Friday Fox Follies – ‘Merkin Sniper Edition


For the umpteenth year in a row, Fox News more wrong than ever: New Politifact review finds pundits spewing mostly lies, while syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr. answers the thesis in his headline Why serious people discount Fox News with a litany of recent Fox “News” ridiculousness:

Tucker Carlson said on Fox that more children die of bathtub drownings than of accidental shootings. They don’t.

Steve Doocy said on Fox that NASA scientists faked data to make the case for global warming. They didn’t.

Rudy Giuliani said on Fox that President Obama has issued propaganda asking everybody to “hate the police.” He hasn’t.

John Stossel said on Fox that there is “no good data” proving secondhand cigarette smoke kills nonsmokers. There is.

Despite the lies, Fox “News” defenders cite the ratings, where — admittedly — it wallops the competition. By the same token McDonald’s is the best restaurant in the entire world. It’s not.

The “Fair and Balanced” propaganda channel excels in stirring up resentment among its brainwashed audience. The putative news network has a new victim to defend: Chris Kyle and his biopic ‘Merkin Sniper. Despite it being the #1 movie at the Box Office, and getting 88% at Rotten Tomatoes, the Fox defense was so vociferous that Friday Fox Follies had to check the IMDB to see whether ‘Merkin Sniper was a Fox movie. It’s not. Warner can’t be unhappy Fox “News” is lionizing its killer.

As Justin Baragona writes in Fox News Host Says America “Saved The Planet” By Using Snipers And Invading Other Countries:

[Anna] Kooiman was the first to display her righteous indignation as she attacked [Howard] Dean for remarks he made during his appearance Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher. The former head of the Democratic National Committee said that much of the success of American Sniper is due to the Tea Party, “”I bet you if you look at a cross-section of the Tea Party and people who go see this movie, there’s a lot of intersection.” Kooiman retorted back, “Damn right, we’re angry!” She then brought up Moore’s comments about snipers being cowards, pointing out he brought Jesus into the conversation while also stating sniper Chris Kyle was in Iraq to defend our Marines.

At Fox, resentment is a dish best served hot:

Stacey Dash Cheers American Sniper For Having
‘Extinguished Or At Least Quieted’ Free Speech

O’Reilly Attacks American Sniper Critic
As A Possible ‘Terrorist Sympathizer’


When Guest Says Nothing About Michael Moore’s Invoking
Jesus In ‘Attack’ On ‘American Sniper,’ Fox Says She Did

O’Reilly: ‘I Think Jesus Is Appalled’ At Michael Moore

Michael Moore Responds to ‘Haters’ After ‘American Sniper’ Uproar, which merely gave Fox more ammunition for additional attacks. Meanwhile, the Right Wing is working to disprove Michael Moore: ‘The Day Clint Eastwood Said He Would Kill Me’, even though Snopes, innertube authority on absolutely everything, says: “At an awards ceremony in 2005, Clint Eastwood threatened to “kill” Michael Moore. TRUE!!!” [emphasis added]

GEE OH PEE: The “Fair & Balanced” network has openly supported one political party since the day it went on the air. Just some recent stories proving the symbiotic relationship Fox has with the GOP:

Scarborough Explains How Rupert Murdoch
And Roger Ailes Shape The GOP Primary

How Fox News Is Helping The GOP Disingenuously
Rebrand Itself As The Party Of The Middle Class

“A Sound Bite Factory For Fox News”: Senator Highlights
Right-Wing Witnesses At Lynch Nomination Hearing


WHOA: Dem. senator rips GOP for turning AG
confirmation into a ‘soundbite factory for Fox News’

Karl Rove Compares Attacking Hillary
Clinton Over Benghazi To Birtherism

Fair and Balanced? We report; you decide.

Intents; Intense; In tents: A half decade ago Roger Ailes [warning] to the DC Staff: No More Shooting Inside the Tent. This after Howard Kurtz (who wasn’t yet a Fox “News” liar) “wrote about ‘tension’ over Glenn Beck.” As TVNewser reported:

Signaling that Kurtz’s sources came from within the DC bureau, Ailes said, “For the first time in our 14 years we’ve had people apparently shooting in the tent, from within the tent.””Glenn Beck, does his show and that’s his opinion. It’s not the opinion of FOX News and he has a right to say it,” added Ailes. “We prefer people in the tent not dumping on other people in the tent.”

And in a challenge to those employees, Ailes said, “I was brought up to defend the family. If I couldn’t defend the family I’d leave. I’d go to another family.”

Lately there’s been more shooting inside the Fox “News” tent than a porno movie set in a campground:

On Fox, Sarah Palin Slams “Quasi-Conservative”
Fox Figures Like Bill O’Reilly Who Pan
Her 2016 Chances As A “Reality Show”

Sarah Palin Attacks Fox News And O’Reilly –
While Pretending To Run For President

Donald Trump Joins Palin in Slamming
O’Reilly: ‘Very Deceptive Journalism’

‘What’s Your Beef?’ O’Reilly Confronts
Trump for Sniping at The Factor

O’Reilly Responds To Sarah Palin’s
Complaint: “If No Offense Is Intended,
Don’t Take Offense. Your Life Will Be Happier”

I wonder who’s about to be kicked out of the family. Unless, to quote President Lyndon Johnson about J. Edgar Hoover, “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”

Maybe that’s why Fox hired that pissant Kurtz.

The F in Tucker is not silent: In our last exciting episode of Fox News FolliesThe “F” Word this writer reminded readers that Tucker Carlson’s full time job is running The Daily Caller, another fake news enterprise. This week NRA’s Ted Nugent Says He Has Joined The Daily Caller. Media Matters Timothy Johnson reminds readers that a “Caller Senior Contributor Previously Warned Conservatives From Associating With ‘Loose Cannon’ Nugent.” Johnson goes on to say:

UPDATE: Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson expanded on Nugent’s role during a January 28 appearance on WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall. Carlson said Nugent will likely write a weekly column, adding: “I think he’ll participate a lot. I really — I like him. I mean, he’s, you know, he’s like a rock star with political views. So, you know, he doesn’t hold back. And he says intemperate, sometimes borderline, demented things, but I think he’s interesting, and I think he’s a good guy, and I think he has actually some really informed, interesting opinions on the 2nd Amendment, and hunting, so I love the fact that he’s working for us.”

As a Great Canadian Writer™ wrote October 31, 2012:

Is Ted Nugent A Racist? Our Stones Detroit Writer Says, “Yes”

As true today as it was back then.

HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: FFF had hoped the retirement of Mike Huckabee from the Fox “News” schedule meant there would be no reason to write about that backstabbing mutherf#%&*^ ever again. If only:

Mike Huckabee Calls His Female Fox Colleagues ‘Just Trashy’

Mike Huckabee Takes No Responsibility
For His ‘Trashy Women’ Remarks

Megyn Kelly Breaks Some News to Huckabee:
Women Do a Lot More Than Swear…

[FULL DISCLOSURE: FFF can’t swear here, you #%&*^!!!]

Headly Westerfield swears in all the early drafts, but edits all that #%&*^ out.

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  1. “As we have said in the past, be cautious about using the scorecards to draw broad conclusions. We use our news judgment to pick the facts we’re going to check, so we certainly don’t fact-check everything. And we don’t fact-check the five network groups evenly.”

  2. It’s just garbage ad filler. I don’t know anything about if there’s a way to watch them with the ads gone.

  3. Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash

    …O’Reilly, also laughing, then joined in by saying, “Hey, how many Fox viewers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they all refuse to change the bulb because they prefer living in the dark.”

    The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.

    Reagan’s Veto Kills Fairness Doctrine Bill

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