Boehner’s Latest Attempt to Hoodwink America Fails Like the Rest

Let’s take a look at the latest Republican attempt to mislead the American people through obfuscation and sleight of hand. We can call this the anatomy of a failure.

There is an old adage that there are two sides to a story, and it is understood that, usually, there is some truth to both of them. Where our 114th Congress is concerned, the truth is all on one side.

Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi tweeted about John Boehner’s goals for the day:

Of course, this isn’t what Speaker of the House John Boehner was pushing publicly. He is still pretending he is all about creating jobs for the middle class! And combating the president’s “overreach on immigration.” Overreach. As in issuing a perfect legal executive order. In other words, doing his job.

You know, because Congress – particularly the House – can’t or won’t do theirs.

Boehner’s weekly press conference told the lie:

Boehner said, “This week, the House will take up three more jobs bills to help our economy. At the same time, the president provided the American people a good laugh yesterday – he sent up his budget. More taxes, more spending, bigger government here in Washington – the same old policies that have failed for the last six years. It’s not what the American people want.”

How about that vote to repeal Obamacare? You mean you are not going to tell the American people that you are on futile attempt?

And what, precisely, are those “same old (failed) policies”? The economy has recovered, the deficit has been cut by two-thirds, and unemployment is dropping. Obama’s popularity is surging. Where are the failures of which Boehner speaks?


The Republicans did manage to pass a bill (H.R. 596) that would take healthcare away from 19 million Americans when they voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act 239-186. It is hard to see that as an accomplishment, however, unless you are a fascist.

The GOP did not create any jobs yesterday. Nary a one. Nor did they accomplish any other positive action that would benefit either the middle class specifically or America in general. Their action and inaction is instead a relentless march backward to some actual failed policies, those of Obama’s predecessor in the White House, the guy who tanked the economy in 2008. A Republican.


What would put Americans back to work – infrastructure funding for example – is, to Boehner, something to laugh at. He’d prefer the 35 jobs created by the Keystone XL pipeline because that sort of legislation puts money in his pocket to pay for his fancy retirement home in Florida. Maybe he plans a big dyke around it to keep out the rising sea levels.

Though no longer viewable online, these were Boehner’s February 2 remarks on Obama’s budget:

Today President Obama laid out a plan for more taxes, more spending, and more of the Washington gridlock that has failed middle-class families. It may be Groundhog Day, but the American people can’t afford a repeat of the same old top-down policies of the past.

Like the president’s previous budgets, this plan never balances – ever. It contains no solutions to address the drivers of our debt, and no plan to fix our entire tax code to help foster growth and create jobs. Worse yet, President Obama would impose new taxes and more spending without a responsible plan to honestly address the big challenges facing our country.

While the president budget’s is about the past, our budget will be about the future. We will address our government’s spending problem and protect our national security. Our budget will balance, and it will help promote job creation and higher wages, not more government bureaucracy.

A lot of hot air here, but little of substance. It is amusing that Obama’s bottom-up strategy for economic recovery is called “top-down” when the GOP’s “trickle down” policies somehow are not. We can laugh about that while we are scrounging in garbage cans for food.

Boehner concluded yesterday before going into battle:

“Tonight, the Senate’s going to vote on our plan to fund the Department of Homeland Security and block the president’s unilateral actions on immigration. There’s a whole host of Democrats who issued press releases criticizing the president’s executive overreach – McCaskill, Donnelly, others. Was it all talk?

Of course, Boehner failed to undo Obama’s alleged overreach, with the Democrats blocking the measure on a 51-48 vote. Yet another in a long line of failures for Boehner. Immigrants are people too, and thanks to the Democrats, they will remain people.

“We won this fight in the House, now the fight must be won in the United States Senate. It’s time for Senator Cruz, Senator Sessions, Senate Republicans and Senate Democrats to stand with the American people and to block the president’s actions.”

Say what? It’s not clear what, precisely, Boehner thinks he has won in the House, because nothing jumps to mind. The story, rather, is one of unremitting failure thanks to Tea Party extremism. Don’t judge the health of Tea Party ideology by Sarah Palin’s popularity, folks.

And don’t you love it when a guy who can’t control his own caucus tells his Senate colleagues to do their jobs? Of course, Bernie Sanders has already destroyed the Republican job creator myth, and Republican governors are busily waging war on the middle class by robbing pensions and slashing wages.

You want failed policies? Detroit is an economic wasteland thanks to Republican economic policies and Kansas is following suit. And they want to do this to the rest of us.

Speaking of jobs…where are those jobs Boehner is always promising to create? I mean, besides the 35 jobs the Keystone XL pipeline would give us?

The GOP, led by John Boehner, is attempting to fool the American people into thinking they care. But they don’t. Talking about creating jobs does not create jobs. And Americans are tired of empty words from our Congress.

The fact that Obama’s approval rating is at a 20-month high ought to tell Republicans that maybe, just maybe, Obama is leading America in the direction it wants to go. It ought to be be a warning to Boehner and his fellow House Republicans that not only are they butting their heads against a wall, but they’re probably fooling far fewer people than they think.

34 Replies to “Boehner’s Latest Attempt to Hoodwink America Fails Like the Rest”

  1. As far as I know no one has mentioned the investment he has in Keystone, I still think he should not even be allowed to vote on it.
    It also was my understanding that top down economics was the republican plan – give more to the top and it will trickle down!!!

  2. John’s obligatory statement is nothing more than a partisan sound bite for GOP voters. The GOP didn’t run a “this is our agenda” campaign so why would we expect John to offer real solutions to the problems he mentioned. John knows that the inmates are running the asylum and what his role is. Why ruin a good thing, I get paid.

  3. “Top down policies?”

    Oh, like “Trickle Down Economics”?

    Yes, those have failed…

  4. Boehner knows theres nothing he can do, so his job now is to feed anti Democratic propaganda to those who will eat it up for the next 2 years. Hes just blowin more time.

  5. At this point, Boehner has to be worried about his legacy. He’s flailing desperately to avoid going down in history as worst Speaker of the House. But unfortunately for him, that is going to be history’s judgment.

  6. Ok folks stop the bull. The economy is not fixed until two things happen. 1. Americans can afford to pay their personal bills and get out of debt. Personal and Public Debt is not in anyone’s interest (except the Banks) 2. America is working in real jobs and we have a functioning industry. The economy has not replaced any of the good paying jobs lost in 2008. Most of the replacement jobs are low pay starvation level employment.

  7. Better-paying jobs stage a comeback
    Hiring has picked up steam in areas such as construction, manufacturing and professional services in recent months — sectors with a median hourly wage of at least $20. Nearly 40 percent of the jobs created over the past six months have been in high-wage industries, compared with just a quarter during the last half of 2013, according to an analysis by the National Employment Law Project for The Washington Post. Meanwhile, growth in many low-paying jobs has leveled off or even declined.

  8. Why are “top down governmental policies” not as good as “trickle down tax relief”? Are “We” not “the People”?

  9. RepubliKKKans aka The American Taliban,no better than ISIS has three goals:Kill Americans=take away healthcare,destroy the 99% and to harm this country:undermine our gov’t. bottomline and we Must vote to rid our country of this garbage or we are doomed to fail. Everyone needs to educate our people,each one, teach 10…

  10. I don’t think anyone – least of all me – is saying things are back to where they were. We have a Congress (hello Boehner) which has done all in its power to retard economic recovery and growth. That we have come back as far as we have is a testament to Obama. If we had a Congress more interested in America than in their corporate owners, think how much better off we would all be.

  11. “the same old policies that have failed for the last six years. ”

    Poor the boehner must get his news from fox snooze. Or he lives in a box of lies that he pulls out occasionally

  12. “…the same old policies that have failed for the last six years.”

    Failed? I think not. Those “failed” policies avoided a complete meltdown of the economy caused by the policies of the last Republican administration, including Rep. Boehner.

    I find it interesting that the Republican rhetoric now includes the words “middle-class” and claiming that the President’s policies are “top-down”. These word are outside the norm for Republicans. Are they trying to sound like Democrats?

    And I find it interesting that Boehner denigrates the President’s budget, yet since the Republicans have been in control of congress, they have not once passed a bill, or even proposed any bill, that would actually help the middle-class. And every bill they have passed, they KNOW for a fact the President will veto. So what have they accomplished? Nothing, as usual.

  13. I think Boehner doesnt even care anymore. To him going down in history as the worst at least gets him in the book. (bad press is better than no press). He knew from day 1, he was screwed.

  14. Steve, we are in debt primarily because of tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans. Deep tax cuts at a time we could ill afford them. The extreme transfer of income and wealth from the middle class to the top 0.01% has destroyed the economic balance of the nation. We can restore much of this simply by increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour, Inreasing income taxes on the wealthy and restoring Capital Gains taxes to the former values or even to a progressive tax. Ultimately, restoring unions and collective bargaining would bring back america.

    You’re comments prove you’ve simply believed the lie.

  15. You’re stepping in the BULL

    Here is why the DEBT has increased under President Obama and it wasn’t him that did it.
    Bush used our credit card and HID the both wars TRUE cost. President Obama added that cost to the DEBT where it belonged and also medicare part D and adding to the DEBT.

    US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion

    Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War
    How much did the financial crisis cost us? $12.8 trillion, one group says
    Medicare Part D will add $852 billion to the debt over the next 10 years

  16. The Reagan-Bush Debt is how much of the national debt of the United States is attributable to the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and
    the Republican fiscal policy of Borrow-And-Spend.

    As of Wednesday, February 04, 2015 at 10:50:45AM CT,
    The Current ReaganBush Debt is:
    which means that in a total of 20 years,
    these three presidents have led to the creation of

    GOP Presidents Have Been the Worst Contributors to the Federal Debt

  17. It says a lot since Jindle believed Faux Nooze about the “NO GO” zones in Paris and even took a trip to “see”them

  18. Who was at the helm when we were shedding 800,000+ jobs a month
    Record spending.
    Record deficit
    Record bankruptcies
    Record layoffs.
    Record unemployment
    The Great Recession
    Fall of all markets.
    Fall of the automobile industry.

  19. The republicans have introduced the following bills:
    46 bills on abortion
    113 bills on religion
    73 bills on family relations
    36 bills on marriage
    72 bills on guns
    604 bills on taxation
    467 bills on government investigations

  20. That son of a bitch hasn’t the foggiest idea of what the American people want. He, like the rest of the TEAliban, never go outside of their own circles to determine what we want.

    The fact that they took over Congress is due to the fact that they blocked tens of thousands of people from voting. They are as anti-American as ISIS.

    EVERYTHING they are for, the American people are against. My loathing for that SOB is too deep for me to say.

  21. Get a clue Steve.. Here in Seattle the union halls can’t find enough workers to fill the jobs. You must not get out much. Or pimping for Bonehead. Oh and you know what a union wage is don’t you? Around 35-40 an hour. Typical Neo-con liar.

  22. How the hell would Boehner know what the American people want? Has he ever bothered to FIND OUT WHAT WE WANT? Nope.
    He has never spoken to anyone who disagrees with him and his party.
    Recently, Senator Cornyn bragged about something he had voted against because “Texans don’t want it.” He never asked ME! I wrote him and told him where he was wrong. He’ll never read it nor will his staff tell him about how I feel.

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