Joe Scarborough Says Liberals Are Anti-Science Because They Oppose Keystone Pipeline

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During the Tuesday broadcast of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough claimed “climate alarmists” are denying science by opposing the extension of the Keystone oil pipeline. Scarborough made this statement during a panel discussion with former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), now the head of the Heritage Foundation, and Democratic strategist James Carville. It appeared that Joe was trying to flip the script on the left by using the term “science denialism,” considering the GOP is routinely attacked over its members claiming climate change is a hoax or not caused by man.

The segment was supposed to be about President Obama’s budget and what will or won’t be changed in it by Republicans in Congress. However, it became clear early on that Scarborough was going to team up with DeMint and attack Democrats over Social Security, MediCare, supposed rising deficits and Keystone XL. Earlier in the show, Scarborough had already set the narrative of the day by saying deficits will start ballooning and the President needs to “attack entitlements.” With DeMint sitting with him, it became a tag-team effort.

After an agonizing few minutes of pushing the right-wing mantra of austerity and crushing debt, Scarborough eventually moved on to another favorite pet project of the right, the Keystone XL pipeline. Joe started by complaining about the “lefties” in the Democratic Party who take it “to the extreme” when they should be worried about working-class voters. Carville countered that you can be concerned with science and the working-class and that “you don’t have to be stupid to appeal to working class voters.” The Morning Joe host responded to Carville with the following:

“I’m not suggesting you do. But at the same time when you get the AFL/CIO against you, when you get Teamsters against you because you take extreme positions on pipelines that actually make the environment safer, that’s denying science for your ideological left-wing fundraisers.”

Yes, you read that right. Even though we’ve seen a recent oil spill from a pipeline in Montana, and dozens of others over the past few years, Scarborough is still making the claim that the pipeline extension will make the environment better while claiming that the left-wing is full of science denialists. That is rich.

Thankfully, Carville decided to attack him where it really hurts for Scarborough. After Joe’s statement, the strategist pointed out that in the end, the “number one Republican economic program” would only create 35 permanent jobs, thus taking away Joe’s argument that the pipeline is needed for working-class people. At the end of the segment, Joe pivoted back to climate change, claiming he believes it is real, and they just need to find a policy solution that works. This was likely a way for him to try to insulate himself from impending criticism over his asinine remarks about anti-science “lefties.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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  1. I’m a liberal and so are a lot of my friends and one thing we all have in common it the fact that we as LIBERALS all have a healthy respect for science. What we are is anti stupidity. Science is like math to us, real and pure. Stupidity is something we try had to stay well away from even though it gets in our faces every minute of every day. So Uncle Joe STFU you stupid old man.

  2. How much money do you have invested in the pipeline Joe. Do you have as much as our speaker of the House?

  3. Give Joe a break. He, like all the other right wing “pundits,” are just reading a script. They are actors in the fascist war on America. They need to create outrage on a daily basis so the mindless base is too distracted to notice how badly they are getting beat down. Benghazi will never go away, IRS, Fast & Furious, ISIS, Ebola, Solyndra (it’s baaack) blah blah blah. I’m not sure who controls the script, Murdoch and Ailes at FOX for sure, but it’s just as easy as reaching into the little bag of false scandals on a daily basis and hitting “Play.” Bam, outrage and hatred. The trouble is that shills like Krauthamer, Will, Krystol are what stupid people think smart people sound like. And if it wasn’t for stupid, the GOP would be long gone.

  4. Sounds like old Joe is trying to score as many reichwing points as he can before he’s taken off the air. Since his numbers are way, way down, it won’t be long, and maybe it won’t be before too long that MSNBC kicks the dust too. There isn’t room for 2 conservative cable news outlets, which is what the PTB (Powers That Be) seem to want MSNBC to become. And with Faux News numbers down too…..hmmmm, I’m thinking if CNN doesn’t soon return to Turner-type cable news, these outlets will go the way of the dodo. Millenials(the market they’re seeking) think TV is old-fashioned. Many I know don’t even have a TV — they get their news and entertainment via the web and movie theatres.

  5. Scarboro, to my mind is an idiot, always has been.
    Of course there is no chance the pipeline
    will go through his back yard.

  6. His ratings are headed towards Hades, and this is why. You cannot bring GOP ideology onto a network that caters primarily to Liberal ideology and expect to be a success.
    Scarborough’s low ratings are for the same reason MTP has low ratings: our country is not a right centered culture, but a left centered culture.
    If voters wanted GOP ideology, Obama would not have been elected twice. Until NBC/MSNBC learn this, their shows will continue to find a place in Satan’s home.

  7. I wonder what goes on in the head of those in the right wing.

    Sometimes it’s so batshit insane that even I think that it’s too much.

  8. If it wasn’t for the occasional article on Scarborough no one would even know he still exists. No one watches Morning Joe.

  9. This is one of those “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” moments for Scarborough. While I enjoy the repartee on the program, I get a sense he oftentimes is out of his depth on an issue. The KXL will leak. All of the pipelines have. It will carry some of the most toxic crude taken from the ground across the largest aquifer in the United States which sits under particularly permeable soil. that aquifer provides water for a goodly portion of the midwest and Great lakes area as well as for agriculture on the great plains. The landholders on the track do not want it. State politicians do not want it. Who wants it? The Koch brothers. Joe was a conservative politician and we all know a “good” politician stays bought.

  10. He is a first class jack-arse. I only hope that someone would finally put him in his place. He is on the wrong show. He belongs on Faux News.

  11. You know, as long as everyone thinks that MSNBC is “the liberal network”, they might as well start acting like it.

  12. Joe deploys the time-honored “I know you are, but what am I?” defense; having never gotten beyond the schoolyard bully phase himself.

  13. While I agree that the left and Democrats are generally anti science and I agree that we are warming the planet but advanced nuclear power is the best way to fight it, I was alarmed when Christy and Paul, neither of whom I like anyway, came out for “choice” in vaccinations. I had thought that the anti vaccination stance was a liberal one but there are numbsculls on both sides. The Keystone should be built as it helps the world in so many ways. A deal could be made for a .50 rise in the gas and diesel tax, and if we really want to dream a CO2 tax starting at $10/ton and rising %7/year would be ideal.

  14. The left is anti science? Who denies climate science? Who pushes nonsense that zygotes feel pain? Who don’t believe in evolution? You are an idiot to even make that asinine statement

  15. Do you even know the difference between an idiot, a moron, and an imbecile?
    Climate science, reproductive rights, and evolution are points where your and mine stances are identical , I was at the first Earth Day at Columbia in 1970, and they said then that CO2 was warming the planet which it has, and we’ve had all that time to build low CO2 emitting nuclear power plants but the Democrats with their anti science zeal have opposed it at every turn. Aren’t many on the left for choice in vaccinations? (I had thought that was a left right divide but maybe not)
    Chiropractice, aroma therapy ,acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and fear of nuclear power are just some of the anti science stances more common on the left of the political divide.

  16. No wonder people have stopped watch him in the morning. He is soooooo full of himself. MSNBC better get rid of him before they lose all their liberal audience.

  17. Liberals are anti-science? This is classic conservative/fox-news/republican misdirection; if you can’t convince them, confuse them. Switch the blame and then use whatever sliver of an argument you can find or fake and claim “THEY” are really the ones who are doing it. The best propagandists in history always follow the same script: The more often a lie is told, the more it becomes accepted truth.

  18. Here Are the 56 Percent of Congressional Republicans Who Deny Climate Change

    All told, 170 elected representatives in the 114th Congress have taken over $63.8 million from the fossil fuel industry that’s driving the carbon emissions which cause climate change. They deny what over 97 percent of scientists say is happening — current human activity creates the greenhouse gas emissions that trap heat within the atmosphere and cause climate change. And their constituents are paying the price, with Americans across the nation suffering 500 climate-related national disaster declarations since 2011.

  19. Methinks that you have it assbackwards. Republicans are the ones who are anti-science. The XL pipeline is not needed. It is dangerous on just about every way that one can think.

    XL is Canadian, let them pollute their water and air.

  20. Joe’s gotta go he’s just a plain ignorant bully why would anyone watch or listen to him turning MSNBC into FOX ; this mook needs some explaining to do about a dead employee in his office when he was a congressman.

  21. ” Who don’t believe in evolution” And you have the temerity to call me ignorant when you can’t write a simple sentence. It’s “who doesn’t believe” I certainly do.

  22. Again what proof do you have that the left doesn’t believe in science? This is the third time I have ask you fail to answer again then you will feel my wrath

  23. This pipeline is to carry extremely toxic and corrosive oil to be sold internationally. The only country that wants it is China — the ones who flipped a good chunk of the bill. Questions Americans are not asking are: 1) Why has British Columbia refused to allow any of this oil to cross its terrority by pipeline? 2) Why is the US promising to lowerer environmental and safety standards to get the pipeline? 3) Why is TransCanada under the impression that if there is a spill they will not have tp pay for any cleanup?

  24. ” I have ask you fail to answer” Did you drop out of school before the fifth grade? Just tell me English is a second language and I’ll lay off. Climate change is more serious than Democrats admit. Renewables have done close to nothing as far as CO2 goes, all the reduction is from those evil American oil and gas men who despite being hobbled by an obstructionist president, produced natural gas to replace coal. I’m here to tell you that 50% isn’t anywhere close to being enough, we need advanced nuclear power to replace oil with H2 and process heat for metal,glass, and cement production. But the Democrats are against the science of nuclear energy which means they are for coal and natural gas.

  25. “What will you do with the spent fuel” It took you all afternoon to ask an intelligent question, but that’s OK. Right now used fuel ,still in its cladding, is in either cooling pools, or after that in concrete casks. This is fine, for now as we have to decide ,is it fuel or is it waste? But since there are designs that use that used that fuel we should build them. Right now all the “waste “from American nuclear plants would fit on a football field ,but after burning in Molten Salt Reactors all of it would fit under a kitchen table.

  26. Spent Nuclear Fuel: A Trash Heap Deadly for 250,000 Years or a Renewable Energy Source?

    Nuclear waste is either a millennia’s worth of lethal garbage or the fuel of future nuclear reactors–or both
    The nuclear power industry has also not shown much enthusiasm for reprocessing because of the high price tag. “This GNEP program is aimed at trying to understand whether you could reprocess spent fuel economically,” says Westinghouse’s Cummins. “I would suggest that it is not really economical.”

    A 2007 report issued by Colorado think tank, The Keystone Center—an analysis of nuclear power by utility executives, environmentalists, policymakers and other experts—agrees, finding that “reprocessing of spent fuel will not be cost-effective in the foreseeable future.”

  27. I mention carbon tax and gas and diesel tax and not ONE of you liberals even repeated either phrase. I’ll make a bet, our terrible leader will not utter the words “carbon tax” ever. I guess the politicians are right not one of you has a care for our fragile environment all you want is lower gas prices for your oversized SUV’s.

  28. A reference to a Scientific American article, bless you djchefron, at this rate I’ll have to take you off the list of anti science liberals. Isn’t science fun? Anyway that was six years ago but still true today, reprocessing is too expensive and messy. It is the French way, they took all the used nuclear fuel processed it and when you ask them about their waste they say”you’re walking on it” As they embed it in the concrete of their headquarters. We don’t need that way much better is to use molten salt reactors where the fuel is a liquid in the liquid molten salt,so it’s very safe it can’t melt down as it’s already melted. Look up ThorCom Terrestrial Energy and Transatomic Power. We need the government to do the research on these so they are ready in five to fifteen years.With our regulation, the NRC we are sunk because they will not license something they haven’t licensed before. So we are studying this problem and giving the results to the Chinese!

  29. Oh Kim, I’m old too, but smart enough to know that Joe is quite simply a narrow-minded bullying blowhard with a television show.

  30. Asinine comment. Move to the South. I see conservatives championing lower gas prices for their oversized pickup trucks WAY more than I see “Liberals in their SUV’s”.

  31. Typical anti reality conservative illogic. According to Joey and his moronic minions if a person is an EXPERT in his/her field then in conservative world that person knows nothing at all and their facts are called “liberal”. But take any conservative pundit and that person even with a room temperature IQ is the expert! And place a bible squarely up their asses and the game is over, no one knows anything EXCEPT that Conservative Christian fraud. And by the way dj and broncobet, the ONLY solution to nuclear waste is to shoot it into the sun. This CAN be done! I and a friend of mine have done the math and have even designed the hardware.

  32. Great post!

    I would add that they are Greedy Puppets of Polluters or GPPs. Yes, they support polluters and get paid with the “green stuff” for their support or so-called denial.

    They have been bought by Koch, corporations and other dirty money. That’s the reason they “deny” that climate change / global warming is real.

  33. I’m a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) and that organization is OPPOSED to the XL disaster.

    Is Joe suggesting that the UCS is anti-science?

    Let’s face it, he is a far right (wrong) mouthpiece who cannot think for himself.

    XL will create a whole 39 full time jobs that will be filled NOT by Americans but by Canadians. If the pipeline is so safe, why doesn’t Canada keep the line on THEIR property?

    The output of the XL thing is not going to help the United States become energy independent because it will all go to Asia!

    Hey! I’ve got a great idea, let’s ship Joe over there!

  34. Joe is right! We were told by Obama that he was waiting for a report from the state dept. When the report came in and showed Keystone would not impact the climate. What did Obama do? He ignored it. If liberals are worried about oil spills, does that mean they are against importing oil on tankers?

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