Scheme To Humiliate Obama Backfires As Democrats May Skip Netanyahu Congress Speech


The scheme cooked up by Speaker of the House John Boehner and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to humiliate President Obama and pressure him on Iran is backfiring, as dozens of congressional Democrats are threatening to not attend Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

Politico reported:

Dozens of House Democrats are privately threatening to skip the March 3 address, according to lawmakers and aides, in what’s become the lowest point of a relationship between the Israeli prime minister and President Barack Obama that’s never been good.


The president and his aides won’t tell Democrats to skip the speech. But they aren’t telling Democrats to go, either. “We defer to Democratic members if they’d like to attend or not,” a White House aide said Tuesday.


Though some may abandon the threat, as of Tuesday, many Democrats on the Hill — including several Jewish members — said they’re likely to leave the prime minister looking at some empty seats.

Republicans and the Israeli Prime Minister assumed that the president would be weakened after the midterm election. They thought that they could divide Democrats and humiliate Obama into abandoning talks with Iran over their nuclear program. Boehner and Netanyahu thought that they could bully this president and congressional Democrats, but they were wrong.

Instead of bullying the president and dividing Democrats, Netanyahu may end up addressing a lot of empty seats. The speech may look less like a bipartisan address to Congress, and more like what it really will be a pep rally for hardline conservative foreign policy. Boehner and Netanyahu both grossly misread the political landscape. The Republican Israeli ambassador to the US bought the great delusion that Republicans were going to have their way with the president after they took control of Congress.

The reality has been characterized by President Obama setting the political agenda with congressional Republicans consistently on the defensive.

Speaker Boehner tried to force Democrats to choose between Obama and Netanyahu. For Democratic members of Congress, it was an easy decision. Democrats are standing with their president, as Netanyahu’s may be addressing a lot of empty seats when he speaks to Congress next month.

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  1. But what will the after-effect be? I’m sure that some conservative Jewish organizations will spin this as a “Congressman X does not stand with Israel!” Admittedly, this tactic would be much more effective in the summer of 2016 than in the spring of 2015.

  2. Mr. Netanyahu thought he could use this address as a political tool to boost his poll numbers back home for their upcoming elections. This may backfire as well if Israelis see he is losing the support of half of America, especially after this slight of our President. Karma will find Mr. Boehner as well.

  3. As far as I am concerned, the president should not meet with Netanyahu again. Let him talk to our #3 if he needs something else. Hopefully his own people will punish this rebuke of the hand that feeds him.

  4. Dems should show up then walk out when Bibi is introduced. If they simply don’t show up, they can claim scheduling conflicts. If they want to make a statement, they need to be there then leave. mho

  5. The GOP will do anything to make this President look bad!!Get out and vote in 2016 !! All you in those voter suppressive states , please get your papers together , so you can vote next year !!

  6. Make clear that the President of these United States will not be thumbed by some foreign politician who callously sucks up billions in US taxpayer dollars; then thumbs nose at us.

    Castigate, brutally, any Democrat who sits through this travesty.

  7. Let’s Hold Boehner Accountable for TREASON!
    The American people will never trust the Federal Government again until you impeach and prosecute Boehner for crimes against the people and crimes against the US. Boehner has committed treason for violating the Logan Act which makes it illegal for unauthorized American citizens to negotiate with foreign governments. Boehner has committed sedition for the shutdown of the government. Boehner should be prosecuted for fraud, corruption, and conflict of interest in the Keystone XL. And I would like to see him prosecuted for Murder for promoting and passing so many laws that have resulted in Killing Americans to serve the rich.

    #‎GOPTraitors‬ ‪#‎GOPAgainstAmericans‬‬ ‪#‎RepublicansAgainstTheUnitedStates‬‬
    Call Boehner 202-225-6205 and leave lots of messages…Congress 202-224-3121 and tell them to STOP ruining America

    PETITION: To Impeach The Speaker of the House of Representatives

  8. When it’s all said and done, remember you heard it from me first, the speech will have to be all of a sudden canceled due to some surprise event.

    But, just in case I’m wrong, I hope everyone writing on this website hold the Democrats feet to the fire by contacting Pelosi, Reid, Clyburne, Black Caucus, Jewish Caucus or whoever, whatever, to let them know we want them to stand up for President Obama by not attending this farce put on by Netty and the despicable Republicans.

    All of America should be ashamed at the way these Devils have disrespected not just Obama, but The Office of The President of the United States as well.

    This isn’t ideology or a foreign policy agenda that’s best for America.

    These people are evil.

  9. Republicans will tried to play that card, no doubt. And all the Democrats have to do is flip it. That the republicans chose to pledge allegiance to a foreign government over the security and sanity of United States.

  10. Cancel their (Israel) Military Funding.
    $2,000,000.00 A day that should be a “wake up call!”
    Then Democrats, Independents and respected republicans
    should walk off the Floor of the Congress when bidi shows up.Give him the finger at the same time , to Boehner as well!!

  11. Spin it? Really? All these Democrats do is reveal further their own disrespect for this country and for Israel, and let us be clear,(their favorite phrase), they will stand in the stark light blaring their own hypocrisy and arrogance. It will indeed backfire on them and their self-crafted King of the dick and phone.

  12. Next invitee by Boehner and his Republican cadre, will be : Tadaaaaaaaa! PUTIN! Dear Leader of the Soviet Empire, who has some fans among the Republicans. Remember their snide remarks about Obama’s position on the Crimean conflict? How some of these A-holes were gushing at Putin’s “Leadership” and Obama’s “fickleness”. ? And that Obama was playing checkers while their new love was playing chess and twisting Obama up. Remember? Those so called f-ing patriots were all for their macho man Putin. Disgusting display of Obama hate and disrespect. I don’t respect those Republicans for the way they carry on.

  13. That will be quite the scene with Boehner and his cronies in a half empty House being covered only by C-SPAN at 11 in the morning. Way to show leadership GOP. HAAAAHAAAAAAA.

  14. Really Cindi? Are you loyal to The United States of America or Israel? What Boehner did is treason, and Netanyahu espionage.

  15. Tragically stupid comment Ms. Taylor. Americans should show respect to our nation first and foremost as well as supporting the administration in their lawful duties to administer foreign policy. Bush’s conduct as president was full of impeachable offenses as well as criminal acts yet Democrats sought to respect the office. Republicans are traitors.

  16. It means, Joyce, that Cindi is one of those republicans that aren’t articulate enough to express themselves, so they are forced to use 9th grade schoolyard banter.

  17. Having little sexual fantasies, are we, Cindi?*

    (And, to be clear, this is a hospital “we”. Whatever your fantasies are, the rest of us don’t share them).

  18. If bonehead Boehner and his lackeys spent 1/10 the time they waste trying to destroy things, instead of trying to accomplish things, maybe they could earn a little respect or at the very least a pat on the back. It is terribly transparent just how much they hate America and Americans.

  19. I have to assume you also hate America and Americans like your zeroes. Excuse me, your heroes. Read a book that wasn’t written by Sarah Palin, hon.

  20. To make a statement to the republicans and their invited guest, the democrats should get up and walk out when the guest is introduced.

  21. Really democrats not showing up is a backfire. It may backfire on them when American voters of Jewish descent go to the polls and abandon the democrats. Besides that, when was the last time the democrats showed up for anything positive.

  22. Netanyahu is trying to receive support for the continuing contruction of settlements on the West Bank. Benjamin probably wants to be sure that whoever wins the coming elections in Israel will support settlers to remain in the occupied territories. These lands were conquered by Israel with the 6 days war in 1967. It is hard for any government to support the Israeli claim. The lands should return to Palestine.

  23. This is what I’ve been advocating since this mess started. The speeches will be televised. How great would it be if, when Netanyahu starts his speech, all the Democrats stand, turn their backs to him, then march out. I’d stay home and watch it with glee! Let Boner explain it away! Disrespectful? Ha! ‘Splain YOURS Boner!!

  24. Cindi…
    Can we please get you to stop chatting, and go blow the leaves out of the gutter like you were asked? And don’t forget to have someone hold the ladder for you.

  25. That, indeed, would be worth a day’s pay…AND it would be recorded for my “GOP Blunders” archives : (the Obama/ Biden Admin… ’12-’14)”, vol.3

  26. Since when does a part have to bow to the traitorous actions of the other party? This GOP (your heroes) signed an OATH to serve the nation and protect the Constitution, then signed another OATH to the unelected propagandist, Grover Norquist on the very day this President took office.
    Who is unpatriotic? Nor the President.
    And as far as Israel, I don’t see where we have pulled any of the 8 million in daily aid they get, nor have we armed the Palestinians so they can fight back and save their kids. Israel is afraid of Iran? Tough crap. We will not start another war. Not for Israel. Iran is negotiating in good faith, and frankly, I want to see this play out. If you are so blind as to think Netanyahu deserves an iota of respect from this President, so be it. But going behind his back and plotting to make him look bad is not very adult, do you think?

  27. Let’s see. The ACA. Ending the wars in the middle East. Closing Gitmo. Equal pay for women. Equal rights for all Americans. Voting Rights Act. Stopping Keystone sludge from ruining our water supplies and farmlands.
    Now, what has the gOP done lately for anyone but the Kochs?

  28. Amazing! Life and death issues for Israel morph into Democrat vs. Republican quibbling for some people. Let’s hear what the man has to say. After all, the US under President Harry Truman, a Democrat, was first to recognize the state of Israel. If I were a Democratic Member of Congress I would be present and listen.

  29. Israel do nor run our national security. Now if your allegiance is to a foreign country please feel free to leave my country

  30. Obviously nothing but a bunch of kool aid drinking hypocrite liberals that do not have a clue about foreign policy on here

  31. Representatives of the Israeli government were on the hill Wednesday, visiting democrats and trying to ameliorate some of the damage that Boehner, Netanyahu, and Dermer have done, but they didn’t get very far. These three have stepped in deep doo doo and now Netanyahu is working as hard as he can to repair the unnecessary damage they’ve done. He’s being attacked from all sides at home (I’ve been reading Israeli newspapers online)and in other nations and the U.S. Dude’s in a bit of a pickle, I’d say. Serves him right for interfering in U.S. foreign policy and for trying to use Congress to boost his chance of remaining PM after the March elections. Boehner fell into Bibi’s trap and now he’s stuck. I can well imagine he’s been spending more time in his favorite DC bars lately. Historians are going to eat him up, and imo, he deserves every new *sshole they will tear him. He’s no patriot, he’s an anti-American tool of Bibi. Must be nice being Bibi’s puppet.

  32. An Israeli journalist noted that by going behind the president’s back, Netanyahu’s alienated millions of American Jews, most of whom voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. He also noted that this underhanded tactic has insulted American Jews. He has designated to be anti-Zionists. Bibi is doing the same thing to Jews in Israel who oppose him–labeling them anti-Zionists. Netanyahu has no respect for the U.S. or for us. He’s on the record saying that “the U.S. is easy to manipulate.” I sincerely doubt that most members of our Jewish community in America will find this very complimentary. Bibi is a thug of the 1st order. He’s been used to pushing people around. The main reason he’s at odds with Pres. Obama is because the president told him he isn’t willing to lose the life of one member of our military if Bibi starts a war with Iran. He also told him we’d bear most of the financial burden. Bibi didn’t like hearing this. This is the source of his anger toward Pres. Obama.

  33. Oh, Lord, “cool aid drinking, hypocrite liberals” words straight out of the Fox & Freaks mouths. Don’t you get tired of repeating the same meaningless phrases over and over and over and over again? I’ll bet that record repeating in your head 24/7 gives you a purpose for living.

  34. There you have it. The root to most of our big problems in the world. Religion. All because my Santa Claus is better that your Santa Claus. We really are a stupid, stupid species.

  35. Any Member of Congress, Democrat or Republican, who attends this address to Congress by the war criminal Netanyahu should be scorned as unpatriotic to America. It is an insult to the sovereignty of our nation and an insult the the President of the United States to have a foreigner come to this country to dispute our nation’s foreign policy. Netanyahu’s arrogance is simply showing Americans that Israel is an enemy to this country and that it is time to kick Israel to the curb and keep those billions we give them of our tax dollars here in America for Americans.

  36. It is life and death for Palestinians, actually, at the hands of the Israel, a war criminal nation which is committing genocide against the contained and controlled, occupied and oppressed, Palestinian people as Israel steals more and more of Palestine. It is time we Americans stop funding this apartheid nation of Israel. It makes us complicit in Israel’s war crimes.

  37. Foreign policy is determined by the President of the United States, not the Congress and most certainly not by the war criminal leader of a foreign country.

  38. It would be even more effective if the Democrats threw shoes at him as they walk out. Now that would be good television! Maybe even Faux News would report it….

  39. 1st – only a coward posts anonymously. If you’ve got something to say, man up. Don’t hide behind the door while you’re peeping at your sister masturbating!

    2nd – I am of Jewish descent and like all of my Jewish friends believe Israel’s refusal to play fair will lead to their becoming a third world country without the support of the U.S.

    3rd – Boehner’s actions are criminal. Our President is a smart guy and will wait until an opportune moment to bury the drunk Koch sucker and all of his lackies.

    4th – When Obama does take these “patriots” down, he will also take some democrats with them. You know, the ones who supported XL and those who distanced themselves during the 2014 mid-terms. Karma is a bitch!

  40. Doug:

    You say: “Lets hear what the man has to say” ???
    I say: He says a lot here on American soil, haven’t you been paying attention to the many times he has visited with Obama at the White House? He has gone to many Jewish meetings and at organizations here, plus spoken to many Republicans over time? Come on. He talks ALL the time!
    Then you said: —“After all, the US under President Harry Truman, a Democrat, was first to recognize the state of Israel.”—I say: WHAT DOES THAT have TO DO with the topic?
    Then ponder this: What Netanyahu will say before Congress is a rebuke of the President’s official plans and goals with his negotiations with Iran. Why is Bibi’s two cents presented in this manner. IF he got a problem with what the President intends to negotiate with Iran he should talk face to face with the President in private! Period!

  41. Perhaps at least one Democrat should be there to yell “you lie”, as soon as Bibi finishes his speech.

  42. Exactly! This is why I gave up on the Democratic Party after the midterm elections. They refused to stand by the President and now they assume that I will stand by them. I don’t care if it cost us the 2016 Presidency. They need to stop taking us for granted.

  43. After the mid-term elections Mr. Boehner thought he had been elected President. He was wrong about this just like everything else he says. If he wants to be President, he should run for the office. He can’t even make the maybe list in the polls for Republican candidates. The Republican turned their backs on him in this case.

  44. Naziyahu? You arrogant son of a bitch. Just because a man protects his country from a group of people who want to totally destroy his country?
    You want to talk Nazis? The “Grand Mufti” of Jerusalem who told his people to get out of the land that was becoming Israel because the Arab armies would kill all the Jews in a few days.
    Hamas and the rest of the “Brotherhood” are all Nazis, not Israel.
    Please drop dead.

  45. John I quite agree with you, Cindi is a political moron, and deserve to be educated on political demograph and sovereignty.

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