Obama Gets a Huge Win As Democrats Withdraw Their Support For Iran Sanctions Bill

Obama Drills Republicans in Health Care Victory Lap Speech
President Obama got a huge win today as ten Democratic senators have vowed to vote against the Iran sanctions bill being pushed by Republicans in order to give the president more time to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran.

United States Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Gary Peters (D-MI), Bob Casey (D-PA), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chris Coons (D-DE), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) all signed a letter to the president expressing their support:

Dear Mr. President:

We remain hopeful that diplomacy will succeed in reversing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon capability, in accordance with the timeline that the P5+1 and Iran negotiating teams have set for themselves: March 24, 2015 for a political framework agreement and June 30, 2015 to conclude negotiations on the technical annexes of the comprehensive deal.

Congress has always been a partner in the shared goal of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon capability. We remain appreciative of your leadership in seeking to protect the United States, and our allies and partners, from the threat of a nuclear Iran. For more than two decades, the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. Government have worked together in a bipartisan way to implement sanctions legislation that successfully ratcheted up pressure on Iran’s nuclear program. This pressure proved to be decisive in compelling Iranian leadership to enter the latest round of nuclear negotiations in September 2013.

We remain deeply skeptical that Iran is committed to making the concessions required to demonstrate to the world that its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful by March 24 – the deadline agreed upon for a political framework agreement. Considering Iran’s history in nuclear negotiations and after two extensions of the Joint Plan of Action, we are concerned that Iran is intentionally extending the negotiations to improve its leverage at the negotiating table.

We are Democratic supporters of the Iran Nuclear Weapon Free Act of 2015 – a bill that would impose sanctions on Iran only if Iran fails to reach a comprehensive agreement by the June 30 deadline. This bill also includes monthly waivers after June 30 to provide additional negotiating flexibility. We believe that this bill, as introduced, is reasonable and pragmatic, respects the nuclear negotiating timeline, and sends a strong signal to Iran and to the international community that endless negotiations under the interim agreement are dangerous, unacceptable, and could leave Iran with a threshold nuclear weapon capability.

In acknowledgement of your concern regarding congressional action on legislation at this moment, we will not vote for this legislation on the Senate floor before March 24. After March 24, we will only vote for this legislation on the Senate floor if Iran fails to reach agreement on a political framework that addresses all parameters of a comprehensive agreement. This deadline is the critical test of Iranian intentions. We expect that your Administration will consult closely with Members of Congress in the coming months, and look forward to working with you to achieve our shared goal of reversing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon capability.

The collapse in Democratic support came after President Obama promised to veto the sanctions bill, and Republicans insulted the president by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress without consulting the White House. Boehner tried to force Democrats to choose between Netanyahu and Obama, and the Democrats have chosen their president. Another Republican attempt to divide Democrats has failed and the latest congressional attempt to undermine this president has fallen apart.

Republicans in both the House and Senate have made such a big production out of the Iran sanctions bill that they have little choice, but to vote on the legislation that now has no chance of passing the Senate. The Republican attempt to destroy the talks with Iran represents a dangerous meddling in foreign policy for domestic political gain. Senate Democrats aren’t going to be pawns in the Republican Party’s efforts to humiliate this president.

Democrats have the president’s back, as the Republican dreams of dividing and conquering are turning into the reality of a party united behind their president.

48 Replies to “Obama Gets a Huge Win As Democrats Withdraw Their Support For Iran Sanctions Bill”

  1. Republicans and war profit mongering Conservatives refuse to understand that the sanctions are going to cause more unrest and mistrust. In the same way the Isil problem today is a direct result of Dick Cheney’s Iraq war for oil and defense contractors profits. And in the anti-reality world of the ReichWing all of the bad judgement and fault is placed on Obama even though he wasn’t even in Washington when Cheney/Bush started their war for profit. Conservatism if not destroyed soon will be the end of this world.

  2. President Obama outflanks Boehner, Netanyahu, Snicker

    As I posted earlier this was a bad bill written by AIPAC and I doubt Senators ever read it. Robert Menendez should have his ass handed to him for trying a run around by the President.

    I am know that the Israeli lobby will be out in force with their threats but I would hope the Democratic caucus hold the line and say NO!! You don’t tell us what to do

  3. Until Israel:
    . a) repudiates Netanyahu and sends him packing;
    . b) repudiates its settlement policy; and
    . c) disbands the West Bank Settlements creates in blatant violation of agreements
    it merits neither respect nor support.

    US taxpayers send billions of dollars to Israel.
    In return, we receive nothing but contempt.

    It’s time to cut Israel loose.

  4. So now does Bibi cancel? This has really deflated the reason for him to come and address Congress, and he’s taking a lot of flak at home for saying he would come. Look for him to suddenly find a “conflict” preventing him from leaving Israel.

  5. I remember, (1950s) as a preacher’s kid, I was always reminded by my Dad to behave in public, as my behavior reflected on my earth father and my Heavenly Father.

    Repubs., being a MAJORITY in charge it is not easy to be sneaking around, pulling the wool over the eyes of most people, and thinking it will go unnoticed. LOL

  6. Now I know why Boner is starting up his second useless lawsuit against Pres. Obama.
    XLKeystone – blocked
    Can’t stop Executive Order on Immigration
    Abortion Bills aren’t going nowhere/Budget Bill dead in the water
    Obamacare repeal is dead – pending with the SCOTUS
    Can’t stop Iran nuclear talks with P5+1 and the U.S.
    Pres. Obama historical deal with China
    Pres. Obama historical move with India
    Economy doing great, consumers confidence highest it been since PBO took office.
    Their’s nothing left for a good little Klansman to do? You see, it’s all Obama Fault.

  7. Not feeling it. He probably does hate O, and the feeling is mutual. Bibi is a bully, and O called him out. But, Bibi is, especially, a politician. He doesn’t give a crap about the GOP except in a purely utilitarian way. He wants a proxy war, with us being the stooge proxy, against Iran. Saves him the trouble. The GOP only cares about Israel because 1) the MIC needs constant enemies, and Arabs work real well and 2) the evangelical base needs the Rapture to go down there. If every Jew was dead when that happens, they’d be all good. Bibi probably loathes Boehner and the boys personally, but he’ll kiss up or push around whoever he has to. It’s a cynical, symbiotic relationship. Bibi’s hold on power isn’t strong enough to risk PO’ing too many moderates at home, and an inflammatory speech here without getting sanctions isn’t worth the risk. That’s my take anyway.

  8. Golden opportunity to flounce off in a huff from our sociopath ally.
    Close our Embassy in Israel and ask the UN to recognize Palestine.
    Thanks, Congress!

  9. Better yet when a vote comes up in the UN accusing Israel for the crimes they committed just abstain instead of vetoing it.

  10. I’ve been reading Israeli newspapers online recenlty, and many of the writers are reporting that a major reason Netanyahu is making this visit has NOT so much to do with him stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear power but with him lagging in the polls. Some of them are outright blaming him for the impasse on the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, calling him “the enemy within,” and are calling him out for interfering with U.S. foreign policy and breaking Israeli election laws. The election is in March, and Bibi wants to give the Israeli people the impression that most Americans support his reelection. One group of his opponents has filed a lawsuit to prevent his speech before Congress from being aired in Israel. Bibi is treating Boehner and the GOPTPers like the toilet tissue he uses to wipe his butt after he has released a load into the toilet. Tools. Bibi said a couple years ago that the “U.S.” is easy to manipulate, and Boehner and Co. are proving him right.

  11. Republicans and war profit mongering Conservatives refuse to understand that the sanctions are going to cause more unrest and mistrust.

    It was a Democrat (Menendez)who sponsored the legislation for added sanctions in the first place.
    Secondly, even *war-mongers* McCain and Graham weren’t pushing for a vote or necessarily even backing the additional sanctions Menendez proposed.

    The President has been increasingly at odds with members of his own party over nuclear talks with Tehran, as many Democrats fully understand that the Iranians are acting in their own best interests by procrastinating.

    After 18 months and 2 missed deadlines, it doesn’t seem probable that another two months will solve much, but what the heck…
    blessed are the peacemakers.

  12. After 18 months and 2 missed deadlines, it doesn’t seem probable that another two months will solve much, but what the heck…
    As Churchill once said its better to jaw jaw than war war. You make it sound like no progress has been made.

  13. Once again Obama has outwitted his adversaries:GOP and Netanyahu! .Hey GOP Obama won this campaign as well! LOL! How’s that new majority works out for ya? As Maher said you won the election but Obama is still kicking your ass!

  14. Both sides remain deeply divided on core issues. Talks also appear to be at a stalemate despite the U.S. moving closer to Iran’s position.
    And since the IAEA can’t verify that Iran isn’t clandestinely pursuing nuclear weapons capability, the only progress that looks to continue at this point will be towards Iran’s goal of becoming a nuclear state.

  15. But the Supreme leader has said it is against Islam to own nukes

    U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb

    The latest U.S. intelligence report indicates Iran is pursuing research that could enable it to build a nuclear weapon, but that it has not sought to do so.
    Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, insisted Wednesday that Tehran had no intention of producing nuclear weapons. In remarks broadcast on state television, he said that “owning a nuclear weapon is a big sin.”

    But he said that “pressure, sanctions and assassinations” would not stop Iran from producing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

  16. We should all tell our Democratic Senators and Representatives that they must boycott the address by Netanyahu to Congress as an insult to our country and to our President. Any Democrat who shows up – such as my Senators Schumer and Gellibrand – and applaud this war mongering talk by Netanyahu should be told in no uncertain terms that votes and financial support for them will cease. To allow a foreign country to meddle in our foreign policy so blatantly and with such contempt for our President and our democratic process is an insult to all Americans.

  17. Would a U.S. Strike Against Iran Actually Work?

    Whatever the case, the only other way for Netanyahu to stop Iran would be to convince the president of the United States, the leader of the nation that is Israel’s closest ally and most crucial benefactor, to confront Iran decisively. An Israeli strike could theoretically set back Iran’s nuclear program, but only the U.S. has the military capabilities to set back the program in anything approaching a semi-permanent way.

    Israel doesn’t have the military capacity to “stop” Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and neither does the United States, at least not in circumstances short of total war.

  18. The GOP, a Koch company, is part of the re-election committee of Netanyahu. Can you imagine the Israeli opposition tabling a bill to force peace negotiations with the Palestinians, and scheduling Obama to speak to the Knesset to support it 2 weeks before the election in Israel? The GOP, a Koch company are a bunch of plutocrat worshipping anarchists!

  19. Do we want another “War?” NO! But we know who does.

    2 Former National Security Advisors know what they are talking about. They informed John McCain, about Iran, that President Obama is right. These 2 Former National Security Advisors have been there, done it. It was a mistake then, it well be a mistake now. We must “ignore” Israels Warmonger in Chief and stop the insanity of War, especially when we are funding Israel’s Military starting at $2,000,000.00 a day, while we are cutting our $$ military, our roads our schools our everything. 158 more countries just like Israel, who always want us to fight their wars.Congress must give Diplomacy a chance. Congress must give Peace talks a chance.Give this new Administration, new Government of Iran a chance.

    Well, enough is enough, give Congress a call your Senators a call,Sen Ayotte,Senator Shaheen, Cong. Kuster and Cong. Guinta,John Boehner, stop the insanity.(Continued)

  20. Continued Iran;
    Former NSA Brent Scowcroft;Former NSA Zbigniew wrote:

    “We support President Obama’s decision to seek a first phase understaniding with Iran to limit Iran’s nuclear program now. The agreement under discussion would slow crucial elements of the Iran program, make it more transparent and allow time to reach a more comprehensive agreement in the coming year. The apparent commitment of the new government of Iran to reverse course on its nuclear activities needs to be tested to insure it cannot rapidly build a nuclear weapon. Such an agreement would advance the national security of the United States, Israel, and other partners in the region.
    (Continued Iran)

  21. Continued Iran:
    For nearly two decades American Presidents with the strong support of the US Congress have worked on a two track policy of building ever more forceful sanctions against and pressure on Iran combined with a willingness to turn to diplomacy when opportune. It now seems possible that this dual track approach could achieve our goals of preventing a nuclear armed Iran.
    The United States has had the unprecedented cooperation of its allies and virtually the entire international community in this two track strategy. Should the United States fail to take this historic opportunity, we risk failing to achieve our non-proliferation goal and losing the support of allies and friends while increasing the probability of war.

    Additional sanctions now against Iran with the view to extracting even more concessions in the negotiations will risk undermining or even shutting down the negotiations. More sanctions now as these unprecedented negotiations are just getting underway would …

  22. Continue Iran:

    would reconfirm Iranians in their belief that the US is not prepared to make any agreement with the current government of Iran. We call on all Americans and the US Congress to stand firmly with the President in the difficult but historic negotiations with Iran.”


    Zbigniew Brzezinski, Former National Security Advisor
    Brent Scowcroft, Former National Security Advisor

    OK Its up to you,No more War. Give Peace a chance.Call Congress.

  23. Win without War:
    The U.S. Senate is poised to take up dangerous new sanctions legislation that would sabotage diplomacy and could lead to war with Iran.

    As President Obama explained during the State of the Union, “New sanctions passed by this Congress, at this moment in time, will all but guarantee that diplomacy fails. It doesn’t make sense. That is why I will veto any new sanctions bill. The American people expect us to only go to war as a last resort, and I intend to stay true to that wisdom.”

    Please sign our MoveOn.org petition to echo Obama’s call for diplomacy, not war, with Iran!

    Introduced by Senators Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL), this legislation is a renewed push for the very same reckless, diplomacy-killing sanctions that we fought and helped prevent last year. This bad bill could go through- despite President Obama’s promised veto- but only if enough Democrats support it. That’s why we need to make sure Senate Democrats hear our opposition n…

  24. Want to cut something, start with this!

    To Congress: Starting with NH Sen.Kelly Ayotte,Sen Jeanne Shaheen, Cong.Annie Kuster, Cong. Frank Guinta
    Take care of our Military.Take care of our Vets.

    $2,000,000.00 a day for Israel,158 more Foreign Country’s Military . WHY are we paying for their military and taking away from ours. If we are going to send them to war for oil, make sure you take some of that oil money for their healing.


    This is 1/4 of a page, there are 7pgs more just like this…WHY?


    military-spending please click here for complete report..pass it on

    Where does USA Military Aid Go
    Israel $2,799,544,121
    Vietnam $2,590,000
    Egypt $1,301,900,000 canceled
    Turkey $5,116,000
    Afghanistan $6,800,308,625
    Iraq $1,005,989,000 See More
    Why is this important?
    Because we can’t balance OUR budget if we Fund the World
    Write your Congress person.Don’t wait another day,anoth…

  25. Military Budget..Not ours.Theirs:

    Dear Friends,

    I just signed the petition “Stop Funding Foreign Country’s Military and cut ours.” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

    This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:


    Thank you!

  26. Iran/Diplomacy:

    When it comes to a diplomacy-first approach with Iran, President Obama is right.

    “The American people expect us to only go to war as a last resort, and I intend to stay true to that wisdom.” – State of the Union address

    The purpose of Iranian sanctions was always to open the door to negotiations; it would be irresponsible to tie negotiator’s hands as those efforts are beginning to bear fruit.

    The U.S. Senate is set to take up the matter as early as next week, and last November’s election puts our diplomatic progress in jeopardy. As veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters, it’s important we make our voices heard.

    Sign our petition telling the U.S. Senate to VOTE NO on the Menendez-Kirk bill designed to ensure diplomatic efforts fail.

    Congress has the responsibility to do everything it can before putting American troops in harm’s way — which, as the President said, should only be a last resort.

    That means letting d…

  27. This issue proves that this president may be one of the worse leaders are country has ever had . Evil is evil and Iran is a evil government that is aginest all are fundamental values . We have to have a strong defense and be strong on are enemies in odder to secure peace and this is complete weaknesses . Obama is calming that Iran is not developing Nuclear weapons but they still are and they are developing uranium . I believe in diplomacy but we must get something out of diplomatic deals and presidents in both parties which include Bush and Obama has abodend our national interest . Although i do think the Israel knows what their talking about and it is beneath the office in the way this president treats Israel .

  28. How many countries have Iran invaded in the last 150 years?
    What territories have Iran occupied and made its occupants second class citizens?
    What country supported Apartheid?
    What country has known nuclear weapons?
    What country participated in the massacre of over 2000 unarmed men , women and children?
    What country attacked , strafed sailors in the water and sunk a US Navy ship?
    If you honestly will answer those questions then ask yourself who is evil or is your bigotry so strong that you cannot answer honestly?

  29. What don’t you understand ? Israel is the only country in the Milde East that allows Arabs to have democratic rights ? What don’t you understand that the Koran You might talk about peace but that is not peaceful at all . Israel has invaded theses countries to protect themselves because their is no moral similarity to Islamic extremist invading other countries and Israel or the United States invading other countries because we stand for freedom and liberty like Israel .

  30. What a bunch of Zionist bullshit. You haven’t answer one of my questions. Now if you are a Israeli citizen I understand you want to defend that country but if you are an American how dare you put another country interest before our own.

  31. You haven’t answered my question because you cant admit that Israel is the only nation in the Middle east that respects the rights of Arab citizens in the middle east . Do you even know what Shirea law is and that woman in countries dominated by Shirea Law arent even allowed to walk out of their homes without religious goons or get a education . You can talk all you want about evil Zionist like me and the Israel prime minster but we are not like the terrorist who murder four thousand Pakistan children in a school in one day . How dare you claim that i am anti american because i support Israel because the true anti Americans are those that are anti Israel since Israel is representative all of are american values

  32. No I don’t know what Shirea law is but I do know what Sharia law is and it is like the Jewish law of Halacha
    Since you are ignorant here is a little info:Interestingly Sharia and Halacha both can be translated as the path or the way.

    Just like Halacha, Sharia deals with both religious practice aspects such as daily prayers, fasting, charity as well as aspects of daily life such as personal hygiene, guidelines for financial transactions, and dietary regulations.

    Both are not one book of codified law but have evolved over years in a body of religious literature named Sharia for Muslims and Halacha for Jews.
    GTFOH you are out your league go back to what you know, teabagging

  33. Your own ignorance is amazing . Sharia law is the Islamic law that oppresses its woman and children plain and simple . Did you know that with Sharia Law woman can be stoned for getting a education and woman can be murdered if they themselves were raped and individuals can be stoned just for denying Mohammad? Does Israel stone individuals for denying god and the Jewish region ? Please find one example ! I also think its really ignorant of you to criticize someones spelling since you don’t even finish sentences and your grammar is not all that great either . It is grammatically correct to say ” You haven’t answered all my question but not that you haven’t answer all my questions ! I should have had some serious thoughts before going on a left wing communist and terrorist sympathizing website.

  34. There is no one “sharia law”, any more than there is one “jurisprudence”. The meanings are identical. Before you go spreading more “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” type carp, learn to make distinctions, which exist and are in some cases chasmic.

  35. I am done with you because you are an ignorant bigot. Your own bible advocates stoning dumbass. You are a product of ignorance and hate. There are Christians who in their own sick twisted way do the same thing to women. You try being a Jewish women and go into an orthodox Jewish area:Israel’s treatment of women is hardly that of a democracy

    Back to Sharia law which you know nothing about:The fact of the matter is that only 200 verses of Quran deal with legal maters out of total 6236 total verses of Quran. The rest of the Quran is about the knowledge of God, a person’s role as an individual, in the society, vis-à-vis nature, the Prophetic messages, guide for a successful human behavior, images of eternal life, people of the book, and everlasting life.

    Are there idiots who twist the teachings to suit their agenda? Yes but I will direct you to Jerry Falwell, John Hagee and this Exclusive: Hate All Non-Jews, Skvere Rabbis Say http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2011/11/hate-non-jews-skvere-rabbis-say-234.html
    You have a non argument because you are a racist ignorant idiot so again go back to teabagging

  36. My religion may have its extremist too and i may be a teabagger but i know for a fact that my bible does not advocate one set of religious laws to enforce on everyone . . Your right about the Jewish bible saying that but the difference is that is has not been put into practice . You clearly did not answer my question because when i asked you about finding one example of stoning in the Jewish religion i meant in practice in the present time and you could not not name one example which means you are arguing from emotion . You want to call me a bigot but i am no such thing and you may be the most politically correct person i have ever associated with because not every culture is equal and a culture that believes in progress is not morally equivalent to a culture that is reactionary to progress . Ayn Rand had the best statement defending Israel pointing out that the Islamic terrorist groups are savages which is what theses groups are.

  37. Then you have never read your bible. It is called herem, and it means total annihilation. Consider the Book of 1 Samuel, when God instructs King Saul to attack the Amalekites: “And utterly destroy all that they have, and do not spare them,” God says through the prophet Samuel. “But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.”

    When Saul failed to do that, God took away his kingdom.

    “In other words, “Saul has committed a dreadful sin by failing to complete genocide. And that passage echoes through Christian history. It is often used, for example, in American stories of the confrontation with Indians — not just is it legitimate to kill Indians, but you are violating God’s law if you do not.”

  38. B’Tselem (The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories) issued a report today titled Black Flag: The legal and moral implications of the policy of attacking residential buildings in the Gaza Strip, summer 2014. It leads with the following two quotes:

    I lost my whole family, and my home. I have nothing left. No photos, not the things my family and I used. I lost everything. I have nothing left. I lost everything in seconds. I lost everything.
    Muhammad Nader ‘Ata al‐Agha, 19, student, resident of Ma’an/Khan Yunis.
    No other country and no other army in history have gone to greater lengths to avoid casualties among the civilian population of their enemies
    Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

  39. The first Democrat who has come out and said: For the sake of diplomacy, peace, and respect for our ally Israel, to say nothing of stability in the Middle East, Speaker Boehner must cancel the joint session of Congress with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. If he does not, I will refuse to be part of a reckless act of political grandstanding.

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer
    U.S. Representative from Oregon
    Speaker Boehner, Cancel Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

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