – $1.7 billion deficit
    Pennsylvania – $1 billion deficit
    Kansas – $1 billion deficit
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit
    Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit
    Alabama – $950 million deficit

    Democrats love running a surplus
    California +2.5 billion SURPLUS

  46. bostonbob, must admit, your spin is slightly impressive. i grew up and lived outside of boston for 30 of my first 40 years, happened to work for an elite bank stock group in my adult years, witnessed seven new england bank presidents get into trouble and most jailed for their financial crimes. the general public should never fully trust any financial institution. so you lost me at hello. don’t trust your reasoning simply based on your trust of banks, especially the big ones. the hypocrisy here is republicans raisig taxes on small business.

  47. DJ,
    I do not think I posted that the federal government provided the bulk of the education funding, if I did mea culpa. Since education in the federal budget is only 1% of the total we would be much better off eliminating the DOE. I can tell you from personal experience that my property taxes in my little cape in our south shore town have gone from $2400 in 1990 to $8400 this year, and I know 77% of that goes toward the schools. I can go to the town meeting and have a say in how it is spent. Once it is in the federal governments hands local control is ceded and money is wasted at an incredible rate. if we got what we paid for from the government it wouldn’t be so bad, but that and never will be the case.

  48. Andy,
    If you believe that California has a 2.5 billion dollar surplus then I want some of what you are smoking.Our outgoing MA governor has run nearly $500 debt for the incoming Governor and that is with repeatedly raising taxes (see gas tax) and having the one of the highest debt levels per citizen in the country. I cannot and will not defend the Republicans, they are equally complicit in the destruction of governmental finances.

  49. reeblite,
    I must have left my sarcasm font off. Anyone who trusts these banks gets what they deserve, unfortunately I think we will be paying for it just like last time.

  50. You do know that Reagan is dead and Busch senior is in his 90’s and was a one term president who actually raised taxes that benefited Clinton while he was in office. Also there were a number of democratically controlled Congresses who could change legislation put in during those evil administrations.

  51. Let’s go back to what conservatives did to America during their 8 years of a republican administration and GW Bush.
    9-11… 3000 Americans died. The administration failed to protect Americans in their own soil, even after plenty of warnings.
    Bush fails to protect 13 embassies and consulates from terrorists and 62 died.
    Two simultaneous wars and over 6000 American soldiers died for nothing. Stirring up the Middle East and now creating ISIS. We are in worst danger now.
    11 trillion debt.
    Record spending.
    Record deficit
    Record bankruptcies
    Record layoffs.
    Record unemployment
    The Great Recession
    Fall of all markets.
    Fall of the automobile industry.
    2008 history record gas prices, with the national average at $4.71 per gallon.
    Banks selling to China
    Record corporation bail outs
    March 2008: Bush stimulus $29 billion for Bear Stearns/JP Morgan Chase deal

  52. May 2008: Bush stimulus $178 billion in tax rebate checks
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $300 billion for distressed homeowners
    July 2008: Bush stimulus $200 billion for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $50 billion to guarantee money market funds
    September 2008: Bush stimulus $25 billion to Big 3 automakers
    September-November 2008: Bush stimulus $150 billion to AIG
    October 2008: Bush stimulus $700 billion to banks (TARP)
    Ceo’s used the monies to pay themselves millions in bonuses.
    Enron <-this cost California $30 BILLION
    Halliburton $37 BILLION
    America bankrupted.

  53. FDR brought this country back from the previous republican depression using government funded infrastructure projects.

  54. Dude, are you kidding me? These are so religious, they shouldn’t be allowed to be put to press, nevermind accepted as fact. I swear, the idea that liberals putting this stuff out is beyond nuts. Let me tell you why.

    Because I swear, I’ve seen a science book that teaches kids that we don’t know what electricity is. This is not a liberal ideology, we understand fact, and many of us are openminded enough to look into the presented information in order to make an intelligent decision, rather than “I’m not a scientist, but I know more about climate science than the ones who are scientists”.

    Oh, so you know I wasn’t joking.

  55. You got to be shitting me!!! That cannot be actual science book and if it is do you know the publisher?

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