MSNBC Viewers Dump Morning Joe As Scarborough Is Lowest Rated Cable Morning News Show

morning joe ratings

MSNBC viewers have spoken loudly as Morning Joe’s ratings continue to slide. The conservative talker is now the lowest rated morning show on cable news.

One statistic from TVNewser tells the story of Morning Joe’s decline, “Last year, “Morning Joe” was ranked #28 of all cable news shows in the demo. This January it is #47, and in fourth place in the demo behind “Fox & Friends,” “New Day,” and ‘Morning Express.'” The numbers for Joe Scarborough’s show have fallen apart, “On weekday mornings, CNN’s New Day registered its highest ratings ever in January and posted its largest monthly share of the cable news morning audience since 2009. The program also easily beat MSNBC’s Morning Joe, topping Joe for four straight months in total viewers and seven consecutive months among A25-54. Fox and Friends posted its lowest delivery since 2001.”

MSNBC boss Phil Griffin has continued to tout Morning Joe as one of his successes, but the reality is that MSNBC viewers have no interest in the program. The collapse of Morning Joe highlights one of the biggest inconsistencies in MSNBC’s strategy. Griffin claims that he wants to attract younger viewers to the network, but he appears to be completely in love with a program that does poorly with the same viewers age 25-54 that he is courting.

Morning Joe, along with the rest of MSNBC, is dying a slow ratings death. MSNBC lost 23% of their primetime viewers and 39% of their younger viewers in comparison to January 2014. The problems at MSNBC continue to be driven by leaders who have no clue who their potential viewers are, and what they want. The strategy of deploying series of Rachel Maddow clones throughout the schedule has chased viewers away while diluting the distinctiveness of their star program.

Loyal MSNBC viewers have been unhappy with Morning Joe for years, and they have finally walked away from the program. A Pew study on media polarization found that CNN has replaced MSNBC as the preferred network for liberal. Morning Joe will continue to hurt MSNBC until they realize the common sense idea that liberals and progressives don’t want to listen to three of Joe Scarborough’s Republican talking points.

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  1. I actually have forgotten about Morning Joe. I’ve gotten used to New Day and have renewed my interest in the repetition of ESPN’s SportsCenter.

    Life’s too short to shout at the TV screen for 3 hours.

  2. comcast [now the parent of ge/uni/ nbc] will never let that cable outlet to really be progressive. its a loss leader for their cable content packaging, and they deem it of very little importance to the whole big comcast oligarch picture. so we’ll still get the back bench shows to show the cable industry that there is a liberal station, but really its just another spokeshole for the ruling class…

  3. No person anywhere on the left wants to click on the teevee at 5:30 am with their first cup of coffee and hear that POS disrespecting more than half of America.


    JoeyS is a PIG anyway. Why did Mika have a cocktail dress on this morning for the blizzard? Really, sleeveless dress, get a clue, Mika, you ain’t cute and you ain’t young and you sure as hell are not a Democrat.

  4. Goodbye Morning Joe and Chuck Todd – the sooner you are gone, the better ——-shitcan Abby Huntsman too — her big mouth keeps me away from watching afternoon MSNBC ——we love Rachel, Chris M, Chris H, Lawrence, Steve and Ari — they are very professional and great on fact checking — we trust what they say —–

  5. While I completely agree as to how Morning Joe is horrible, I think that the ‘Rachel Maddow clones’ comment is pretty shallow, particularly when anyone who reads this website knows that you’re talking about Chris Hayes. Particularly when people on the right love to say how they can’t tell Chris and Rachel apart, and the two shows have a different feel to them.

  6. Amen and good by to msnbc, if they can’t figure out who their audience is/was…then they deserve exactly what they are getting.

  7. Hayes has killed their primetime lineup. His 400,000+ viewers a night are a disaster for 8 PM, but what I was referring to was a plan by Phil Griffin to add what he called more “young wonks.” He has done this with Hayes, Ronan Farrow, Alex Wagner and others. The result has been a collapse in the ratings.

  8. T/U Barbara…right on…must get rid of Andrea Mitchell (insufferable,opinionated
    aged lady )Nicole Wallace Republican stooge,
    sorry to say Mike Barnicle a guy with some good credits has sold out for the buck being a lap dog for Boom Boom (Big MT Drum) Scarborough..
    I would trade this pompous jerk for a bag of used golf balls to any one who will take him;;;He and Todd and Gregory and Andrea
    need to be farmed out…Promote Willie Geist

  9. I can’t stand the pics of Joe & Mika. What in the hell does that mean? Totally stupid and sexist as well. Joe is divorced now from #2, who in the hell is Mika married to ? Some jerk that allows his wife to cavort with the dumbass Joe schmoe

  10. I would really be insulted if my show was out performed by a network that only pretends to be a news network

  11. A redneck with a loud opinion is not good television. It’s the news equivalent to Honey Boo Boo. Where’s the news? What’s the matter with delivering the news? News does not need opinion, bellowing, argument. Tell us what’s happening. Ever heard of Hughes Rudd? Walter Cronkite? Chet Huntley? Rednecks OUT, intellects IN.

  12. I still watch MJ when I can and I change the channel to CNN when Joe goes on a 3 hour rant, but I think the real problem with the show is Mika. She should be on the other end of the see-saw from Joe to keep the balance, but instead, she sits in the middle of the board and Joe dominates everything. I expect nothing less from Joe but Mika is a huge disappointment since she doesn’t serve her purpose. Mike joins Joe often in an argument and sometimes it is obvious Mike doesn’t really believe what he is saying. I like the idea of MJ but it only works when everyone does their own thing and stands their ground. It isn’t interesting when Joe feigns liberalism and Mika and others feign conservative junk. Discuss, disagree, agree, whatever, but don’t PRETEND!!!

  13. These are great posts but please tighten up your grammar….In the last sentence, what does “listen to three of JS’s R talking points” supposed to mean…? Does JS present three talking points on each show…?

  14. If you truly want a program on the left go to Democracy Now. It gives you straight forward news. It’s sad when you can’t find a station like that on regular cable news outlet. I’m sick and tired of hearing everything is liberal media when that isn’t the facts at all. Corporations own the media.

  15. Hey Joe make the correct choice and leave the airwaves for good. Move to Israel with all the rest of you TP/GOP types and enjoy life there.

  16. I stopped watching MJ two years ago. Before that, Miki use to state her opinion, now she just about agrees with everything Joe says. Everyone around that table thinks along the lines of Joe. Get rid of him and bring someone else in besides those who are on now.

  17. OMG!!!! I had to take a peek and yes indeed Mika was in a cocktail dress. Haven’t watched MJ in years. I hope they tank and get jerked off air.

  18. Same old stale guests over and over. Time to bring back Cjenk Uger,David Shuster,even Keith Olberman if necessary. Want some ratings? Hire Jesse Ventura.

  19. mmm…must be me, but I really like Morning Joe. It seems the most balanced of any of the news shows to me. Also it seems to alway be relative to what is going on for that day. Sorry to know this criticism.

  20. I have MSNBC on all day everyday (except weekends). There are two problems with MSNBC: 1.) Every show runs the same news stories. By the time Chris Hayes comes on I am tired of listening to the same stories all day long. 2.) The hosts of each show on MSNBC must have a different point of view with different interests. But all I hear and see is a slight variation on the same theme. Recommendation: Have each host clearly express their particular bias and run a banner under the host so stating. For example, have Andrea Mitchell say that she is a neo-conservative on foreign policy with close ties to the CIA and a neo-liberal on economic policy with close ties to Wall Street. Ed Schultz should announce he represents the interest of big labor unions and spin his show in that direction. Chris Mathew should clearly say he represents the Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party. Lawrence O’Donnell should tell us he represents Democratic Socialist of America. Get the idea?

  21. The problem with morning Joe is obvious – Scarborough is simply a shill for his party.

    The problem with MSNBC is that, unlike their treatment of Scarborough, they put fences around the topics and positions that their more liberal hosts are allowed to take up. They set that pattern when they hobbled Phil Donahue at the beginning of the Iraq war.

  22. Until MSNBC moves much further left again, I will continue to get my AM Fix on FreeSpeech TV with Tom Hartmann, Bill Press and Stephanie Miller. I do like Alex, Joy, Ed, Chris Hayes, Rachel and Lawrence but have stopped watching all (including Chris Mathews) others. This network has become a corporate shill and almost the same as FOX and CNN and is dragging their show hosts in the same direction. Too bad, the left needs a network too. It’s FreeSpeech TV & Al Jazerra America for now.

  23. I have not watched Morning Joke for about 3 years, he is a know it all and seems to hate liberals, BBC news is good and Al Jazeera is very good.
    I understand that Joe and Mika were at the
    Koch bros meetup. I also hear that they were gushing about the Koch’s. If nothing else put me off them that would!

  24. Dan Patrick NBC sports AM no politics; interesting sports interviews that bring out other things. Relief from the Country being lied to 24/7.

  25. Lettuce heads, the lot of them. Especially Barnicle. Barnicle likes to state the obvious, has he ever had an original thought? Best way to get them out of your TV sets is to turn them off and keep them off. Then they will have no choice but to go the hell away. Who wants to hear somebody run their fat mouths for 3 hours every damn day anyway? Newsflash: No matter who you are, eventually you are going to bore people. Even Albert Einstein would bore people after a couple of hours. I can even sense that I am starting to bore people right now.

  26. I totally agree about hearing the same shows all day. I listen on XM radio at work and I get sick and tired of variations on the same stories. Lately I have been changing to listen to just music. Morning Joe has gotten to be exactly as everyone is saying. We need Mika to be less “meek” and start standing up for what she believes in. Even if she did though, Joe shouts over her so she can’t get her voice heard. I think I’ll try the CNN show as others have said.

  27. Mike and Mike for me. After reading the misinformation all day the last thing I want to wake up to is dumbfukery

  28. I stopped wasting my time watching the Morning Joke years ago. It’s a right wing train wreck. If I wanted to listen to wingnut tools in the morning I’d watch Fox & Sheep. CNN New Day gets my morning attention. Other than Rachel, Ed and Lawrence I really have no desire to watch anything else on MSNBC.

  29. Bring back Keith and Cenyk. At this point I only watch Maddow and O’Donnell. The rest is slightly to the left of center, you know, like Hillary.

  30. I agree he does whatever it takes to ensure he maintains his GOP credentials because he knows when this gig is up he will need to go somewhere.

  31. This is just another reflection of the political landscape in this country. They won’t make this connection, because they do not want us getting any crazy ideas, but Morning Joe is like that bogus “Blue Dog” democrat who has a letter D by their name but is really a GOPer behind closed doors. The people are fed up with the B.S. and they want a politician that smells, feels and sounds like a person they can get behind. You know, a LEADER? Morning Joe is like one of those Senators from a red state this last election that acted like a Republican-Lite and surprise! the Democrat base said “meh” and stayed home. Why does MSNBC think that Progressives and Democrats are going to want vanilla, lame ass Republican lite puppets on the morning show, or any show for that matter? It is like they are punishing their viewers on purpose for being what they are. And you know what? They don’t give a shit!! Why? They are multinational conglomerates that get your money via cable TV either w…

  32. I stopped watching him when he started acting more arrogant. I pass by Fox and for the last year I watch CNN for my morning news.

  33. I like that, for the most part, one person speaks and then the next. None of the having five people all trying to talk over each other until it just turns into a scream-fest. Joe is the exception since he views it as his show and he over rides others on a regular basis. Mika is primarily there to get her father on from time to time as well as speaking truth instead of talking points
    . Still it is a more civil discourse than any other news/opinion show on any of the networks.

  34. How is this surprising? Joey’s target demo is Fox. And let’s be real (I am a registered Democrat and super voter), Democrats are freaking lazy–only voting during Presidential elections. The other three years they stay home Election Day and let Republican voters win everything else.

    If they don’t give two shits to vote in a non-Presidential election–why the fuck would they watch infotainment for loyal Democratic voters five days a week?

    Democrats are too busy watching “America’s Got Talent”, and “Downton Abbey”. Meanwhile, Republicans are busy watching Papa Bear O’Reilly, Steve Ducchi & the other two, as well as whatever that crap on “the Blaze” is–which keeps them constantly scared like a schizophrenic, on why some made up bullocks is why they MUST vote!

  35. Exactly!! The last time I turned my TV to MSNBC at all was election night in November. Joe is a smarmy, disgusting liar with a panel of sycophants – including Mika – sitting there being bullied morning after morning.

    It is apparent that MSNBC is becoming Fox News light and allows Joe to issue the agenda for all of the shows following him. At least when we had Keith you could be sure that the agenda was changing for the next three hours (including Rachel and Lawrence unmuzzled) and you could end the day with righteous vindication.

  36. It has been so obvious watching Mika change her tune, agreeing with Joe and calming him after a rant, or one of his 3 talking points [WINK] whilst smiling at him adoringly. Or running off the air because of Hollywood people. Like she is beyond this type of journalism. Such a bunch of phony crap. Not to mention, I would like a nickle for every time she says “The Administration is taking some criticism.” It’s a shame because once upon a time they used to have interesting guests, now it’s having a 10 minute conversation with Donald Trump and whether he is running for President?!?! Hey, they even have Donnie Deutsch agreeing with them. Too bad, but I’d rather not go to work pissed off because of some stupid stuff JS or a dumb guest said…no thanks, not anymore.

  37. I was growing more increasingly annoyed at their reverential self regard. The Scarborough rant calling Michael Brown a thug was the final straw.

  38. Glad I’m not in this one. I cut those assholes loose months ago because of Joe Scaredass. Waste of airtime.

  39. I’m moving in that direction as well. As a loyal MSNBC watcher, I’m sick of the too-early presidential race. They’re just filling time between commercials.

    I’m sick of presidential politics too early. Moving towards other cable channels and Netflix. Enough beltway politics and snow storms that aren’t.

    So I’m not watching them that much. MUch ado about nothing. I think CNN is better now, moving away from daily politics like MSNBC and FOX.

    Does that mean I represent tomorrow’s ratings? Shrug. I’m in an older demographic of news junkies. I’m just not wanting to be an aging internet sociopath! Lets not judge news by the anti-social commenters! I’m not sure they really have the power to affect elections! They’re pretty anti-social!

    The problem for politicos is to attract people not really paying attention. For DEMS, I think its about the min wage and the wages above it that are driven my that bottom! Can the Dems reach them? Sigh, I don’t know.

  40. I too, have stopped watching Joe and went to CNN. I can’t stand Mika! She wants to tell us what we can eat and not to drink a coke or pepsi while she swallows down her vodka or whatever alcohol she’s dumping in her liver. She seems to love those bars in the morning. Maybe that’s why she mellowed out on the important stuff. Joe and his buddies, what can you say, old and stale. I could do a better job! Please get them off the air!

  41. Chris Hayes didn’t kill the lineup. He may have the look of Rachel, but his point of view is his own. He’s essential as a white man, because I feel he truly understand the “black” perspective. He’s able to speak to race without the condescension.

    Joe Scarborough killed himself with his arrogance and smug delivery and always the threat of intimidating the guest if they don’t agree with him and he’s grow too far right. Another thing, is the blatant lead in lie that people are tired of hearing, because they know it’s Joe’s thought and not that of another. “I heard” “Someone told me”. BS. That’s all Joe trying to refute the opinion of a guest or a regular.

    Chris should be at 5pm and put Ed back in at 8pm. That takes care of evening program from 5p-11p

    The reason I stopped watching MSNBC is because all of the news is repetitive. A few of them should quickly cover what the others have already covered, then cover two news piece in depth.

    Chris Matthews has torn …

  42. You’re right. Joe needs to go to Fox News, as he’s openly racist trying to be fair in his opinon, but failing miserably.

  43. Not all true, but enough.

    I don’t believe this generation has been made aware of the fact that elections are held every TWO YEARS. There’s no muss or fuss or noise for the general election. There are a few ads, unless it’s a hot campaign.

    Civics 101 is non-existent in public schools. The government is covered as part of a whole and not as important.

    I don’t believe the DNC has done a good enough job to make the voters aware of the general elections. Hell, Debbie said they were not even going to bother trying to win the congress, but instead try to hold on the senate, but they failed. She did.

    No politicians campaigned in my area of NY. Why bother…right? We’re just the base. okay. We’re reliable, but to not seek out new voters is a sin.

  44. I’m totally with you. It’s been years since I gave up on Morning Joe. I said if they get rid of Joe, I would return. He’s still there, so I am not. I, too, watch reruns of Law and Order in the mornings, then move over to BBC.

  45. NBC has a history of shooting themselves in their foot once they have a hit. They like moving around hit programs, once they’ve developed them into hits.

    This outcome for MSNBC is no big surprise.

    I don’t watch anything on MSNBC prior to 6pm. I no longer follow Chris Matthews. I check in on Chris, occasionally. With Rachel I watch whatever interesting thing she said through clips posted on FB. I only love and adore Lawrence O’ Donnell. He’s fearless in his reporting. I need the unfettered honesty and know if a guest is lying they will be questioned and forced to defend their response.

  46. Don’t forget Martin Bashir. I quit watching MSNBC regularly after they fired him for stating the obvious. I don’t watch at all now. I don’t like Chris M., he’s a bully and Ed grates on me for some reason. By the time Rachael comes on I’m asleep in my chair or watching Netflix.

  47. Actually, the only problem with this show is Joe Scarborough. He is an arrogant pompous ass who revels in his own self importance. He constantly reminds us of his past importance in politics by name dropping and telling tired old stories that nobody wants to hear. His jokes are not funny and his sarcasm is not what anyone wants to see early in the morning. When Willie Geist , Mica and the others are there without Scarborough, this show moves quickly, is humorous and has energetic discussion of all sides of a given issue. Scarborough stifles the exchange by interjecting his narrow old white male opinions and overpowering other thoughts. This is not attractive to viewers and the ratings reflect the reality. Maybe he can go over to Fox and join Elizabeth Hasselback and her crew of morons in the bubble!

  48. I wish there was a way to send all of these comments to the Morning Joe people. Does anyone know of a way to contact them directly?


  50. I watched Morning Joe for about a month last year to see what the show was all about. That was more than enough. Scarborough is a right-wing shill but at least he has the courage of his convictions. Mika Brzezinski is something else all together. She is a mute side-kick who is scared to open her mouth even when you can see by her face that she totally disagrees with Scarborough. As much as I hate Joe, I’ll take him over Mika any day.

  51. Joe Schmo and Meek-a need to GO. Willie is the only one on that show who has anything sensible to say. I’m moving to CNN or anywhere other than the Joe Blow Show. He is a pompous, self aggrandizing ass. Mika has potential but does not have what it takes to stand up to the bullying Joe. She instead turns into a giggling, non-sensical adolescent. Nobody has the guts to stand up to Joe. Its a one man show and I am sick of it. Of course the corporate owners don’t seem to care and allow this train wreck to continue. If I wanted to tune in to right wing rants and propaganda I would watch FOX. Also, Nicole Wallace was NOT a pleasing addition. She is there to support Joe’s BS. I’m gone.

  52. I totally agree with everything you’ve stated. Dems ARE lazy and clueless as to why our POTUS can’t get the things done that he needs to get done. What steps can we take to get those people to wake the f*#% up and realize that voting in EVERY election is a necessity?

    Personally, I’d like to see Stephanie Miller take Joe’s spot….either her or the guys from the Young Turks show that was on Current TV. I don’t think they’d give Keith Olbermann another shot — especially after firing him in the first place. Someone even suggested John Stewart — now there’s an idea. He would definitely capture the young audience, and despite his comedy he is always on point.

  53. I hear ya, Chris. That Mike Brown rant did it for me too. and now I hear Mika has turned Kochsucker. UGH, really??? I’ve switched to Washington Journal on CSPAN

  54. Mika Brzezinski Is Head Over Heels In Love With The Kochs
    “I thought the different programs they have had, the conversations they had, addressed really interesting questions,” she said of the speakers at the event. “The kind of questions we address here at the table.”

    “A surprise to me,” she continued, grasping for words before raving about Charles Koch’s wife. “Liz Koch, ever met her? She’s a ball of fire! And she’s got this incredible program for helping the poorest of the poor kids in several inner cities that she’s developed.”

    Brzezinski argued there is a lot of ignorance out there about the Koch ethos.

    “I mean, it’s everything that you don’t think, and you don’t know,” she said. “There are different facets of the story you get to see when you actually go and observe events like this.”

  55. Frankly, I could care less. I have stopped watching ALL television. I went so far as to disconnect my cable box and now use the TV as a computer monitor, using my HTML cable to see what I’m writing is great and a lot cheaper than buying a large screen “computer” monitor.

    Television has stopped being relevant. I get my news from a couple USA papers (WAPO and others) and, of course the ‘Net.

    Print media and TV have outlived their usefulness. Example: Rockets are continuing to hit Israeli territory from Arabs, but I’ve heard word zero about that in the papers or the boob tube. HOWEVER if Israel ever lobbed ONE rocket into Arab territory…WOW! It would monopolize the “media” for days and days.

  56. I stopped watching. For a while, the show was awesome..a great mix of political viewpoints marked by mutual respect. Now it’s Joe on a rant, interrupting people, the conservative version of Chris Matthews. They should both go study with Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill who know what journalism is about.

  57. Joe padded his show with right winged shills like Nicole Wallace, Mark Halprin and guests like Trump and a gaggle of Republican clowns. I am a lefty and not ashamed to admit that I don’t want a litany of anti Obama interviews every morning with my coffee. Mika comes across as being timid and even though she and Barnacle offer views opposed to Joe they quickly back down from his bluster. Andrea Mitchell, Peggy Noonan, Cokey Roberts and Chuck Todd all feign balance but they are one-sided commentators. I ask you, where are the voices on the left on FOX? Why do we have to give them air time on MSNBC? Joe, Ronald Regan is dead and gone and we don’t need to have his accomplishments trumpeted by you each morning. Its time to put Morning Joe to bed.

  58. I want to know WHY the promos for that show features pictures of Mika and Joe posing seductively together around the city like lovers on a date? What’s up with that? They should just have pictures of them standing side by side (in a professional manner) IN THE STUDIO next to the LOGO.
    Hmmmm. I don’t get it. Do you? Anybody with an explanation or opinion?

  59. I’ve never understood how progressives can tolerate Scarborough. For years I’ve listened to them moan and complain about him every morning and I’ve wondered why a person would deliberately ruin their morning that way, and what deleterious effects there may be on their health from beginning every day with aggravation.

    Not me. I start my Joe-free day with a smile. :)

  60. Wow….I sat here tonight and read all these comments!!! And I thought I was alone! I honestly could not take any more Morning Joe!!! I thought it was just me!!! You see, I do not really know anyone else. I live along. MSNBC was my favorite! First, Morning Joe got on my nerves!!! I stopped watching that one long ago. Meka was a disappointment also. She let me down!MSNBC has let me down and it is sad. Really sad!!!

  61. Exactly, I like Wagner, Reid, Schultz, Al, and MHP too. I every now and then look at AM Joe, Mika is embarrassing when she doesn’t speak up. She acts like she is scared if she doesn’t agree with Joe he will take her head off. I am tired of him parading Nicole Wallace and Bill Krystol like they have anything to add but talking points for Repubs. The last straw was their pledging devout love for the Kochs who are buying the constitution.

  62. I switched to New Day some time ago and am sorry I didn’t go there sooner. I consider the three main hosts knowledgeable, likeable, dedicated, honest, really a pleasure to listen to. Joe has declined miserably, and he is a distraction away from whatever his cohorts may have to offer.

  63. I am sick and tired of Mika. “He [Chris Christie] is a friend of mine.” That was the last straw. I like her “Daddy” though.

  64. MSNBC hasn’t been the same since Olbermann left. It gets very repetitive throughout the day, so I usually just watch Rachel at night and Alex Wagner, if I happen to be off, during the day. I listen to Bill Press and Stephanie Miller on FSTV in the mornings. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone like John Fugelsang get a show on MSNBC!! Loved his show on Current.

  65. Yeah, I stopped watching Morning Joe about 9 months ago. I accidently changed the channel to MJ this morning actually, and they were talking some non-sense made me quickly change the channel. Joe grates on me. And Mika is pathetic.

    I realized how bad the show was getting when I noticed the difference between Eugene Robinson’s “character” on MJ versus when he is on other shows. He cowers to Joe. Just like all the other guests.

    They really should bring back Keith Olbermann. But they won’t. As everyone else has pointed out, MSNBC is owned by Comcast now. The neetwork can never claim to have a progressive slant. They are just another corporate propaganda machine like the rest of them.

    Stephanie Miller in the Mornings!! Free Speech TV is the only real answer for progressives now.

  66. I’ve had enough of a cup of Joe in the morning.Andrea Mitchell;and Chuck Todd are republicans and i cant stand Meet the press a show that sparked my love of politics as a young man.Its sad how the big corporations are ruining this country.We have nobody to blame but ourselves for not voting.People sacrificed their lives for civil rights but it seems americans especially Democrats allow big money to dictate who votes (voter Id);lie to us and dare us to care.We maybe disappointed with POTUS but hes been the best president since Clinton and has got us back on tract sinse bush.Come on people lets get this great Country back on tract and quit our bitchen and get involve. Cathouse 06.WINK

  67. While I enjoy MSNBC, I find Mika and Joe to be a couple pretentious posers and totally transparent. Joe is rude,crude and socially unacceptable.

  68. And how about Mika making faces like a 7 year old. Did you see Russell Brand and Graham Nash give it to her good? RB said, you get paid to do this? They have Lawrence on once a year and are scared to death of him.Get rid of this dick show now. Jody.

  69. Dump those disgusting prison shows and get rid of Joe and his trained seal, Bring back Martin Bashir and Keith Olbermann. THEN you’ll get better ratings!

  70. Bring back Keith Olberman! A man with passion!! I couldn’t wait to get home from work to watch him when he was on MSNBC.

  71. Yes, I agree. Can’t stand that smarmy, Napoleon-
    complexed, Joe S. from Florida’s redneck Riviera. For years I have said, “Mika … Mika…Pip-Squeeka” before I just can’t watch anymore. Like her daddy, tho.
    Let’s bring back Keith Olbermann and give him this three hour AM time slot!

  72. Politicus really should deliver these comments to “Morning Joe”. It could give them the feedback they need to save the show. The real problem is Scarborough. Just fire him and send him over to the “Faux News.” Doing that could save the show and the jobs of the rest of the cast.

  73. I think it’s hypocritical for the republican party to now say income inequality is a major problem..the president and the democrats have been talking about this since 2008 has anyone been paying attention…republicans have said No to all the things we could’ve done for low-income families and middle-class families like tax breaks unemployment benefits equal pay raise minimum wage but they said no but now there is a election coming a general election at that.not this small election they always win when no one is engage but they think nobody remember but I’m here to tell them YES people remember they can’t Win verse Hilary Clinton we will make damming sure they don’t….

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