Senate Democrats Block Republican Bill To Overturn Obama’s Immigration Executive Orders

By a vote of 51-48 Senate Democrats have blocked progress on a bill that would have overturned President Obama’s immigration executive actions.

Republicans fell short of the needed 60 votes for advancement.

The bill was part of House Republicans latest stunt to overturn President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. House Republicans attached language to a bill that would fund Homeland Security for the rest of the year that would reverse the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and reverse President Obama’s immigration executive actions that shielded immediately family of citizens and permanent residents from deportation.

Democrats stood together in voting against the bill. Sens. Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other liberals opposed the bill. Even more conservative Senators like Joe Manchin from West Virginia opposed the bill. Conservative outlets such as The Fiscal Times have been reporting that Republicans are blocked in and looking for a way out of the immigration fight with President Obama, “Congressional Republicans want a graceful way out of a showdown with President Obama over their threat to withhold funding from the Department of Homeland Security in order to block Obama’s executive order protecting nearly five million illegal immigrants from deportation.”

While Senate Republicans are looking for a way out, House Republicans appear to be obsessed with promoting a confrontation with President Obama that could shut down Homeland Security.

Senate Democrats have once again showcased their power as a unified minority. Republicans thought that they were going to be able to roll through the Senate and impose their agenda on the president. The exact opposite has proven to be true. Republicans are struggling to get much of their agenda through the Senate.

Instead of dividing, Democrats have rallied around President Obama. Senate Democrats have demonstrated that they will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. Republicans thought they could divide and conqueror President Obama and congressional Democrats, but it is the president’s party that is exploiting the divides within the Republican majority.

24 Replies to “Senate Democrats Block Republican Bill To Overturn Obama’s Immigration Executive Orders”

  1. It is pleasing to see a UNITED front (minus the blue-dogs). That old adage: “United we (should) stand, divided (we will) fall” should be the plan going forward. Stand your ground Democrats, let the Republicans push against your wall and stumble. They HAVE to realize that they need to work with you NOT against you, in spite of their control of the Senate and the House. As long as you guys study and plan your moves, outmaneuvering the NOligarchs will frustrate them and drive them batty, until they come to their senses. ;)

  2. It seems that our ‘tidal wave’ election that the GOP was so giddy about has turned into a tsunami against them. Gee, McConnell, I thought you were going to be such a fabulous leader, uniting the parties, blah blah blah. Looks like winning was the easy part: governing is hard work, huh? And I see you are taking a page from Boehner’s playbook and putting things up for a vote you can’t win. Please proceed, GOP. You are making 2016 look better all the time.

  3. Any American who votes Republican might as well shoot themselves in the groin and get it over with. The GOP is trying to destroy America and enslave us all.

  4. Many Democrats in (or who used to be in) congress will finally realize how well distancing oneself from our President works (see the 2014 mid-term election results). Barack Obama potentially has the largest political “coattails” for an outgoing two-term president since Ronald Reagan and I foresee those “coattails” becoming very crowded as 2016 approaches.

    Come on board guys, you won’t find a better horse to hitch your wagon to — just compare his rising approval ratings to your own dismal collective approval ratings.

  5. republicans thought they won – well I think the president is making them look like total failures – hahahaha

  6. You’re right on target, Uncajoe.
    The rats who abandoned Barry’s ship found themselves gargling sea water; but that ship has only begun to sail. I look forward to an exciting November 2016, a legacy extending far beyond that.

  7. why would you advise them to shoot at something that small… its almost like they’re zombies…

    no brain… no heart… no balls…

  8. This is all fine and dandy, but dont let the pres trust the dems any further then he can throw them. I sure dont

  9. I agree, UncaJoe. My newly elected senator, Gary Peters, was not afraid to hug the President right out there on stage in front of everybody.

    And he was elected, unlike Grimes, Begich, and other “Democrats.”

  10. Now, now, now, according to McConnell’s way of thinking, the GOP winning the Senate means they have the right to overturn executive orders. Just saying.

  11. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, Sally. Poor Mitch has a real problem and the problems name is Ted Cruz. Actually, we all have a Ted Cruz problem.

    But I really like how this is all playing out, it really makes the GOP look even more incompetent than usual.

  12. The tea bag/repubs don’t know how to govern FOR the people.

    The tea bag/repubs don’t understand that the United States economy is dependant on cheap immigrant labor.

    We’re a more successful and prosperous nation with cheap immigrant labor than without them.

  13. Why would Democrats block the bill to fund DHS? The party of no. I guess they don’t want any border security. I think they should vote to fund DHS instead of shutting DHS down.

  14. The President’s Commonsense Executive Actions on Immigration Are Lawful
    For the last half century, presidents of both parties have used their authority to set priorities in enforcing our immigration laws. That legal authority has been recognized by the Supreme Court, Congress, the Department of Justice, legal scholars, mayors, and top law enforcement officials from across the nation. The organizations and individuals below have all made clear that the President’s executive actions on immigration fall well within his authority.

  15. We have a few Dinos & I am surprised Joe Manchin,DINO,WV stands with Dems on this because he is also an ALEC Alumni with three other Dino ALEC members and we should watch him closely.

  16. Jason, first let me say, I always look forward to reading your wonderful post. But, this excellent piece unintentionally exposes the distrust in Dems sticking together with President Obama core democratic principle. Just saying.

  17. Doris, I have been calling out that disgusting Dixiecrat Joe Manchin, from the day he enter the Senate. IMO, now is a good time to kindly ask him to leave the Dem party.

    He’s going to be very problematic going forward.

  18. You are so correct, as history has shown, if it was not for slavery, America would not be in the position it’s in now.

  19. I think we should not stop there. I feel we should disband the immigration and border patrol department so any one any every one who wants to come can come. A Nations sovereignty is so over rated, isn’t it?
    Sure, most will partake in our social welfare state at tax payers expense and the terrorist who want us dead will flow in but as you said, it would be what is decent and right..right?

    And when our economy is broken we can just do away with money. And all social norms that come with it. We can all just hold hands and feed each other all along knowing we are doing what is decent and right.

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