Koch Lovers Claim Kochs Are Defenders of the American Dream


Under attack and exposed, the Kochs have gone on the offensive, with their minions singing paeans of praise for our “benevolent” overlords.

In a tendentious, not to say mendacious collection of unsupported claims and distortions in an op-ed published in The Dallas Morning News on February 2, Doug and Holly Deason portray the Kochs as nothing less than champions of the American dream.

The authors of this piece are:

Doug and Holly Deason of Dallas, and co-signed by Dallas residents Thomas O. Hicks, Thomas Hicks Jr., Elaine Marshall, E. Pierce Marshall Jr., Sally and Forrest Hoglund, Tandy and Lee Roy Mitchell and Gayla and Jim Von Ehr. Reach the authors through Freedom Partners, info@freedompartners.org, an organization they support and that organized the Koch brothers’ recent gathering.

In other words, they are members of the Koch network through with the Koch brothers intend to spend $900 million to buy he 2016 elections.

Here is what they want you to believe:

What do Charles and David Koch want? What about the hundreds of men and women who joined them at their recent meeting in Southern California? Pundits across the country have asked this question over the past week, including Dallas Morning News editorial board member Rudolph Bush.

We attended that meeting — and we have an answer. We want Washington to do what it hasn’t done for years: work for, not against, the American people.

Of course, all the evidence shows that what the Kochs really want is a government that works for the 1 percent and for corporations. You know, the new “people” – corporations – as opposed to the outmoded Mk. I human, who is to be consigned to serfdom on behalf of our corporate overlords.


Yet our Koch-ites would have us believe:

This is not an easily achievable goal. It requires an impartial government that treats everyone equally. It requires an accountable government that is transparent and respects citizens’ rights. It requires an efficient government that spends taxpayer money prudently and understands what it should — and shouldn’t — do. And it requires a limited government that gives everyone, from Dallas to Detroit, the freedom they need to succeed.

That’s what we want: an impartial, accountable, efficient and limited government. Texas shows that this is possible — but Washington looks nothing like what we’ve described.

Again, what they want is a government that basically surrenders to corporate interests, a complete lack of regulation – regulation that protects consumers. Goodbye Consumer Protection Bureau. Goodbye Wall Street regulation. Goodbye EPA (which their bought-men in the House are already muzzling) and environmental protections. Hello to National Parks opened up to mining and fracking. Goodbye clean air, water, and food.

What is interesting is how this appeal is couched in terms one would take to be anti-special interests. Yet the Kochs are spending a fortune as a special interest group to get their way. Is the problem here that people other than the Kochs get to spend money too, to have their interests advanced?

After all, the Kochs are set to buy the 2016 election. How is this at all impartial? Do they want us to believe they are buying it for us, the American people? Because they are not. If they were, Koch-owned Republican governors would not be:

In fact, the list of things the Kochs are against is too long to present here. Suffice it to say, anything that is important to you – like sick days and parental leave – they are against. These are not the acts of middle-class friendly benefactors. No, everything the Kochs do the Kochs are doing for themselves.

Impartial? Special interests have never been more powerful in Washington. Both Democrats and Republicans hand out corporate welfare like it’s candy, spending billions of taxpayer dollars every year to prop up well-connected businesses and individuals. Meanwhile, politicians make millions of dollars through questionable deals and insider knowledge. We oppose everything that props up this self-serving system, including subsidies, favorable regulations, pork and special favors.

Accountable? The federal government increasingly stifles the free speech of its opponents. Both parties have attempted to limit Americans’ ability to speak their minds about elections and politicians. Last year, 54 U.S. senators voted to amend the First Amendment to give Congress unlimited power to control political speech. And some federal agencies — especially the Internal Revenue Service — have targeted individuals and groups with which they disagree.

Koch Bros SHUT UP final

First of all, the IRS was doing what it is supposed to do, not playing partisan politics as alleged (what is partisan is the Republican Party’s IRS budget cuts).

And the idea of accountable corporations is laughable. Corporations are accountable only to their board of directors and board of directors are not elected by the American people but by stockholders. They are not accountable and they are not answerable to the people the Kochs are pretending to defend. Governments, however, when they do not serve the common weal, can be voted out and replaced.

Efficient? Federal spending is out of control — and more wasteful than ever. Since 2009 alone, the federal government has added nearly $7.5 trillion to our national debt, taking it to more than $18 trillion total. Nor will America’s financial future improve, with annual federal deficits expected to start climbing back up to $1 trillion or more within the next few years. Americans’ children and grandchildren face paying an unpayable tab, yet politicians in Washington still want to spend more.

The first thing to note here is the economy does better under Democratic presidents. That’s a fact. The numbers tell the tale. It is not the Democrats who are the big spenders, but the Republicans. Paul Ryan’s budget, for example, adds nearly $100 billion to the deficit. Pesky facts, unhelpful facts for the Koch-boys and -girls, but facts nonetheless.

And please, corporations are anything but efficient. Anyone who has worked in project or program management or program scheduling knows how catastrophically inefficient corporations are. The idea that a corporation can be less wasteful than government is absurd.

And limited? The government is so vast that federal officials can’t keep track of the number of federal agencies. The Federal Register, which contains all federal law, is over 79,000 pages long. As for those innumerable federal agencies, they have written over 175,000 pages of regulations — red tape that costs the economy more than $1.9 trillion every year and affects your daily life without you even knowing it.

The length of the Federal Register is not a legitimate cause for complaint. Laws are necessary, and in an increasingly technological and complex global marketplace, more necessary than ever. Laws are not the enemy. Bad laws are the enemy. Bad laws like those the Republican Congress are so intent on passing.

It is interesting that laws are bad but not, apparently, laws attacking women’s reproductive health, or our healthcare, or marriage equality. Many of these laws actually attack other laws, laws put in place to protect us from the rapaciousness of banks and corporations. The argument presented here is so simplistic than you have to wonder if the authors actually thought about what they were saying before they wrote it down. Or if, as 1 percenters, they have that little respect for our cognitive abilities.

Simply look around you. We’re in the midst of the slowest economic recovery in over 50 years. The labor participation rate is at its lowest level since 1978, when Jimmy Carter was president. Families are making less today than they did six years ago. For the first time in recorded history, more businesses are now dying than starting. And Washington is doing better than ever, while the rest of America falls further behind.

This is a puzzling assertion. A Republican president drove the economy into the ground in 2008, creating the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. And yet, without any mention at all of President Bush or the 2008 recession, we are being told that “we’re in the midst of the slowest economic recovery in over 50 years”? Recovery from what, if not from the Great Recession?


We have experienced an incredible recovery under President Obama, and the recovery would be more complete if Republicans would step in and help rather than hinder. As reported by the AP at the end of January, “The economy is rebounding on nearly every front.”

In fact, the economy has been coming back so strong that Mitt Romney even used it as an excuse for his defeat in 2012. More critically still, the Republicans have publicly taken credit (and been slapped down by PolitiFact) for the economic recovery!

We believe, as do Charles and David Koch, that America deserves better. Together, we want to help the least fortunate, defend individual freedom and create lasting prosperity for more and more hard-working Americans. But that can’t happen until Washington is impartial, accountable, efficient and limited. That is what we want — and we will pursue it, no matter how long it takes.

It is difficult to see how attacking the minimum wage, robbing pensions, and attacking social security, help the less fortunate. But then the picture painted here is so out of touch with our shared reality that it is difficult to know what to say when all is said and done. This is a bold defense of the Kochs by his rich friends, but it is ultimately as dishonest as the Kochs themselves.

33 Replies to “Koch Lovers Claim Kochs Are Defenders of the American Dream”

  1. The Koch family never had anything to do with the American Dream. The family made its fortune helping Stalin to use slave labor to modernize the Soviet oil industry turning that country into a superpower. What came after was inherited wealth — same as someone born a baron, he certainly didn’t earn his title. The Koch family wealth since Stalin is based on government coddling. The oil wealth of public lands was basically given to them. The family has received both low tax rates and subsidizes of billions — easy to get rich on government handouts. Their refusal to clean up oil spills and other pollution reqiring the EPA to force them PROVES that businesses are not interested in doing the right thing. This family is the antithesis of corporate responsibility.

  2. They’re defending the American Dream?


    If anything, they are raping the American Dream to the point that if they keep it up, it’ll start bleeding and it might not be saved.

  3. The Koch Bros and their well-paid supporters are a threat to the United States and as dangerous as the Taliban. And yes, the comparison is apropos.

    Their paid lackeys’ refusal to expand Medicare will cause deaths – more than the Taliban could dream.

    A Health Affair’s journal study shows that all medical professionals estimate the number of adverse outcomes, including deaths, that could have been avoided by Medicaid expansion.

    “Among all the states rejecting expansion, the authors calculate the resulting death toll at between 7,115 and 17,104.

    Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South:

    1. Texas (1,840 to 3,035 deaths)
    2. Florida (1,158 to 2,221 deaths)
    4. Georgia (561 to 1,176 deaths)
    5. North Carolina (455 to 1,145 deaths)
    6. Virginia (266 to 987 deaths)
    7. Tennessee (284 to 759 deaths”

    The Kochs need to be STOPPED.

  4. The Koch brothers and their ilk are using some distinctive propaganda tactics, namely the big lie.

    Notice how their organizations always cynically use titles like “Liberty” or “Freedom” yet they are actually promoting a regressive agenda that will make us less free and strip us of our liberty (unless of course you are rich).

    To distract us from their agenda they have an angry mob stirred up to believe that the reason they are not doing well in life is because of the evil government and those commie pinko liberal democrats.

  5. They found out that the money they spent in the last elections didn’t work so the way to win is spend more.It seems to me they aren’t very bright as to how to spend money.You win by getting voters money doesn’t push buttons.

  6. They re defending THEIR American dream!! Not ours! Their “American Dream” is an charnel house of despair with blighted fields covering chemical waste dumps of fracking fluids. While noxious fumes permeate the air and children are forced into Christian learning compounds to keep the lies alive.

  7. Let us be VERY, VERY careful in assuming that they intend to spend that money on the Federal elections. They could easily achieve the results they want by buying state and local legislators with spending a whole lot less money and being able to fly under the radar at the same time.

  8. I’ve seen their Koch Industry ads and they make it sound like they are the most woderful, beneficial and compassionate company in the world. It made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve seen similar ads from the internet suppliers lobbying against net neutrality while making it sound like it’s harmful to the people. Unfortunately, there are many gullible people out there (many of them watch Faux “News”) that see the ads and fall for them. Disgusting is the only word that comes to mind.

  9. “We attended that meeting — and we have an answer. We want Washington to do what it hasn’t done for years: work for, not against, the American people.”

    It’s pretty obvious that the Koch brothers want the American people to be cheap slave labor. They can dress it pretty and make it seem noble all they want.

  10. Koch Brothers Exposed: The Chilling New Documentary Republicans Don’t Want You to See
    Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition
    Capital Rivals: Koch Brothers vs. George Soros
    VERDICT: When it comes to the combination of institutional lobbying, 527 group donations and PAC expenditures, Koch Industries far out-spends Soros’ hedge fund and think tank, $57.4 million to $12.8 million.
    Yeah, Soros supports progressive candidates because they align with his billions he’s donated to human rights, public health, and education causes. He’s donated -0- to planet destruction.

    Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending

  11. Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia
    2012 – https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evolutionary-entertainment/201206/conservatism-mental-illness

    Tea bag/repubs have lower IQ’s

  12. That article is ‘effin FRIGHTNING!!!
    I feel so sorry for those people in those red as in BLOOD states.

    I care about these people because I’m a LIBERAL!!!!

  13. I feel sorry for them, too, Andy. But as they believe, God helps those who help themselves, and that would require them to act beyond their comfort zone – and VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

    In this they need to be brave and strong. Since they believe they’re the brave and strong “gun fans”, they need to look at who is hurting them and VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

    Let’s hope they’re courageous enough to take that step.

  14. It’s why Liberals, Democrats, left-leaning Independents, and Liberal Libertarians need to ban together and vote in each and every election FOR DEMOCRATS…even the more “unimportant” ones locally. ELECTIONS are the only barriers between a complete Right-wing Libertarian takeover of America.

    Liberals and left-leaning Independents have trouble getting out and voting. This has to change because you can bet the health of our environment that Republicans come out to vote each and every time, and they vote in favor of hatred and anger.

  15. LA city and county have elections on March 3rd…
    The Los Angeles County Democratic Party issues endorsements in local and municipal candidate races and takes positions on statewide and local ballot measures. –

    I’m in district 2
    Los Angeles City Council District 2 – Paul Krekorian

  16. If they were real libertarians you’d think they’d be opposed to: corporate welfare, warfare state welfare, prison system welfare.. Lot’s of corporatism out there that should be anathema to them.

  17. “As for those innumerable federal agencies, they have written over 175,000 pages of regulations — red tape that costs the economy more than $1.9 trillion every year and affects your daily life without you even knowing it.”

    This is the only thing they care about. Those pesky regulations which protect the American people and the environment, but cut into the Koch “too much is never enough” Brothers’ profits.

  18. Of course they’re “champions of the American dream.”
    Who wouldn’t dream of entering life with millions and millions* of dollars all because they popped out of the right hooha?

    * Money that their dad got by doing business with Joseph Stalin. Because capitalism.

  19. There are some companies fleeing REGULATED California for UNREGULATED Texas so they can pollute to their hearts content. Hope the liberal CA door hits their ass on the way out..BUH BYE..I like a clean environment thank you.

    When national climate legislation stalled in the Senate in 2010, all eyes turned to California.

    Five Things to Know About California’s Historic Step to Limit Carbon Pollution from Transportation Fuels

  20. It’s full of marshmallow fluff for the ignorant to eat up.

    I’m sick they came to Palm Springs to enjoy all the BLUE California sunshine and relatively clean water and air…hope we overcharged them for everything.

    Oh and it’s 85F right now at 4:20pm in Burbank

  21. Fascism is when corporate and state blend together, when national interests become corporate interests. This is what the Koch’s want. The whole idea of a government “so small we can flush it down the bathtub” really means destroy the governments ability to rein in corporate malfeasance. It has nothing to do with “personal freedom.” The Koch’s are fascists, and we are only a President Scott Walker away from being 1938 Italy.

  22. They did that in Florida’s last election. They bought the governorship for pRick Scott with a last minute donation of 12M bucks. Gerrymandered and fraud committed in Broward. Scott wouldn’t have won if they had stayed out of it. They are now hand in hand in hand with pRick Scott, Jeb Bush et al in allowing Georgia Pacific to dump its effluent into the St. Johns River, bypassing what the EPA wants. They OWN Georgia Pacific, BTW!

  23. I agree John. I have always felt that the Koch mindset was to build their power from the ground up, local, state, etc.

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