Bryan Fischer Fired, but Jews Still Lack First Amendment Rights, Says AFA

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So what does a world without the American Family Association’s Director of Issue Analysis, Bryan Fischer look like? It looks a lot like this:


Let us repeat:

  • “America was founded by Christians for the glory of God and the Christian faith”
  • “We were established as a Christian nation in the name of God and for the advancement of the Christian faith”

Yes, it looks a lot like Religious Right political operative and head of the so-called American Renewal Project, David Lane. The man behind Bobby Jindal’s prayer rally. The man who says separation of church and state is a “fabricated whopper.” Who spews the same poisonous rhetoric as Bryan Fischer – only a lot less publicly.

Of course, we don’t exactly have a world without Bryan Fischer. He still has a show. It’s just that he is not analyzing issues in an official capacity any longer. He is still spewing ignorance and hate, however.

Rachel Maddow examined the circumstances of Fischer’s “firing” the other day, and the details of the RNC’s paid-for-by-the-AFA (whose Bryan Fischer oh by the way says Jews don’t have First Amendment Rights in the US) trip to Israel:

Funny that they fired him over his remarks about Hitler. And not about saying Jews lack First Amendment rights in the US. You know, because it was founded as a Christian nation – for Christians. Not Jews. Meaning according to the AFA, Jews really do NOT have First Amendment rights.

As Right Wing Watch says, the AFA cannot so easily wash its hands of Fischer’s bigotry by stripping him of his title. After all, Fischer may have been flapping his mouth but it is Lane who is behind the trip to Israel, not Fischer.

Judge for yourself; see RWW’s extensive list of his beyond-the-pale claims. He has been saying this stuff for years without being fired. AFA stood by him. Only now, for saying things he has said many times before, do they “fire” him.

To top it all off, Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs, doubled down on the ignorance, trying to defend the AFA’s stance vis-à-vis Israel, saying, in essence, that though Jews have no First Amendment rights in the US, Israel itself “could not have a better ally” than the AFA.

EVEN THOUGH mind you, God does not approve of Israel’s secular government or atheist Jews occupying land there (!)

“It is His land and I believe He will reclaim it in time,” she warned.

Take a listen:

Well that’s very biblical of her. It’s a shame she’s a woman lecturing men, in violation of Paul’s precepts in the New Testament. You know, the one with Jesus.

In terms of our teachings and our biblical understanding there could not be any more strong support for Israel than you find among people who understand and believe in the Bible and believe that God’s hand is on Israel, in spite of what’s happening there, in spite of its government.

As Right Wing Watch tells us,

Rios has a history making such statements about American Jews. She has argued that “powerful Jewish forces” use groups like the ACLU to destroy America, claimed “Jewish leftists in this country are eager to embrace Islam,” lamented that “the Jewish vote in this country is so confused, so many of the Jews in this country are atheist and their hearts are with this President,” and warned that “Jewish atheists” are among “the worst enemies of the country.”

Tell us again how Republicans are Israel’s best friend: If Bobby Jindal were elected, and Bobby Jindal stuck to the AFA’s narrative, Jews in the US would find themselves with a president who does not believe Jews have First Amendment rights in the US, and with a president who does not approve of Israel’s secular government or of atheist Jews occupying land there.

So how this works according to the AFA is that Jewish voters aren’t all that bright to begin with, and that if you’re not the right kind of Jew – the matter to be adjudicated by the AFA – you are not really a Jew. Just like if you’re not the right kind of Christian you’re not really a Christian and if you’re not Christian you certainly don’t get to pretend you’ve got First Amendment rights, despite the First Amendment saying you do.

And Rios is not alone in the AFA in attacking Jews, as Right Wing Watch reports:

AFA president Tim Wildmon has agreed with her assessment: “Most of the Jews in this country, unfortunately, are far-left.”

And this is pro-Israel how?

Israel exists in the Religious Right mind as a place that is of use to Christians in that it functions as a placeholder for God’s eventual return to smite the rest of us into ashes. They (the Jews) have got to be there so God can kill most of them and force the rest to convert to Christianity. The Religious Right cares nothing for Israel or for Jews in and of themselves. And those “real” Jews? They get smote too in the end, unless they become Christians. Some reward! Progressive Christians may not like hearing this, but this is what is in their Bible’s too.

martin-bormannAnd the Religious Right and the AFA have been pretty open about it, as this episode proves. Swatting down Fischer, to the extent he was swatted down at all, changes none of that. David Lane, the Religious Right’s version of Martin Bormann (left) to whom he bears a more than eerie resemblance, is the spider in the web.

Rachel Maddow asked how the RNC will get out of this self-made mess. The botched trip to Israel – and we have no assurances that it will not go forward as planned – is a minor glitch in the Religious Right’s march to theocracy.

Until and unless there is a major outcry from Jewish groups in Israel or in the US, nothing is going to change. The mainstream media here will not report news unfavorable to the RNC if it can avoid it, and it has shown so far that it is very dedicated to the avoidance of facts.

19 Replies to “Bryan Fischer Fired, but Jews Still Lack First Amendment Rights, Says AFA”

  1. The evangelicals feel that the Jews are only squatting in Israel, keeping the filthy Muslims at bay until the christian armies come back to have their end times circle jerk. They are deeply anti-semitic, I mean, they pretty much hate everyone who’s not one of them. If every Jew were dead when the rapture comes, so much the better for them. Fundamentally identical to radical islamists in so many ways,

  2. Israel, hubristic beyond all reckoning, thinks she can sleep with christians, yet be regarded by them as something other than a whore.

    She is wrong.

  3. Furthermore, I know of no Jew who has any use for dumbass numbskull evangelical Christians. Sorry to inform self-proclaimed “honorary Jew” Michele Bachmann of this, or the Tundra Tart who’s taken to wearing that ridiculously large magen David around her neck.

  4. I am betting that Rinse had something to do with Fishers demise of his office. Eliminate him AFA and we will go to Israel with you. Sadly all he lost was an office, not his bigoted voice

    Even Israel press acknowledges the gop is going there at the behest of people who do not think Israel has a real religion

  5. With every day that passes my theories about the Christian Conservative wing of the GOP being the very copy of the National Socialist Workers Party are being backed up by facts. But of course Rhondar will dispute reality as they always do being a Conservative. The NRA represents the militia wing that was the Brown Shirts until they were replaced by the Schutz Staffell and Fox News is the Goebbels of the GOP.

  6. AFA flogs a euro-christian dogma of Great White Phallus worship.

    We need to stop our deference to their ‘religious beliefs.’

    Euro-Christianity’s family feud with its brothers – Islam and Judaism – should not be allowed to disrupt and harass those of us attempting to live our lives without their baleful dictates.

    The universal womb envy of the Abrahamic dogmas defiles the humanity of 50% of the world’s population.
    Women are not property. In any culture. Not Handmaids. Not sperm lockers. Human beings.

    Your right to ‘worship’ your invisible being does not trump my right not to live by your dictates.

  7. Why cant we people “all” get our minds together and finally realize that we can actually by just “agreeing” and “working-together” make this world a better place for “all” of us to enjoy life and live in “harmony” together with nature (Heaven on earth)? Or we can “all” blindly continue to merely exist suffer and die in the current state of our “greedy” human-being” created “Hell on Earth” that we now “all” (in one form or another) occupy today. Just agree to “simply” say “NO” to “HELL ON EARTH”. Why not? We can do it. If we want too people. Agree to it. NO MORE HELL ON EARTH!!!

  8. AFA has nothing to do with “Family”.. They SHOULD be called the American FASCIST Association…

  9. An old wise saying, when in a crowd, one should never discuss religion or politics. IMHO Religion and Politics is like oil and water, THEY DO NOT MIX.

    There have been too much blood-shed in History because mankind keeps crossing the 2 subjects.

  10. So this is a FREE trip. That makes the GOP lazy, lowlife, scumbags, right? Ooh, wait, they are lazy, lowlife, scumbags, even when they are not accepting FREE stuff, right? When they accept FREE anything it is capitalism, the free market at work. We the people accept FREE anything and you are a Socialist pig!

    As for the GOP tying itself to a hate group, well, bust my buttons, but that is not news! It’s one of the things they do best!

  11. We “human-beings” all need to get together and “agree” to say “NO” to the obvious “human-greed” created “Hell on Earth ” that we all now (to some extent) occupy today. We can then actually turn this entire world into a true heaven on earth for all to enjoy. All that we Humans need to do is simply “AGREE” too discontinue the current world Govt. policies and actions that are perpetuating the existence of the current state of “HELL ON EARTH” that we exist in today. In my opinion.

  12. The funny thing is that their statements about Christianity’s historical relationship to the US does pretty accurately describe its relationship to Massachusetts, yet somehow you don’t hear that kind of rhetoric coming from that state very often.

  13. Jesus was not only Jewish… he would not like these people using the Jewish bible as a tool against the Jewish people. These people will be the first to go in the ‘rupture’ but it won’t be to where they think they’re going.

  14. DAMN! I was about to make a comment but I don’t have any rights at all in this Christian country.

    One thing, however, that I wonder about and that is why in the world didn’t the founders SAY Christianity if it meant that?

    Could it be that several of the founders were NOT Christians but were, instead Deists? That includes such non-Christians as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington (who later in life joined the Episcopal church) and many others. Jefferson designed his own bible by cutting out any references to Jesus as a god.

    Oh boy! Maybe I DO have the right to free speech after all.

    The AFA isn’t just Jew haters, they hate ALL religions other than what they think is THEIR Christianity and nobody else’s.

    Try singing this to the tune of my dog’s better than yours.

    My god’s better than your god, my god’s better than yours. My god’s better ‘cuz SHE wears underwear, my god’s better than yours.

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