President Obama’s Approval Rating Has Improved By 22 Points Since The GOP Took Congress

President Obama’s approval rating has improved by 22 points in the Gallup poll since Republicans won control of Congress. Obama’s opposition to the Republican agenda is making the president more popular while destroying the myth of a GOP mandate.

Danny Vinik of The New Republic pointed out the dramatic shift in the president’s job approval rating, “On Monday, President Barack Obama’s favorability rating hit 50 in the Gallup tracking poll for the first time since June 2013, with his unfavorable rating at 45 percent. That’s a 22-point improvement since the midterm elections, when Obama’s approval rating was 39 percent and his disapproval rating was 56 percent.” President Obama’s approval rating at the height of the 2014 campaign was an underwater net (-10 to -17 points). These bad numbers can be attributed to the fact that Republicans ran an relentlessly negative campaign against the president, while Democrats made the doubly deadly decision to run away from Obama while keeping the president off of the campaign trail.

The myth that there was some kind of mandate to be gained out of the 2014 election has been widely pushed by Republicans, when the reality is that 2014 was an election where the contested races took part on Republican turf, and the latest midterm was more evidence that future elections may be decided more on geographic polarization than those mysterious favorites of the political chattering class, waves and momentum.

President Obama has turned the post-election landscape into a contest between two competing visions for the direction of the country. By acting alone on climate change, immigration, and Cuba, the president showed the American people what his agenda looks like. Meanwhile, Republicans have opposed tax cuts for the middle class, free community college, and tried to take away health care from millions. The president has appealed to economic middle of the country while Senate Republicans have spent the past month trying to pass a bill that is a gift for Big Oil (Keystone XL).

The president has become more popular by understanding that the American people want action. The president rejected the idea that Republicans gained a mandate. The worst thing that Obama could have done after the election would have been to yield to the Republican agenda. President Obama is riding the wave of a growing economy and increased optimism to shatter the myth that the American people want the Republican agenda.

Obama is soaring to a presidential resurgence because he rejected the conventional wisdom of a Republican mandate.

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  1. Come on, we can do better, it should be higher, with what he has had to put up with and how much he has done I give him 100%.

  2. I know many people, who, if you talk to them issue by issue should be solid Dems. Pro-environment, anti KXL, anti war, whatever. But when you ask them who they vote for, it’s always “Oh, I’m voting straight Republican!” You come to find out that there’s one core issue-racism, abortion, guns, religion, gay rights-that somehow overwhelms sanity and intellect and makes them vote against themselves just so they can vote on that one issue. It’s beyond frustrating, maybe the 24/7 media inundation from RW radio and FOX is to blame. When I try to tell them how they’re hurting themselves, they’ll just say “Well, I admit you know a lot about things” (it’s really because they don’t know s**t) but they will never change their minds. The average voter, esp. GOP voters, is even dumber than we give them credit for.

  3. The GOP is a bunch of damn fools and they need to take a back seat to our great President and his agenda.

  4. What drives GOP allegiance is less ideology and specific issues than it is fear of us. We are inter-racial, multi-cultural, and too often snobs. We make fun of them seeing the weight of their everyday lives and ignorance of the issues we care about as evidence they are stupid.

    When in CA Prop. 8 succeeded and banned same sex marriage, the LGBT community made a huge effort to walk door-to-door on a ‘get to know us’ campaign. It worked amazing changes. The attitudes of even older people toward marriage equality swiftly altered.

    Are we willing to do the same, to engage in someone else’s more modest and difficult life to try to first see the world through their eyes then figure how to frame a WHOLE scenario that takes the fear out of what we believe? It won’t happen overnight, but it CAN happen if we try.

  5. We the people want our leaders to actually lead. POTUS has shown great leadership. Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to shove the middle class off of a cliff.

  6. It is terrifying that ALEC and the Reichwing have infiltrated a great deal of State and Municipal governments….where….arguably, real power resides.

    Let’s just hope that the experience of Liberal and Progressive policies, such as Obamacare, will actually persuade the American Electorate that Neo-New Deal Policies are democratic and supportive of all Americans.

  7. Brainwashed…the Rightwing doesn’t get the Truth/Facts!

    GWB was at 22% at this time in Presidency.
    But they’ll never hear that on FOX!

  8. Why not go out fighting, Mitch and John thought that they finally had everything they needed to force him into submission.
    They got the message when he refused to acknowledge the supposed repudiation of him and his policies. His actions wiped the smiles off of their faces and they have been frowning ever since. It will only get better as the senate democrats get involved.

  9. I don’t know how you can count Disapprove going down 11 points and Approve going up 11 points as Obama’s favorability going up “22 points.” It’s great, don’t get me wrong… but let’s not play dubious math here. That’s what Fox “News” does.

  10. Agreed — I am glad to see the turn around in the polls.

    But adding these make absolutely no sense and, in regard to credibility, you’re shooting yourself in the foot for no good reason.

  11. These numbers, if true, prove to me just how stupid some Americans truly are!

    This country has seen its better days, and this president is going to drive the final nail into the coffin.

  12. The more the Democratic Party promotes equality for everyone in everything (pay, education, health, etc.), the more the GOP has to defend their policies against equality. Dems should take it to the GOP in every debate, every time.

  13. The title of this article is inaccurate. You double count. An 11% increase in approval and an 11% decrease are the same thing. It is an 11% increase not 22%.

  14. Dont ever be surprised at just how wrong the left is with basic math or how they refuse to see the game of numbers left with journalist try and spin things. They were wrong in the beginning, they are wrong today, and they will continue to be wrong with math and economics far into the future.

  15. We were wrong in 2008 NOT. “We will make him a one term President” We were wrong in 2012 NOT. We were wrong about the economy NOT. We were wrong on energy NOT.

    At some point just admit it, YOU ARE AN IDIOT

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