Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Has Just Become a Demonic No-Go Zone

This Demonic No-Go Zone Will Protect Governor Jindal from the forces of the Enlightenment

You have to look in your review mirror to find the party of stupid Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal decried back in 2013. We’re way past that. I mean, stupid was a couple of exits back. Jindal has eschewed everyday levels of stupid and jumped into the arms of the most extreme, anti-Western Civilization fanatics on the planet.

In a word, Jindal’s new friends are the people the Founding Fathers warned us about, and wrote the Constitution and its First Amendment to keep out. They found one governor stupid enough to buy into their nonsense, Rick Perry, and when the glasses didn’t save him, they moved on to Bobby Jindal, one of those rare Republican governors who has neither been charged with corruption nor disappeared without explanation.

We have already seen how Jindal continues to insist on No-Go Zones. He can hardly do otherwise when his extremist pals, like Tony Perkins are pointing to Dearborn Michigan and parts of Minneapolis, Minnesota, as Muslim No-Go Zones. I mentioned yesterday that the GOP wants to turn our country into one giant No-Go Zone, and that’s ultimately what Jindal wants: a fake Christian No-Go Zone.

As you might remember, Jindal is having his new prayer rally, The Response: Baton Rouge, just like the one Rick Perry held in Houston back in 2011. There, Rick Perry gathered together the most extreme Religious Right figures he could find under one roof and said to idolaters and false gods, “none shall pass!” Jindal is doing the same, gathering all the extremists into his own arms, thus identifying himself as one of them rather than one of us.

Jindal says The Response is “a time of prayer, fasting, repentance and celebration.” But what is being celebrated is anti-gay bigotry, denial of science, and the rejection of the United States Constitution in favor of a book none of them has actually ever read, nor with which, as far as can be determined, has even a passing familiarity: the Bible. Well, what they think is in the Bible without ever having actually seen it there themselves.

It’s complicated. Too complicated for this crowd, at any rate.

No, what is really out there is Jindal’s supporters and their new insistence on Demonic No-Go Zones. The prayer rally has lot of folks upset on the LSU campus, given the anti-intellectual views of the organizers, not to mention bigotry that stands in stark opposition to the University’s own policy tolerance. So you know who is being accused now of trafficking with demons, don’t you?

Organizers are so upset that anyone would oppose them that they are now insisting that angels will guard he Pete Maravich Assembly Center during the prayer fast, turning it into a “no-go zone for demons in the name of Jesus.”

What is really being protected in the PMAC is bigotry cloaked as religion. Because there is nothing American about what Jindal is doing. The Constitution establishes us as a modern liberal democracy, by necessity tolerant and pluralistic. What Jindal and his friends want is a sort of perverted ancient Israel thingie ruled by a bunch of false apostles (themslves) in God’s name.

The New “Esther”? (Move over Sarah Palin)

We’ve gone beyond Rick Perry extreme with Jindal’s rally. There, the idea is being floated that nobody even has a right to protest against The Response: Baton Rouge, that to do so is a sin. That disagreement equates somehow to persecution.

Remember, this is a man who wants to be President of the United States. You can close your eyes and see as clearly as I, no doubt, reporters who ask President Jindal the wrong questions being cast out as sinners. His opponents denounced as persecutors and enemies of God. You seriously think there would ever be another election? There couldn’t be. We couldn’t be allowed to vote against God.

For organizers, protestors and their Day of Action for Justice in Louisiana, are full of “spiritual arrogance” but Jindal is the one somehow being equated with God.

Right Wing Watch relates,

Protesters being organized by Louisiana State University students and progressive allies have been portrayed as spiritual enemies. During open prayer time, one call participant asked forgiveness for the protesters, saying “they hate us because they hated You first.” One participant prayed that God would “silence the mouths of those who would speak against You.”

You can see how Jindal has been conflated with God. What Jindal wants, God necessarily wants. TO attack Jindal, therefore, is to attack God. We heard this same nonsense during George W. Bush’s presidency. We saw how quickly the Iraq War turned, for some, into a war against Satan. Because only Satan would attack America, the home of God’s new Chosen People.

And they say we are guilty of spiritual arrogance.

The protesters be damned (literally), the rally will go forward. Hate will rule the day, and Jindal the useful tool will go forward with the blessings of all haters, until he too is found wanting and replaced by another figurehead for the enemies of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

So much for Jindal’s 2013 cry to “stop insulting the intelligence of voters.” Maybe his Demonic No-Go Zone can protect him from the memory of his own words – and his passing relevance – too.

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