Republicans Have Failed As Obamacare Enrollment Spreads Like Wildfire In Red States


Despite the protests of Republicans and red state conservatives, millions of people in Republican controlled states have enrolled in the federal health insurance exchange. The Republican efforts to stop Obamacare at the state level have been a failure.

Politico reported:

But from Maine to Mississippi, Texas to Wisconsin, enrollment numbers keep rising, no matter how they are sliced — total number of people enrolled, percentage of eligible people getting covered, the overall drop in the uninsured rate.

Those gains pose a challenge in the coming months for Republicans, who face the prospect that millions of people in 37 states will lose insurance subsidies if the Supreme Court rules against the Obama administration in King v. Burwell this June.


A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study found that a ruling against the administration would disproportionately affect people who are white, Southern and employed — a demographic crucial to the Republican base. The foundation estimated that 6.3 million people could lose coverage if the subsidies end. Of those, 82 percent have modest incomes but are not poor, 62 percent live in the South and 61 percent are white.

Republicans who thought that they were stopping the law by refusing to set up their own state exchanges have created a trap for themselves. Florida, Maine, Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina have all covered at least 40% of their eligible residents under the federal exchange. Arkansas also depends on subsidies to fund their “private option” plan. All of these states will face an immediate backlash if the Supreme Court rules that only states that have set up exchanges are eligible for subsidies.

In spite of their efforts to deny their residents access to affordable health care, millions of conservatives are enrolling. Pressure will grow on Republicans if their residents lose their subsidies. The vast majority of those who lose their subsidies live in states that are controlled by Republicans. President Obama has won. The president was correct. All people want access to affordable health care. This isn’t a liberal or conservative issue. Republicans express a burning desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but they will be outraged if their subsidies are taken away.

The great irony is that by not setting up their own exchanges red state Republicans have dug their own graves. The American people have spoken. Republicans have lost the Obamacare war.

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  1. Republicans getting their families covered too? Of course! They are not listening to their Republican local politicians or the messed up Washington crew who are trying foolishly to make certain they don’t have quality, affordable insurance. Look, if you need a blood transfusion, do you ask if it is coming from a Democrat or Republican? Hell No! You get the blood—and live! So, again the Republicans will be on the wrong side of history with ACA a/k/a Obamacare. We told you so.

  2. When Republicans and Conservatives are EVER correct then That will be real news. You can use this rule of thumb, if the right is against it then you know it’s the correct thing to do! They live in an alternate world that slips into this universe of reality through small minds and spreads like a quantum virus.

  3. 2015 OBAMACARE: January 2015 CBO Outlook on Obamacare says program costs $50,000 for every sign-up, in taxpayer money covering between, between 24 million and 27 million Americans, totaling $1.993 trillion over 10 years, and takes in $643 billion in new taxes, penalties and fees related to Obamacare. The $1.35 trillion net cost will reduce ‘between 24 million and 27 million’ Americans from being uninsured and saving their lives. Compared to $3 trillion in corporate welfare for 400 companies representing less than 1% of the population, I would call $1.35 trillion for 24+ million a GREAT VALUE.

    Obamacare will still leave ‘between 29 million and 31 million’ nonelderly Americans without medical insurance. 12 million of these in 23 states are because the Supreme Court Justices ruled to allow Governors to make the best decision for their people and allow them to refuse to expand Medicaid, that has resulted in killing 27,000 people due to lack of care. Need Medicare for ALL!

  4. Thomas,
    One should ask at what will the Affordable Care Act really cost;

    Estimates that those currently insured through the ACA cost about $50,000 per person. Also the CBO cites that ACA will distort work incentives.

    Along with an increasingly larger portion of government spending going to pay the interest on the debt,albeit growing more slowly, but still growing, it could be a disaster in the making.Please feel free to blame the Republicans, there is enoug…

  5. If $50,000.00 per person is the cost over 10 years, at $5000 per year that is almost
    the cost of one trip to the emergency room & doctor & ambulance. I know some people in the town I live in who are on medicaid and they are always going to the emergency room for treatment and for the childrens treatment, how much per year does that add to medical insurance costs for everyone else>

  6. You read the second link wrong. What the CBO said since people will no longer be tied to employer based health insurance which BTW you subsidize with your tax dollars, people will be free to start their own business, so they wont be on the work rolls.

    Now your first link, do you really want to take the advise of a moonie rag?

  7. God only knows how many citizens have died because Republicans placed politics above what was best for their citizens.

    I am glad Governor Beshear set up KYNECT. The state had around 640,000 uninsured, which has plunged 29% to around 100,000 being uninsured. It may be less now.

  8. I wish I can see the faces of all those Kentuckians who fell for the snake oil by the turtle who told them you can keep your KYNECT while I repeal the ACA
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  9. DJ,
    There is some credence to the reduced tax deductions that businesses will sustain if they remove employees from business subsidized health insurance could increase income to the government. I just don’t believe that this will not be more than off set by the additional expenses born by the government through expanded Medicaid and Chip. As we have seen with all state sponsored subsidies/programs the government estimates on the costs are always low. The more you subsidize something, ie higher education, you get more people using the service and at a higher cost. MA is a good example of this with regards to healthcare/insurance.

    I understand the rate of increase has slowed, but like with any exponentially increasing rate it will lose velocity because it is unsustainable.

  10. Joan,
    It has been shown that expanding health insurance coverage does not reduce emergency room visits as once thought. It was born out with Romneycare and again proven recently in Oregon.

  11. Ronda,
    While I have quoted the CBO in the past there numbers are often highly speculative. As for the governors who rejected the expansion of Medicaid, that will be interesting to see how that plays out.While the federal subsidy is set to drop from 100% to 90% after 2016 some think the additional federal subsidy will offset the cost to the free care pool. but the cost still has to be born somewhere and I dare say that the federal costs will sky rocket while subsidizing healthcare through medicaid will do nothing to reel in actual health care costs.

  12. I cannot explain it. You like MY NEXT, yet you vote for McConnell, who wanted to take it from you. All I can say is there is a disconnect somewhere

  13. I don’t know why that is. Maybe like pavlofs dog they have been condition to go to he ER since that’s all they know. Then again when you have an emergency in the middle of the night that’s where you go.

  14. My sister recently lost her job and along with it her health insurance. She has a chronic medical condition and needs to see a specialist regularly, and she takes several medications.

    She has insurance now through ACA and doesn’t have to worry about how she’ll pay for her doc visits, prescriptions, etc. Costs her about $49 a month.

    Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d gladly pay a bit more for people like my sister to have health insurance. In the long term, costs for everyone will be lower and that’s a worthy goal.

    Of course, it’s a worthy goal just to have people be able to go to the doctor now and if they go to the ER, they won’t end up with a bill they can’t pay – and one that YOU would end up paying instead.

    That’s good for everyone.

    A healthy population is a productive and prosperous one.

  15. DJ,
    I think you are correct. These people know they will receive a service, what tends to be a very expensive service, and they cannot be turned away because off EMTALA, signed in by Reagan. The free service pool in MA comes out of charges to the profitable hospitals as well as state tax money, so with or without Medicaid we are still paying for the healthcare, and many of these recipients are recent arrivals who have little or no healthcare in the past so there is often other problems that had gone undetected. Nothing is more expensive than cheap labor, the only question is who bears the cost.

  16. Absolutely not. I am saying the plane is on a crash course just at a slightly slower speed and I don’t trust the speedometer or the people reading it to me.

  17. So just I know where you are coming from. If you don’t trust Democrats numbers whose numbers do you trust?

  18. “A Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study found that a ruling against the administration would disproportionately affect people who are white, Southern and employed — a demographic crucial to the Republican base.”


  19. I think that Jason is a bit overly optimistic about the reaction of those who will lose their subsidies when the Fab 5 on the SCOTUS either strike down the subsidies issued through federal exchanges (or refer it to the GOP-controlled Congress to fix, which basically means the same thing). I predict that those predominately GOP voters who will be hurt by losing their subsidies will probably be told something like this by the GOP: “President Obama ‘wrote’ the subsidies portion of the law ‘illegally’ which is the reason that the SCOTUS stopped the subsidies issued through the federal exchanges. Vote for us in 2016 and we will replace the law with something much better.” I predict that their devoted Obama-hating voters will probably fall for it and not demand that their states establish their own exchanges. Therefore, they will likely remain docile, without healthcare, for their GOP-controlled legislatures. I hope that I’m wrong.

  20. Again bagger do you care the expand on that thought. In case you don’t know what expand means


    become or make larger or more extensive.

  21. They have been fighting a loosing battle for years, the ACA provides people without health care viable options. The GOP offers them suffering and possibly death if they get their way.

  22. Hypocritical republicons who lied and protested against the ACA should NOT be allowed to reap the benefits of it. They stomp their feet and wreak havoc and then put their hand out. Hypocritical lying anti-American troublemakers…….

  23. You use the “Washington Examiner” as a source?!?
    BWA-HA-HA-HA-Ha! Stop! You’re killing me here!
    Next you’ll be citing HotAir, DailyCaller, Freeperville, etc.

    Now to some RELIABLE sources:

    ObamaCare causes LOWEST annual health care cost rise SINCE 1960!

    And OcamaCare health care costs are twenty percent LESS than predicted

  24. Frist, your link is defective, and leads to “FORBIDDEN”
    But I clicked through to the actual study itself. Those were short-term increases involving patients who had no previous access to medical care until included in a Medicaid expansion. It did not bear out over time.

    But here’s an article documenting that ObamaCare led to a REDUCED USE of Emergency Departments:

  25. If you think insuring people through the ACA costs $50K per person, you are too stupid to listen to about anything else, ever.

  26. Isn’t that what Greyson of Fl. said “the rethugs want you to “die and die quickly” wars or illness they Do NOt CARE.

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