Democrats Won’t Back Down As They Block 3rd Attempt To Overturn Obama Immigration Action


For the third straight day, Senate Democrats have refused to give in to Republican hostage-taking tactics by blocking a Republican attempt to use Homeland Security funding to overturn President Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

The House-passed bill that would fund Homeland Security failed to get the votes needed to advance. The Senate vote was 52-47 in favor of moving the bill forward, but Republicans remain eight votes short of the number required for advancement.

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) made it clear that Democrats will not support a Homeland Security funding bill that contains immigration provisions, “We would love to debate immigration. We’ve done it here on the Senate floor before. It was a wonderful bipartisan debate, and we’re willing to do it again but the American people are crying out that we defend our homeland. They’re doing it around the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t we? That is what this is all about. If Republicans want to debate immigration we can go right ahead and do that. But not on the back of homeland security.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) summed up the Democratic position by saying, “We are not into hostage-taking.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is desperately trying to spin the Democratic filibuster as opposition to Homeland Security funding, “Why would Democrats go to the mat to protect the political class from the consequences of overreach President Obama has referred to as ‘ignoring the law’? Well, here’s the good news. There’s a way forward. There’s a way to end this Democrat filibuster. All it requires is a little common sense and a little Democrat courage. Remember: Several Democrats previously indicated unease with the idea of politicians overreaching in ways President Obama has seemed to imply would ‘violate the law.’ So now is the time to back those words up. Now is the time for Democrats of good conscience to vote with us to break their party’s filibuster of Homeland Security funding and help us protect American democracy.”

McConnell’s questioning of Democratic courage is the biggest sign yet that he’s got nothing.

Republicans know that the only Homeland Security funding bill that they are going to get through the Senate is a clean bill with no immigration provisions. McConnell’s problem is that House Republicans are unlikely to pass a clean funding bill until they absolutely have to. If Homeland Security is forced to shut down, Republicans will be blamed.

The Republican congressional majority is getting nothing done, and the extremists in the House Republican caucus are poised to drag down Mitch McConnell’s failing Senate majority.

13 Replies to “Democrats Won’t Back Down As They Block 3rd Attempt To Overturn Obama Immigration Action”

  1. Are they planning to do this 55 times?

    These people are a waste of oxygen and taxpayers’ hard earned $$$. Cut their salaries.

  2. More wasted time and $$$$ from the tea bag/repub party of fiscal IRRESPONSIBLITY.

    Why don’t the tea bag/repubs understand that the U.S. economy is DEPENDANT on cheap immigrant labor?

    Harvesting your produce
    Slaugherting your cattle for meat
    Working in a poultry process plants
    Building your homes
    Sanitation work
    and all the other jobs US citizens will NOT do.

    The Texas economy is dependent on immigrant labor

  3. Ending Hunger in America
    “More than 70 percent of all hired U.S. farm workers are foreign-born, mostly from Mexico, and about half are undocumented”

    Undocumented workers: essential but unwanted
    “Undocumented workers are cast by the hysterical as enemies of the state, but they are essential to the U.S. economy. We use them for their labor but decry their presence. We’re all complicit.”

  4. Every time a republican uses the word “democrat” rather than democratic I think we should respond by using rethugs or rethuglicans. The disrespect and deliberate ignorance are bad for my blood pressure and usual good nature. It is time to fight back.

  5. The GOP knows it’s a futile attempt anyway. The President has already said in very simple language he will veto any attempt to overturn his executive orders on immigration. They’re just looking for a way put the blame on Obama. It’s been their primary only strategy since Obama was first elected President in 2008.

  6. Fianlly I am seeing the Democrats come together and standing with our President. It’s about damn time. Too bad they didn’t stand together during the midterms. We could have avoided all this s@#t that is bound to haunt us for the next two years with the GOP majority.

  7. So much for Mitch and John bragging about the election results. Reality is hitting both of them where it hurts, headline news.

  8. I use the term ‘republics’ when speaking with a couple conservative former co-workers. As in the republic party, the republics in congress. Drives those folks nuts. And no, they don’t see the irony.

  9. I have told their gloating supporters to be prepared to see two years of a lame-duck Republican Congress. They laughed until I told them they don’t have 67 seats in the Senate, and the president will VETO any legislation that will try and undermine his signature legislation or harm the American people (no matter how ungrateful they proved to be).

    Two months in, we now see the truth of my prediction materializing.

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