Mitch McConnell Cut Off Keystone XL Debate So Republicans Can Meet With The Koch Brothers


mitch mcconnell ends debate on keystone xl

Outraged Senate Democrats are livid because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell abruptly cut off debate on the Keystone XL bill so that Republicans could attend a weekend conference with the Koch brothers.

Video of McConnell cutting off debate:


Politico reported:

Blindsided Democrats accused the Kentucky Republican of shutting down a Senate that he had promised to run in a more open way than their own leaders did. They also wondered aloud if Republicans were trying to wrap up all Keystone business to accommodate a conference scheduled for this weekend in Palm Springs, Calif., that’s affiliated with the billionaire conservatives Charles and David Koch.

“Senator McConnell’s rush to vote on amendments without providing time to read or debate them could have something to do with this Koch retreat tomorrow, which a number of Republican senators are reportedly attending…,” Adam Jentleson, spokesman for Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), said by email.

Jentleson and several other Democratic aides suggested that McConnell might have acted to let the Senate GOP’s trio of expected White House hopefuls, Marco Rubio of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky, make their way to the conference.

The open amendment filled Senate process that Mitch McConnell promised when he became Majority Leader evaporated as soon as the Koch brothers came calling. What McConnell doesn’t want to admit is that the Democratic strategy to turn Keystone XL into a real jobs/climate change bill was working. Senate Democrats were going to keep holding Republican feet to the fire, and they didn’t like it.

There is no way that McConnell was about let anything get in the way of the Republican Party’s real duty of serving the Koch brothers. When push came to shove, McConnell quickly went back on his word and shut down the so-called “open” process. McConnell behavior is evidence of the Republican-run Senate’s real priorities. Nothing is more important to Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans than the Koch brothers.

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  1. This speaks volumes to where republican loyalties lie, and they are not with America, or the American people.

  2. Its pretty clear whose being represented in America by the teapubics – the Koch Brothers! McConnell puts Koch jihadi meeting over Americas business. Impeach him or arrest him!

  3. Well, remember: the Fascist Kochs are a part of the people to whom the GOP truly listen: the greedy and Fascist wealthy and big corporate masters….

  4. Another Repub. “food fight” that the repugs started to lose control of. So because “mommy Koch” wants them home in time for dinner they picked up the ball and ran home.

    Welcome to the new Un-united States of KOCH and family.

  5. I could not have said it better. Scary times when a large portion of your congress is bought and paid for by the Koch Bros and their billionaire comrades. I thought that we voted for our congressmen based on what we felt they were truly elected to do when “serving the people of America”. The Koch and the Tea Party and their slaves are totally self serving instead.

  6. This is you get when you don’t nationalize elections and stand strong with the man who stood strong by you and that’s why they are dummycrats.

    Tip O’Neil may have said all politics are local but that was when you had 4 TV stations and a Fairness Doctrine when you just count lie.

    Like when we say we don’t feel sorry for Kansas for electing Brownnose well I don’t feel sorry for the stupid who didn’t vote and I don’t feel sorry for America. You want crooks and liars? Well bend over and enjoy it and no. there will be no Vaseline

  7. And you wonder why they haven’t done a report on the Alberta Tar sands
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I guess I would hide the evidence too

  8. Nothing is more important to Mitch than power and his so called legacy. He’ll tell you what he thinks you want to hear until he gets reelected, then all bets are off. Just ask the people of his hometown. He was worthless as our county judge and one of our embarrassments in the senate. Even his children don’t have anything to do with him.

  9. Those 3 will NEVER be President of the USA.

    Rubio can barely put a coherent sentence together.

    Just watch him during Senate hearings…he is a stammering fool.

  10. All of this will come back to haunt the Republicans in 2016. I still say that Democrats gave them the last election so that the Republicans would have to lay out their complete agenda and the American voters will then see who they really are. President Obama still has the veto power but Republicans will have been exposed for who they are and who they truly represent.

  11. What a joke this article and the comments are. Do you realize how ridiculous you all sound whining about an amendment process that Harry Reid virtually eliminated? There were more role call votes on amendments on this bill then there were on ALL BILLS in 2014. And you all are complaining because the Republicans are allowing the process to go on and on and on? Look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary.

  12. Amendments aside, Kentucky gave the country the head turd in the senate fish bowl, and his sidekick Randturd. The state of Kentucky needs to flush.

  13. And you wonder why nothing gets done in Congress. Now this is what you voted for. Obstruction of open debate, refusal to hear explanations of an amendment, and the Teathugligoon party, headed by the turtle from swamp land, made sure the debate was shut down, much like when he forced the shut down of government business over health care reform.

  14. And may your reward be herpes tainted jizz all over your face. remember once you get it there is no cure
    You stupid baggers make this too easy

  15. during the midterm campaigns, the GOP promised to focus on the middle class and make them a top priority. so, a few weeks into the new GOP congress, and this is a list of the first 7 bills that this new republican congress has just passed. 1st bill was gut social security. 2nd bill was to repeal obamacare. 3rd bill was to eliminate the EPA and roll back all environmental restrictions. the 4th bill the GOP passed was to eliminate dodd-frank and allow unlimited campaign contributions from the wealthy. the 5th bill was a bill approving the keystone pipeline. the 6th bill was to repeal Obama’s EO on immigration. the 7th bill was a ban all abortion, no matter what the reason, and a personhood amendment for the unborn fetus. WAKE UP AMERICA! this is the goddamn KOCH BROTHER AGENDA WISH LIST and if you cannot clearly see who the GOP is really working for, you are truly blind. No wonder Obama’s approval ratings are skyrocketing above 50% and the GOP numbers are plummeting. this is an outrage…

  16. Their TOP priority is to DESTROY the middle-class to please their KOCH masters.
    They love to suck that KOCH

  17. This is why Citizen’s United needs to be overturned. There is no way that the Congress of this country should be at the beck and call of ANY private citizen (or, in this case, a pair of private citizens).

  18. I wish I shared your optimism. The setup is pretty impenetrable under current circumstances. Loads of money to influence our dumber voters, progressives who’ve decided it’s somehow advantageous not to vote, a media wall that will convince the willing that day is night. I just hope you’re right and I’m wrong, but I’m through expecting justice or discernment from the American voter.

  19. They DO NOT have the Americans (We, the people) best interest in mind at all. Who does this actually benefit. Come on, people, think about it!

  20. Unfortunately, because people did not vote, we now have to bear the brunt of this mess, and watch the country further be thrown in the dump by the Koch congress.

  21. George, I thought the same thing in the 2014 election. The GOP shut down the government, denied UE to millions, etc. I figured okay, between those antics and attacking women’s rights, SURELY everyone including women would vote them out to the curb. It didn’t happen. People just didn’t vote, apathy maybe? watching Fox news maybe? or just plain more interested in reality TV than the state of affairs in our country. I don’t think it phases a lot of people, I really don’t.

  22. Right, foreign money..and who even knows who it comes from. Until Citizens United is overturned, there will never be any significant accomplishments for the middle class, period.

  23. Since the Koch’s are into higher education giving certain universities monies as long as they can decide who the university hires or not hire. I wonder how they go about deciding what universities to extort? What’s their formulary? Energy rich areas so the professors will give key ( expert) (bias) opinions on energy? Places subject to corruption in a area of a specific interest? I wonder…..

  24. Remember:

    Mitch McConnell recently said he would “repay the Kochs” for the money that got him re-elected, by passing Keystone XL pipeline!

  25. I guess they need to find out what their corporate overlords want them to do. Usual policy for the GOP

  26. Please change your name. I wouldn’t want anyone to make the mistake of thinking you and I are the same species, let alone related in any way. It is true that Harry Reid answered Tealiban obstruction in the House by holding up bills in the senate. Those bills, I may add,were more right wing welfare for the rich. The Kochsuckers that you support don’t give a crap about you, you’re just another moron whose vote they count on. You’ll gleefully shout racial slurs and repeat their lies, essentially licking their boots as they transfer our liberty to the large banks and corporations to control. You mindless racist pigs are becoming such a threat to America, that I could probably shoot you in one of the “stand your ground” states and get away with it.

  27. I thought that way too. In the end, the majority of the voting was going on in red states and Democrats don’t take midterms as seriously as they ought to.

  28. McConnell allowed more amendment votes on this bill than the Democrat controlled Senate allowed in all of 2014. Quit crying.

  29. Stop whining . . Oh, Reid is out and we can’t stand to see the Republicans actually do something. Reid is swimming in the brothel again, fools.

  30. Republicons will do everything in their power to steal the election in 2016.They are 2/3 into their olygarchy so they will do whatever it takes to get the last piece, the White House.

  31. as I was reading the posts, I almost stopped and did so my self on this subject. Then I scrolled down one more and behold, there was the same, as I was thinking…Thank you Bob. I feel exactly, the same. HOPE!

  32. Just like the republicans get a little power and do whatever they want i am so sick of our government. The rep are all for themselves and as much money as they can pocket. The hell with the American people we would be better off without any government take our country back from the idiots that are running it there are alot of people that think this way.


  33. Obama is going to veto this thing any way, so who cares about amendments?

    Besides, no amendment could make the XL be anything other than the disaster that it is.

  34. I can’t believe you’re so dumb you missed the point entirely. The amendments don’t matter – it’s cutting them off to get to a Koch brothers’ meeting. Get it NOW?

  35. John, At least the Koch brothers don’t pay for the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. and support of protesting around the country for the Liberal causes like the Communist George Soros!!

  36. If you stuff your cranium with pumpkin pie filling, you might at least come up with something more agreeable, as well as more intelligent.π!

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