Desperate For Cash Sarah Palin Says God Will Tell Her Whether Or Not To Run In 2016

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Sarah Palin says God will tell her whether or not to run for president, but the real reason why Palin is talking 2016 is a desperate need for cash.


Sean Hannity asked Palin to explain her thought process about running in 2016. She answered, “My thought process personally and near and dear to my heart of course obviously would be my family and receiving their blessing to go forth first and foremost, and of course being a Christian, putting my life in God’s hands seeking guidance and inspiration divinely as to whether to run or not that’s at the top of the list, but as for the practical logistical steps you take, yes, I have a small team, and that would expand if any decision were to be made to move forward, and in the meantime, you know, I’m going to continue to do what I am doing and that’s helping find other candidates in other positions to get out there and do what’s right for their cities their states for our country, because the middle class as I said in that Iowa speech really is getting the shaft with policies coming down from in a lot of cases the state level certainly the federal level that are hurting working class Americans…”

During the same interview, Palin took a jab at Bill O’Reilly, but this is nothing new. O’Reilly doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for Palin. The idea that God will tell a candidate to run is the last resort for the various scammers and self-promoting riff-raff that surfaces during every presidential election cycle. It is laughable that the media would consider Palin to be a potential 2016 Republican candidate.

Palin’s Iowa speech at the “Freedom Summit” was widely panned by Republicans and conservatives. The reality is that Sarah Palin is making no moves towards running in 2016. Other contenders for the presidency are hiring staff and raising money while Palin has done absolutely nothing. Sarah Palin isn’t running. She isn’t serious about running. One hopes that God would have better things to do than to weigh in on Sarah Palin’s future. By the way, God also told Michele Bachmann to run in 2012, so one suspects that if God is dabbling in American politics, he/she has a great sense of humor.

The real reason Sarah Palin is going back to the fake presidential campaign well can be found in the finances of her SarahPAC. According to Open Secrets, SarahPAC’s fundraising dropped from more than $5 million in 2012 to $2.7 million in 2014. In 2014, the PAC spent more than it took in, and its cash on hand dropped to $825,556. In other words, Sarah Palin is rumbling about the White House because she needs cash. Palin can’t afford to run for president. Most of the big donors in the Republican Party are already choosing their candidates, but Palin has learned that pretending to run for president boosts donations, so Sarah is back to her favorite scam.

The media will never learn that Palin is running a con. She has no intention of running for office. Sarah Palin’s only mission is to scam more money out of her marks.

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  1. Read her SarahPAC filing for last quarter 2014. She took in $56K and spent double that. Chick be desperate (sorry, couldn’t resist), going bankrupt, and you can see it in her appearance, talk, and mannerisms.

  2. Palin continually dangles the carrot in front of the GOP/Tea Party tempting them with a step toward running. She won’t. She knows in the back of her empty head that she is not electable.

  3. —–“Sarah Palin’s approval ratings ARE in Joe the Plumber’s toilet, would you want her to steal the Primary with her Merry Band of Tea Partiers? Uh huh”—–

    So, Sarah IS JUST BS-#iting. That woman needs attention in the worst way. But, doesn’t she listen to and see all the negative jabs at her? Does her “staff” read the bad news to her? O’Reilly does not like her. How about that? Her only meida Friend is at FOX: HANNITY. Another unlikeable guy. And another thing, has anyone ever seen her on any other network or cable other than FOX? That proves she’s not legit in the rest of the world. Just in FOX’s world she’s a star. Tsk, tsk.

  4. The other night after that word salad I decided to have some fun and went on the conservative4sarah site or some shit like that, I admit I was trolling and just to see what they were saying about her.

    Those people are truly delusional. So after about 10 posts they finally figured out I was calling them the idiots that they are.

    If she is whoring for dollars trust, she has a built in network of the stupid who will send her money. BTW I am now banned for life. LOL

  5. I do believe that “god” will tell Sarah to run for the same reason he allowed the Platypus to evolve…. He likes a good laugh. Also maybe just maybe if he makes Sarah run the American People will FINALLY
    realize how morally and intellectually bankrupt the GOTP is.[WINK]

  6. It has been said that some things never change and so it is with Sarah Palin– running the same scam every four years, collecting big bucks from the rubes.

    And the Media loves her– where ever she goes she gets coverage because (fair or not) people will watch and listen to her (kind of like watching a train wreck over and over again).

    Palin knows this and she could care less of any damage she may have on the Republican brand– it’s all about making money. Of course, this is all good for the Dems.

    See Sarah “run” — and laughing all the way to bank.

    You can bet that Sean Hannity has the same contempt about his low information viewers when the cameras and microphones are turned off– Suckers!! Both low-lifes living the high life.

  7. A female version of Jimmy Swaggart. She has all that PAC money, and used most of it to live a lavish lifestyle than support candidates.

  8. Palin should definitely run. Her campaign will be good for a laugh, and she will be able to siphon money from the lunatic fringe who might otherwise give to someone who has slightly more than a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected.

  9. The only thing God would ever tell Palin is to STFU !! She has become such an embarassment for the GOP, that I’m sure they’re asking God for those very words.

  10. Hopefully, her God can understand the word-salad-of-a-request that he probably received….

    Maybe, he will make Heaven a No-Wingnut Zone?

  11. The only thing God would have to say to halftime loser would be ” When are you gonna start behaving like a Christian? You have been worshiping Beezelbub and Im not happy.

  12. The article and most of the commenters know it, it’s a scam. Beyond a doubt. So, that being said, let me just call it for what it is, PC be dam*ed:

    Palin is a whore, selling her faded body and defective intellect for cash. Her pimps are her family and the few Baggers in her entourage who can’t glom onto someone who makes more money. Her Johns are the fat old white guys who fantasize about her, the ones whose cattle are nervous when they’re around.
    Few things are more pathetic than a prostitute past her prime. Again, Palin is a dirty, filthy whore.

  13. If God tells Sarah Palin to run for ANY office, it’ll be because he/she is obviously a Democrat and a Liberal who enjoys a good sitcom as much as the rest of us.

  14. You must be kidding, Todd cant work, now that hes a stay-at-home mom until Sara gets tired of doing this, which shouldnt be too long seeing that she cant do anything for more than 2 years before losing interest. She has ditched her kids, Alaska, Christianity, sanity. Not presidential material whatsoever.

  15. How will Sarah differentiate the voice of God from all the other voices in her head that keep talking to her? Obviously, not one of them is an English teacher…or debater…..or sane!

  16. actually i HAVE seen her on another cable network: on The Daily Show when they’re making fun of her!

  17. Dear Sarah,

    WTF? I don’t understand Palinesse, please say again in English, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, Twitterese or any of the thousands of other languages and/or slang-uages I created.

    (DBA Allah, Buddha, God, Jehovah, Jupiter, Thor, Zeus and many other names.)

  18. Of course God will tell her to run – just like He/She/It will tell all the other GOP mental cases to run. Then He/She/It will sit back and guffaw for eons!

  19. Isn’t it weird that republicans always say tht gawd told them to run. They need to stop calling God’s name in vain.

  20. Uncajoe, you need to get the Rosetta Stone module that covers “wordslaw, understanding your salad”.

  21. “I’m going to continue to do what I am doing and that’s helping find other candidates.” Yeah and if you look at the latest FEC filing for scarahpac you can see she spent z.e.r.o. dollars on candidates. YES, ZERO!
    Compare that to how much she spent on “postage.”
    Well.. it takes money from somewhere to pay for someone to kiss her ass, take care of that DS child, and pay the loser unemployable birth-children of hers.
    Crunch wrap supremes don’t appear out of thin air either.

  22. Send Sarah the Tundra Grifter some Money.
    Because Sarah says that’s what God Wants.

    Sadly, the Village Idiots will starve themselves when they send Sarah their last dollar.

    Because Sarah says that’s what God Wants.

  23. Money talks. That’s all that motivates her. What really kills me is that there are so many people who still send her money. Honestly.

  24. The time will come when the press/media will report that Palin has filed for bankruptcy. Her days of scaming the poor, gullible, no information republicons are quickly coming to an end. They’re looking for a new clown to love……

  25. I disagree with this article in one important way people seems to completely overlook. It is the MEDIA that is the real CON. Palin is just one little tool, one little attention whore they have in effect hired to grease the wheels. Follow the money. Where does the majority of the money spent wind up? A big percentage goes right back to the “media” and the shadow men running the shows. It gets spread around a little but it all goes to the same crooks that are taking over the country. It doesn’t matter which party they claim to work for the only changes I have seen in years have all been from one root cause. Do we really want to think we are the smart people..LOOK around. Is it an accident Canada would not allow Rupert Murdoch to immigrant to their country? Won’t even allow him to set up his many cons there. I liked it better when I was comfortable with my own fantasies about what God and Christians mean.

  26. it is quite hilarious that this witless harpy thinks she is Presidential qualifications and the only people stupid enough who believe this type of foolishness is her dwindling tea party fan base! Let’s look at Palin: 1. she couldn’t even tell in an interview what books or magazines she read. 2. She didn’t even know what the Vice President does (not a good sign if you trying to get that job as Vice President) 3. She has quit her job as Governor two years in her first term. 4. She has a drunken street trash family who just recently was in a brawl 5. Palin has made countless idiotic and factually challenged statements to numerous to list 6. She has made offensive racist remarks about President Obama. She really isn’t a politician but a reality TV star with delusions of grandeur. All this adds up to a brainless, tactless, clueless aging Barbie Doll that is absolute train wreck as a candidate!

  27. I wish God would suggest that she quietly disappear back into the Alaskan frontier and keep her own brand of crazy to herself.

  28. Sarah WILL BE DONE in two years…..when Obama leaves the White House. Her claim to fame: Obama Bashing will no longer be in vogue, therefore the Wasilla Mama Bear will no longer have a platform to chide, bash, and talk her gibberish. Unless, unless, she finds it lucrative to bash HILLARY! Oh, No! How can we get rid of her? Elect a Republican? Hell no. We can survive listening and watching her sideshow, but I don’t think that we could survive with a Republican in the White House. NO WAY!

  29. The only Republican presidency I would now deem survivable would be that of Jon Huntsman, and there is no way the Republican Party would allow him to run.

  30. Great that is all we need is Palin running around with Nuclear codes,waiting for God to speak to her.What a huckster.

  31. I can see the headline now..”Sarah Palin “Momma Grizzly” Mauled by Mother Grizzly Bear while hunting with Ted Nugent. Of course Ted shit his pants because the bear was not de-clawed and mildly sedated and in a game reserve.

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