Scott Walker Falls Flat On His Face When Asked About Foreign Policy On ABC

Scott Walker ABC This Week

It only took one foreign policy question on ABC’s This Week for Gov. Scott Walker’s potential 2016 presidential campaign to fall completely apart.



RADDATZ: Let’s talk about some specific, and you talk about leadership and you talk about big, bold, fresh ideas. What is your big, bold, fresh idea in Syria?

WALKER: Well, I think – I go back to the red line.

RADDATZ: Let’s not go back. Let’s go forward. What is your big, bold idea in Syria?

WALKER: I think aggressively, we need to take the fight to ISIS and any other radical Islamic terrorist in and around the world, because it’s not a matter of when they attempt an attack on American soil, or not if I should say, it’s when, and we need leadership that says clearly, not only amongst the United States but amongst our allies, that we’re willing to take appropriate action. I think it should be surgical.

RADDATZ: You don’t think 2,000 air strikes is taking it to ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

WALKER: I think we need to have an aggressive strategy anywhere around the world. I think it’s a mistake to –

RADDATZ: But what does that mean? I don’t know what aggressive strategy means. If we’re bombing and we’ve done 2,000 air strikes, what does an aggressive strategy mean in foreign policy?

WALKER: I think anywhere and everywhere, we have to be – go beyond just aggressive air strikes. We have to look at other surgical methods. And ultimately, we have to be prepared to put boots on the ground if that’s what it takes, because I think, you know–

RADDATZ: Boots on the ground in Syria? U.S. boots on the ground in Syria?

WALKER: I don’t think that is an immediate plan, but I think anywhere in the world–

RADDATZ: But you would not rule that out.

WALKER: I wouldn’t rule anything out. I think when you have the lives of Americans at stake and our freedom loving allies anywhere in the world, we have to be prepared to do things that don’t allow those measures, those attacks, those abuses to come to our shores.

Martha Raddatz pushed Scott Walker on foreign policy, and he completely fell apart. Walker went from being a what he called a leader with big, bold, fresh ideas to being another Republican with George W. Bush’s foreign policy. Someone also might want to tell Walker that meeting with Henry Kissinger and George Schultz is not the same as serving as Secretary of State.

Scott Walker can definitely rile up a crowd of Republicans in Iowa, but in terms of policies and ideas, the Wisconsin governor has got nothing new to offer. Walker’s implosion illustrates the problem that the Republicans are going to have in 2016. Republicans want to make 2016 a foreign policy election. They want to attack Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State. Their problem is that they don’t have a single candidate on their roster who has foreign policy experience.

Gov. Walker’s American boots on the ground anywhere in the world answer would lose him a presidential election. With this one answer, Scott Walker sabotaged his chances of being elected president in 2016. Walker was the first in what will be a long line of Republican presidential candidate flavors of the week. It only took eight days for Gov. Walker to deliver an answer during an interview that would make him unelectable in the fall of 2016.

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  1. I can’t take seriously any potential President whose idea of good foreign policy is “boots on the ground” — especially when their boots have never been on the ground. They are such war mongers.

  2. “I think it should be surgical. We have to look at other surgical methods.”

    “And … boots on the ground. I don’t think that is an immediate plan, but I think anywhere in the world–”

    Define surgical, you nasty damn fool. Foreign policy philosophy needs to go beyond cable news platitudes. And “boots on the ground” is real macho sounding from safe at home, but it means soldiers and civilians dying.

  3. Him and his relatives’ boots first.

    I don’t think I have enough popcorn stockpiled to last two years….

  4. Walker’s expertise is restricted to destroying labor unions, undermining public education, and screwing the middle class family.

  5. But his answer is just what the idiots want to hear. Boots on the ground problem goes away. Arm teachers to shoot on site problem goes away. Give guns to everyone problem goes away

    Americans are stupid and until we come to that fact they will keep electing idiots like this asshooe

  6. Once again, Scott good-for-nothing Walker has shown that he is another big error Wisconsinites here in Wisconsin have failed to recognize! Rich people (and ignorants as well) love this guy, even knowing he is not doing his job as governor! His claim of bringing Wisconsin backwards is working just fine. He just proved a point I made to a friend the other day; he might be able to fool Wisconsinites, but not the rest of the USA!

  7. Speaking of “surgical”.How do we surgically remove this cancer on society called the republican party?

  8. “Can’t we just bomb them for a couple of weeks and see what happens?”
    -Bill Kristol

    Pretty much sums up the Rights foreign policy, and Walker is in lock step.

  9. If America is stupid enough to vote in or allow to vote in another Republican, you can bet he will launch war the moment he’s inaugurated.

    Oil conglomerates want to control every well of oil in the world, and they want to do it on the cheap: have American taxpayers pay for it while they reep astronomical profits – including American Congresscritters on BOTH sides of the aisle.

    History shows that ALL our wars, from the venerated WW2 through to Iraq has always been about controlling the world’s resources – water but specifically oil. In WW2, it was about Japan oil…which is a little known secret since most Americans are spoonfed the marketed meme of “patriotism!”. Americans love their patriotism – something that blinds them for the truth. WW2 was about control of OIL.

    Remember, those who control the world resources, control the world. Now you have your answer why the Koch Bros are buying Congress when they’re so rich already. Control.

  10. I am so waiting for some in-depth reporting to be done on this empty envelope (someone called him that recently, but I don’t recall who). The damage he has done to Wisconsin is so bad if it is ever fully covered in the MSM it will be hard to believe. He is a liar and a plagiarist (his recent “…miles of reality” statement is from a quote by a Wisconsin governor from 40 years ago). He has spent almost a million tax payer dollars on security because he doesn’t feel safe in his own state. Please keep writing about him–every bit helps.

  11. I have called him an empty vessel because it’s what he is.

    The Kochs don’t even have to tell him what to do anymore. That’s how attuned he is to his masters’ wishes.

    No to federal funds for high speed rail—because the Kochs need people to use oil products.

    Yes to buying more school buses for rural communities (a good thing) but for the wrong reasons. So they use more gasoline and oil.

    Break the universities by selling dorms, property and heating plants they own to the Kochs in private no bid contracts.

    Scott Walker is an empty vessel. He couldn’t be more ready nor more willing to be filled up BY MONEY!

  12. just watched the interview. Why would you say he fell flat? There are millions upon millions of Americans that believe exactly as he stated as far as foreign affairs. I hear it even right here in supposedly liberal, progressive Madison Wisconsin. And whether you want to believe it or not, or claim election fraud, which may be, he did win here 3 times.

  13. The man has a vague but very rational answer to foreign policy; yes you need to be more specific (boots) about targeting isis, rather than bombing, SINCE bombing creates rage and anger which fuels the seeds for future terrorists.

  14. Completely agree Helen. The biggest personality fault with the GOP is they can’t help thinking and leading with their dicks. Only hyper aggressive in your face attitudes are American. We need to elect a lot more women.

  15. We don’t like him either. Well, 49.3% of us don’t like him. Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with the rest, but maybe they are huffing methane from the dairy cows.

  16. In terms of foreign policy credentials, Jon Huntsman is so far above any of these clowns, it’s a joke. Hope he runs.

  17. Walker has demonstrated that there are problems that the Democrats and labor have failed to address in Wisconsin.

    He has also demonstrated that he is entirely able to ignore the needs and desires of anyone with whom he disagrees. He never flinched during the protests.

    This isn’t good for Wisconsin, but his work has never been about Wisconsin. Virtually everything he has done has been done within the framework of a national campaign.

    While it takes a level of narcissism to think one should be President, Walker takes this narcissism to another level. This makes him very attractive to the Koch brothers and the RNC.

    He isn’t swayed by right or wrong, nuances, or subtleties.

  18. What the bleep is a “surgical method”? Does he mean “tactical method”?

    I am sad that he is about to embarrass Wisconsin, but I’m hoping it’s a really spectacular flameout. He makes Palin look like a Rhodes Scholar by comparison.

  19. Is it any wonder that U.S. Foriegn Policy has been a clusterf**k since almost always. Is it any mystery why the rest of the world hates or distrusts us??

  20. Because Walker himself touted “Big, bold ideas.” And when directly asked what were his “Big, bold ideas,” he has none. He retreats to the same, bankrupt Neo-Con reactionary stance. The same stance that created all this s**t to begin with. He represents the party of regression, the GOP. Other than the mantra of preserving and furthering the wealth of the already wealthy, name one, just one policy the GOP actually offers. They have no foreign policy except “Fire when ready,” they have no health care alternative, they have no jobs bills. All they want is a return to the Robber Baron era of unrestricted greed with no gov’t interference. Repeal the EPA, repeal Dodd-Frank, repeal ACA, no cap and trade, bust the unions and on ad nauseum. Walker is a Koch toadie who will continue these failed policies. Anyone, like you, who agrees with him should be first in line with their kids at the recruiting office and keep your mouth shut when he hands you a $1.8 billion deficit in July.

  21. What I wouldn’t give to have one hour to interview each of these GOP buttwipes.Jeremy Paxman style,have them running home to their mamas.

  22. GO MARTHA! Thank you, ma’am. Thank you for showing us that there are no Presidential quality critical thinking skills in this one. NEXT!

  23. Whenever they mention boots on the ground I want someone to say we should have a draft with no one (the rich) getting exempted, the rethugs have a bunch of kids, Romney
    Joe Scarboro, Huckleberry, Christie, they all have sons but I guarantee none will serve.

  24. Uh, not so much. Japan’s imperial aspirations were about more than oil. In fact, they had already been at war in Asia for more than three years when the oil got shut off.

    One more thing, too. Hitler?

    ‘member him?


  25. And to think, he was their “flavor of the week”. Another fail for gotp, a fragmented party cant win.

  26. Look, it’s “mitt the twit” 2.0. This twit was exposed at the same time that chuck clod lets another weasel slip by with crap answers. Are the thugs still coming on This Week for interviews chucky? If so, and we have seen it, then your answers as to why you can’t properly question thugs falls apart.

  27. His presidential campaign fell apart? Really? From one media interview? Don’t you believe that he can gather his advisers and come up with the talking points he needs to go on? This isn’t even a minor set back. It doesn’t even qualify as a trial run. He is just practicing for the real campaign.

  28. I truly hope the author of this article is correct in saying Walker’s statements made him unelectable. However, I’ve seen some crazy stuff here in Wisconsin that would seemingly do the same and yet, here he is.

  29. Whenever they mention “boots on the ground” and “it’ll be for a short time”
    President Halliburton Chaney said the exact same thing and that “short time” was over 12 years and over 6000 were killed.
    The Iraq war of LIES was manufactured by Chaney/puppet Bush which awakened ISIS/ISIL.
    The GOP continues to want to go after anyone they don’t like.

  30. What should we expect? There’s nothing in diplomatic means to achieve ends that has much of anything to do with cold, hard cash, and that’s what Scott Walker is all about. He’ll cut education, higher education, pull-out the rug from under workers’ feet, but since going to war costs a whole lot of money, it also sends a lot of money to his war mongering friends.

    Walker is all about cash.

  31. There are millions of ignorant Americans. Because their education was stolen from them and their parents allowed it to happen. They encouraged their children’s stupidity in the name of euro-Jesus and the Great White Phallus.

    Walker and his ilk are grifters. They tell the rubes what they want to hear, then rob the place blind.

  32. If he wants boots on the ground, go ahead.

    Here’s the thing… those boots are from the union workers you screwed over while your sorry ass is lying on the ground.

  33. Gordon, right. Cash in HIS pocket, and his masters’ pockets. Koch will spend any amount to get this empty head cheater elected. Be prepared.

  34. Just another Corporate Shill. You know he, or his sons–if he has any–won’t be putting those “boots” on.

  35. These Republicans never studied Bismark. Political goals need to be crystal clear and the military only used to accomplish a goal force can actually achieve. Since WW2 the US has not had either. The result we never really won a war since the surrender of Japan. I detest chickenhawks.

  36. I see their ploy of the year ’16 will be fear mongering. Oh noz, the tur’rists are gonna attack us here! Freedum! Liburtee!

    We can have a terrorist attack at any time, and it hasn’t got squat to do with whether we attack anyone in the Middle East.

  37. Surgical … pretty sure it’s realllll close to “status quo” in the dictionary.

    I bet Palin could help him out with a definition!

  38. Walker just repeated the GOP talking point, but didn’t know enough about the situation to say anything rational after that. This is his Sarah Palin “I can see Russia from my house” moment.

  39. Walker..Just like Sarah Palin, has no idea what the questions are nor the answer..His words are just a bunch of goobly gook, Better really think this guy out, he’s playing with the big guys and if elected he’ll have his thumb on the “red Button”
    Do you really want “Sarah Palin Like” on the Red Button”?

  40. Scooter talks a good game, but says nothing. What are his “bold, fresh” ideas but more trickle down economics domestically and saber rattling in foreign policy. Here is a career politician (been in elected office since his mid-20s) who thinks he is the answer merely because he hasn’t been successful running for Congress?

  41. Scott Walker won two low turnout elections in a swing-state. Democrats let him win (twice) by not voting in the midterms. The 2014 midterm elections had the lowest turnout since World War 2.

    The state of Wisconsin is not as blue as the media, and the GOPigs want people to believe.

  42. “His presidential campaign fell apart? Really? From one media interview?”

    Why not? Scott Walker cleared a low bar, and gave ONE speech in Iowa, and now he’s being treated the like the GOPig front-runner. He can gather as many advisers as he wants, it doesn’t mean he’ll ever be ready for prime-time. Just ask Mitt Romney.

    Scott Walker knows nothing about foreign policy, and he has a crappy economic record in Wisconsin, with a budget shortfall on the way. He has always avoided scrutiny, and changing talking points isn’t good enough.

    Candidates that have trouble with both foreign policy, and economic policy, usually don’t do very well. Scott Walker is a far-right extremist, that alone could hurt his campaign once he starts to get more sc…

  43. grawson: “What is wrong with Wisconsin?” you ask. Ans:
    1. Could it be that they are held ideological hostages by the Republicans?
    2. Brainwashed?
    3. In a bubble—cut off from the rest of the country?
    4. Read only Republican propaganda.
    5. Believe that the rest of the country are trying to tell them how to milk their cows?
    What? What?
    No wonder their Governor can pull the wool over their eyes (some) and pick their pockets.

  44. Walker went from being a what he called a leader with big, bold, fresh ideas to being another Republican with George W. Bush’s foreign policy.

    As opposed to another Democrat with George W. Bush’s foreign policy?

  45. Except Sarah never said that. It seems you can’t tell the difference between a parody and reality.

  46. yes, he did win 3 times, but what no one seems to want to mention is he won 2 races in off year elections when- for whatever reason- most people don’t vote, and he won the recall because the only time people vote less is during a special election. walker has never been elected during a presidential election when most folks vote.
    i personally believe he would not be in office otherwise.

  47. Pretty much, Walker just said he will take us to war with boots on the ground WHERE EVER “HE” see terrorism!! My God, an we thought McCain was a War Hawk!! Scott Walker solution to Terrorism is always going to war an gettting our pound of Flesh!

  48. How is this a failure? Asked about foreign policy in Syria and he speaks of ground troops and it seen a failure. If that’s a failure then you’re an idiot. I was boots on the ground. Clinton believed in air strikes only and we ended up with 9/11. Yes 9/11 was Clinton’s screw up because he had many chances to take Bin Laden out and he shuffled his feet. Don’t ask about terrorist issues if you think any type of military action is too much. Shove your head back into the sand you moron.

  49. LOL Really? And thew Bush who had no interest in stopping 9/11 was faultless? The same guy that closed down the Clinton terrorist groups after OBL?

    Clinton had no reason to take OBL

    Why send troops to Syria when the people of the US say no? Why should we when the Middle East refuses to fight its own fights?

  50. Incredibly, Scott and the last president inherited the Walker surname from the same great grandfather.

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