Noah’s Ark Theme Park Suing Kentucky For Not Letting Them Discriminate

Ark encounter

Answers in Genesis, the religious organization behind the construction of a Noah’s Ark theme park, is suing the state of Kentucky.  The organization is miffed because state tourism officials denied the Ark Encounter theme park 18 million dollars worth of tax incentives. The Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet rejected the request because Answers in Genesis discriminates against non-Christians in hiring practices.

Kentucky Tourism Secretary Bob Stewart argued, in a December letter, that:

State tourism tax incentives cannot be used to fund religious indoctrination or otherwise be used to advance religion. The use of state incentives in this way violates the separation of church and state provisions of the Constitution and is therefore impermissible.

State officials contend that the group has morphed from a tourist attraction into a proselytizing arm for the Answers in Genesis ministry. Consequently, supplying state funds for the project are not appropriate. Answers in Genesis promotes a literal interpretation of the Old Testament. The fundamentalist organization also contends that the earth is just 6000 years old.

Ironically, the Answers in Genesis group, is trying to argue that the state of Kentucky is violating the First Amendment and practicing anti-Christian bigotry by not allowing the group to discriminate against non-Christians.  Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham stated:

Our organization spent many months attempting to reason with state officials so that this lawsuit would not be necessary. However, the state was so insistent on treating our religious entity as a second-class citizen that we were simply left with no alternative but to proceed to court. This is the latest example of increasing government hostility towards religion in America, and it’s certainly among the most blatant.

Ham’s position apparently is that if the state of Kentucky doesn’t provide 18 million dollars to help build the ark, they are engaging in persecution of Christians. The 73 million dollar project appears to be floundering without the benefit of the anticipated 18 million dollars in state welfare, which is being withheld due to the group’s discriminatory practices.  Answers in Genesis is suing the state of Kentucky, but suing for the legal right to discriminate gives them a very weak case.


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  1. Translation:we want to promote bigotry and scientific ignorance, and we want the taxpayer to pay for it.

  2. So, your discriminatory practice is infringing on my right to discriminate? Hmmm, here we go, round in a circle.

  3. Religious “privilege” has been coddled in this country far too long. Time to put an end to it.

    You can bet that this group is against social security as an “entitlement”, but demand their entitlements because they’re a religion. Hypocrites!

  4. States cannot give tax $$$ to any organization any organization that discriminates. The very people they want to discriminate against pay taxes. So, in affect, they would be supporting any group that uses their tax $$ to discriminate against them. Any state that does is setting themselves up for a civil rights violation lawsuit.
    Why don’t they go to the Koch Brothers and ask for welfare, error, hmmmm, subsidies for their park? These are the very same people that will rail against welfare mothers while accepting it for themselves. Hypocrites!

  5. wasn’t the worship of money a bad thing in the bible?

    what sort of government subsidy did Noah get for building the first Ark?

    Bourbon should be enough of an incentive to visit Kentucky… that and the Derby…

    said pretty much the same thing on TPM this morning…

    Oh yeah.. if you’re a ‘Christian’ do you suppose Noah messed up by taking two each of the gays on the Ark?

  6. The love of money is the root of all evil. The bourbon, the weed, the pretty girls for the men, handsome men for the ladies, are all good reasons to visit.

  7. Kentucky is a beautiful state. Kind of sucks to have the blight of a bigot theme park messing up the landscape.

  8. I would assume that $18 million this theme park wants to basically shove their half assed point of view down our collective throats would be put to better use elsewhere.

    Use the tax incentives towards a company that can make Kentucky a better state, not one whose claim to fame is having the only theme park in the entire world that only hires those who believe in their half assed view of the world.

  9. Talk about a sense of entitlement. Just another bunch of hypocrites from the right. Call a government pension system an entitlement, but their own welfare demands are a right.

  10. One thing has truly bothered me with all this christian thing.. Who determines who is a christian? Hell, if they are truly into their christian thing they should know that the devil and his minions are the greatest actors of all. Then to, they could be his minions just using the christian scheme to lead true christians??? to slaughter their beliefs by get them in one place. Especially if they?? fall for this first amendment b**s**t. This may be way off base, but their request is much worse when you ask “we the people” to give them tax credits for their stupid s**t.

  11. Discriminate all you want! Just do not use tax dollars to do it. And why do you need these tax dollars? There are enough folks out there who believe the earth is only six thousand years old. You should be getting a great deal of entry fees from them. You cannot argue First Amendment when you ask for tax dollars. The two are incompatible. The Constitution forbids government involvement in religion. Totally illogical argument. No court will hear it.

  12. JC:

    No, it’s really girls. The old geezers who go to to Lexington “on bzness”, and the perverts in the Kentucky legislature like the young’ns; “un-plowed fields, so to speak.Women wold give them a terrible fright.

  13. I love Kentucky, but it’s quickly becoming a nut magnet. From our idiot junior senator to the ark guy. I cringe everytime the news comes on and hear a sentence that includes Kentucky.

  14. Timeline:
    1. AIG loses case.
    2. AIG reneges, agrees to nondiscriminatory hiring practices.
    3. State reneges, gives tax incentive to religious entity.
    4. AIG discriminates in hiring regardless.

  15. Excellent point. I remember a preacher type once say to me that Satan can deceive anyone and make any lie. I repliedx so he could appear, say he is the son of god, here to spread the good news and deceive others into a false path of salvation. Well, that ended that conservation.

  16. It’s time we demand the secular and SANE society that our founding fathers REALLY ENVISIONED!! Not this militantly ignorant Christian Conservative Theocracy that is un-constitutional and totally justice free. They say we on the left have been waging a war that ONLY exists in THEIR minds. NOW we need to actually DO IT!! It’s time to stop them into the dust!!

  17. Blimey. I knew Americans were religious, but I didn’t know you guys have a Noah’s Ark Theme Park. That’s is genuinely bat shit insane. I just checked the website, and they are collecting money to build a ‘life size’ ark. A bloody fictional boat that is the size it is in real life? Surely people will look at it at realise you can’t actually get two of every animal on it? It’s only a few hundred feet long.

  18. My friend, you dont know the half of it.

    We know your(and mine) ancestors came here for religious freedom. But, they were so strict that England kicked them out. Well thats what we have here today. Whacked out christians that need to be exported back to England

  19. Shiva,now what did our brethren across the pond ever do to us besides the whole revolution thingy, that would make us saddle England with these whack jobs!? Those whackadoddles were also kicked out of several other European nations as well and I would never insult them with the present brand of Christian militants that infect this nation. We should find an island and kick out every bible thumping moron that follows this genesis bullcrap and thinks that 20 children are still not enough. They are parasites of our tax dollars and a burden on our court system. They do not belong in this country at all.

  20. And then they wonder why so many young people are giving the church the finger.

    My deeply held religious belief is that discrimination is an abomination.

  21. Actually, old bean, is that the mythical ark did not hold 2 of each animal. It supposedly held 2 PAIR of unclean animals and SEVEN PAIR of every clean animal. People don’t bother to read what the book says. FOUR of every unclean animal and FOURTEEN of every clean animal…

    What is worse is that the flood supposedly lasted a YEAR, not just 40 days and nights. Where did all the fodder for all of those animals come from? People have to turn in their brains to believe what they do.

    Adam and Eve never existed, there never was a world-wide flood, Noah never existed… There are parts of the bible that are real, such as the history of various incidents. But the parts that were made up out of thin air?

  22. Bev, I keep thinking of Bill Cosbys routine on Noah’s Ark…Did you see that mess in the bottom of the boat!?!..Who’s gonna’ clean that up!?..Thunder..yeah you see god can’t even clean up his own messes…And NO!!!!! Bill Cosby is NOT a rapist!!!!!!!!!Those women smell money in the water…

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