Mitch McConnell Begs Senate Democrats To Stop Filibustering Keystone XL


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell responded to Democrats successfully filibustering the Keystone XL bill by practically begging Democrats to allow the bill to move forward.

In remarks on the Senate floor today, McConnell responded to the successful Democratic filibuster:

The Keystone jobs bill is a bipartisan infrastructure project the American people deserve.

So the vote last night to filibuster was disappointing.

The Keystone jobs bill has been considered and reported out by the Energy Committee…

It’s been subject to weeks of open debate.

Senators on both sides have been able to offer and vote on amendments — two dozen and counting.

Our Democratic friends have had more amendments considered on this bill than Republicans — more amendments than all of last year combined.

And just a few days ago, we offered our friends the opportunity to have even more of their amendments voted on. Unfortunately, Democrats rejected that offer.

I’m asking them to reconsider.

Join us. Work with the bill managers, Senators Murkowski and Cantwell, to get your amendments processed. And let’s make progress for the American people.

What McConnell left out of his woe is me remarks was why Democrats are so angry. Mitch McConnell tried to go back on his word with an attempt to abruptly end debate on the Keystone XL. Sen. McConnell has been trying to strong-arm the DOA pipeline bill through the Senate. Senate Democratic Whip Sen. Dick Durban explained why Democrats are angry, “The authors of the amendment were denied 60 seconds to even explain their amendments. It didn’t leave a very good taste in the mouth of many Democrats, not even those who were supporting the Keystone Canadian pipeline.”

The obstructor has become the obstructed. The fast start that McConnell promised during the 2014 campaign has evaporated as he has been pinned down by Senate Democrats on one end and President Obama on the other. The Keystone XL debate is about more than a certain to vetoed pipeline authorization bill. The deeper meaning of the debate is that Democrats are showing that they won’t be pushed around while for Republicans Keystone XL was supposed to be a symbol of their newly won power.

As the weeks go by, the Keystone XL debate has morphed into a sign that Republicans still can’t govern as they are wasting weeks on legislation that will never become law. The argument that Democrats have become the obstructionists holding back progress won’t play well in a 2016 Senate election landscape that is tilted towards Democrats. McConnell’s comments are increasing sounding like blame shifting and are the biggest sign yet that Democrats are winning the legislative struggle over Keystone XL.

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  1. Poor Mitch. he thought he was going to be King after November. Instead, he’s little more than a court Jestor, and Boehner is even worse. “Friends?” Mr. McConnell? You have never wanted to be even acquaintances with the Democrats. Welcome to the quagmire you have created. And don’t look for anyone throwing you a rope either…you can just sink in the tar sludge.

  2. Things are sure different when the shoe is on the other foot, aren’t they Mitch? Your entire party is reaping what they have sown ever since President Obama was elected. Quit your bellyaching.

  3. hey mitchy pay back is bitch .. mitchy fillbusted for 6 years and expect the tables not to be turned .. what blanky dumbass

  4. This bill never had a chance of becoming law. Even with a few corporateDems siding with him, Republicans don’t have the 67 votes to override President Obama’s veto – and the president, who had be obstructed from day ONE, will veto it.

    Mitchy knew, that had it passed with Democrats siding with him, Democrats will be hit hard in 2016, minimizing the chances of Democrats taking back the Senate while jeopardizing our chances of keeping the White House.

    That’s what this is all about, people. Elections and power. Mitch McConnell is nothing if not a politically savvy politician. Can’t govern for s*** but he knows how to play the electoral game.

    Good on the Dems that they’ve successfully filibustered this insane pipeline bill. To Hades with that Keystone XL bill. What we need are JOBS, Mitch, so when again will you tell Boehner to bring President Obama’s jobs bill to the floor for an up or down vote?

    That’s what the American people want. JOBS.

  5. I seem to recall Senate Rethugliklans Blocking a Veterans Jobs Bill and The Veterans suicide prevention bill. “Revenge is a dish best served Cold”

  6. Your pathetic tea bag/repub team fillibustered for the last 6 years.

    Remember the $25 BILLION Raphael fillibustered away when he shut down the government? Are you that senile?

  7. Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo! Boo-Hoo!
    I’m glad they filibustered this bill! The GOP can dish it, but can’t take it! He can boo-hoo all he wants, Obama already said he would veto it! Next!

  8. But you don’t understand, Mitch McTurtle and John Boehner took a lot of money to make this go through. Ha – I love it and hope the dems take revenge on these slimeballs.

  9. Sent by Obama, approved by the House — rejected by the Republican Senate.

    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act
    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act

    The GOP rejects and tries to continuously kill the following Veterans bills:…/republicans-object-to……/veterans-jobs…/……/budget-cuts-may-hit…/

    March, 29, 2014, Senators’, McConnell, McCain, Burr, and Flake voted against emergency funding for VA Hospitals.

    Oklahoma Senator, Tom Coburn stated that building new VA facili…

  10. The Republicans are officially owned by Koch Industries now so any questions regarding GOP voting should be sent to corporate. Thank you.

  11. Hey Joe Manchin I see you want the pipeline. Have you been seeing what is happening your state?
    Pipeline explodes in West Virginia

    Another day, another gas pipeline bursts—this time in West Virginia, about an hour away from Pittburgh and near the Ohio River.

    A number of residents have said they saw what appeared to be a large fireball burning in the sky.
    Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson said the explosion is near the former riding stables on Archer Hill Road in Colliers, WV. Jackson said no injuries have been reported and no structural damage has occurred, but several area roads have been closed because of burning gas.

  12. I’d like to see the money men take revenge on these takers..( for not getting what they paid for) Revenge that would finish the turtle and bonehead off, maybe take a few more too.

  13. It was posted yesterday that the Koch Brothers hold the major leases and would be the primary beneficiary of pipeline approval. I guess McTurtle and the other Koch suckers have their panties in a wad. Payback is a bitch.

  14. I can see it now…

    “Stop it! Stop blocking my bill!! This bill is for the greater good of my good friends, the Kochs… I mean, the good of the American people”

    Yeah. This is what happens when the roles are flipped. Now, he has to deal with the Democrats who are going to filibuster him and his plans until the cows come home.

  15. All politics aside, the stupid pipeline creates 35 permanent jobs, and we run the risk of contaminating our country very badly.
    For what? We don’t reap the money.
    The Canadians do, Boehners stocks go up, the Chinese do…We get a couple jobs( most go to Canadians)
    The republican tactic of promising action and then shaming the Dems when they won’t let horrible, dangerous, sleazy bills through, because the Dems are suddenly being obstructionists….this is just more garbage from a bunch of bought-and-paid-for criminals. Did they think the Democrats would let them destroy the country to let everyone know how cooperative they were being?
    I hope Mitch is sweating. I’m sure he spent a LOT of someone’s money on promises he cannot follow-up on. Kinda like owing the mob a ton of money, right Mitch?
    Get to sweatin’, boy.[WINK]

  16. I guess payment arrangements on refunding the two Kochheads their $$ is going to be diffucult to say the least. And by the way,jag you know that was unAmerican to suggest going in without PAM..LMAOF

  17. If he was smart, he’d combine it with a form of the President’s infrastructure improvement proposal. The only way it has a pig’s chance to pass lol

  18. Ok for the pipeline we need to following:

    Environmental protections that are MUST protect the aquifer. If there is no existing protection then no deal.
    IN order to get that, pass a Constitutional Amendment to gut Citizens United, pass the two bills to remove the deadline on the Equal Rights Amendment, pass laws expanding Medicare and Social Security, pass a real jobs bill that prevents companies from tax breaks if they move jobs overseas, restore the Voting Rights act and make it applicable to all states, and cut YOUR PAY for one year whenever you shut down the government or not pass the debt ceiling increase to pay our already obligated bills. That’s a start. I mean if they want this so badly lets see how badly they do. I won’t hold my breath.

  19. Hear that tiny, tiny, tiny, high-pitched noise? Barely audible to the human ear? No, it is not a very small mosquito.

    It is the world’s tiniest violin playing Concerto for Mitchypoo.

  20. It has not been a good couple of days for the turtle

    Democrats to McConnell: Fund Homeland Security, don’t target immigrants

    In a letter to be released later Tuesday, the Senate Democratic Caucus will press Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to put up a funding bill for DHS free of provisions rolling back President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration or other controversial riders.
    The fact that all members of the Senate Democratic Caucus are endorsing a clean funding bill is critical, since McConnell will need the aid of at least half a dozen Democrats to advance any legislation.

  21. Fuck you Mitch and your slant eyed wife while we’re at it. Take your Kock sucking somewhere else because “We the People” are going to come out in droves in 2016 after the electorate sees the biggest mistake they ever made making you and your thieving,lying,corrupt old white bigot party.

  22. The KOCHs want to dismantle the EPA and get rid of those pesky regulations that protect our water and environment.

    The tea bag/repubs obviously don’t want clean water and air.

  23. Hey Mitch, what about the people? We don’t want your damn pipeline, period. And your party’s NO votes on bills to help veterans? That’s just heartless and cruel after YOU sent them to war. I don’t see how you can sleep at night.

  24. Mr. GOP,
    `It would be a good thing for your party to pay attention to what the Dems have to say.

    Take a note of the facial expressions of Mssrs. Chaney, Rove and company when told the President had won…..again! (2012)

    If he could run again, LOTS of us would vote for him 0ver any other candidate anyone else has to offer. This man is a WINNER, so why would we change?

  25. “Work with us?” Strange words coming from someone who declared war on the president, the nation, our veterans, our military, and us, a few short years ago, simply because McCain didn’t win the 2008 election. He doubled his efforts after the president was reelected in 2012. Only now that he’s SML is he talking about “working with” democrats. Sentient individuals know others like the Koch Bros., Sheldon Adelson, Trump, and others are holding markers and waiting for returns on their investment of campaign cash, and the Keystone Pipeline is only the first one.

  26. Reaping what you sow can not be applied to politics. For one reason and one reason only. Money!! With both parties, jobs is the bs line we are being served. Both sides are only thinking of 2016. Don’t be fooled, it is the money that is at stake on both sides of this stupid pipeline coin debate. And doing the right of things for good old mother earth and “we the people” has literally nothing to do with it. One has to truly remember that politician minds are like the minds seen behind poker chips. The more they pile up in front of them, the more their minds are subject change. Like the day to day changes seen in the weather. On the frivolity side, one has to wonder why all of a sudden democrats have developed balls to filibuster the repubilicans. One thought that should entertain a bit of laugher… “maybe it is because of that lady ball buster with her piles trolling the senate halls”. Time will tell if the democrats infusion of balls will get them to do what the people elected the…

  27. Tit for Tat, Senator Turtle. You deserve every single discomfort you have, and we will enjoy giving you more. I was worried, though, because I didn’t see “No Way” until more than halfway down the comments. They must have been busy Kochsucking shopping. Do you think NoWay read DJ’s link? Not a chance. Probably wouldn’t understand it anyway. This is going to be interesting, and I can’t wait to see all those Dem filibusters get going!

  28. In that event, please note that your usage of all upper-case letters in the body of a text is incorrect for anything except signage and telegrams.

  29. Just wait until the Kochroaches wake up and realize that they are just being used by the Rs & baggers. All they want from the Kochs is money. If the Kochs were not giving them hundreds of thousands of dollars, the R/baggers wouldn’t give the Kochs the time of day. We all know that, it is just greed all the way around there. Keep up the good work, you wonderful Dems!


  30. Green Growth

    A U.S. Program for Controlling Climate Change and Expanding Job Opportunities
    The report finds these investments will yield the following employment benefits:
    ◾4.2 million overall jobs created both by new investments and expanded levels of operations and maintenance
    ◾2.7 million net increase in jobs, even after estimated contractions in fossil fuel sectors
    ◾Net employment expansion at all levels of pay in the U.S. labor market and a decrease in the unemployment rate by about 1.5 percentage points—e.g., from 6.5 percent to 5 percent within the 2030 U.S. labor market–emailfield..syntax–recipientid~~&elqCampaignId=~~eloqua..type–campaign..campaignid–0..fieldname–id~~

  31. Mitch already said he wants the pipeline to pass so he could thank and repay the Kochs for their monetary support of his re-election!

  32. I live in Nova Scotia Canada. 80% of the pollution in our air comes from the big garbage dump down wind. That garbage dump is called the eastern United States.[wink]

  33. How could it be down wind when you are to the north of the United States? You want to try that again?

  34. Not really. Nova Scotia is at the same latitude as Wyoming. I appreciate than most maps in the US only show the US. The winds blow from West to the East. Take a look at our beaches, the gulf stream comes up the eastern seaboard and deposits your garbage on our beaches. The US creates more world pollution by far than any other country. Clean up your own house before you point fingers at others.

  35. Ah – look at a map – google map nova scotia – and it shows that Maine goes further North than Nova Scotia. Winds flow West to East generally, but can dip South or North.

  36. It was alright when the republicans where doing it and blocking any bills from the dems from reaching the floor.

  37. Hey Will….
    God forbid he piss off his bosses the Koch Brothers and NOT be able to get the Keystone Line passed, and the Koch Brothers lose out on ALL that money they can make off this oil line. The GOP and our good Bud (I am being very sarcastic)McConnell would lose all the money they are pouring into the government they are trying so hard to buy…;)

  38. Anne B.
    Girl you hit the nail square on the head. It’s at times like this I hate to admit I am even from Kentucky BUT, I digress. I have watched McConnell for the past 25+ years and I wonder how stupid my people of Kentucky really must be or the Koch brothers really do have that kind of money to buy an election. My pal Mitch has done absolutely NOTHING for the state of Kentucky and for the life of me I can’t imagine how he keeps gettng re-elected. He gives Government a bad name..

  39. The well paid puppets of the Koch brothers are dancing to a different tune. Keystone ,,what? Never heard of it! The truth of the matter is that there;s a lot of Pampers being used. The Repulshricans, thought they could get away with the lies about that pipeline thousands of jobs, low cost fuel, no responsibility clause for damages(suck up the taxpayer’s) and who knows what else!

  40. Good on you, Dems. Show us you acquired some nads. It’s time to stop letting the Repubs shove you around. Keep it up.

  41. There was great strategy, planning and execution during the 2014 elections. Yes it was a bloody disaster for dems, but you have to hand to the RNC they got down and dirty and won a majority. They did it with a ruthlessness and a bravado.
    Now, if they were smart, they would build realistic bills and a strategy geared at winning back the West Wing. Ruthlessness and Bravado aint gonna cut it on the governing side of winning.
    Would be really scary to see these guys get it together and really govern to win. I mean create real jobs bills that have a chance at becoming law, build real infrastructure, close corporate tax loopholes and tax the rich like their money be d_mn_d. Betcha everybody would be happy and these guys might even take back the West Wing. Scary, but it’s a thought.

  42. Poor Mitch, he needs Keystone so that his Gods, the Koch brothers can make their profit of one billion dollars!

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