On The Roe v. Wade Anniversary A March To Ban Contraception

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Throughout America’s history the Supreme Court and amendment process has been necessary to grant women equal rights guaranteed in the Constitution as a result of America being a patriarchal society. Today is the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade ruling giving women the right to choose when they give birth and, like every year for over two decades, religious fanatics will protest the landmark decision. Their contention is that patriarchs in Catholic Church, not women, own the right to make reproductive choices for American women and this year their typical March for Life is a March To Ban Birth Control.

For the past six months, specifically after two rulings by the Vatican-5 on the Supreme Court identifying contraceptives as abortion, the non-profit organizing what they tout as “the world’s largest anti-abortion event” is protesting all “unnatural contraceptive methods” as abortion; an idea taken straight out of the Vatican’s Humanae Vitae that condemns any form of unnatural birth control as a mortal sin.

Six months ago the “March for Life Education and Defense Fund filed a lawsuit to exempt “all employers” from including “any type” of contraception in health insurance plans because they have identified them as abortions and violations of March for Life’s religious liberty. According to their lawsuit, March for Life contends that any employer’s health plan that covers any unnatural birth control, including oral contraception and vaginal rings they assert are “abortifacients” represent a gross violation of the organization’s religious freedom.

According to anti-choice advocates, Republicans, and March for Life, the moment of conception is a living human being; thus anything preventing implantation of a zygote (fertilized ovum) is abortion, immoral, and a mortal sin against god. The attorney’s for March for Life claim the primary goal of the group’s lawsuit is a legal challenge to the “abortion pill mandate in Obamacare.” However, the so-called “abortion pill” that terminates early stage pregnancy is not included in the ACA contraception mandate. It is a ruse to garner a court ruling banning inclusion of all forms of birth control in all employers’ health insurance prescription plans.

March for Life’s lawsuit is yet another attack on women’s right to choose due to the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling.  As a reminder, five conservative Catholics on the High Court ruled that privately-owned religious businesses do not have to cover emergency contraceptives to protect their religious freedom and impose their religious control over their female employees. However, that ruling was not enough control and the following month the same Vatican-5 ruled that any organization with religious objections to any kind of contraception could file suit to end the inclusion of contraception in health plans. March for Life filed suit five days later; likely because in writing for the Papal-5 majority, Justice Samuel Alito agreed with Hobby Lobby’s evangelical owners that indeed, all contraceptives cause abortions, and not just emergency contraception the court banned in Hobby Lobby.

It is too bad the Vatican 5 and evangelicals failed human reproduction class in school, so following are five uncontested facts, biological and biblical, for religious fanatics seeking a ban on contraceptives. 1) Sexual intercourse is not pregnancy. 2) The moment of conception resulting in a one-celled organism (zygote) is not a fetus, not a pregnancy, and not a living human being. 3) Pregnancy is when a fertilized human egg (zygote) implants in a female’s uterine lining. 4) The termination of pregnancy typically performed within 28 weeks of gestation, like spontaneous expulsion (miscarriage) of a fetus, is an abortion. 5) According to the Christian bible, a fetus is NOT a living being until it exits the womb and breathes air. For humans with even rudimentary cognitive abilities, there cannot possibly be an abortion, whether by natural miscarriage or medical intervention, if the fertilized egg does not implant in the uterine wall. But this anti-choice movement is not about abortion, contraception, or protecting the life of an undeveloped organism; it is, and always has been, about controlling women, their sexuality, and their right to choose how they live their lives.

Many Americans shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes over the anti-choice movement’s activities, and it is certainly because they have little regard for women’s rights or believe the movement is harmless. However, the anti-choice movement is heavily-funded by the Koch brothers and subsequently the newly imposed Koch Congress is on a tear to strip away all women’s reproductive rights. It is noteworthy that the first legislation passed in the House in January was a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. A ban, by the way, that President Obama threatened to veto and at least two Republican congresswomen withdrew their support for just this week. Sadly, that is not the worst to come.

For the past two years, Republicans in the House passed legislation proclaiming that life begins at conception (zygote) only to be ignored by the then-Democratic majority Senate. Many of the newly elected Senate Republicans have called for personhood legislation mirroring the House’s “zygote is a living human with full constitutional rights” legislation with a view toward criminalizing abortion and contraceptives. In several Republican-controlled state legislatures, similar personhood legislation, including one state passing a law providing attorneys for the fetus against the mother in cases where she may be considering her legal right to an abortion.

America’s women should be grateful President Obama is the last line of defense for their continued equal rights because a Republican president would dutifully sign away their reproductive rights to evangelical maniacs. Indeed, both Willard Romney and Paul Ryan are adamant supporters of personhood legislation as well as a constitutional amendment designating a zygote a legal human being worthy of 14th Amendment rights; the mother rights would be subservient to the fetus. Romney went so far as to proclaim that contraception prevents “conception” and is therefore abortion.

This anti-women movement is an abomination that all Americans should be up-in-arms against and not blown off as ‘it can never happen here.” Most Americans likely believed that corporations would never be deemed as people with free speech rights, or that religious liberty means employers can impose their beliefs on their employees. One cannot fathom why, or when, Americans, particularly American men, are willing to sit back and allow a cabal of Catholic and evangelical clergy posing as lawmakers have free reign to dictate to their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters how they conduct their lives. But then again one could have never imagined that after 236 years of a secular representative democracy, America would be infested and infected by a growing and powerful movement intent on creating a theocracy. Right now, the only thing preventing a Dominionist takeover of government is Barack Obama, especially since the theocratic anti-women’s movement funded by the Koch brothers now controls two-thirds of government.


11 Replies to “On The Roe v. Wade Anniversary A March To Ban Contraception”

  1. No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion. If your against it, then don’t have one. Please don’t play the “good christian”, this won’t absolve you of the persecution that your forcing on these unfortunate women. And to all the men in the US congress, when you grow a uterus, and can walk in a womans shoes, maybe then, someone will find you credible.

  2. For women, no abortions and no contraception.

    But men can have all the Viagra they want.

    Oh to be able to enjoy the right to privacy that men have in abundance.

  3. I’m so tied of republicans taking women’s rights away…..trying to take women back to the 1950’s where many women died because of back room or self induced abortions! Republicans continue to fan the flames of these RW extremists that have been known for violence that claim to be pro life! Killing doctors, bombing clinics that perform abortions.

  4. If person hood laws are passed would we be able to claim them as a dependent, count them in the census, provide child support, change birth dates and whatever other consequences would arise. They don’t have much faith in God because they think they have to do his job on all kinds of things, from wars in the middle east to bring on the end of the world, discrimination to controlling sexual acts. The world would be a better place without people trying to control other people.

  5. As always, the religious reich wants to impose its sick, evil beliefs upon everyone. I say let’s work to pass laws enforcing our beliefs upon them.

    All religious groups will no longer be tax-exempt.

    All women must have abortions of be sterilized after having two children – no exceptions.

    Religious services must be conducted in private in facilities displaying no external signs of their purpose.

    Any holiday based upon religious observance will be discarded and replaced by “floating holidays” that people may use at their discretion.

    No mention or practice of any religion may be observed in any facility wholly or partly supported by public (tax) funds.

    Imagine the screams of outrage when their own policies are turned against them! :) :)

  6. Tis is why I can’t stand American catholic fanatics. They haven’t gotten over the idea that they can’t perform witch hunts any more and can’t haul away people to residential schools and take out their huge paddles and whack kids on their asses while telling them that children are a gift from god. They can all go straight to the bottom of an active volcano.

  7. Men can have all the Viagra they want..but doesn’t Viagra also stop implantation?
    So, to all the men out there perfecting these anti abortion laws, You had better stop using Viagra. Don’t you think? Also any other form of stopping implantation.
    Especially all you catholic men, all the men forcing the issue, and all the women who agree with them.
    When this is finally the goal for women, remember the Dugger women(19 AND COUNTING) a CHILD EVERY YEAR, FOR YEARS…..keep this in mind. You will be pleasing your MASTER tho- Domionist to the very core.

  8. Take 5 minutes go online to Supreme Courts Ruling on ROEvWADE, see if you can actually read a ruling on the “word”…”Abortion”
    There is none ..only the right of choices.
    A women has a right to make a choice.
    Thats it.

  9. Just try to take womens rights away, Hillary will win in not in a landslide, but an earthquake. Possible axis shift.

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