Bill Maher Rips American Sniper As The Pro-War Propaganda Of Psychopathic Patriot Chris Kyle


bill maher chris kyle psychopathic patriot

Bill Maher ripped the lid off of the right’s martyrdom of Chris Kyle by calling Kyle a psychopathic patriot and suggesting that the film was pro-war propaganda.



Maher said:

Somehow their Twitter war broke out and now we have to take sides whether the American sniper is a real hero or not. Now, I said last week we had Kathryn Bigelow on had made Hurt Locker, and I said it kind of goes over a lot of the same territory. Hurt Locker made seventeen million because it was a little ambiguous and thoughtful, and this one is just American hero. He’s a psychopath patriot and we love him.

You know, I read some of the quotes from the real Chris Kyle. He said, “I hate the damn savages (talking about the Iraqis) and I’ve been fighting and I always will. I love killing bad guys. Even with the pain, I loved what I was doing. Maybe war isn’t very fun, but I certainly was enjoying it.” Um, I don’t Eisenhower once said, “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can.”

I just don’t see this guy in the same league as Eisenhower, I’m sorry. And if you’re a Christian, I know this is a Christian country. “I hate the damn savages. I don’t give a f**k what happens to them. It doesn’t seem like a Christian thing to say.

American Sniper is a right-wing propaganda film that implies that Iraq was responsible for 9/11. Chris Kyle is the perfect martyr for the right. Since he is dead, they have no worries about the real Kyle opening his mouth and destroying the pro-war mythology that they have created around him. Some on the left have happily jumped in given the right what they wanted by questioning Kyle’s heroism, but Kyle is just a symbol of a deeper deception.

The problems with American Sniper are much deeper than whether or not Kyle was a hero. The problem is that the film serves as a facts optional right-wing justification for the Iraq war. I agree with Zack Beauchamp that the film is a dishonest whitewash of the Iraq War. More people should be talking about the fact that Kyle was murdered by an Iraq war veteran who was suffering from PTSD.

The real story of the Iraq war isn’t a Clint Eastwood directed testosterone filled flag waving piece of propaganda. The true story is that veterans of the war that American Sniper glorifies are taking their own lives every day. How Chris Kyle died undermines the “killing bad guys” propaganda that he embraced in life.

Bill Maher was right. There is something psychopathic about a person who professes a love for killing, but there was something even more psychopathic about the Bush administration. It was the Bush White House who took advantage of the fears of the nation that they had a sworn oath to the lead by lying the populace into an unrelated war.

American Sniper is another attempt by the right to rewrite history and justify their failed war.

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  1. So a film by a right wing nut who talks to chairs celebrate a killer gets an academy award nomination but Pat Tillman who gave everything up and was murdered by his own troops gets swept aside to the dustbin of history and nobody celebrates his story? What a country

  2. With the help of the MSM the Almerican public never thinks about the evil we created with the invasion of Iraq.

  3. “I don’t give a fuck it’s your house”: American Sniper’s Failure

    The Rude Pundit pushed aside as many preconceived notions as he could when he watched American Sniper, the Clint Eastwood-directed, Oscar-nominated film about Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL who chalked up the most kills of any sniper in the military during the Iraq war. As you may know, the film has become a political battlefield between some on the left who see it as glorifying the Iraq engagement and those on the right who see it as a celebration of the innate good of the American soldier.

    And even while viewing it, the Rude Pundit thought the film had been treated unfairly by many of its critics. Sure, it offers few sympathetic Iraqis, but no one faulted Saving Private Ryan for not spending time with the nice Germans. As for the racist remarks by Bradley Cooper’s Kyle and the other soldiers, well, sorry, if you want polite talk about the ostensible enemy, you probably shouldn’t watch a war film. Also, Eastwood and writer Jason Hall weren’t really under an obligation to hew closely to Kyle’s story. It ain’t a documentary.

    So, really, truly, the Rude Pundit is coming at this from as open-minded a position as possible. (Does he have to list all his family members who are or were in the military?) And he thinks this:
    – See more at:

  4. “Our ROEs [Rules of Engagement] when the [Iraq War] kicked off were pretty simple: If you see anyone from about sixteen to sixty-five and they’re male, shoot ‘em. Kill every male you see. That wasn’t the official language, but that was the idea”…………..Chris Kyle.

  5. Its one thing to kill for your country, but its a whole other thing to take pride in it. Hes a murderer, no better than the isis guy with the knife. The idiots worship this scum.

  6. “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the mind of the masses.”
    Malcolm X

    “I’ve learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.
    The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
    Nelson R. Mandela

    “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
    Malcolm X

  7. I’m lost here, or did I see a different version of the film. The story of that film showed in gory detail the decisions that have to be made when bad guys are tying to kill you. Plain and simple. His motivation was to protect his country and the guy next to him, did anyone miss that?? It was a useless war, but if you are being shot at, you can’t discuss politics with the “savage” that is shooting at you.
    In Nam, we referred to the enemy as “gooks”, “zipper heads” and whatever it took to hate them they way they hated us, and that was also an unnecessary war.
    I saw a guy waring a uniform transform from a human being into a killing machine, and it turned my stomach because there are thousands of men AND women going through the same turmoil. That’s what I saw in that film!
    Even though poetic license may have been taken in the film, did anyone, ANYONE, catch his mention to his wife that no one at home in American cared about what the fuck was going on in Iraq…NO ONE!

  8. There was NO threat from Iraq, just as there was no threat from Nam. Bush and his goon squad cooked the books to start a war so Chaney and his maggots could make blood money off the dead bodies of American men and women in uniform.
    But you can’t talk politics when people are shooting at you. His brother had had it, and was ready to get out of that mess as quick as he could.
    Kyle may have said he loved war, but there is more than that going on there, there are his buddies, and his own head that is changing. Somewhere in that mess he had had it, but he couldn’t go back to “normal” because his head was still in Iraq, even at home. That’s what that movie was about, and that is what is still happening with our vets, and this country is doing NOTHING to help them adjust to home, and to top it off, criminals like Bush and Cheney are STILL walking around free. Now THAT’S a threat!! Those two goons still free!!

  9. Read the book, you’ll get a totally different take on the guy after you do. It is in no way like the movie except for the killing. Eastwood white washed the guy big time.

  10. Except that the Einsatzgruppen were *especially* supposed to kill women and children, so that the seed of the Untermenschen would never spring up again.

  11. War can change anyone. It changed me, and I knew we were in a losing war in Nam, a lot of us knew. What I can tell you about war is this, I don’t talk about it much, but I do remember the guys I served with, and the comradeship with the guys I served with.
    I will tell you this, I was in the “rear with the gear”, but I saw first hand what war does to people and that is what Kyle went through. Don’t care much about the book, I just know what it was like to ware the Uniform and I understand what is going on today in this country.
    This country didn’t sacrifice for the war in Iraq, except for the men and women that were in that disgusting mess, so the only pain suffered was by the people in Uniform. I think that is what the movie was about, the fact that a nasty, disgusting war was going on and no one here, especially our government gave rat’s patoot about the armed forces. Oh yeah, they all talked a good game, “Thanks for serving” but where were they when the bodies came home, W…

  12. Remember GWB made sure the public did NOT see all the flag draped coffins come home, like we saw nightly on the news in the 1965-1975, after we changed from Military advisors, to fighting.

    He did not want another Nam. So he changed the ceremony of our fallen soldiers come home for their last time.

  13. Well, now we have long-winded Leftists that are in a froth because this movie is so popular. I guess that might be a healthy diversion, considering that the Democrat Party just got, well, “snipered” in the last election. Have not seen the movie, but the free publicity that you all are giving it is great. The Left always talks about the angry right wing, but look at how you all fritter away your time.

  14. Are you on meth? This has to be the most idiotic thing today about this movie. You are a fuking idiot and please don’t waste my time with your stupid ass briefart projections

  15. Actually Pat Tillman is remembered here in Arizona with a very big annual “Pat’s Run” 4.2 mile run/walk. See
    for details.
    Of course, nationally he isn’t getting the recognition that this sniper is getting with a national theatrical release movie with six academy award nominations. This seems to be Eastwood ‘getting back’ at all the “Hollywood liberals.” Sheesh.

  16. Yogi29073, you are the only person who is posting sense to me. I saw the movie last night and I couldn’t disagree with what he was doing, but the fact remains, he should not be there doing what he did. It was a completely fabricated war and should not have happened, but if there’s going to be war there is going to be warriors and some of them take their jobs very seriously.

  17. Maher couldn’t have helped American Sniper more than if Warner Bros. had paid him.

    The box office receipts for the film speaks for itself.

  18. Anyone who liked either of Bush’s wars should consider getting psychological help.

    The United Nations told us that Iraq had NO weapons of mass destruction. Cheney and Bush decided to argue against that because Bush WANTED a war.

    Well, neither Iraq nor Afghanistan (a country that the Soviets could not even win a war with) instead of going after the country that DID attack us: The Saudis…the people who the Bush family loves to this day.

    As for the movie, I’d not spend a cent to go see it but then again it’s not my kind of movie, very few are.

    The craziness of the whole thing is that the stupid bastard handed his weapon to a guy with mental problems and turned his back on him.

    When are we going to stop worshiping killers? When are we going to honor the people who are trying to help us get peaceful before we blow ourselves up?

  19. The real problem is that old men tell young people to go fight a war whether it makes sense or not.
    I’m a veteran of the cold war. As a woman I had no obligation except to my country for all it used to offer. I served from ’58 to ’64 with a combat support squadron but back then if a woman got preggers, that was it, out you went.
    We got into ‘Nam because of Eisenhower’s promise to France, that’s history.
    Both Iraq and Afghanistan were Bush/Cheney’s cowardly reactions to 9/11. The freaking Saudis and Palestinians were the guilty actors.
    At least President Obama is not going to war over Russia.
    What makes me cross-eyed pissed off is that the Arabs attacked Israel and they were not supposed to protect themselves. Unfortunately many civilians were killed. SO FREAKING WHAT???????????? How many TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IRAQIS AND AFGHANIS DID WE DESTROY? Civilians were murdered and nobody said a damned thing. ISIS is murdering hundreds of thousands and still Israel is the bad peo…

  20. For years they use the same tired line”fight them there,so we don’t have to fight them here”. Kyle probably had to adapt the mindset what he was doing was right because he probably live with his conscience otherwise. I have family members who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and want nothing to with with firearms now. They admit Iraq was contrived by the Bush administration but what could they do about it. They did the noble thing but our leaders tricked and used them. While these women and men suffered ,our great chicken Hawks sat safely ensconced in their false glory. They still push it. The people who glorify war are those who are either mentally ill or think they are more because of it,others who do not serve and glorify it are mindless creatures who think they are super patriotic. War is not filled with glory and honor. People on both sides die and suffer. The only ones who profit are the industry Titans and politicians. Let them fight or shut up.

  21. I will not be watching this film, for one major reason ( not considering the alleged falsehoods in the book being addressed by lawsuit). But I did want to comment on what you said about soldiers who serve in a combat zone.
    You are entirely correct. It changes people. It traumatizes them and they do not spring back to normal when they come home. My father did not, not did my cousin, who volunteered for two tours in Vietnam. War is not hell, it is something far worse, and to send young people into it for no better reason but the profit of greedy men, is detestable.
    That one major reason? The LAST thing I want to watch even as a fictionalized version, is the sort of horror that made my dad break down inside his head, and my cousin only functional in the everyday world. I have already seen that.
    By the by, my father did not appreciate being called a “hero”. “We weren’t “heroes” he said. “We were just a bunch of guys trying to do our jobs because someone had to. That’s all…

  22. It’s obvious to anyone who has kept up in the news, listened to Chris Kyle and read his book that the real Chris Kyle was NOT a hero, and he was NOT to be admired, and he did NOT live Christian values. At best he was a deluded jerk and a proven liar; at worst he was a serial killer. He was successfully sued for defamation in court. He claimed to have murdered dozens of looters from a rooftop during Hurricane Katrina. American citizens. So either he’s LYING, or he’s a SERIAL KILLER. One or the other. Neither is “heroic”, and the people flocking to see the movie are lying to themselves about the true nature of this man, and seem to be trying to whitewash the horrors of our invasion of Iraq so they can feel better about that wholly embarrassing and unnecessary war.

  23. America has entered an era of anti-intellectuality in media and politics, particularly on the mainstream “Left.”

    How can killing terrorists be “Racist?” Kyle killed animals trying to kill
    Americans. Moreover, American Sniper shows many Iraqis working closely with Americans to fight terrorism. Iraqis helped U.S. Soldiers and, yes, Iraqis saved U.S. lives. The movie shows this.

    And what does Racism mean? “Iraqi” is not Race, it is a nationality. Nor
    is “Muslim a Race, it is a religion. Of course, most scientists agree
    there is no such thing as “Race.” Genetics are always in a state of change. Yet, Leftists keep talking about Race and Racism without allowing a discussion of what the terms
    really means.
    It is laughable when Eric Holder says, we are a “nation
    of cowards” when it comes to race. He is correct, if he is speaking of
    himself and Leftists. They will not discuss the real reasons “Black” men
    have a higher crime rate and imprisonment. They will not discuss…

  24. What disgraceful, paltry opportunism of Bill Maher. That’s all I see. Making his point it seems,that there is some sort of conflict of interest or contradiction in, Kyle, saying Iraqis are savages & he hates them, while from a Christian point of view/& country U.S,May says, it’s not a Christian thing to feel. “Don’t kill the Messenger”, Mr.Maher!! I can understand Chris Kyle’s dilemma! Maher’s ambush-touche-defence is obviously, Christ quotes eg. “Love Thine Enemy”, “Hit My left Cheek, hit my right”. So, logically, it’s “Jesus Christ” Vs “Blind Freddy”, regards which, in the precincts of war. I wonder which Mr. Maher would choose in the same circumstances?.Why be a christian martyre dead in the ground? This gives the Aggressor your blessing to proliferate? Hello ‘cuckoo land’?? No thankyou.

  25. Try tightening up your writing style. It probably went to spam by accident, but it’s hardcto parse.

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