GOP Attacks Fail: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired US Man and Woman


A new YouGov survey has found that the two titans of the Democratic Party, President Obama and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, have been named the most admired man and woman in the United States.

Here are the top 15 most admired men and women in the United States via YouGov:

yougov most admired in US

None of the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination made the list. There was no sign of Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or Rand Paul. Instead, the top Republican presidential candidate was Ben Carson at number nine on the men’s list and Sarah Palin in tenth among women. On the Democratic side, Bill Clinton was the fourth most admired man, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was the sixth most admired woman. First Lady Michelle Obama was third among women. Former Sec. of State Condi Rice was fourth, and former First Lady Barbara Bush was eleventh. Former President George W. Bush was fifth, and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney was thirteenth on the men’s list.

The list was compiled by asking respondents two questions. Who do you most admire, and who do you truly admire? From a political point of view, this poll demonstrates the power of Clinton name. Bill and Hillary Clinton have a strong brand and powerful legacy to run on. Their years of supporting President Obama have smoothed over what remains of the divide from the 2008 primary and have established former Sec. Clinton as the dominant frontrunner in the Democratic Party.

On the Republican side, the fact that they couldn’t place a single active politician from their party in the top ten of either category illustrates the degree of damage that has been done to the GOP brand. For Republicans, the list is full of has-beens, (George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Condi Rice) and those that will never be (Ben Carson).

The years that Republicans have spent trying to drag down and damage both Obama and Clinton are looking like a waste of time. The president has survived years of attacks by his Republicans critics and has emerged with rising poll numbers and admired status. Republicans have been trying to attack former Sec. of State Clinton for years, and her status as a globally admired person remains as strong as ever.

Republicans have spent nearly seven years on the attack, but the current (President Obama) and future (former Sec. of State Clinton) leaders of the Democratic Party remain as strong as ever.

13 Replies to “GOP Attacks Fail: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Named Most Admired US Man and Woman”

  1. This must TERRIFY the GOP, the Koch Bros Party (formerly known as the Republican Party), and U.S. Media (who are all in the tank for Republicans).


  2. How in God’s name did Palin make the list? This list means nothing to the GOP. As far as they are concerned, the won in November, so there! They were all re-elected, so from their viewpoint, PBO is under performing and not worthy of the high ratings.
    As for Hilary, this makes them very, very nervous. I guess we view things differently. It makes Ne very, very nervous that Palin is on the list.

  3. George W. Bush at #5??? That has to be a typo. He’s completely ignored and not even mentioned by Republicans any more and it’s for damn sure no Democrats admire him.

    He must’ve received every Texan’s vote just so they could have someone who’s still alive on the men’s list.

  4. G. W. Bush, Sarah Palin on the LIST! ?
    No comment….just {{{{ scratching }}} my head. I could give Bush a pass, but SARA PALIN !!!!!! ????? NOOOOOOOOOO……..

  5. Just remember, Jim Jones had loyal “followers” and look where it got ’em. There will be some who will follow Arizona’s desert dwelling Alaskan charlatan to her own Jonestown.

  6. Your right uncajoe———Texas is a big open state an it’s Bush’s home turf. My guess there was a lot of Texan votes for Bush to get on there! I’m surprised Collin Powell did not make the top ten if your going to be naming a Republican. But I think lots of people see’s him as a Independent.

  7. Rice was part of the President Halliburton Chaney, puppet Dumya war lie regime and Bimbette Kelly over QEII who has had the longest reign in the UK??

  8. They are admired because they know who they are. This on the other hand……
    Apparently, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s new portrait is out. I’ll let you judge it.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  9. Bull, all these surveys are massaged for certain results.
    Anyone who believes this crap is a fool !

  10. So Walt…because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton top the list it’s bu(($hit.Condi Rice and Palin being on the list is what’s wrong.Billy Graham George Bush and Ben Carson are just nuts!

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