Fox News Thinks Hollywood Is Waging A War On Men By Casting Women As Heroes

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In the early running for single stupidest news segment of 2015, Fox & Friends brought on a conservative activist to make the case that Hollywood is emasculating the men in this country by placing too many female characters as the heroes in movies. Penny Young Nance, the CEO of a group known as the Concerned Women for America, appeared on the show Wednesday morning and spoke with host Steve Doocy about male roles in recent movies and how she feels they are too often cast as antagonists or idiots in an effort to make women feel superior. She specifically took aim at the Disney hit Frozen and its upcoming sequel.

Doocy started the segment off by introducing a couple of clips from Frozen, moaning that the film portrays men in a negative light and wondering if Hollywood is “empowering women by turning our men into fools and villains.” He then welcomed Nance to the show, making sure to note that she is a mother and offering thanks to her children for letting her appear on Fox when she should be getting them ready for school. Nance then proceeded to complain that Hollywood is sending a message that “men are stupid” and only good for “a paycheck.” Regarding Frozen, Nance had the following to say:

“The question for us as moms is when we bring our daughters to see Frozen, or whatever the movie is, we often have our little boys sitting there, and is this message helpful? We want them to know that they’re essential. We want to raise heroes. We want to raise real men that will stick in their families and be great dads and be great providers and great husbands.”

Doocy responded that filmmakers must think it is just easier to make fun of men than women and that they are just having a little fun with the movies they are making. At that point, Nance went off on a super-crazy tangent where she brought up the Aurora shooting and pointed out that a man saved his girlfriend’s life by throwing his body on her. According to her logic, Hollywood is “tearing down men” and trying to “villainize masculinity” in an effort to make women feel better about themselves.

Obviously, the Fox host agreed with everything she said, and added that “it would be nice for Hollywood to have more male figures in those kinds of movies.” To be honest, this is absolutely jaw-dropping. The reason this is so unbelievably stupid, and just plain offensive, is the basic fact that men dominate the major roles in films and have since the beginning of movies.

Last May, the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film determined that in the year 2013, only 15% of protagonists in that year’s 100 highest-grossing films were female. This represented a 4% increase from 2011 but a 1% decrease from 2002. On top of that, women only accounted for 30% of all speaking parts in those films, and the study revealed that there has not been any significant change in that level over the years.

Of course, for Fox News, conservatives, and men’s rights activists, there are just too many movies out there with women in featured roles and men are just getting the short end of the stick. Only in the right-wing bubble will you see people complaining that there are too many female heroes in movies these days. Because, as we all know, 15% is just way too much.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:


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  1. I refuse to give any story reported by Douchey an ounce of believability. There are not nearly as many movies with women as heroes as those featuring men. The biggest franchise in movies right now is superhero films where men vastly outnumber women. Fox trying to cause controversy where there is none…AGAIN!

  2. Steve Douchey tries to create another nontroversy this time with one of the most vapid creatures on this planet.

    Must be a slow news, er, entertainment day on Fox Noise

    Canada refuses to classify Fox as news.

  3. Women play a significant role in real life. Isn’t about time they should also be featured as heroines in the movies. Love women! Where would we be without them?

  4. This might be the single dumbest thing thrown out there because of Frozen.

    I’m sorry, but it’s a freaking Disney movie. There’s nothing in it at all to make this absolutely half-assed arguement that was made up to make chauvinist pigs squeal in joy.

  5. Poor babies. The whiny male types at Fox who have willingly sold themselves as whores to Murdoch and the Kochs must know, deep-down, that they themselves are anything BUT heroes – and they hate themselves for it.

  6. The way female characters are treated on screen is anything *but* lionizing them. They are generally treated as scenery, support, or as sexual food. This was a profoundly depressing portrayal to me when I was a kid, and,a few token rôles aside, I believe it’s gotten worse. Somehow, these Judith Iscariots who have finally given birth to penes with which to screw the world, are out of joint over the prospect of other people’s daughters robbing them of vicarious superiority.

  7. Some women… just try to keep the younger females from achieving any progress.
    The keepers of the Harem, ( or traditions)
    do not want anything to change, because that is the world they know and want to control it.
    My LDS neighbor, she has only sons, but is in charge of home educating the young females “in a way that they make good wives for my sons”. Boys go to a mission when they finish HS, then to college. Girls usually get married as soon as they finish HS and start having yearly babies.
    The ideal Hollywood programs are the illusions of reality like: The Waltons, little house in the prairie.., with women doing the chores, wearing long dresses with slevees…it reminds me of the Islamic dress code, humm…interesting

  8. The endless wars that men have waged on other men for centuries. That’s the only kind of war on men there is.

  9. Hollywood is about making money – period. Women heroines are needed so men can get their fill of acrobatic crotch shots. If men didn’t plunk down the cash for soft porn, Hollywood would stop making movies with woman lead characters.

    Me? I remember Driving Miss Daisy and Steel Magnolias – two movies with powerful female characters. Men acting like damn fools over some T&A bimbo isn’t just a movie, it’s reality played out a thousand times a day.

  10. Steve: If your masculinity is threatened by a cartoon, you have much bigger problems than can even be discussed here.

  11. Faux snews is “turning men into fools and villians”. Steve Doofy is the most ridiculous moron on Faux and THAT is saying something.

  12. Women haven’t just begun to be heroines. These two tools and those who believe the crap they’re spewing should research Boudica. Boudica was a heroine before her time. She led an army against the Romans in 61 AD, telling the men with her that if they wanted to become the slaves of Roman, they could, but it wasn’t her plan. A strong statement for a woman in 61 A.D.! There’s a statue of her in London. Maybe Doocy and Nance should go take a look at it the next time they’re in London and read the inscription on it.

  13. Did any one explain to these two that “Frozen” is a cartoon? An animated cartoon! Perhaps it is this mother’s responsibility to explain that to her tiny sons and daughters. Perhaps it is her responsibility to explain cartoons are for fun and entertainment. Just like the program they were on. And drawing conclusions based on a cartoon seems some what illogical.

  14. Once again, FUX NEWS is courting the small segment of incredibly ignorant caucasians who are typically republican and typically male!! and their almost equally pathetic caucasian typically republican stepford wives!! FUX NEWS is a cluster FU*K of white propaganda scare tactic theater!!!!! the GOP is 98% caucasian!!!! and because most of these sock puppets are usually poor white southern poorly educated individuals, keeping them motivated by fear and HATE, keeps them on their insane plantation!!

  15. BTW just look a steve doocey!! he looks like the NERD who finally got a high paying job but no matter what he tries to do, still looks like a GEEK!! doocey is the guy who goes to a high end club and on the dance floor breaks out doing the “ROBOT” or the “CHARLESTON” !!

  16. My niece is a mother of two precious little girls, a first-grade teacher for many years and holds an advanced degree in Childhood Education from MSU.

    She fully involved her two daughters in the “Frozen” experience, and has nothing but praise for the movie’s effect on them. It’s an inspirational feature, especially for two sisters in that age group (they’re 6 and 4.)

    It goes without having to say it: FOX News is a pitiful source of “information,” and Doocy is nothing but a Rupert Murdoch asswipe.

  17. o yes, bodica one of the ORIGINAL brits! so grateful to live in a civilised european POST-ENLIGHTENMENT country where….oooo, i don’t know……there are no creationists, old-testament style christian fundamentalists, medievalists, gun-nuts, tea-party, good ol’ boys sipping bud on their porches with their faithful hound dawg…..o yes, and ‘gators, of course!

  18. o yes, bodica one of the ORIGINAL brits! so grateful to live in a civilised european POST-ENLIGHTENMENT country where….oooo, i don’t know……there are no creationists, old-testament style christian fundamentalists, medievalists, gun-nuts, tea-party, good ol’ boys sipping bud on their porches with their faithful hound dawg…..o yes, and ‘gators, of course!

  19. it’s weird really…..over here in brit-land republican (with a SMALL “r”, crucially) is a GOOD thing to be!

  20. penny…ummmm…..not quite sure how to put this delicately in a public forum but….mmmm….does the phrase “electra complex” mean anything to you?

  21. I have a real issue with the MISLEADING HEADLINE for this article.
    Come on, think about it!, “…Fox News Thinks…”

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