Poll: Hillary Clinton Way Ahead Of GOP Opponents In Key Swing States

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A Quinnipiac University poll has great news for Hillary Clinton, and bad news for Republican presidential hopefuls, in three critical battleground states. The poll, released on Tuesday, shows Hillary Clinton ahead of every major Republican presidential candidate in the three pivotal swing states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

In most of the match-ups, the race isn’t even close. For example, Clinton holds double-digit leads over Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Rand Paul in each of the three states surveyed. She also leads Jeb Bush by 15 points (50-35) in Pennsylvania, and by 11 points in Ohio (47-36). Only in Florida, where Jeb Bush served as Governor, is that match-up competitive.

Quinnipiac has Clinton nudging Bush by a 44-43 margin in Florida, making that contest essentially a toss up. The only other competitive contest surveyed was a hypothetical race between Hillary Clinton and Ohio Governor John Kasich in Ohio. In that battle, Clinton edges Kasich 44-43.

Two other Republicans candidates did not fare well in their home states. In Florida, Hillary Clinton leads Marco Rubio 49-39. Rick Santorum would get blown out in his home state of Pennsylvania. The poll found Clinton up 54-34 over Santorum in the Keystone State.

Part of what makes Hillary Clinton so dangerous for Republicans is that voters in the swing states have a favorable opinion of her. She is especially popular in Pennsylvania, where her favorable to unfavorable spread is 17 points, with 55 percent of voters viewing her favorably, and only 38 percent having an unfavorable opinion towards her. She is slightly less popular in Florida (53-39) and Ohio (51-40).

By contrast, swing state voters generally have a negative or neutral opinion towards most of the Republican candidates. The lone exception is that Florida voters view Jeb Bush positively (46-38), although even there he is viewed less positively than Hillary Clinton.

Early polling should not be interpreted as meaning the presidential race is a slam dunk for the Democrats. There is still a lot of time between now and November 2016. Candidates will redefine themselves, and move up and down in popularity, as the campaign wears on. However, as of February 2015, Hillary Clinton is popular in three large swing states. Republicans have reason for concern. If they do not change the dynamics of the contest in 2016, not only could they lose the race for the White House, but they could get buried in a political landslide.

9 Replies to “Poll: Hillary Clinton Way Ahead Of GOP Opponents In Key Swing States”

  1. I’ll take a center-right Democrat for 2016, but we need to start pushing for real progressives in office.

  2. I hope she runs. Remember she tried to push health care reform as First Lady and is really smart. The republicans are not only embarrassing to America, corrupt (bought and paid for), but just plain stupid.

  3. HRC is the strongest Presidential Candidate we have ever seen in History. With the Brains/Experience of Bill Clinton as her right-hand-man…WOW!

    Once Hillary explains to America how much we’re lagging behind in so many areas…
    One example:
    “Paid Family Leave”
    “Among 38 nations, U.S. is the outlier when it comes to paid parental leave”

    You watch…HRC will be a great success!
    I even suspect…
    She will pick Elizabeth Warren as VP!

  4. It’s too damned early to be talking about this as though we can predict anything. Howard Dean was going to be the nominee. Al Gore was going to be President.

    Can’t we just get on with the problems that we’re facing today?

  5. In related news, a poll released today showed that voters support a generic Democrat over a Republican for president in the year 40038237545438.

  6. Although I will probably vote for her, I do not WANT to vote for her. She is Wall Street all the way.

    I’d prefer a Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren ticket because they are for the PEOPLE and not for the banks, Wall Street, or other one percenters.


  7. Who cares if she runs or not. Its all the same party. Rep/Dem makes no difference anymore. Its all big govt. Reps. take a crap and Dems. put a bow on to sell as quality merchandise.

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