Israeli Ambassador Jokes About Working To Undermine President Obama

Last updated on February 3rd, 2015 at 03:09 am

Israeli Amb Ron Dermer/Source: Twitter

If your job was to ensure that your boss, Prime Minister Netanyahu, got everything he wanted from the United States, and you had royally screwed that up by plotting with the Speaker of the House to speak to the U.S. Congress behind the President’s back, would you think your best move would be to make jokes about picking sides on Twitter?

If your name was Ambassador Ron Dermer, you would.

After blaming Speaker John Boehner for the seismic breach in protocol he assisted his boss in committing against President Obama, Israel’s biggest ally, Dermer figured Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to kick sand in the President’s face by tweeting “Breaking Protocol, Choosing Sides: Go Patriots.”

LOL forever! It’s just nukes, y’all.

Max Fisher at Vox picked this up first and wasn’t impressed either:

Just to be clear about this, Dermer is jokingly calling attention to the fact that he appears to be working to undermine the sitting president of Israel’s most important ally. He’s making a funny about how his plot to gin up a little short-term political support for Netanyahu has blown up in his face, harming not just his boss’s political chances but the very alliance that is his primary responsibility. It’s funny stuff.

So much for the idea that Netanyahu, Dermer and Boehner weren’t trying to undermine the sitting U.S. President. And well done, Ambassador Dermer, this is how you manage to alienate even the stragglers.

Even former Secretary of State James Baker said today on Face the Nation that he thinks the speech invitation was a significant breach of protocol. Baker served under former President George H. W. Bush and former President Reagan.

In case it wasn’t clear before, it is now clear that anyone who attends Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is spitting in the face of their own country, bowing down to a foreign power while deliberately undermining the office of the President.

Dermer, who used to be a GOP operative in the 90s, has been accused of distributing talking points that are critical of President Obama and the White House to Republicans in Congress in the past. In 2013, a Dermer defender told Politico, “He’s not as bad as the Israeli media make him out; he’s not ruining the relations with the United States. But he was there when some of the problems were created. He was not just collateral damage.”

After today’s tweet, defenders will no longer be able to deny Dermer’s inflammatory destruction.

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