Boehner To Waste Millions More Taxpayer Dollars By Launching Second Lawsuit Against Obama


John Boehner told House Republicans that he was finishing plans that will waste millions more taxpayer dollars on a lawsuit against President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

Politico reported:

House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership team is preparing a resolution that could authorize further legal action against the Obama administration over its moves on immigration; he told his colleagues Tuesday morning.

The resolution, which Boehner discussed in a closed Republican meeting Tuesday, could authorize the House to take several different forms of legal action against the administration, but no final course of action has been decided. For example, the resolution could authorize the House to join a lawsuit that states have filed against President Barack Obama over the executive action.

“We are finalizing a plan to authorize litigation on this issue — one we believe gives us the best chance of success,” Boehner said in the meeting.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi blistered Boehner for not governing, “Republicans control both houses of Congress, but Speaker Boehner still doesn’t have the wherewithal to legislate. House Republicans’ latest lawsuit against the President is an embarrassing admission of failure. Republicans’ radical anti-immigrant legislation is dead on arrival. Once again, House Republicans are crawling to the courts to relieve them of their responsibility to govern. Republicans should stop wasting millions of taxpayer dollars suing the President, and start showing some seriousness for the security of the American people.”

House Republicans announced yesterday that they were delaying a vote on their border security bill because of the blizzard, but the real reason for the delay is that Speaker Boehner doesn’t have the votes to pass the bill. Boehner has refused to govern most of the time, but when he has tried to pass legislation, he often doesn’t have the votes to pass his own bills.

John Boehner can’t govern, so he is going to sue President Obama for using his executive powers. Speaker Boehner’s Obamacare lawsuit is costing taxpayers $500/hour in attorney fees. Instead of passing legislation, Speaker Boehner’s answer to everything is to abuse the court system by filing frivolous lawsuits against President Obama.

The lawsuit strategy was born out of Republican desperation, ineptitude, and failure. Speaker Boehner’s lawsuits are an attempt to distract the country from the fact no matter how big of a majority Boehner has in the House, Republicans remain unfit to govern.

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  1. Another lawsuit?!? I can’t see any lawyer worth his salt even coming near this one.

    All this screams to me is that Boehner is acting like a spoiled brat because Obama isn’t bending over and letting him and his cronies violate him and the American people against our will.

  2. #SoSueMe…..Again.

    Maybe he can hire Jonathon Turley for this too.

    Turley lost a case trying to defend a Federal Judge on impeachment charges not to long ago.

  3. Yeah, when did Turley get so weird? I recall him on Olbermann’s show berating the Bush illegal acts once a week at least. Now he has turned on this President.
    And Boehner and McConnell are about as inept at governing as a couple of kittens would be. Good grief. I do hope the average GOP voter sees what a mess their party is, and sees beyond their nasty little sound bites.

  4. All the more reason why the Justice Department should convene a Federal Grand Jury to indict Boehner for violating the Logan Act, and treason.

  5. Crack another bottle John, this isn’t going to go well! Maybe McConnell would be willing to share a bottle of Maker’s with you……… or the crack pipe he’s been smoking .

  6. With all the money they waste on investigating
    and suing they could probably pay down all student debt or another worthwhile project. Didn’t these clowns say on 60 Minutes that the country could not afford to pay for Community College? Well, I know where they could get the money.

  7. Now, what is that saying about learning from history, or NOT LEARNING??!!! I am sick of all the threats these idiots keep rewarming and offering up again….etc. etc.

    I’ve been listening to C-Span II and the (R) are again trying to pass Keystone approval to the Senate. Talk about misinformation.

  8. This is purely for the Republican base. It’s certain to be good for Republican fund raising. There isn’t anything in it for taxpayers, who are footing the bill for it, just as they did for the Republican government shutdown of 2013.

  9. I still can’t believe theAmerican people,what few of them voted,put these lying frauds in power expecting them to do something for the average joe. smfh

  10. john boehner committed treason when he invited Netanyahu to address congress without notifying the white house and the president. he broke the law and he should be jailed. this is a serious federal crime and I hope tanman is charged with treason.

  11. How deliciously ironic – the man who shredded the boundaries of decorum by inviting a foreign head of state to lobby for US involvement in another war of aggression is offended by a US president who is gently nudging the boundaries of executive power to fight for the rights of (mostly poor) immigrants.

  12. Between filing lawsuits against the President and holding “symbolic” votes to defund Obamacare, I wonder if these GOPpers ever intend to do any legislating . . .


  13. And the answer would be a big fat no
    Wingnut Parade Scheduled For Loretta Lynch Hearings
    Republicans agree that Loretta Lynch is a solid choice for Attorney General. You might infer that her nomination would be confirmed easily after the requisite committee hearings because she is so solid even Rupert Murdoch can’t say bad things about her.

    You’d be wrong. There will be hearings, and the scheduled witnesses come from the far right fringe, with one exception.

    Here are your Loretta Lynch witnesses: True the Vote’s champion vote suppressor Catherine Engelbrecht, Benghazi truther Sharyl Attkisson, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke. They added constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley in there, too, though he’s no prize when it comes to the Affordable Care Act.

  14. These lawsuits are just more song and dance with absolutely no results. The American people lose out on getting things done that might make us more competitive and productive in this 21 century global economy. Good governments that ensure that their people are healthy, educated and at ease are rewarded with low crime, disease, addiction, unemployment, and incarceration. This is a FACT. It is not up for debate. Instead we have a Congress who has members with practical, applicable, and proven methods to improve all aspects of this nation and are forced to remain irrelevant in the Legislative process. Boener, McConnell and all of the encompassing ilk are serving their slave masters with singular solidarity. In doing so, their masters have agreed to defeat their rivals: The poor and middle class minorities who “aren’t really Americans,” according to bigoted, racist white people (disgusting). They some how think that they are immune to insatiable, unregulated greed? continued

  15. Do the ignorant conservative masses think that they will be spared from the austerity and hardship? Hah! They believe that the Democrats are somehow to blame. How delusional. How brainwashed. How sad. They will blame (because they were told to) a highly intelligent, well educated, articulate and passionate black man. This amazing man, who by the way is trying to save their ignorant, hateful asses, (and their kids and so on) from the doom and gloom of a future far worse than anything a tea party numb skull can even dream up. This Congress, and every other Congress after it will be useless, as long as big money runs those chambers instead of the interests of the American people…all of them.

  16. Yep. That should be President Obama’s response to yet another expensive lawsuit Boehner is going to put on the taxpayer’s bill.

    Let’s see which one will stick.

  17. I wonder how many millions of dollars have been wasted between John B and Trey G… Isn’t this kinda stuff illegal?

  18. So much for legislating
    Republicans couldn’t care less about funding Homeland Security, hoping for a White House fix

    Republicans now realize they have no good way to stop President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, so they’ve decided there’s no real downside to allowing funding to run out for the Department of Homeland Security. From Politico:

    Leading Republicans say the fallout would be limited if Congress fails to act. In private conversations and in meetings around the Capitol and on the House floor, top House GOP figures say most of DHS’s 280,000 employees will stay on the job even without a new funding bill because they are considered essential employees — though their paychecks would stop coming in the meantime.

  19. What,an Izza clone? Boehner and his GOPers stall at minimum wAGE INCREASE, but ready to piss away taxpayer dollars.Should he lose, he should be held responsible for,antying up the cost.
    Why should we all poay for this loser’scrap shoot????

  20. Republican Rep. Charlie Dent, who is in a Pennsylvania district Mitt Romney won in 2012 just 51 to 48 percent, last week lamented the kinds of issues House Republicans have been taking up so far in this new 114th Congress. In his words:

    “Week one, we had a Speaker election that didn’t go as well as a lot of us would have liked. Week two, we spent a lot of time talking about deporting children, a conversation a lot of us didn’t want to have. Week three, we’re debating reportable rape and incest — again, not an issue a lot of us wanted to have a conversation about. I just can’t wait for week four.”

    So what about Week Four? It will be about (drum roll) repealing Obamacare

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