Obama Hits The Koch Congress Where It Hurts By Proposing More Drilling Restrictions On ANWR

obama preserve anwr

President Obama stayed five steps ahead of the Republican controlled Congress by announcing his administration’s plan to protect more of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge from drilling.


The president said:

Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge is an incredible place. Pristine, undisturbed, it supports caribou and polar bears, all matter of marine life, countless species of birds and fish, and for centuries it’s supported many Alaska native communities, but it’s very fragile. That’s why that my Department of Interior has put forth a comprehensive plan to make sure that we’re protecting the refuge and that we’re designating new areas, including coastal plains for preservation. And I’m going to be calling on Congress to make sure that they take it one step further. Designating it as a wilderness, so that we can make sure that this amazing wonder is preserved for future generations.

The Department of Interior is proposing a plan that would reccomend that, “12.28 million acres – including the Coastal Plain – for designation as wilderness. The Service also recommends four rivers – the Atigun, Hulahula, Kongakut, and Marsh Fork Canning – for inclusion into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Currently, over 7 million acres of the refuge are managed as wilderness, consistent with the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980. However, more than 60 percent of the refuge – including the Coastal Plain – does not carry that designation. Designation as wilderness would protect and preserve the refuge, ensuring the land and water would remain unimpaired for use and enjoyment by future generations. Only Congress has the authority to designate Wilderness areas and Wild and Scenic Rivers.”

The Republican chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska vowed to fight the new plan, “What’s coming is a stunning attack on our sovereignty and our ability to develop a strong economy that allows us, our children and our grandchildren to thrive. It’s clear this administration does not care about us, and sees us as nothing but a territory. The promises made to us at statehood, and since then, mean absolutely nothing to them. I cannot understand why this administration is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not Alaska. But we will not be run over like this. We will fight back with every resource at our disposal.”

As the Koch Republican run Congress is trying to pass Keystone XL, President Obama took another pro-environment step against the GOP agenda. Republicans have been trying to open up ANWR to more drilling since 1977. Before the latest flare-up of the issue, former President George W. Bush tried to get Congress to reverse the ban on offshore drilling.

While the president continues trying to move the country forward towards a sensible and self-sustaining energy policy, Republicans continue to do Big Oil’s bidding. The Alaska economy is dependent on drilling, so their opposition to the president’s conservation plan is understandable, but Obama was sending a message to the American people. The president is laying out an agenda for the Democratic Party that paints a clear contrast with what the Republicans are offering.

While Republicans are bogged down on Keystone XL, President Obama has already moved five steps ahead.

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  1. Well, it won’t be this Congress that approves it. But, it will make the GOP go on record proving that, as always, they will choose profit over people. This is being done for Hillary and the Democrat controlled Senate that will take office in 2016. It will also send the message that any attempt to open these lands for destruction will be vetoed, and of course the added benefit that it will make the Koch’s madder than hell. All good.

  2. My president is taking the TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republicans to the outhouse for their weekly spanking – Way to go President Obama!

  3. No lisa you have no sovereignty. You are part of the United States. Now if you want to secede please proceed but just remember you welfare queens depend on the rest of us for your snowmobiles.

    Myself I wish you would, ungrateful bastards

  4. Alaska sits very close to the “ring of fire” and has abundant geothermal energy prospects. Of course, this would require thinking and actions inconsistent with the holy grail of continued hydrocarbon production. Alaskans need a leader capable of looking past the end of their nose. Yup, keep drilling, but drill for hot water, not more oil.

  5. It is sad state of affairs that President Obama could not actually support the policies that 80% of Americans support, until he was a Lame Duck.

    This just shows that factional, American politics are inherently anti-democratic and beholden to “special interests.”

  6. Barry? Whose Barry? If you are referring to the President of the United States of America, it’s President Obama….not Mr. Obama as the corporate media says sometimes and certainly not Barry.

  7. We are not destroying this natural resource. We are preserving it for future generations which might be more civilized than the current one….

  8. Sensible and self-sustaining energy, of course meaning “green-energy”. Which in theory sounds fine and dandy. Sadly though it is not stable or efficient enough to sustain our country. And while I do support green energy projects this administration has had a pretty bad track record of backing companies that get the money and decide to go bankrupt.

  9. Yes speaking of welfare queens, do you know what party historically uses the most in food assistance? That’s right! the Democrats. Pew research shows that 22% of Americans that have ever been on food stamps are your beloved Democrats. Compared to only 10% Republican and 17% independent.
    “You welfare queens depend on the rest of us for your snowmobiles.”? This is a funny statement. Considering that it is more likely those terrible Koch brothers are spending more on the welfare queens in a year than we ever will in our life.

  10. Where do you get the idea most Americans want the land violated for unnecessary drilling? What information do you have that you are not sharing with us? What makes you the “brain”?

  11. NOT TRUE, Tim…..
    China came in and under cut the price of solar panels on a project so a at home investment could not compete with off shore pricing! Our President was investing at home which I applaud. He learned a lot from that deal!

  12. Yes I agree with the idea that China came in and cut the price of solar panels, but solar panels were only one of the many areas the administration failed at. Solyndra is the highest profile but Geothermal, hydroelectric, wind and car companies that were backed also failed.
    Honestly, I would have loved for this plan to work, but 154 billion in green research, and I have tried hard finding a company that has been successful, but can’t.
    So far the only things his energy policies have been successful at are people losing jobs and raising power prices all across the country.

  13. Solyndra did nt fail
    Remember Solyndra? Those loans are making money

    Detroit automakers are (finally!) making profits

    Fact Check: Wind power is a cost-effective way to reduce emissions

    Do you just make things up or just ignore the facts?

  14. Our resident RWer again showing his ignorance of the facts.

    Really, tim, you should stop watching Fox “News” Channel and stop listening to overpaid, corporate-bought-and-beholden blowhards on A.M. radio. It’s their job to keep you ignorant of the facts, and they get paid very well to do it.

  15. ???


    My word, timmie, but you really are st–I mean, “woefully uninformed”.

    That paltry couple of hundred dollars a month on food assistance for American children because of Republican policies that seek to starve the poor and working poor in this country, is NOTHING compared to the BILLIONS in tax loopholes, grants, and government contracts (which, for the exceptionally slow among us, is all funded by taxpayer money) under Duhbya Bush that the Koch Bros have happily taken and continue to take from the Federal gov’t, you ninny.

  16. Not faith, Sally. Georgraphy. Republicans will be defending 23 seats while Democrats will have to defend 1. Read that again, ONE SEAT.

    Couple that to the fact that in presidential elections, 65-68% of the electorate will be out in force to vote, unlike last midterm election that only had 35% of Americans voting (mostly Republicans).

    The White House will remain, and the Senate will return, into the able hands of Democrats.

    Sorry to burst your RW bubble…um, well, not really.

  17. Yes Solyndra, that article if you read it completely points to a Bloomburg report stating that companies will bring in 5-6 Billion dollars over the next 20 years, yeah!! yet so far we have spent over 6 times that amount, with 15 billion a year in spending, of course your math is different than mine, but thats another topic.

    Detroit automakers are not in the market of green energy. Think more like Fisker, now owned by a China company after they went bankrupt. Yes Tesla is one of the few green automakers to become a winner and I do love the Tesla Company for their innovations.

    Wind power is cost effective, of course it is. Does the wind blow enough to operate a wind turbine all the time efficiently? Not really. Their efficiency for full power production is only about 30% throughout a year.

    Do I think we are progressing to a better alternative energy source, I hope so. It is still a long way down the road though.

  18. a very good argumentum ad hominem, yet to try and attack me without providing any kind of proof to the contrary is quite dismissive.

  19. Wasn’t “attacking” you, timmie. Was stating fact based on your many uninformed posts.

    Djchefron has given you links to crush your RW-rhetoric, but you choose to ignore them and come up with more strawmen arguments to pontificate about. So it’s clear you’re not interested in facts.

    And although it’s in your RW-nature to be dismissive of anything not fed to you by Fox “News” Channel, my criticism is on point and validated…again and again and again…and I have no desire to educate the willfully ignorant who can educate themselves if they weren’t so lazy and did a little googling.

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