Democrats Stand Tall and Block 2nd GOP Attempt To Overturn Obama Immigration Actions


For the second day in a row, Senate Democrats have blocked the advancement of a bill that would overturn President Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

Republicans failed again to advance a House-passed bill that funds Homeland Security for the rest of the year while overturning President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. All Senate Democrats and Republican Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) voted against advancing the bill to a final vote.

Before the vote, a frustrated Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whined about obstruction and tried tell sell Democrats as opposing Homeland Security funding, “Perhaps today’s Democrat Party is so devoted to the right of politicians to engage in action that would, as President Obama once seemed to imply, ‘violate the law,’ that it cannot tolerate dissent. But this is no reason to shut down the Department of Homeland Security. This is no reason to prevent the Senate from even debating whether, not to fund this department. So the Democrats’ Homeland Security filibuster needs to end now. And Democrat Senators who say they’re serious about keeping our nation safe — and addressing what President Obama acknowledged as ‘unwise and unfair’ overreach — need to prove it.”

Senate Democrats are going to continue to filibuster the bill because it overturns President Obama’s executive action on immigration. McConnell’s nervousness about being blamed if Homeland Security shuts down is starting to show. There is a simple way for McConnell to avoid a shutdown of Homeland Security. All that the Majority Leader has to do is pass a clean funding bill. House Republicans picked a fight that they can’t win with Democrats on the president’s immigration executive actions.

Senate Democrats aren’t going to vote for anything, but a clean Homeland Security funding bill.

As Sen. Patty Murray put it, “This funding bill for Homeland Security should not be held hostage for immigration. We’re being straight up.”

Hypocrite Mitch McConnell obstructed the Senate for six years, but now that he is in power, he expects Democrats to play by a different set of rules. That’s not going to happen. It is poetic justice that McConnell is getting a taste of his own medicine, and the Republican majority’s dreamed of juggernaut has completely derailed.

16 Replies to “Democrats Stand Tall and Block 2nd GOP Attempt To Overturn Obama Immigration Actions”

  1. Yes Democrats! You are on a roll…Keep up the good work. The American People are behind you on these issues. The Republicans can’t govern, never could.

  2. De-fund DHS. It was a Cheney monster from the start.

    It’s too big to do anything well. The components like FEMA should be separate and distinct.

    The threat is all in our heads, folks. They are training us to be docile as they grope us, force us to disrobe, demand our blood and urine and shoot us if we ‘threaten’ them. Because ‘someone might.’

    Me, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

    By de-funding DHS, we start to turn down the adrenaline. We open the door to our self-made cages. We’ll never have a better chance to shut it down.
    Stop being terrorized for profit.

  3. Ah,the proverbial shoe is on the other foot right, Mitch? “This is no reason to shut down the Department of Homeland Security”. But it was perfectly fine to shut down the ENTIRE government when you and your band of morons tried to defund the Affordable Care Act. Gotta love the hypocrisy here.

  4. poor Mitch, at least we all know who the expert on obstruction is, and the comment that it takes one to know one seems to fit well in this case.

  5. So, how many times are they going to try this vote? 50+?

    Taxpayers’ hard earned money thrown in the gutter by the GOP, remember, the fiscally responsible ones.

  6. Sadly, if they had found their spines prio to the November election they probably wouldn’t have lost the majority.

  7. Repubs don’t want to govern. They spend their time when no in power making sure that bills don’t get passed and stopping anything good from happening. Then when things get messed up (because of them) they yell and scream “see we told ya”. Now it’s their turn and all they are doing is bringing up the same old crap. The really have only 1 year to get anything done, because after that it’s 2016 campaign mode all the way.

  8. how does it feel tea baggers republicans when the shoe is on the other foot, now dems use filibuster power to stop gop tp, paybacks are sweet revenge hahaha

  9. i even called mitch mconnels office yesterday when gop was in minorty they filibustered left and right,then i told mitches aid how does it feel now to be filibustered by dems, i told the aid enjoy the taste of ur own medicine, and i hope dems in us senate filibuster constantly in us senate to send message to tea baggers teanuts revenge goes both ways sweet

  10. Well understand this democrats. I’m leaving the party and change my affiliation to conservative. Not all of us are on board with you giving Amnesty to 12 million felons that entered this county stealing money sending it to Mexico. You are giving our jobs to c felons that crap and I intend strongly to oppose every one of in every state to ensure you don’t have jobs yourse5. I’m a tax payer and I am sick and tired of my. Country being handed over to Islam and Mexican illegals. While the American people suffer. So I’m now officially working against every Democrat in the house. You’re a bunch of bigots. Who have sold out America just to get a vote for 2016 that is BS. Good luck fighting every blog that I’ll be putting out against you every one of with your names and numbers on them.

    A Dios. Demicraps.

    You just lost my vote and many others to come Americans, are not that stupid.

  11. I completely agree my party vote us going to change also from Democrat to Republican. This is insane they would sell out the American people in our economy we can’t afford this it’s too many Americans that need those jobs. They do not deserve our benifits and taxes. I’m done with being a democrat.

  12. Please stupid one where is giving amnesty anywhere in the Presidents executive order? But you do know who did give amnesty to immigrants? You are just another know nothing racist

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