Jon Stewart On Sarah Palin: She “Doesn’t Believe In Your Liberal Elitist Grammar And Syntax”

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During Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart skewered former GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s incoherent speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit. The current reality show star was one of many wannabe Republican Presidential candidates who showed up at Tea Party Congressman Steve King’s event over the weekend to appeal to GOP voters ahead of the 2016 GOP primary. While Stewart took aim at a number of the politicians who showed up to pander to the Iowa crowd, he saved the best for last when it came to Palin.

Prior to shredding Palin’s performance, Stewart highlighted some of the other speeches. Regarding Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), he noticed how much he resembled The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders in his vocal delivery. A clip was aired of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee making a horrific analogy between pig killing and making laws. Of course, Stewart had to comment on Donald Trump, who showed up at the conference to pretend he was serious about running for president.

After ridiculing Trump, Stewart pointed out that there was one candidate that was even less electable and more entertaining that The Donald. We then were ‘treated’ to excerpts of Palin’s hilariously rambling speech. After one clip, Stewart criticized Palin for not wanting to get “into the details” during a stump speech, and then said it was at that point “her subjects stopped talking to her verbs.” Another clip was aired, accompanied by audience laughter and followed up with Stewart exclaiming that Palin “wasn’t just regular person incoherent, she was Palin incoherent.”

Stewart got a few more jabs at the former half-term Alaskan Governor, saying he now knows what it’s like “to be cornered by Palin at an open bar wedding” and that is the kind of talk you hear before the pharmacist throws someone out of a Walgreens. Stewart tossed on another clip of Palin saying “we be bold.” In response, The Daily Show host said, “Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in your liberal elitist ‘grammar’ and ‘syntax’–she be bold. She no play by your ribbles — that’s what she calls rules.”

Eventually, Stewart pointed out that Palin isn’t attempting to run for President. No. Instead, she is trying to sell America a Lincoln, comparing her “folksy idioms” to the infamous Matthew McConaughey commercials. Stewart then played a mock commercial of Palin in a Lincoln making a rambling, unintelligible statement.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central:


17 Replies to “Jon Stewart On Sarah Palin: She “Doesn’t Believe In Your Liberal Elitist Grammar And Syntax””

  1. Well, yeah…Palin, Cruz, Huckabee, Trump, all the same. It’s a scam. Trump doesn’t need the money, but he’s a narcissist and enjoys being an a**hole. The others are just smart enough to know they have no chance of being elected, and clever enough to understand that their base is stupid enough to send money at the drop of a “Benghazi.” I really can’t think of a Right Wing candidate or media outlet that isn’t a scam. I say that because, without exception, they are defending the indefensible. Conservatives have no policy save protecting the wealth of the already wealthy. None. If you’re good with that, then the WSJ or George Will accurately speaks for you. If you’re not good with that, then it doesn’t matter if you listen to Krauthamer or Steve Barton, you’re being scammed. You’re being sold a lie. So these “candidates” form a PAC, scream about the Outrage Du Jour, and make bank. Simple. It’s really that simple, it’s why they’re there.

  2. Even I was embarrassed for $carah, that was so pitiful. I just had to link that speech to one of our former customers who DEMANDS!!! that Scarah has twice Obama’s IQ and is more well read. He called and it was hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing,of course since he is a gun nut he threatened to shoot me sometime in the future…yeah right Sparky. I hope the GOP keeps her in the spotlight.

  3. I am so tired of this woman, but she does provide some entertainment value for the Democrats. The gall she has skewering our President at every opportunity, who is intelligent and articulate, when she can barely string together a coherent sentence! The most worrisome thing, though, is she still has legions of followers who actually gave her a standing ovation at the Iowa Summit. But that’s more an indictment on the i.q. level of her “fans” than on her ability as an orator for the Republican party.

  4. Thought I spotted her in one of those videos from Van Nuys, CA “Slobovian Milf’s Whitehouse Blowout”.

  5. Palin may have lost her borderline fans with that speech, but she did solidify her base even more. They are also vilified by the “lamestream media” every time there is a gun fail by some ammosexual. They, too, are looked down on by the “intelexshuls who hate ‘Murica”. Palin’s fans live in a world where everything is set against them and Sarah, incoherent or not, always positions herself as the female messiah who will turn the tables and allow the inbred idiots to rule.

  6. What $carah babbled was perfectly coherent to a very sad amount of people. The very people who think that the Dep.of Education should be abolished.

  7. When they change the name from Freedom Summit to Dunning-Kruger Clone Convention, they will have done one thing right.

  8. The real problem here isn’t Sarah Palin. She isn’t going to be president, so there’s no problem.

    No, the real problem is John Stewart gets all the laughs and then I can’t write funny lines on the blog. What can I possibly write about Sarah “of the North” Palin which would make someone laugh more than what she herself or Stewart has said?

    It just isn’t fair.

  9. I think I have watched this vid at least 6 x and it cracks me up every time!

    Especially the Lincoln thingy…. Since I drive one.

  10. As of my writing this comment there is one “no way” vote for each of the 14 comments. While obviously entitled to an opinion, my message to that person is…Wake up!!! If not for your sake, then do it for your family. You’re being used, duped, taken advantage of, and quite frankly, screwed by the very people you vote for and listen to.

    And then you know what those same people do? They laugh at you all the way to their tax havens in the Caymans.

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