Israeli Ambassador Throws John Boehner Under The Bus After Disrespect Of Obama Backfires

Boehner Netanyahu

The fingers of blame are already pointing in the Netanyahu speech debacle.

In an attempt to justify and mitigate Prime Minister Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to speak to Congress, Ron Dermer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ambassador to the U.S., basically threw Speaker Boehner (R-OH) under the bus.

Responding via email to questions posed by The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Dermer tried to backpedal for their egregious end-run around the U.S. President by blaming John Boehner for failing protocol.

In an article entitled, “Israeli Ambassador: Netanyahu Never Meant to Disrespect Obama”, Jeffrey Goldberg started off by asking, “It is widely believed (by, among others, me) that you and your government were making an end-run around the White House. Is this not the case?”

To this, Ambassador Ron Dermer rather desperately tried to appeal to the public, “The survival of Israel is not a partisan issue.” And then he got right to the point of tossing the hot ball at the U.S. House Speaker.

From The Atlantic:

Now let me tell you the facts. The speaker’s office initially reached out to me regarding the idea of the prime minister giving a speech less than two weeks before an official invitation was sent. We said that we were open to making such an address and went back and forth with the speaker’s office to see if there were potential dates that could work for the prime minister’s schedule and the congressional calendar. The final decision to invite the prime minister was made by the speaker’s office the day before he was invited—and I was informed of it that afternoon.

It was also made clear to me that it was the speaker’s responsibility and normal protocol for the Speaker’s office to notify the administration of the invitation. That is why I felt it would be inappropriate for me to raise the issue with the administration, including in my meeting with the secretary of state, until the speaker notified them.

The speaker’s office apparently informed the administration about it the morning of the announcement, around two hours before it was publicized. After it was publicized, we were in contact with administration officials, both here and in Jerusalem. We informed them that we wanted to move the date to March 3 so that it could be combined with a visit to AIPAC that the prime minister was also considering. Once that date was cleared with the speaker’s office, the prime minister officially announced that he would accept the invitation to come and speak.

Asked why his Prime Minister is so sure Obama will strike a weak deal with Iran, Dermer had no good answer, “Israel does not know whether there will be a deal with Iran but we are very concerned about where things are headed.”

Oh. Well, the thing to do about that isn’t to run an end game around the fellow who runs the country and has provided huge support, upon which you are relying.

And while it wasn’t partisan before, Netanyahu just made it partisan. He just cut out all of the Democrats who support Israel and spit in their face by trying to use Speaker John Boehner’s bad judgment as a weapon against the President.

So now Dermer is tossing Boehner under the Netanyahu speech bus, claiming the end run around protocol was not committed on their end, but on the Speaker’s end.

This fiasco reveals the craven politics of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Speaker John Boehner. Boehner, who is suing President Obama a second time, has made attacking the President his only cover for his inability to govern. He has embarrassed himself suing the President over things all sane legal scholars tell him he can’t win and has no case over. Facing his prolonged legislative impotence, Speaker Boehner reached around the world for a leader as desperate as he and found that person in Netanyahu. Ambassador Dermer was the assist.

Netanyahu and Dermer cannot blame Speaker Boehner. In fact, this should be a lesson to world leaders and diplomats everywhere– when John Boehner tries to use you for his own failed agenda, run in the other direction. But Netanyahu is no innocent victim of John Boehner’s politics of desperation.

Netanyahu is sort of the Chris Christie of Israel, and his bullying is getting old. He tried to play BMOC against Obama, in an attempt to puff himself up back home as he faces an increasingly challenging election, but this too is looking like a miscalculation.

There isn’t a bus big enough to save Speaker Boehner or PM Netanyahu from this one. President Obama has been overly generous with both men, in spite of their previous bad behavior. But this is a slap in the face that won’t be forgotten. Obama is not the type of leader to abuse his power by withholding aid or causing suffering to innocents over a slight and this confuses those who do operate that way; they misread Obama’s character as weak.

The President didn’t get elected twice by being “weak”. President Obama will target each of these men individually in a political fight they can ill afford.

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  1. Obama is not the type of leader to abuse his power by withholding aid or causing suffering to innocents over a slight and this confuses those who do operate that way; they misread Obama’s character as weak.

    The President didn’t get elected twice by being “weak”. President Obama will target each of these men individually in a political fight they can ill afford.

    I will be looking forward to our brilliant president’s response to this blatant disrespect of him and of those over 62 million Americans who voted for him and got him re-elected.

  2. What a bunch of cowards, think they can do the dirty deed and when they are found out they point the finger at each other.

  3. Stand Tall President Obama. Keep giving the Repugs. plenty of rope. They are their own worst enemy.

    When crazed animals are tearing themselves apart, let them fight. Just give them wide-birth to protect the innocent.

  4. Let’s begin with charging Rep. Boehner with a Federal Crime under the Logan Act for one! Conspiracy to under mine An American President an over throw his Foreign Policy for a second one! It’s not just bad behavior, it’s criminal Behavior this time around! They both would like to blame it on this Ambassador, but the fact is this Israel Prime Minister attempted to come in our back door of our Government an take control of our Foreign Policy that he did not like, an Rep Boehner plotted with him an held the back door open for the snake to slither in!!!

  5. Not so fast Frank Luntz mini me. You are not going to cover your ass with that bovine excrement.

    We know you, his drunkenness and nuttin-yahoo hates the President of the United States and its not his policies because he has had your back trgardless of your war crimes and you thought because of your racism that you could big foot him with blatant disregard for the United States National Interest?

    The only honorable thing you could do right now is too cancel but since you have no honor we know that will not happen. BTW AIPAC wont save your sorry ass because the American people support the President and not you the Likud party

  6. What a wonderful excuse to close our embassy in Israel and declare US recognition of Palestine’s right to exist.

  7. Well, the Republican righties think that Israel is the 51st State anyway, so Bibi is not a “foreign” Leader to them, and Obama is NOT their adored or legit President. To them, Bibi is just a pro-Republican Israeli who happens to be the Prime Minister of the “51st State”. This is why Boehner kisses up to Bibi. This action has crossed the line, in my opinion. And Obama should give Boehner the cold shoulder in all matters going forward. Boehner is acting like the spurned woman who must play up to the biggest stud she can find to spite her ex-lover. Boehner found BIBI to play the game….Putin was busy with the Crimea intrusion.

  8. That would be fine except no one has EVER been prosecuted under the Logan Act in its 200-year history. This would not measure up as a first case when far more egregious actions have occurred up to and including a Wikileaks revelation that two GOP Senators pressured the Spanish government NOT to indict Cheney and Bush as war criminals back in 2009. One could go on and on, but the use of the Logan Act should be reserved for really major things, especially in secret behind the scenes. Beohner’s a fool to think this would work out, but at least it is public, and that does matter.

  9. 13.3K

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation.

    It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.

  10. He will never back down. He will cut off his nose to spite his face. That just happens to be a trait of Republicans. They all have the “Obama Syndrome”.

  11. This President is a decent guy and won’t seek revenge. He will do something, but never as low as revenge. That’s not his character.

  12. Netanyahu Not Partisan?

    I was personally offended, outraged, and thought it very inappropriate during the 2012 election because Netanyahu came to our country and spoke for Mitt Romney and Romney went to Israel, I am sure with Netanyahu’s approval to raise campaign funds.

    Netanyahu clearly believes he has the right to interfere in USPolitics and we just have to take it. The man has no boundaries. Reminds me a little of Putin.

  13. There’s a first time for everything. Maybe nobody has disrespected the Presidency in this manner before for their own political gain before.
    Israel was expecting “proper protocol” to be taken ad inform the administration. A two hour notice doesn’t do it, and Boehner knew this and what he was doing.
    Now all hell is about to break loose from both of these clowns, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

  14. I must have missed something. Netanyahu was invited by the Speaker, who was to inform the President. Dermer believed it would be done and they worked on setting a date. So the Speakers office waits until the last minute to tell the White House, and that’s Netanyahu’s fault? Huh?

  15. Protocol can’t be that hard to follow since every other leader manages to do it. Netanhayu should have gone to the WH first. Esp since the President is in the middle of negotiations RIGHT NOW with Iran. Are you really suggesting Netanyahu is this stupid?

    But point taken that Boehner is a snake. It’s just that Netanyahu is ALSO a snake.

  16. Both Israel and the United States take pride in freedom of speech. Israel has earned the right to address the U.S. Congress, when it feels that America’s interests are not being properly represented.

    Just think how history might have developed differently if there would have been this kind of voice addressing the German parliament in the early 1930s. There is never a bad time to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace.

  17. The U.S. does not think that Israel is the 51st state ,It’s the other way around , Israel thinks that the U.S is one of its occupied territories..

  18. First time for everything. I would also point out that Mitt violated that Act as well during a visit to Israel during the last Presidential Campaign (and I assume that would have come up this time had he not withdrawn.

  19. I don’t think this applies to mittens. Any goofball can go overseas for “fact finding” but he was in no position to influence policy. People will bring up Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi but their trips were made to free down airman. One American One Israeli.

    What the drunk one did was try a run around our stated policy of talks and instead invited someone who wants American men and women to die for his country. That’s a big NO NO

  20. Because no one has ever been tried or convicted under the Logan Act, is not a reason not to pursue a case against Boehner for treason. He and his party need to be held up to the world and shown that 6 years of disrespect for America and this presidency has it’s limits. And who cares how much taxpayer money it costs for the prosecution. Didn’t this same party spend over $60,000,000.00 of taxpayer money, even get a special prosecutor to harass and harangue a previous presidency over a lousy $40,000.00 land deal? Let’s put these jokers on their heals for once.

  21. Netanyahu do not want the P5+1 and U.S. to succeed with Iran. Netanyahu went to Russia and France early in the talks to tried to throw a monkey wrench in the deal. But failed.
    He made a speech at the UN general assembly and flop.
    The clock is ticking and the preliminaries of a final deal are looking good (finger cross). The stakes couldn’t be higher. He’s in a tight race and his opponent is a strong contender.

    He can’t say, Iran haven’t stuck to the agreement, so he running scare. His last ditch effort is to appeal to the American people and congress. In come the “Drunkin Master” (Boehner). And it’s look like that’s back firing.

  22. Because I took a oath to defend my country and I don’t want to cede our national security to a foreign government I am now an anti semite? You got jokes or should I refer to you as Mr. Pollard

  23. I represent a growing grassroots “Weed Out Hate” initiative that wants to weed out and compost hatred in any form as well as the right to defend one’s roots from being destroyed. Individuals and countries who desire to keep the masses in the dark by shrouding thinly veiled promises of peace in scapegoating, deserve to be revealed for what they are. This is why I feel it is important for the Voice of Israel to be heard.

  24. Then where is your post on the illegal settlers weeding out the olive groves of the Palestinians or are they sub human who don’t deserve the land “god” promise you?

  25. They have NO RIGHT to meddle in our politics and Netanyahu has NO RIGHT to speak to our congress.
    Boehner is not president and needs to be reminded of the Logan Act:
    The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994.

  26. Andy, Thanks for the link. We should go into the enemy camp…read their craziness!

    To understand their Crazy Hatred is to read it and see where they’re coming from!
    It’s so Un-American…so Un-Kind.

  27. Now is the time to tap into the power of God and Nature to change our hearts and souls. Too much angry rhetoric, too much violence, too much terrorism. Let us weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace

  28. This is why I travel the world, inspiring kids to relate weeding as a civic prayer to weed out hate. I do this in Ferguson, in Washington D.C., in Chicago, in New York, and in Berlin, Germany

  29. Hey you were the one who said we should bow down to Israel because they know best. Did god tell you this?

  30. I hate to tell you; but, Koch’s have attempted a Coup and have won. We have OCCUPIED Red States now under Corporate Fascism…theocratic/oligarchy. There is no Democracy anymore. That is reality now. You can try to deny it; but, we live under fascism in Michigan every day now & Snyder followers brag that we live in a Constitutional Republic now. They have plenty of supporters all so happy to ditch Democracy….hard to believe; but, it’s true.

  31. The argument is tough whan you go against a group of Zionist who actually believe that THEY ARE CHOSEN BY god..this land is mine; god gave this land to me….just as arrogant as it can get..imagine..chosen by god his/her self…we should stop funding their tyranny in Palestine..

  32. Grace, Your Right!
    “Dred Scott turned People into Property. Citizens United turned Property into People”

    This can’t stand fellow Americans!

  33. Have you been to Tel Aviv yet? Maybe you could go with the AFA when they take the RNC to Israel.

  34. Most Americans don’t really know just how much money and support goes Israel annually. Americans don’t know that the Israeli military orders from the American supply system with the same priority as the American military. More often than not, they order with a higher priority which means American units have to wait. To add insult to injury, they are ordering with funds that came from the United States. I’m a retired military vet and am not and have not ever been anti- Israel. But it really frost my behind when I see how PM Netanyahu treats our President. I met him years ago when he was in the Israeli military and had much respect for him as a soldier, a general in fact. He is Israel’s equitant of our John McCain. McCain was an okay navy fighter pilot, but he is not worth a damn as a politician. Israel needs the U.S, but the U.S. does not need Israel. It is time that everyone, us and them, understand that.

  35. Neither you, nor any Israeli is my boss or of anyone else in this United States unless one happens to be unfortunate enough to have a paying job with you… so you might want to take your egotistical attitude and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine…. we aren’t even going to take any orders from you and your kind, we’re not Palestinians that you can push around…. so as I said, shove it!

  36. Bush was proof positive that Republicans STINK at foreign policy and they are chicken-hawks trying to stir up trouble so they can make more money off the military industrial complex. People should be wise to them already. They throw Veterans under the bus every minute of every day. Not much incentive for people to serve their country.

  37. “He just cut out all of the Democrats who support Israel and spit in their face by trying to use Speaker John Boehner’s bad judgment as a weapon against the President.”

    You are wrong about Democrats. They are just as bought and paid for by AIPAC as the republicans. Notice you did not hear much of a peep from them throughout this whole thing. If there is backlash for Boehner or Bibi, it is from us the people, and we matter little to the congress because we don’t fund their campaigns or twist their arm like AIPAC does.

  38. As usual, Boehner, Dermer, Netanyahu and the other Rwers have underestimated Pres. Obama and the American people. I think they really believed no one would view their end run around the president as a major foreign policy and major international relations mistake. That’s how arrogant they are. They think they can do/say anything and because they’re white males with a certain amount of power, others must sit down and STFU. This sh*t backfired on them, and their little stunt has mushroomed into an international incident of nuclear proportions. This is hardly what they had in mind when they were plotting behind the scenes to undermine the most powerful leader in the world. They’re getting exactly what they deserve. They’re reaping what they sowed, and now that their despicable plot has been revealed, they’re trying to pin the blame on each other. I don’t give a damn that Bibi says he didn’t mean to insult the president, he did it, and imo, it was what he planned to do all along.

  39. John McCain was NOT a fighter pilot. He was a bomber pilot. Dropping bombs all day.
    His captors and fellow POWS called him the “songbird” for good reason. He is NO hero.

  40. Democratic legislators must be urged in the strongest voice to leave the chamber when Netanyahu enters. Both as a reprimand to Boehner and in order to protect and defend standing diplomatic protocols and the separation of powers. There is a broader strategic objective at play here on the GOP side, to eliminate the separation of powers altogether. The legislative branch is attempting to eviscerate the executive and judiciary in order to impose a parliamentary system. Ultimately they want to impose monarchy, and beyond that to reunite with Great Britain. This cabal has been at this since the revolution. Crazy as bedbugs.

  41. Netanyahu and Putin are one in the same. They are both power hungry dictators trying to rule the world as they see it for their own personal gain while attacking and destroying other countries and people that get in their way. They both want to power over the US and the GOP is more than happy to let that happen. WHY? The Koch Bros history and ancestry is tied to Russia. WHY? Netanyahu will never allow a peaceful solution to the middle east with Palestine or anyone else. How can you say a country has no right to exist? If I remember correctly, Netanyahu has addressed the congress before while President Obama was in a foreign land. Does anyone recall that as a fact? Putin and BIBI went beyond their boundaries to attack and destroy surrounding countries. They beat their chests as ego maniacs. I think the funding to Israel should be seriously reduced because I don’t understand why they have a right to billions of US dollars yearly while our cities like Detroit go bankrupt and die?

  42. The Koch coup, will be complete only when they achieve the White House. This election will be their greatest attempt. If, the Koch’s do achieve this, the rest will fall, (they believe) The Koch billions will buy what is needed.

  43. If we don’t condone – and FUND – everything Israel does that makes us anti-Semitic, huh? But YOU can try to shove any old carp down our throats, right? WRONG! You are anti-American.

  44. They are not Gerry, They have been bought and paid for by the wealthest people in the USA. These people are buying the USA just as they have bought the polititions. If we don’t wake up they will own us completely. Right now they control the whole government except the presidency and the are working on that.
    The republicans don’t do anything without checking with their sponsers.

  45. Perhaps if the Logan Act were used, there would be less actions by these morons as they would know they would be subject to prosecution and thus less likely to do someting stupid.

  46. @Joe Gribbin – Despicable as Boehner’s actions certainly were, they do not qualify as treason under U.S. Law. The definition of treason is defined, and limited, by Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution, which states:

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. . . .”

    Boehner did not levy war against the U.S., and Israel is not an enemy of the U.S. Thus he cannot be tried for treason.

  47. And for the Congress to bypass the President, GREAT, The president is not addressing the real threats in the world, he is too busy spending my grand children’s future.

  48. I am sorry your take is reversed here, it’s the President over stepping his position and the Republicans showing him that it’s a team effort.

  49. Maybe Bebe will be invited to speak to a gathering of Isis leaders and embarrass Baghdaddy.[WINK]

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