Israeli Ambassador Jokes About Working To Undermine President Obama

Amb Ron Dermer/Source: Twitter
Israeli Amb Ron Dermer/Source: Twitter

If your job was to ensure that your boss, Prime Minister Netanyahu, got everything he wanted from the United States, and you had royally screwed that up by plotting with the Speaker of the House to speak to the U.S. Congress behind the President’s back, would you think your best move would be to make jokes about picking sides on Twitter?

If your name was Ambassador Ron Dermer, you would.

After blaming Speaker John Boehner for the seismic breach in protocol he assisted his boss in committing against President Obama, Israel’s biggest ally, Dermer figured Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to kick sand in the President’s face by tweeting “Breaking Protocol, Choosing Sides: Go Patriots.”

LOL forever! It’s just nukes, y’all.

Max Fisher at Vox picked this up first and wasn’t impressed either:

Just to be clear about this, Dermer is jokingly calling attention to the fact that he appears to be working to undermine the sitting president of Israel’s most important ally. He’s making a funny about how his plot to gin up a little short-term political support for Netanyahu has blown up in his face, harming not just his boss’s political chances but the very alliance that is his primary responsibility. It’s funny stuff.

So much for the idea that Netanyahu, Dermer and Boehner weren’t trying to undermine the sitting U.S. President. And well done, Ambassador Dermer, this is how you manage to alienate even the stragglers.

Even former Secretary of State James Baker said today on Face the Nation that he thinks the speech invitation was a significant breach of protocol. Baker served under former President George H. W. Bush and former President Reagan.

In case it wasn’t clear before, it is now clear that anyone who attends Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is spitting in the face of their own country, bowing down to a foreign power while deliberately undermining the office of the President.

Dermer, who used to be a GOP operative in the 90s, has been accused of distributing talking points that are critical of President Obama and the White House to Republicans in Congress in the past. In 2013, a Dermer defender told Politico, “He’s not as bad as the Israeli media make him out; he’s not ruining the relations with the United States. But he was there when some of the problems were created. He was not just collateral damage.”

After today’s tweet, defenders will no longer be able to deny Dermer’s inflammatory destruction.

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  1. So, of course they would behind the President’s back and bring in Netanyanhu. Remember, anything he does, they must hate.

    This dope just further proves that point.

  2. Pull his credentials
    Declare him Persona non grata.
    Escort him to El Al’s gate , and slam the thing closed.

    Going one step further,
    let no Democrat attend the Netanyahu address
    without exposure to a withering public condemnation.

  3. Let me just say now he can cry me a river and build me a bridge when the repercussions come and he learns the hard way that PO was/is not to be played with…

  4. this guy is the reason that the rw keeps on saying, using his talking points, that the prez is anti israel, and all that bs, this guy is a protege of frank luntz, the gop hatchetman… bibi is an ahole, and he will start wwIII just to piss people off…

  5. It would appear that the USA backing Israel is deemed as no longer necessary or important. Perhaps it is time for any and all support to cease ASAP. Israel wants to disrespect it’s allies they no longer deserve allies. Let them be a true country and stand on their own.

  6. I still think it would be better to have all the Congress, including all the Dems attend that Neti speech. But, as soon as he starts, after the first few words. ALL the Dems should stand up, turn around, and walk out. It would be shown on TV, and talked about for days, and give a big black eye to Netanyahu for HIS disrespect, and give Boehner a huge slap of disrespect, too.

  7. We give Israel over a billion dollars a year in foreign aid and the Israelis launder a chunk of the money, send it back to the USA to the Jewish lobby to fix elections for people they support. That is why politicians fear the Jewish lobby, our own money shoved back in our face. Cut foreign aid to zero for these assclowns and invest that billion in America’s infrastructure, jobs and our own people.

  8. I agree, great idea to show publicly what a lot in Congress feels not just a “show” for Boehner to flap his wings in the President’s face. Who knows there may be some Repubs who have the guts and who do not agree to walk out also.

  9. These folks have always wanted to define how they want to break the back of our President. During the 2012 elections, Netanyahu campaigned with then nominee Gov. Romney. What was the message sent then? Netanyahu also stated that the President Barack Obama should not second guess him, this was reported to have been said. So why are we so shocked that the republicans found a willing cohort in this dishonest man, the prime minister of Israel? This will backfire in big way, starting with the speaker of the house.

  10. I totally agree. How stupid is it anyway, we give them money so they can buy our arms….of course those “defense contractors” love this system. I think it is time they stand on their own and live with the consequences of their behavior. Let’s put that money to work right here in the US.

  11. I am a nonJewish American. The elected US president determines foreign policy, not a religious community and the foreign country they feel an affinity for. Washington is the capital not Tel Aviv. I am deeply concerned about right wing born again GOP lawmakers as well as left wing jewish lawmakers like Boxer who seem to put Israel first over the USA and Americans. I demand such lawmakers be impeached as traitors. This must stop. Joking about treason colaberation on twitter?! Such foreign countries need to be put in line or we need in writing that we’ve succeeded our country’s sovreignty to Israel and its agents and religious minority here in the US. The entire thing is crazy! Imagine Catholics siding with the pope over the President! Our country is being forced into a takeover. It’s clear. It’s not antiSemitism to just state what’s happening so openly the people doing it take to twitter!

  12. Or have them all applaud and show the American people that their elected lawmakers now report to a foreign government over a popularly elected US President. Let the American people see what’s really going on and why we’re apin chronic war.

  13. What a great opportunity and excuse to lose our genocidal ‘ally’ and go with our OWN national interests. Recognize Palestine!

    The GOP will chew its own arms off!

  14. I truly believe many american Jews realizes natanyahu is nothing but a genocidal maniac!! don’t get me wrong, I support Israel!! when they’re HONEST! but netanyahu is a THUG! and this cheap, under handed stunt he’s pulling with boehner and the rest of the GOP goose steppin’ fascist is going to blow up in their faces!! NEVER! I say NEVER!! has an american president been so utterly disrespected!! historians will remind future generations of the first A.A. president!! and how the GOP went totally KKK!!

  15. All totaled, we give Israel closer to $10 bil, given all the freebies of military hardware, intelligence, grants, training, the forgiven loans … did you know we give more per capital in welfare to citizens of Israel than we do our own citizens? It’s long past time to get on with the business of taking care of America’s best interests. We have allowed Israel to create dangerous enemies for us and to send our soldiers into wars that were devastating to us financially to benefit Israel while killing our soldiers and ruining our standing in the world. It is time to kick Israel to the curb. Israel is the most prolific spy we have to contend with. They are constantly at work against us.

  16. If Kerry had any balls he would send this fool back to Israel. All he has to do is call him in, yank his credentials, and tell him to leave the USA. That would be a fitting response and a magnificent moment for the USA across the world. Respect for our country would soar.

  17. Call your members of the Senate and House. If they are Democrats, demand they boycott the Netanyahu address to Congress. If they are Republicans, demand they be patriotic to the USA and refuse to allow a foreigner to insult America and the President of the United States whether they like President Obama or not. Demand from them all that they show some respect for our nation’s sovereignty and the office of the Presidency and not allow this insult to our nation to take place in the eyes of the world.

  18. …back in the 80s when I was in the Navy, we visited Haifa, Israel…the townspeople were friendly as could be, all singing the praises of the USA for guaranteeing thier safety…got all kinds o’ souvenirs to send home, etc.
    …the Palestinians {yes, many spoke English} were not in dire straits and spoke hopefully of peace…
    …but even in 1983, I read the English-language Israeli papers we got on ship, and noted in my log {sounds much better for a guy than ‘diary…lol}that the Likud Party sounded like a bunch of fvckin’ psychotics…
    I HATE it when I’m right about bad news…
    The solution is a hard one…cut off all support, all military aid, EVERYTHING…and let ’em know THEY need us…we DON’T need them…
    …maybe then, when thier genocidal tendencies are decried all over the world without our official support, they’ll realize they screwed the pooch BIGTIME…
    …also quit supporting Saudi Arabia as long as they support and export terrorism…

  19. let ‘em know THEY need us…we DON’T need them…

    Are you arguing the US receives nothing from Israel?

  20. LMFAO, why don’t you educate us Mr. charlie, what does the usa get from Israel?? lemons? oranges ? listen friend, Israel has been a state since 1948!! when the hell do YOU think they should get off OUR welfare dole??!! I thought republicans HATED WELFARE!! lol

  21. Republicans treat Israel as though it was the “51st State”. Now my question: What does Israel do for the USA that deserves the billions of dollars in aid? I keep hearing that they are our: “Staunchest Ally” in the region. Ok, so why aren’t they part of the coalition? (I think I know why). McCain is crying that: “….he has NEVER seen our ally, Israel, treated so badly by a President”.
    Historical fact, check out Bush 41’s cool relations with Israel’s Prime Minister back then.

  22. why don’t you educate us Mr. charlie, what does the usa get from Israel??
    How about the Israeli tech, medicine, and intelligence the US receives – are you aware of the value of many of these things?
    As one example among many, Iron Dome was designed and production started in Israel. The US wanted co-production on it and Israel agreed and the US contributed funding. Both countries now will have sales profits from Iron Dome. The U.S.-Israeli alliance now contributes more than ever to American security and Israeli tech and software firms are being snatched up by Silicon Valley.
    Would you rather Israel does no business with the US and instead deal their innovation to China, Japan, India and Russia? Israelis aren’t dumb; they see the winds changing, and they have already started pivoting towards the east.
    Educate yourself concerning the value of developments and breakthroughs coming out of Israel.
    And use your exclamation points wisely.

  23. Stay away from Yahu’s speech; it’s all political theatre BS ; if he comes The Israeli people should vote against him in their upcoming election.

  24. During the SOTU speech President Obama specifically stated during the delicate negotiations with Iran was not a time for making political points by American politicians.
    I am not a friend of Israel. The fact that land was “given” to the survivors of the Holocaust by nations of Europe does not make the continuing genocide of Palestinians acceptable. The Holocaust was at the very least horrible but for European nations to assuage their consciences after centuries of abuse (not just during WWII)through slaughter and imprisonment of Jewish people by giving property that was claimed through conquest and colonization is beyond disgust. Encouraging and perpetuating apartheid, conquest, and unending warfare for profit is not acceptable. Ever.

  25. charlie…Iron Dome is a successfully marketed failure.

    Israel is not being honest about it’s success rate nor the cost for each of its interceptor missiles, citing that it costs $50-90,000 per missile.

    But Theodore Postol, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and missile defense expert and Iron Dome critic, says that those missiles cost $200,000 or more.

    That’s a hefty price tag for a failed defense system, so I wouldn’t tout it as a reason to continue to siphon taxpayer money to Israel when we need those dollars for our own infrastructure.

  26. Call, write, and fax your congresscritters. Sure, they don’t like your calls coming in, but when a load of letters are dropped off at their offices, and their fax machines are going off like an alarm system, you can bet they’ll listen.

    Even to this day, a written and mailed letter is more powerful than a call or e-mail. Calls and e-mails can be ignored. Can’t do that with a barrage of envelops containing angry letters from their constituents!

  27. Netanyahu is a REPUBLICAN operative. He lobbies the Republicans to get more aid out of the USA. The Republicans, if they had a Republican President today would give Netanyahu carte blanche to anything he wanted in and from the USA. A credit card with no limits and no installment payments required. With this President (Obama), Israel’s credit is being looked into and it has not been easy for Israel to “shop” in the US, so Netanyahu is pissed at Obama for that, and the Republican ass kissers are Mad at Obama for giving their guy a cold shoulder from time to time. I lost respect for all those Republicans who cozied up to Putin, praised him and gave a backhanded slap to our President during that Crimea thingy last year. F them! Shameful so called patriots. NOT!

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