House Republicans Pass Bill That Would Take Health Care Away From 19 Million Americans


The House has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act 239-186, but House Republicans didn’t just vote to repeal Obamacare. By voting for repeal, they also voted to take away access to health care from 19 million Americans.

No Democrats voted for repeal, and three Republicans voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act

The Republican argument was the same one that has ignored the reality of the law’s success for years. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the ACA a disaster while claiming that “The People” don’t want Obamacare. Despite the fact that the ACA has lowered costs, McCarthy claimed that costs have gone up. He brought out the tired old argument that taking away access to health care promoted freedom. He also claimed that Obamacare was government run health care. Nothing in the Majority Leader’s remarks was true.

Before the vote, House Ways and Means Committee Democrats released a statement that revealed the truth, “We’ve had more than four years of the Republicans telling us they have a better solution. To date, the ACA has succeeded in helping millions of working families and retirees: 19 million Americans who would otherwise be uninsured are now covered; 9 billion in premium dollars saved; $15 billion in savings on drugs for seniors. Four years and counting of empty Republican promises.”

Rep. Sander Levin called out the lie that health care costs are rising because of the ACA. He said, “It’s a lie. It’s a fib.” He said the problem that Republicans have with the law is that it is working.

There was nothing new in the Republican argument. It was an endless stream of half-truths and falsehoods.

Beyond taking away access to health care for 19 million Americans, House Republicans also voted to throw 3 million children off of their parents’ health insurance. They also voted today to deny 129 million Americans with pre-existing conditions access to affordable health care. House Republicans voted to raise prescription drug costs on 8.2 million seniors. Republicans voted to raise Medicare premiums on seniors.

The media and some on the left often get caught up in talking about the volume of House Republican attempts to kill the ACA. What often gets overlooked is what repealing the ACA will do. The Republican efforts do not contain a plan to replace the ACA. The Republican efforts are centered around taking away access to and the benefits of affordable health care.

Behind the politics is the reality that House Republicans passed a bill today that if it became law would harm hundreds of millions of Americans.

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  1. Costs are going up. I own a small business and I pay the full amount for my employees (4 total including me). My insurance is going up 22.89% as of March 1.

  2. SO the people who voted for these DICKs ought to be happy; GUESS WHATS NEXT GEEZERS thats right SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.

  3. Boehner is the top guy in the I hate America Club. Hes looking pretty ill himself lately. Thumbs up to screwing over the middle class. Boehner – The speaker that Koch bought.

  4. Republicans are truly horrible people. Never again do I want to hear anyone say both parties are just as bad. GOP are obviously the shittiest alternative.

  5. I applaud you for what you are doing but you do know since you have less than 50 employees you are exempt from paying health insurance

  6. If you are working class and voted for the GOP or if you thought the Mid-Term election were not important enough to vote… Congratulations!, you deserve then.

  7. We are literally paying Congress GOP to harm Americans, and giving them benefit rewards for doing so.

  8. So the tea bag/repubs have voted FOR being the death panels!!!!!

    However as Maxie2014 said – “It’s a waste of time and $$$. What president overturns their own law. I mean, really.”

    The tea bag/repubs DO NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO GOVERN

  9. Yes, I know I’m exempt. I do it because I want to. It’s part of the benefits. I pay medical and dental. So, no Do’h needed Andy.

  10. Republicans are a mix of extreme nationalism, religious fanaticism, Social Darwinism, with a whitewash of libertarian buzzwords. Hatred of the less fortunate is all that holds the coalition of the small mindes.

  11. This is all just politics – they know that Pres. Obama will veto their pathetic bill, and they are just pandering to the Wing Nuts and spreading the hate….jerks!!!

  12. Even though it was originally a republican plan, they didn’t control congress and their guy wasn’t in the Whitehouse. Therefore it’s a bad idea, and they need to be against it. They’ve talked it down so much, they know their going to have a hard time taking credit for it now.

  13. The GOP is full of liars, thieves and corrupt SOBs and has been for 20 years. Who votes for people who want to kill them? I am incredulous.

  14. Jim. What does that have to do with Obamacare? The cost of insurance has risen hundreds of percent since Nixon. Is Obama to blame for that too?

  15. the President said that he will VETO any votes for repeal of ACA again – for the 16th time – wasting money again.


  17. YO! All you clowns on Capitol Hill! Stop wasting my tax dollars. Instead of trying to undo what is in place, why don’t you offer something better? Or are you saying that nothing is better than something? You don’t like it, fix it. Don’t undo it until you have something better to offer the living, breathing, blood circulating, bound to die real people of this country. You said you were ready to start leading. Looks like THAT is just another Republican lie. Either lead the nation forward, or sit down and stop talking. Draw your paychecks for the rest of your term and then go home so someone else can do the work you won’t.

  18. The hatred Republicans display towards most Americans is astounding.

    They own the media, and also refuse to appear on air if someone asks them a real question.

    Republicans don’t allow tough questions at town hall meetings as well.

    Republicans are sociopaths caring only about power and money.

    If allowed, Republicans will have the working class as serfs, like in feudal England days.

    Republicans politicize everything now, even issues like national defense and foreign policy, where those were lines rarely crossed pre-Reagan days.

    I rarely use this word, but in this instance it is valid, and that word is hate. I hate Republicans. They’ve screwed us several times, and yet they win elections.

    Fear motivates their base to vote against their own interests and it is remarkable.

  19. poor things:
    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

    STUDY: Watching FOX News Makes You Stupid

    Rupert Murdoch Calls Fox News Viewers Morons & White Trash
    …O’Reilly, also laughing, then joined in by saying, “Hey, how many Fox viewers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they all refuse to change the bulb because they prefer living in the dark.”

  20. yes it’s a DO’H moment for you since health insurance companies raise rates all the time and has nothing to do with Obamacare because it isn’t insurance.

  21. you’ve got 1 dumbass so far that’s voted NO WAY and you know it’s not me.

    Great article once you get the page to load with all the ads and cookies attached to it.

  22. Who are they doing this for? Do they really think that the morons who root for this read a paper or are aware of what they’re doing let alone the fruitlessness of their labors – ie: Spend and spend Republicans.

  23. If your insurance is going up 22% you need a new broker, quick. If you’re stuck in a Red State you should leave. Are you really running a business or is this just a hobby for you?

  24. You just don’t get it, do you?

    The House GOP wants to jettison the ACA because, well, because, well, Benghazi it’s Mr. Obama’s signature legislation, and we can’t allow him to go down in history as having been a successful president, now, can we?

  25. The GOP is so predictable, I like it. They pick up a few seats in the midterms and the first thing they do is drag in the same roadkill rotten legislation they’ve been dragging in for years. ACA repeal, Keystone, etc. Are they stupid or just stubborn? Equal parts of both I think.

    Are health insurance premiums skyrocketing in 2015?
    Despite you might have heard, the answer is ‘No!’
    Published: August 29, 2014 12:00 PM
    Increases are in the single digits, a not-terrible showing

    With preliminary or final individual premiums available for 31 states and the District of Columbia, the average rate increase is 8 percent, according to the most recent (Aug. 15) update of PricewaterhouseCooper’s interactive map. But 29 states have released only the rates that the insurers have requested, not final rates. And the average masks huge variations: In Arizona, for instance, changes in proposed premiums range from a 23 percent decrease to a 27 percent increase. And in any event, 8 percent is not a terrible rate increase by historical standards. In the three years before the Affordable Care Act was passed into law, the average rate increase in the individual market was 10…

  27. He sucks as president he should have never been in for a second term but we all know who voted for him.just like everyone said no body wanted Obama care and it’s not right to force people to take it and it’s not fare people got money taking out of there taxes because they didn’t sign up they made it where you have no choices in America the gov wants to run and tell people what to do Obama lies to all of American people every day since he been there he’s a dictator and tricks everyone with his lies.

  28. this is very similar to when they bring a supervisor into your working area and his job is to watch you work and if you job knowledge isnt keeping up with you experince or years on the job cause your a potential supervisor of your work gang in the oil production company they get this guy and he is known as the hatched man ,your under his cojones and you have to prove your able to stay on the job and perform,well he is the one who is the company cut thoart so he gets paid to eliminate dead wood in the company. boner is the same his job is to eliminate programs which dont benefit his top one percent billionares and if your dead wood he wants to get rid of you and he dont care what happens to you your out in the street on your own. notice his cold calculating face this man has no feelings or carea bout npoone but himself person he serves no one but his billionare donor bosses he has that insane look about him he just wants to climb that billionare ladder on our backs and he will be fore…

  29. Just like the other idiot that wants to do away with everyone retirement money and social security money. We the people have earned that from working all them years how can they even think of doing that to all of us how can they dip and take take take from us all the time it’s bullshit

  30. 52% of Americans would call you an idiot. Oh snap, guess what you racist asshole President Obama is the only President to get over 50% of the vote since Eisenhower. Dumb racist prick

  31. Hey grand wizard who wants to take away your retirement money? Before you answer provide links dumbass

  32. first…my insurance went down $120 per month for the same plan. Second, they never say what they are going to replace it with…which means nothing since they have no plan at all and third…what this article fails to mention is the tremendous savings we will see down the road. People who are now sick will go to the doctor instead of waiting for something turn turn into a hospital situation or worse. That alone will save billions in medical expenses…but who are the GOP to look 2 feet down the road. They never have.

  33. Dale, if President Obama is the dictator you claim he is, you would not have been able to write would just told us.

  34. Public health experts estimate nearly 10,000 deaths if court strikes down Obamacare subsidies

    Add those nearly 10,000 premature deaths to the estimated 17,000 that will die from the court’s previous Obamacare decision, to allow states to opt out of Medicaid expansion and we’ll have the real Obamacare death panel.

  35. Jim, have you shopped around lately? I think you might be able to negotiate better rates. Your current company may be taking advantage of you….

  36. Dail < Same old Repub drivel! You are sick….how can anybody lie EVERY day ? ( Mega exaggeration ) " Every body hate ACA " another idiot statement with NO BACKUP…at least 9 million do like it and more are signing up!! .. " NO CHOICES IN AMERICA " another B/S statement with no proof ..except that it is the same model that Romney put in Mass. … still doing well or the people would reject it Go print your B/S some where else where people do not know better!

  37. People voted for President Obama because they wanted ACA, and because they liked his ideas to run the country.

    Don’t live in a fog of Faux news.

  38. Mikey, the GOP will NEVER tell you what they will replace ACA with because they know everyone will hate it.

    That is how they operate, don’t give details because they won’t get votes.

    They are the biggest threat to this country right now.

  39. I’m sure they could get their own health insurance at a very reasonable cost. Perhaps give them a small raise to pay for those cost and let them get their own Insurance before February 15 which is the dealine.

  40. I have no doubt whatsoever, and furthermore the GOP doesn’t care. They are sociopaths, no conscience, no regret, no compassion, etc., etc.

    I cannot imagine how President Obama would feel if the slimy SCOTUS rules against it.

  41. I would like to know where they get these figures that the cost of healthcare is going down, or is it just going down for hospitals, doctors, labs, etc. who are no longer treating uninsured patients. My healthcare costs since obamacare went into effect have risen from 20% of my income to almost 50% for just the two of us. Prescription costs have risen from $15 to $45 for just one prescription, an increase of 33%. I have no delusions who is paying for healthcare for those who can’t or don’t want to work…. and it isn’t the government. It is those of us who are working and struggling to pay our own healthcare who are paying for it both in taxes and in increased healthcare costs.

  42. Y’know what? I’m one of those terrible people you think shouldn’t get help. From 1997 until 2014, my only contact with a doctor was an emergency room visit when *someone else’s* runaway horse kicked me in the ribs and left me lying in the middle of the county road, an act for which they never took responsibility. I survived several untended bouts of pneumonia, but several people in my neighborhood died of the same illness. I don’t overutilize, but now I can go to a doctor if I must. Sorry your nose is out of joint.

  43. Do you have employer-provided insurance? If so, did they recently switch carriers? If not, what reason are they giving you for the increase in rates?

    If your insurance is not through an employer and you have private insurance, you might want to shop around.

    If you are not eligible for employer provided insurance and therefore have to get private insurance, then again, you might want to shop around. is a good place to start. Or go to your state’s exchange website if your state participates.

    Either way, your insurance did not go up that much because of ACA and whoever is telling you that is lying.

  44. My insurance plan is through my employer & has not changed. The rate increases are coming directly from the insurance company based on plan info they mail to us at the beginning of each year that shows a breakdown of plan costs between employer and us. We did have reasonable increases of a few dollars each year… until the ACA was passed. Some people I work with decided to try to get insurance through the marketplace to save money, only to find out that they were not able to locate a doctor, without having to drive hours, who will accept their plans. To keep healthcare costs down for the company, the company I work for has stopped hiring full-time workers. They now only hire part time with no benefits. They are also trying to drive out the full-time workers and many have quit. My BIL who works for another company FT was fired, then offered his job back PT, no benes, $2 less per hr. He had to take it or lose unemployment while he hunted for a new job. This is the reality of ACA fo…

  45. Jim, it almost certainly would have gone up by that much anyway… Look at patient cost and reimbursement for the real story… patient cost has risen, reimbursement for doctors has fallen or remained stagnant, meaning the only whores making money are the shareholders and employees of health care companies in States where hte Insurance Commissioner has no power to say no… like California for example where the Commissioner can only block unreasonable property casualty hikes, NOT health insurance hikes… It’s asinine!

  46. I find you could well be lying.

    If you have a job that offers insurance you are not legible for the ACA insurance. Go back, have someone fix your story and then bring it back to see if it flies

    Your whole story is ridiculous. Your owners are screwing you

  47. Shiva, you don’t have your facts straight

    You are not excluded from the marketplace if you qualify for your employer’s healthcare option. You can have employer sponsored health care, or pick from the marketplace. You just have to have one or the other. The cost information I get comes directly from my insurance company as I noted, not my employer. And if it makes any difference, it is an HMO, which I know usually does cost more, but I need the extra coverage and it cost less in the long run than a conventional plan.

    Yes. Everyone should have access to a doctor when needed. Everyone who can,should work in some capacity and employers should all be encouraged to provide benefits, hire FT employees and pay a living wage. But this is not fantasy land and that is not going to happen. In the community I live in, the ACA is putting financial strain on the working poor and middle class, and yet not providing accessible health care.

  48. 1st question signing up, are you eligible for your employers insurance. If the answer is yes, you dont get insurance. Your link says nothing about the subject

    As far as the rest of your post, take it back to fox news. Its bullshit

  49. I have ACA. You cant get insurance if you have full coverage. And if you are poor you get subsidies. The same for the middle class. Your bs is just that. Why would anyone go from employer paid insurance to a fully paid insurance with a deductable? None of your story makes any sense at all.

  50. The whole healthcare system in this country is flawed and in need of a complete overhaul. Hospitals bill for unbelievable amounts of money they know they won’t get to make you insurance look good. A procedure that used to cost a few thousand just a few years ago is not ten times a much. I went for blood tests a few months ago, routine stuff, and the hospital lab billed Medicare $1800 for tests that just a few years ago were a few hundred dollars. They force you into the system and then try to bleed every last dollar out of you and tell you how lucky you are that you have insurance. Once in the system you can become trapped in there on some drug that if you quit you will suffer worse than if you had never taken it. You are considered crazy if you try to just simply take care of yourself and heaven help you if you land in the system uninsured. Goodbye to a lifetime of work and savings. Isn’t it wonderful? The damn ACA WAS the Republican plan and they got a Democrat to pass it. Clever.

  51. I agree, but I think they are counting on the 2/3 vote in the House and Senate (each) that would override President Obama’s veto. I doubt that they will get it, but they do keep hoping. Now that they have taken control of both the House and Senate, they are getting overly confident. I believe it will still be a vast waste of money and resources.

  52. I do believe it is YOUR GOP who wants YOUR Social Security and YOUR medicare. Read up and quit watching FOX you dumb sheep BAHHHHHHHHHH.

  53. In the midst of a serious outbreak of a highly contagious, potentially deadly, and completely preventable disease, Republicans vote to take health care away from 19 million Americans.

    America, I present to you the face of the real Death Panels. The G.O.P.

  54. apparently republicans don’t care if americans die or not. as long as their pockets can be lined with money. as they say the richer get richer and the poor get poorer

  55. I have Obamacrap… sucks!!! I was very happy with my previous insurance….you now the one they promised I could keep if I was happy. Well sure I could have kept it but the premium would have gone from $215 to $785 a month!!!! My problem with ACA is I have less coverage with a higher deductible…..I can’t find doctors that will take it and those that will most won’t take new patients. My previous doctors won’t take it so I’m having to switch to new doctors. Just to get a regular physical I was contacting doctors 1 1/2 hours away. I do live in a small rural community, but I shouldn’t have to drive that far to get medical care. I would love to go back to my previous insurance and go back to using the doctors that were only 20 mins away!!!

  56. All I can say is that the Republican Party is now nothing more than Koch bought, American hating slimeballs.

  57. Lies that ACA is better or cheaper?? Look at my before and after insurance bills and see. Less coverage for more money. I had better, cheaper, less deductible before ACA. Same coverage and deductible is almost $800 a check, twice as before. But, I guess someone has to pay for the peoples insurance that can’t or don’t have their own. Thanks Obummer.

  58. It would help if we can see your before and after bills but since we don’t that makes you another bagger liar

  59. Not if you have a qualified employer-provided plan, which means they provide full coverage. If you’re able to get coverage through ACA, then you had crappy employer insurance to start with.

  60. I can’t GET insurance any other way. I’d be dead, really dead without the ACA, and apparently, that’s what the GOP wants!

    I smell revolution. Playing with tea is one thing, but playing with lives is another issue, entirely!

  61. Don’t overestimate the intelligence of the American people, Francie.

    These expensive, unsuccessful, and unprecedented attempts by the Republicans/Teapublicans to repeal the PPACA will later be touted as “having changed the PPACA for the better!”. Watch and see if I’m not right about this.

    In a few years, as the PPACA becomes more and more successful, it’s what they’ll be marketing to the gullible American people who couldn’t bother to come out and vote in the midterms, and who believe that voting isn’t a big deal and really doesn’t affect them.

  62. WWJD? Well, being the original Christ, he wouldn’t want the poor to have access to doctors and medicine if they can’t afford it, right?


    That’s no Christian minister. That’s an anti-Christian minister or an anti-Christ minister.

    People really need to read their Bibles. You’d think those who are thumping the darn thing at least would know what they’re thumping. Clearly, this isn’t the case with this “Christian” minister. He appears to be too busy bellowing fire and brimstone and condemnation, and plum forgot to read what’s inside the black book he’s trying to hit over the heads of his gullible sheep.

  63. My wife and I had a very small business for 19 years , closed 3 years ago.
    we had blue cross all those the latter half it went up every year. We now have ACA THROUGH Blue Cross & Shield ,pretty much the same insurance. we receive a subsidy and the cost is low to us. it did go up some this year, but we are still happy with it and able to have ins. while self employed.

  64. Dale’s the type of person if you ever meet you never want to shake hands with as you where they’ve been. He’s so proud of himself after he posted that comment and each time on other sites that lazing in mommy’s basement he ‘got his rocks off’.

    He along with the ReThug senators/house reps believe they’re keeping the economy going by keeping the ‘Depends’ manufacturer in business along with his other batshitcrazies as they all have ‘wet dreams’.

  65. Thanks for linking to that very interesting article. What struck me the most was how extraordinarily dumb the GOP and TeaBaggers are about economics. Besides clinging desperately to their stupid “trickle down” theory, they haven’t a clue about how the ACA actually works and what it is intended to do. “Changing the risk profile of the insured population” obviously has no meaning for them, as they don’t realize that the more folks who are insured, the less likely their own premiums are to go up.
    Of course, if they truly thought in sound economic terms, they would understand the economic value of universal healthcare (where everyone, depending on their ability) pays a wee bit more in taxes to ensure that all have a right to healthcare. No doubt they can’t do their own personal math which would show that a wee bit more in taxes is much, much less than monthly premiums and deductibles.
    Oh well……it’s tough to educate the willfully ignorant.

  66. I was responding to this claim in the article… “Despite the fact that the ACA has lowered costs, McCarthy claimed that costs have gone up. ”

    All I said is my insurance is going up 22.89%. I didn’t blame Obama or Obamacare. I was just stating a fact that my INSURANCE was going up. This is the first time my INSURANCE has going up so much. Normally the increase % is much lower.

  67. I am getting awfully tired of ALL of our government alleged leaders.Their primary function seems to be to TAKE AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE who put them in office.I don’t think the present healthcare is perfect;but,it is something.If all of us can figure out how to take away govenment’s PRIVILIGED benefits;then we can install the same benefits for EVERYONE.nO EXCEPTIONS,NO EXCUSES.Then,watch how our govt.starts helping all of us.

  68. Reply to Andy at 6:27 pm

    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

    Haven’t you put these links up on almost every thread?
    There was a similar paper done years ago by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, whose methodology was proven to be of very poor quality, and who was rightfully dismissed as a shoddy “researcher” after his “findings” were published in Psychology Today on “Black Women Are Less Attractive”.
    If you knew the history of some of these contemptuous studies you would realize these rigged “studies” come out like clockwork and
    aren’t taken seriously by anyone serious.
    And if you’ve been reduced to using pseudo-science in order to satisfy a continuing need to establish superiority ..these studies aren’t going to solve your issues.

  69. After the high number of failed attempts I am tired of hearing the rhetoric! Maybe they should do it! If it harms people we will hear their out cry. If people find themselves better off we will hear their cheers!

  70. this is what happens when you allow Republicans to become the majority in your Congress. don’t make the same mistake in 2016 folks

  71. THE TRUTH – I ran a public school FACT: health care cost, always goes up every few years , depending of the age of the staff members and many other reasons. But raising health at any company has nothing to do with affordable health care OBAMA CARE.

  72. um, Dale Greenwood? Is that ALL one sentence?

    Are you normally this dumb, or is this type of word-salad the norm for you?

    I’d bet good money you’re a teabagger.

  73. What is your first language? It is obviously not English.
    Are you illiterate or just dumber than a box of palins?

  74. The ascent into a voluntary society continues. Probably scares the crap out of most here. More government statism has never improved society. Individual ideas resonate into a groundswell. Think of all the improvements we have witnessed that started from an idea. Governments steal the wealth of society. Shared ideas create wealth for all. The fourth turning is commencing.

  75. Will The Supreme Court Kill The Republican Party In King v. Burwell?

    As most politically informed people know, the Supreme Court is taking up the King v. Burwell case which could unravel provisions in the Affordable Care Act as they relate to state exchanges. The effect of this decision will have repercussions to millions of Americans who are just starting to reap the benefits of the law and get the care they need to live better lives. Personally, I have many family members who have health insurance for the first time in their lives and are getting their health under control. They are getting the medicines they need and have been freed from the worries that go along with not knowing if something may be wrong with them.
    Read More

  76. Having people sign up for something that is basically free to a good portion of the population and who are also forced to have it or are fined, is the considered a success? Kicking 26 year old “children” off their parents policies is heartless? 129 million americans have pre-existing conditions? That’s 40% of the US population. Seniors have medicare and medicaid to cover them already. All of this guys talking points are complete lies. Premiums have increased significantly. Maybe not for those who are now subsidized, but definitely for the middle class and employers. Tell a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. If someone else pays for it, who cares.

  77. We need to shift some focus from insurance to hospital costs. I was charged $14k for a CT scan by my local hospital (just over $1k at a doctor office), $4k for another scan (600 at a doctor office) and we were also charged $26k just for just four hours of hospital time when daughter had adenoids removed (cost did not include doctor or anesthesiologist fees).

  78. Sick and twisted John Boehner should take that thumb and shove it up his butt then suck on it to get a taste of what he and his Republican morons are feeding the people who need affordable health care. Oh, don’t worry though. Obama will veto the bill and Hillary is on her way to the White House.

  79. If the ACA is so wildly popular with Americans, why didn’t the Democrat party take back the House and retain the Senate? Everytime someone refutes your claim that Healthcare costs are lower, you call them liars. If they disagees with Obama’s policies, you call them racist. Seriously? Thats what people do who can’t come up with a valid argument to support there position. Lets be honest, both parties are out for themselves. We the people are just being used as pawn for their political gains! In the end no matter which party is in control, we get screwed!

  80. I have assuredly heard your “it’s-all-bullshit” argument before, and, to answer your question, too many people believed it and didn’t vote at all.

  81. your sir are a bigot and you are exactly what is wrong with america today. people like you make me want to stand up and fight back.

  82. Many of the negative comments are scare tactics, which started the minute the notion of passing the ACA was announced. There are people who, no matter what the subject is, want to bitch. I pay for my employees like Jim and yes costs go up. I have qualified for Medicare and so I will be dropping my private coverage.That will save our group $14,000.00 this year. What happens from year to year is something no one can predict. I think that puts me in the group who wants to do right by his employees- not the twitchy bitchy group who wants to blame everything on one man. Let me remind those from that group that millions can now get treatment in a doctor’s office, not the ER. Pre-existing conditions are not a factor in coverage. Children can stay on their parent’s policies until the age of 26. Tell your cousin, who is covered for the first time in his or her life, that you will elect people who will take that safety net away. And the karma train will run you over someday.

  83. I think that everyone should have access to healthcare. However, costs are not going down and if you think they are, you can pay my 18% increase annually. My company pays 60% of my premium and I pay the other 40% and for crappy insurance. Glad I have it though. I just think that Congress and Senate should not have the benefits that are not offered to ‘regular’ people. They should have the same that we have. And it should not be lifetime, it should only be while they have the job, LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA.

  84. Yea, verily, I say unto thee that Baalem’s mode of transportation–a talking jackass–is alive and well in Tennessee.

    I don’t know what Jesus would have wanted because I am not a Christian, however, from what I’ve read of the Christian books, I doubt that he would be on the side of the GOP. They think that GOP stands for God’s Own Party. [WINK]

    Denying health care for millions of people is hardly “Christian” or for that matter, any religious group’s desire.

    It will be vetoed by POTUS, so they’re spinning their wheels as usual. It is a meaningless vote that will not be overturned by Congress, so why do they do things like that?


  85. That explains my 40% increase that went into effect Dec. 1st and that was after the 28% increase last year. Thanks for the education…

  86. Now I don’t feel so bad lap55. I am paying about $150 a week, not counting dental, and making slightly over minimum wage. Yeah, we are rural too.

    If we are going to redo the healthcare system, why not have everyone on the same insurance, including all politicians and government workers? Or, has the government overstepped itself into peoples lives “for their own good”.

    When and where does it stop? Thomas Jefferson- A democrat, said “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.” and “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not”. Are we doomed to repeat history by not learning from the mistakes of others?

    Look at this discussion for example. You have people name calling and acting like children instead of having an intelligent adult discussion.

  87. Yeah, there’s always one person who has “first hand” knowledge of the most extreme outcome possible.

    It’s gotta be how Faux gets their “news.”

    If your cost has nearly doubled without an increase in risk, you should review your options. Shop around for alternative plans…it might open your eyes to what others are paying for the same bennies. At the very least, you might find a better deal.

  88. Yup. It is an HMO with only a co-pay per visit and no deductible. I am basically working to pay the health insurance.

  89. djchefron, Back in 2012 after aca was signed, and a year before the exchanges opened, I was paying $55 a week for coverage for my husband and myself. We renew every year in November for the following year. In September we got a “wonderful” letter from the insurer stating that “in anticipation of rising operating costs”, the amount we would have to pay for coverage would be going up. Rounded to the nearest $5, the increases since then have been to $85 for 2013, $130 for 2014, and $150 for 2015.

  90. It is affecting me by my insurance company raising my rates to outrageous levels to cover the extra expense of providing the low cost plans on the marketplace for those that can’t afford or don’t have insurance through their employers.

    It affects me when I have to choose to buy my husband’s heart medication instead of food as sometimes there is not enough money for both due to less money in my paycheck and the increased cost of prescription copays.

    It is affecting me in increased stress and workload as the company I work for is making every effort to cut their full-time workforce to cut down on their health care costs. When they get to under 50 full time employees, I am sure they will do away with offering health coverage altogether.

    It is affecting me when part time people I work with come to work sick and pass it around as they can’t afford the gas, or the time off work, to drive two hours to see a doctor.

    Save Our Healthcare Project is to replace Obamacare with positive, patient-centered reforms to ensure ALL Americans have access to high-quality care, & the opportunity to live long, healthy and independent lives.
    7 Principles:
    Our health is the most personal and important thing we possess, therefore its care must be under our control.
    Centralization and bureaucracy are the antithesis of personalization, and only discourage choice and innovation.
    Large-scale change should not be imposed from above. Instead, we must have the freedom to choose what is best for our families and build on proven successes.
    Advancing technology and innovation can reduce costs and increase efficiency but every individual must always own and control their personal medical information.
    States should have maximum flexibility to design the programs that serve their citizens.
    Employers and individuals purchasing health insurance must always be free to buy …

  92. I have Obama Care. It is excellent coverage and without it I would not have health insurance, because I make too much money for government programs but not enough to pay for insurance or the high cost of medical care.

  93. I assume this is the first time rates have ever gone up, so this is how you know for sure it’s due to the ACA?

  94. It is about time someone does something. Not only is Obamacare discriminatory by basing rates on zip codes and age groups, our premiums have tripled since it started. Why!!?? We are obviously paying to subsidize those receiving free healthcare premiums. I dont believe that everyone taunting the great benefits of Obamacare would feel the same if they had to start paying our premiums. This taking from hard working Americans and giving to the rest “Robin Hood” mentality is a farce and will fail.

  95. LOL, tripled? Really? You are prey to the healthcare insurance, not Obamacare.

    And ytou know what really makes you look stupid? The cost YOU paid in taxes prior to the ACA was much higher, when you WERE paying for everyone thanks to the great traitor reagan and his law that everyone who goes to emergency will be paid for if they cant pay.

    The ACA has drastically cut what the government spends on healthcare. My premiums under the ACA are a third of what i would pay with out it. You are so full of shit your feet havent touched the ground in years

  96. This article is not based on fact. My premiums are up 50% and deductible has doubled. This is redistribution of wealth. The cost of the plan according to the CBO is now 1 trillion more than promised. All this will do is make everyone equally sick and equally poor. Furthermore, it is not constitutional. It wss only deemed constitutional by gutless John Roberts when he said it was a tax – but it was sold to the public on basis that it is not a tax. And don’t even get me started on John Gruber.

  97. Your deductable has doubled? You had the chance to get a new plan. Im not buying it.

    You know nothing of the constitution, stop pretending

    And no, this is not “This is redistribution of wealth”. Jesus, where did you get that from?

  98. What difference does it makeif he is running a business for profit or hobby??
    He has jobs for 4 people and he gives them benefits. He has less turn over.
    Just because you run a business you don’t have to treat your employees like walmart. More business owners should think like this.

  99. My insurance has gone up a whopping $19 in the last 18 years. For that I will credit Obama. I actually like the fact that if either I or another member of my family get a catastrophic condition, i.e. cancer, that the Republicans will not be able to cut my insurance off and say Too bad, so sad. It surprises me that the Republicans want to do away with the expanded medicaid and at the same time, take away low income families the ability to get insurance. It really must be true that the Republicans sit around and say it isn’t their problem if people cannot afford insurance. Not their problem. If they die, that will save a lot of money on social security in the future. They really do believe that those low income families need to understand that no one cares about them, they amount to the same thing as the gum stuck to foot.

  100. Just a reminder… Medicare only pays 80%, so you’d do well to keep a secondary policy “just in case”. My husband had a serious medical problem that hit during the two weeks he didn’t have that secondary coverage, and our share of $102,000 is wreaking havoc on our budget.

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