Desperate Republicans Are Trying To Recruit Elizabeth Warren To Run Against Hillary Clinton


Republicans are so worried about Hillary Clinton that they are trying to recruit Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to run against the former Secretary of State.

The New York Times reported:

On cable television and in private strategy sessions, conservatives are steadily stoking the flames of a movement to recruit Ms. Warren, who has said she will not run but whose anti-Wall Street economic message resonates with the liberal base of the Democratic Party.


The tactic says much about the 2016 landscape for Republicans. A crowded field of people who say they are considering running for president — including Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and the 2012 presidential nominee, Mitt Romney — has emerged. That means the party is expecting a bruising ideological battle for the nomination.


An easy path to the nomination could allow Mrs. Clinton to enter a general election with more funding than the Republican nominee, who would have had to spend heavily to beat a wide field of competitors. Ms. Warren represents Republicans’ best hope for an expensive, prolonged battle for the Democratic nomination, weakening Mrs. Clinton along the way, political operatives on both sides say.

Republicans see the same dynamic that played out in 2012 happening again in 2016. The difference being that Hillary Clinton has the potential to take back the White House and have long enough coattails to help Democrats take back the Senate and pick up House seats. Republicans have been terrified for years of Clinton’s candidacy. The RNC was so worried about the impact of a long and bruising primary that they tried to front load and rig the process so that a nominee could be chosen quickly.

Things are quickly spiraling out of control for the Republicans as they head into 2016. Currently, there are no less than eighteen Republicans who could be presidential candidates. The establishment was ready to rally around Chris Christie until Bridgegate happened. Jeb Bush is a candidate who isn’t generating much enthusiasm outside of the donor class, and the resurfacing of Mitt Romney has added chaos to the entire process. It is looking more like the Republicans will go through a bloody fight to pick their nominee.

Sen. Warren can see the writing on the wall. There is no way that she will do the GOP’s dirty work for them. The so-called Warren wing of the Democratic Party is tiny and heavily outnumbered compared to the Obama/Clinton coalition that is lining up behind the former Sec. of State. Republicans can see what is coming down the road, which is why their last best hope may be to try to cause a fracture in Democratic unity. Elizabeth Warren isn’t going to take the bait.

Republicans know that they probably won’t be able to stop Hillary Clinton, so they are hoping that Elizabeth Warren will do their dirty work for them. Democrats will likely stand together and watch the Republican Party tear itself apart.

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  1. As great as Liz would be in the White House, we need her in the Senate, and she loves her current job. Why would she want to be the GOP punching bag for four years? Hillary will let the lies roll off of her…she has lived her adult life in the political bubble, and they will not scare her off. Nor will they divide Democrats. We WILL keep the White House. We WILL take back Congress. We WILL save this nation from the evangelicals who think they have a direct line to God and he supports their greed, wars, and lies.

  2. Dream scenario: Hillary for four years, Warren for four years. Both are hitting age limit issues for an eight year presidency, but each has much to offer the country. If we take back the senate in 2016, then Warren is probably best placed right where she is. Until the GOP dumps the right wing extremists and starts listening to the people outside their bubble, the democrats will hold the presidency long into the future.

  3. Desperate Republicans Are Trying To Recruit Elizabeth Warren To Run Against Hillary Clinton

    LOL — only thing left now is for Clinton to announce Warren as her running mate . . . that’d set off nuclear explosions in the repubs’ heads . . .


  4. Since we can’t have the best Bernie Sanders. The next best would be Clinton/Warren for eight years, then Warren/? For eight years.

  5. Oh the poor demented mind of a libtard. There is little that conservatives would enjoy more than the prospect of a bitter, wisened,hysterical shrew leading the lefties in a presidential election. Hillary may have enough brains not to subject herself to the slaughter she would endure, were she foolish enough to seek and obtain her party’s nomination. If not, her failure will be epic and most enjoyable for those people who still maintain a belief in decency, morality and the greatness of the United States of America.

  6. Oh Dougie! Slaughter? Really? Seriously, you spew so much Rush/O’Reilly/Hannity crap I’ll bet you haven’t even noticed the Republican Clown Car is filling up as much as it did last time when your party was DECIMATED. Look up the word knuckledragger.
    The only slaughter that’s going to happen is to the numbnuts still listening to Limpballs, and whatever rich guy talks you into voting against your own self interests – AGAIN.

  7. Seems few have considered the possibility of a Clinton/O’Malley or O’Malley/Warren ticket … I think that is a possibility

  8. I would suggest that anyone who starts a comment with the slur “libtard” probably isn’t all that interested in promoting decency…

  9. alright. rumor mill here. I think warren and Clinton will run together as president and vice president candidates. just watch and see!

  10. Doug Taylor. How long will you conservatives sell out your children’s futures and even your own futures for the sake of maintaining the status quo? Unless you are part of the 1%, then, your rant is perfectly logical.

  11. Republicans are TERRIFIED of a Hillary Clinton presidential run. She has consistently beaten any one of their sorry and broken candidates in each and every one of their polls – even the RW ones.

    Of course they’ll be looking for a “spoiler” and are trying to recruit Senator Warren. Thing is, she’s no patsy. She’s FAR smarter, politically, than Nader and she’s not going to fall for their well-funded ploys and harm the Democratic Party.

    I hope Senate Democrats will wise up and vote to make Elizabeth Warren Senate Majority Leader when Hillary Clinton is elected president, though. That would be PERFECT.

  12. “Hillary may have enough brains not to subject herself to the slaughter she would endure blah blah blah . . .”

    You mean like the “slaughter she endured” when she ran for the NY Senate twice, won by 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 margins respectively, and two of her opponents (Giuliani and Pirro) dropped out?

    Poor Dougie: trapped in the rightwingnut brain bubble . . .


  13. i see to remember another democrat that you guys said would be slaughtered not once, but twice name Barrak Hussein Obama and guess what the only thing that was slaughtered that night was Romeny’s wet dream of being president.

  14. I am not a Hillary fan, but I am a Warren fan. But, as much as I would love to see EW run for Prez, we need her more in the Senate.

  15. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s not as if the presidency is the only position where leadership is needed!! We need BOTH women in power!

  16. I think that Warren would be a much better president than Hillary, but I agree that her chances of winning the nomination are slim and if she did she would have even more trouble winning the general election. She knows that she can do more good in the Senate an that to run would just harm the prospects for democrats to end the republican insanity that we are going to see more of over the next 2 years. Republicans can try all they want to divide democrats, but while it may work for a small minority, the majority realize that a republican president is the main thing we need to avoid.

  17. Doug, you should learn that using a term like “libtard” reflects more on your lack of intellect and empathy than on any of the people you think you are insulting. To include the suffix “tard” is slur to all mentally challenged people, and indicates a total lack of sensitivity. You should follow Mark Twain’s advice when he said:

    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  18. Warren is great on domestic economic policy, not sure if she can keep up with Clinton on foreign policy, environment, etc…

    I will say this though, as much as some people like to think Hillary is this monster heavyweight contender, I’m not so sure. Don’t forget she got her ass handed to her by an unknown state senator from IL. Sure, Obama is Obama now. But when he spanked Clinton in the Iowa caucus he was a nobody. I’m just not sure she is as strong as some believe.

  19. Danny, I think there are several reasons Obama “smacked” Hillary when he was a virtual nobody — except that he wasn’t, as far as the DNC was concerned. He gave that magnificent speech at the 2004 convention, he had an impressive resume, had written two widely-read books, had an exotic personal history, and a certain charisma that Hillary just couldn’t match. He fitted the Democratic notion of the perfect candidate — handsome, smart, debonair and black.
    Is there anyone else in the Democratic Party who could match those attributes and beat Hillary? I don’t think so.

  20. I’m willing to believe Warren when she says she’s not running. She’s not known to be one who says things she doesn’t mean. But I could imagine a vice president Warren easily enough.

  21. A couple facts if I may:

    The koch will spend a billion bucks this year.
    Warren will get no money from Wall Street. Hillary might.
    No one can win with a message against Wall Street in general. Warren is locked in on one message.
    Hillary at least can have a more varied position that might be equitable to both sides
    Sadly, it takes a great deal of cash to run. Warren could never raise it. Hillary can.
    We need a president, not someone who has popular but regional support

  22. I think the headline should read Hillary supporters are scared that Warren would give her a run for her money. There are too many democrats & more importantly independents that really do not like Hillary Clinton. Most Republicans I know want her to run because they feel there are Republican candidates capable of beating her. If she is the best we have to put up our party is in serious trouble. She will get creamed on foreign policy issues & lacks the charisma that Obama & Bill Clinton had. Hell she could not even tell ABC what her top accomplishment as sec of state was. Her attempt to pad her resume failed

  23. I agree Justin. The Third Way corporate wing of the Democratic party is trying to shove Hillary down our throats and I’m sick of it. If Senator Warren or Senator Sanders doesn’t run my family and I will vote Green.

  24. A Republican dream: Warren takes on Clinton in primaries and does well. But the convention gives the nod to Clinton, with a nice-guy Democrat for VP. Warren is talked into running as an independent, and the Republican noodnik takes the Presidency while their party keeps Congress. They cement the Supreme Court with seven or more “conservatives,” and lock in power for decades. That just can’t be allowed to happen.

  25. So you admit it. Fox and republicans are one and the same and there is no fair and balance.
    BTW the article states that Murdoch is donating money that he got from you rubes who watches that cesspool because without you none of it would have been possible. But I guess that’s too complicated for you to understand

  26. 2016: hillary and liz.
    let’s get it right – AND LEFT – for a change!
    think about it. we can do it. we must!

  27. …and what says ” decency, morality and greatness” like trolling internet forums? You’d make general Washington proud, son!

    Oh, and about that whole “enjoying the slaughter” thing… I guess you’ll be enjoying it the same way you enjoyed McCain/Palin’s “overwhelming victory” over Hussein Obama? Or the Romney “landslide”?

    -Clearly what the American people want is another Bush! Because that went so well the last time!

    But no, you’re right. It’s the “libtards” who are delusional. Yep. Totally nailed us.

  28. I think the only way it makes any sense for Sen. Warren to accept the VP ticket slot is if Hillary gives Liz more freedom than President Obama gave Biden to crackdown on Wall Street. But is that likely considering where a lot of Hillary’s war chest money is coming from?

    Sec. Clinton may have important allies there she doesn’t wanna piss off.

  29. Terrified? We have all the momentum. I hope Hillary does get the Dem nomination. Then she can be fully exposed and can no longer hide from her record.

  30. Clinton/Richardson is a good ticket. Bill Richardson has been vetted through the primaries and would boost the Latino vote.

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