Sarah Palin Knows How to Beat Hillary – Accuse Her of a Bunch of Stuff!


Sarah Palin turned the Iowa Freedom Summit into her personal whine fest Saturday as she complained about being abandoned by her party while she was crucified by the media over her dog.

They’re howling through the press, you know, ‘cruelty to animals, Sarah Palin. Which surprised me considering what it does that Joni does to those poor defenseless really great tasting Iowa hogs. Yeah, not to mention what the president admitted to doing to those innocent Indonesian puppies.

Nothing like a little ethnocentrism from an ethnic nationalist: eating dog meat is a cultural thing, Sarah, among non-Muslims in countries like Indonesia, Korea, China, and elsewhere (hint: this proves Obama is not a Muslim).

Standing on dogs is not.

She lamented that “the media crucified us, but we’re getting used to that.”

And we are getting used to your self-victimization, Sarah, don’t worry. We’ll always be here for you.

But hey, Palin says she knows how to beat Hillary! Accuse her of a bunch of stuff!

Knowing what the media will do throughout 2016 to all of us, it’s going to take more than a village to beat Hillary…We the people, we realize that this is war, as I say, it is war for the solvency, the sovereignty of the United States of America. And we don’t sit on our thumbs this next time when one of our own is being crucified and falsely accused of whatever the hip activation of the day happens to be, right? Racism, sexism, whatever. Really, it’s kind of Orwellian observing how that works, that rule of Saul Alinsky’s I suppose, that the left employs. Disgusting charges from the left. You know, reverse them. It is they who point a finger who don’t realize they have triple that number of fingers pointing right back at them, revealing that they are the ones who really discriminate and divide.

Oh boy. Her inability to do the math aside…We know Palin hasn’t entirely given up the dream of holding office and you can hear that in her words about 2016. Where were her defenders, she is asking.

The fact is, of course, the media is overly soft on Palin. They handle her with kid gloves, and always have. Heck, the Today Show even now, at the low point of her career, let Palin get away with blaming animal cruelty on President Obama of all people. If she got half the criticism she deserved, she’d go into hiding and never come out.

Hilariously, she claimed that liberals are the ones who “shackle women to the good old boys running Washington.” Has she seen who controls the House and Senate? Has she noticed that out of 41 committee chairs, 41 of them went to white people – only three of them – three out of 41, to women?

Has she noticed our president is black? Hardly an example of a “good old boy.”

Palin apparently doesn’t know what “good old boys” means. The GOP has nothing like Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi. Sarah Palin is nothing like Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi.

And you have to wonder where Palin has been these past couple of years while her party does everything in its power to demonize Hillary Clinton, blaming her for Benghazi. Calling her too old. Pretty much every insult that can be made has been made, every name that can be called has been called.

And still Hillary crushes all resistance like a Borg cube. Resistance is futile. Palin is right to fear her. But wrong to think she can insult her into defeat.

Once again, Republicans don’t realize that they are their own worst enemies. Supporting an agenda that hurts more Americans than it helps is no way to get votes. Attacking women, attacking blacks, attacking Latinos, attacking gays and lesbians, attacking atheists and humanists, is no way to attract votes.

And the Iowa Republicans in the audience, laughing with and clapping for Sarah Palin, haven’t figured out why they won’t be the ones choosing the next president of the United States.

64 Replies to “Sarah Palin Knows How to Beat Hillary – Accuse Her of a Bunch of Stuff!”

  1. Poor Sarah… Nobody likes her, Everybody hates her. The American people need to show her the respect she is due.

    Just kidding! We already show her MORE respect than she is due.[wink]

  2. I know people want her to shut up – but I do find her great entertainment value- however, what scares me most are the high numbers of people who think she is smart.

  3. Reading a Sarah Palin quote is almost like reading a Mad Lib…except, of course, Mad Libs make more sense [WINK]

  4. Here’s some fun words about Sarah Palin.

    Charles Pierce on Sarah Palin at CPAC 2014:

    “This ambulatory bag of rank resentment pulled out all the tricks. She is the living representation of the infantilization of American politics, a poisonous Grimm Sister telling toxic fairy tales to audiences drunk on fear, and hate and nonsense. She respects no standards but her own.. She is in perpetual tantrum, railing against her betters, which is practically everyone, and volunteering for the job of avatar to the country’s reckless vandal of a political Id. It was the address of a malignant child delivered to an audience of malignant children. If you applauded, you’re an idiot and I feel sorry for you.”

  5. The problem with accusations is that they are just that: You’re accusing them of something and they have a chance to rebut the accusation.

    With Palin, there are no accusations. Everyone knows she’s a quitter. Everyone knows that she wants all around her to bow down to her every will or else she’ll attack you (Look at MSNBC… I forgot the name of the journalist that got forced out because Palin was being a whiny bitch after she got called out). Everyone knows that she can see Russia from where she lives even though she probably can only see moose.

    Fact of the matter: Why can’t she just go away? Please… go back to Alaska and stay there!

  6. The Palin funds must be running low. Whenever the Queen of Grift needs an infusion of cash, she starts “thinking” about running again. PAC money begins to flow in and the rubes are talking up the possibility of an idiots’ Paradise. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another book released by the Wasilla whackjob in the next few months.

  7. Sarah gets away with her blatant stupidity because of her looks. Let’s face facts: she is an intellectual lightweight but because she’s very pretty she can get away with her constant whiny stupidity.

  8. Dustin, that was Martin Bashir who had to resign. All I can say is “Thank God she is on THEIR side” the democratic voters would have dispensed with anyone with so little gravitas long ago. Palin is nothing but a side show these days. I agree Pac donations must be drying up. That explains why Huckerbee and Gingrich are back, soliciting money, selling books. They could not handle the job that President Obama won – TWICE.

  9. WHAT! no down votes yet? Oh that’s right, all the Palinbots are still in church or recovering from Saturday night’s drunken brawl (probably both).

    Expect down votes to commence in 5… 4… 3…[wink]

  10. Palin’s brother, Chuckles Jr. is on three different websites, soliciting donations for a coffee table book he wants to publish. He needs a very expensive camera to take photos of Alaska, because NOBODY has done THAT before!!He only needs another $27,000 to reach his goal. He divorced his first wife after getting a young co-worker pregnant at the school he worked at. He lost his job, gained a wife, and now grifts just like his sister. He got on the gravy train too late I’m afraid, it is pulling into the station.

  11. Yeah, there were those photos of her leaving a yoga class. She looked rough! That was also after the drunken family brawl in Anchorage. But what was really funNY she actually staged some photos in her driveway with her hair combed and smiling! What a narcissistic piece of crap!

  12. Where can I find such a picture? I’d love to see it however I like the earlier comment about her being the “whore from babble on”.

  13. That’s it! Later she posted photos of herself in her driveway smiling and with her hair fixed and her glasses on. It was so phony but pure Sarah. She has to control her image.

  14. She’s definitely got the “Oh, Shit! somebody catch that photographer and get that picture” look on her face.

  15. “It is they who point a finger who don’t realize they have triple that number of fingers pointing right back at them, revealing that they are the ones who really discriminate and divide.” Right, young grasshopper.

  16. Sounds right on par with her drunk underage pregnant children. Three kids unmarried and pregnant, great job Mom. Maybe if you didnt quit being a parent like you quit everything else, your kids would be college graduates, and actually make a contribution to society. You, Mrs Palin are no Hillary. Put your ego away and go raise the kids you put on this Earth.

  17. She has absolutely no intention of running, now or ever again. Remember the “Bus Tour” a couple of years ago? She just needs to stay relevant to the perpetually enraged miscreants that keep her funded. Cruz, Trump and Carson are doing the same thing. It’s all about raising some cash for QuitterPAC (or whatever it’s called) and then making a few $5,000 donations while paying yourself and family enormous “consulting” or “travel” fees. A straight up scam. SarahPAC only paid out something like 5% of it’s assets for contributions in the last cycle. Being an asshole pays well when your audience is dumber than a bag of rocks.

  18. Dru — You have to remember that the average IQ is 100, so yes, there are lots of folks below the average who think the Snowgrifter is pretty special…..

  19. I guess Sarah Palin doesn’t like to use the Teleprompter – it probably would help her – then she could read what she is saying before she actually inserts a size 11 foot into mouth.

    You’d think with her word salad reputation, she’d have at least one person review her work before opening her mouth. I’m sure she doesn’t use a teleprompter and is probably proud of that fact. I think she needs to rethink … everything.

  20. No she does uses a teleprompter. The Problem was when it went down the big dummy didn’t know what to say

  21. It’s not like she can plead ignorance of the foreseeable outcome any more, either.

    (I first discovered this site when I followed a link from another blog’s article on the Gabby Giffords shooting)

  22. It’s Conservative Men who are mesmerized by Palin, they wish their wives looked/acted spunky like her.

  23. Thanks there, Scarsdale. I know the scandal was some time ago, so the name kinda got lost in the sands of time.

  24. As usual, the TP/GOP solution to anything is to either trash the opposition,kill them with lies and to confuse the voter. They have yet to get involved in anything of substance that would help the electorate. These “worshipers at the altar of greed” are interested only in power over everything and everyone and money in their pockets as the sole reasons for every election!

    Oh yes, they love to hear the sound of their voices!

  25. Lizz: Hate to disagree with you but, Pretty is not what I’d call Palin. way too hate full for that.
    she at one time was what I’D CALL man bate, now however, she looks more like a scaggy bag of bones filled with envy, anger and very jealous of anyone who has respect. screaming all the time LOOK AT ME!!

  26. She does have teleprompters available (I think I saw two of them this last weekend) but Sarah doesn’t believe she needs them. Too much of a ‘rogue’ [WINK] you know.

    I managed about 15 seconds of one of the videos and that was it for me. It’s been 6 1/2 years since McCain’s people tried to put lipstick on her, and she’s getting worse instead of better.

  27. if media outlets (including yourself) would stop printing every little whine and grind she makes she would shut up and go home. PLEASE no more about this bubble headed bigot

  28. “Whore of babble on.”

    I’m not a “tweeter,” but shouldn’t someone start one of those hashtags for that?

  29. No way LinB! Aside from the sheer entertainment, watching this pig w/lipstick perform just exposes how incredibly stupid her side is!

  30. Blizzard Blogging: Sarah Palin Had to Be Totally High As the Rude Pundit awaits the Snowpocalyptic Blizzkrieg (aka “Weather Channel Orgasm”), he figures this is the best time to approach some low-hanging fruit and just slap it right off the tree. Thankfully, such an easy target appeared like a bottle-brunette beacon when Sarah Palin spoke this past weekend at stupidly-named Iowa Freedom Summit. That sounds like an event where you get liberated from wheat or something, but it’s actually a day of speeches by conservatives who want to suckle some teabags and get a blessing from nutzoid immigrant hater Rep. Steve King. Every 2016 loser from Donald Trump to Chris Christie gave a speech to the slavering white hordes who beg to be told their hatred and ignorance are virtues. – See more at:

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