President Obama Swats Down Empty Republican Criticisms Of The Economy


President Obama swatted down the meager Republican criticisms of the growing economy by pointing out the big economic achievements of his administration since he took office.

Video of the president in Indiana:

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The president replied to the Republican economic criticism with the Commander In Chief version of telling his critics to look at the scoreboard.

Obama said:

And we’ve come a long way these past six years since we suffered the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Now, this morning, we found out that America’s businesses added another 267,000 jobs. In 2014, our economy created more than 3.1 million jobs, and that’s the best year of job growth since the 1990s. (Applause.) So, all told, over the past 59 months, the private sector has added about 11.8 million — so that’s almost 12 million — new jobs. And that’s the longest streak of private sector job growth in our history.

Meanwhile, our deficits are shrinking — they’ve gone down by about two-thirds. Our dropout rates are down. Our graduation rates are up. We’re as free of foreign oil as we’ve been in 30 years. We’ve doubled the amount of clean energy that we’re producing. A lot of families are saving a lot of money at the gas pump, which is putting some smiles on folks’ faces.

Speaker of the House John Boehner tried, but couldn’t come up with much criticism the latest economic report, “It’s always good news that more Americans are finding work. That said, we know millions are still struggling and searching for a good job. That’s why the House has already passed common-sense jobs bills to restore the 40-hour workweek, approve the Keystone XL pipeline, and rein in the overregulation that shackles small businesses. If the president is serious about helping the middle class, he’ll reconsider his threat to veto these bills and work with us to get these things done. Because Republicans are committed to growing America’s economy, not Washington’s bureaucracy, and this will continue to be our focus in the weeks to come.”

The growing economy is the Republican Party’s worst nightmare. The president is riding a growing wave of increasing popularity as Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings for 2016. The strong economic turnout has also left Republicans with very little to run on in 2016. The Republican problems are a byproduct of their strategy to oppose everything that the president has supported. Republicans have no rebuttal to the good economic numbers.

President Obama is swatting down the Republican grumbling with relative ease because even Republicans like John Boehner are being forced to admit that the economy is doing better. In politics, perception is reality, and it has become nearly impossible for Republicans to ignore the perception and the reality that the economy is firmly in the midst of a recovery.

Republicans can only watch and seethe as their plan to wreck the economy during the Obama presidency has failed.

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