The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Ship As Israel Says Boehner Lied About Netanyahu Speech


A top official is publicly claiming that John Boehner misled the Israeli government into believing that President Obama had been notified and was on board with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

During an appearance on Tel Aviv Radio, Deputy Israeli Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi said, “It appears that the speaker of Congress made a move, in which we trusted, but which it ultimately became clear was a one-sided move and not a move by both sides,” but Deputy Foreign Minister also said that Netanyahu would not be canceling his speech, “What would the outcome be then? The outcome would be that we forsake an arena in which there is a going to be a very dramatic decision (on Iran).”

The official did not disagree with the interviewer when he said that Boehner had misled Netanyahu.

If Netanyahu were misled, he would have apologized to the White House for the violation of protocol. Since he has not, it is clear that the Netanyahu government is trying to do damage control by throwing John Boehner under the bus. It is clear from the facts that this was a plan that was cooked up by Speaker Boehner and the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., Ron Dermer. The Ambassador was a Republican, before he became an Israeli citizen. The plan was to humiliate President Obama and pressure him into approving new sanctions against Iran.

The claim that Israel was misled is dubious from every angle. There is no doubt that Speaker Boehner would play fast and loose with the facts. Pressure has been growing on Boehner domestically as President Obama’s popularity has surged after the Democratic midterm election defeat. Obama has taken a series of steps that seized the agenda and momentum away from the new Republican congressional majority.

It is likely that Boehner and Netanyahu viewed a speech before Congress as both an opportunity to divide Democrats at home while helping Netanyahu secure reelection in Israel. The plan has completely backfired. Netanyahu has been heavily criticized in Israel while congressional Democrats are in complete revolt in the United States.

The Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister’s comments were the first sign that the rats are fleeing the sinking ship. The finger pointing has begun.

The scheme to humiliate a sitting president has unraveled, as Obama remains stronger than ever.

87 Replies to “The Rats Are Fleeing The Sinking Ship As Israel Says Boehner Lied About Netanyahu Speech”

  1. First the Tea Party, now Netanyahu. Boehner’s been under that bus so often, he has permanent tread marks on his back.

  2. The outcome would be that we forsake an arena in which there is a going to be a very dramatic decision (on Iran).”

    Um….no….President Obama will be making that decision, not Congress…

    May they should learn who actually has the last word on this, and it is NOT the US Congress.

  3. This is just more proof that gotp should NEVER be fully in charge of foreign affairs, they cannot be trusted with anything! Its all about money and power with them. Boehner should be on trial for conspiracy. We Americans should call for his arrest – Boehner has no authority to arrange this speech without approval from the State Dept. – hes abusing his power like every other republican jerk.

  4. Do the GOP ever think anything through, or are they that amoral and sociopathic? I guess I answered my own question, huh?

  5. All the deputy said is that he thought the invite was by both democrats and republicans ,he did not say that they where misled.

  6. So… basically Boehner didnt lie, the ship isin’t sinking, and Israel is just trying to save face. Thanks for the useless journalism!

  7. Both Netanyahu/Boehner is playing a Dangerous game with U.S Domestic Politics to try to undermine the United States President———–Thus attempting to re-direct/control the U.S Foreign Policy Making. Our Constitution afford’s the President/not Congress the right to set Foreign Policies! He’s undermined our President/our Constitution an he broke the Federal Logan Act set up to stop a United States Citizen from going around our President to do just what Rep. Boehner did with a Foreign Agent/Gov. or Foreign Officer! What Boehner has done allows a foreign country to meddle in American Politics an clearly shows the betrayal of this congressman/an shows he clearly sides with a Foreign Country over his own! My worry is How many Jews do we have in our Government——-an could this go deeper then just Boehner???

  8. There he (Boehner) goes again….trying to FVck the President. And gets a blowback! What happened to the attempt to SUE the President? Bring down Obamacare? Move the Pipeline through? Etc., etc., etc.? Stymie the Immigration approach? Boehner is swinging at shadows.

  9. I prefer to use the term “RATS” for the medieval savages, the ISIS/ISIL killers. Our FBI director refers to the so called “lone wolves” as “lone rats”…very appropriate. We must get out of the middle east, including aid to Israel, which is over $4 billion yearly. The IDF has nukes, and that is not some ultra secret.

  10. Where is those who held the rule of law and the constitution so near and dear to their hearts? The act committed by speaker Boehner if I can remember is called ” Treason.” Why haven’t charges been filed and the justice system placed in effect? Is this to much of and embrassing situation? Are is Boehner and exception to the rules, laws and protocols.

  11. Truthfully, I don’t put it past any of them – GOP or Bibi – to cook this up. Bibi is a rapid right winger and doesn’t have good relationship with the President. They all behaved like petulant little children which is what they are.
    Suck it.

  12. What many people may not realize is that huge numbers of Israelis are really chagrined at Netanayahu doing this, showing blatant disrespect for the president and forcing American Jews to choose between president Obama and the Israeli PM. For most Jews, it’s no contest. 70% of us Jews voted for President Obama and a large majority of a Jews are Democrats.

    Also, many of us are queasy at the fact that the settler movement and the vast majority of Bibi’s American support comes from end-times evangelicals. (a recent Vice episode put it at 70%) They only want all Jews to move to Israel to bring about the Second Coming. Then all the Jews will be burned to death in Armegeddon and the saved be raptured.

    Anybody who has Netflix should watch the documentary Waiting For Armegeddon

    It will show all of you why so many of us are abandoning support for Bibi.

    By the way, many Israelis are tired of this right wing hawkish PM and want to swing left of center.

  13. else, your comment right here shows why people vote Republican, you’re not intelligent enough to see the correlation between the two.

  14. To sit in that chamber would be to suborn an outrageous insult to Nation, to President, and to citizen. None but a Republican could couch such contempt for 1776, 1787, and Patriotism.

  15. I think the only possible way for America to respond to this grave insult is to close our Embassy in Israel, stop foreign ‘aid’ and recognize Palestine at the UN.

    Otherwise, we continue our slide into international buffoonery.

  16. The most important thing here is being overlooked. Obama would have denied Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו an audience based solely on his animosity towards him. I sincerely believe Mr. Netanyahu has an important message for the US. BO would be wise to set aside his personal feelings and allow the man to speak.

  17. what part of “It appears that the speaker of Congress made a move, in which we trusted, but which it ultimately became clear was a one-sided move and not a move by both sides,” isn’t clear?
    Boner DID NOT ask President Obama which is a violation of the Logan Act.

    How do you tie your own shoes?

  18. they’ve never read it or understand it BUT love to throw parts out trying to sound all “patriotic”

  19. Hey, the Israelis just threw Boehner under the bus. I think that is funny. Boehner needs to quit licking the hind parts of Netanyahu and be an American instead.

  20. It’s the same thing they do with the bible, they know what it’s called, but they don’t understand what it says.

  21. These are politicians speaking. When one says he was under the impression that the invite was a bipartisan affair but found out it wasn’t then it would imply that they were either misled or were collaborating with a foreign power to effect policy. Take your pick. Either way it doesn’t bode well with the Republican leadership. It’s a mess and it looks very blatant and amateurish.

  22. Typical Beltway blame game. Living in the District of Confusion for a decade and a half has been a trip!

  23. You really don’t understand, do you? American presidents do not host any foreign leader when they have an upcoming election. This is nothing new, and there are many reasons to steer clear of appearing to support one side over another. What if ‘your’ guy loses? Now you have to deal with the one you didn’t support.

    I don’t think President Obama gives a rat’s ass whether Bibi likes him or not.

  24. And now Hanegbi further meddles by starting to whip votes for overriding a certain veto on any bill that calls for sanctions. It was bad enough that Bibi is coming to garner votes for a bill in the first place but to start counting votes for an override? This is madness. The Foreign Ministry is just asking for the U.S. to recognize Palestine

  25. To hell with Netanyahu, he’s a war mongering asshole who has no respect for the White House, he should be banned from US soil and if Israel wants to stand behind Nutanyahu they can go take flying leap along with him..

  26. Kerry needs to expel Deomen(sp) state dept guy!! Democrats should grow a back bone and walk out when Netty stands up!! Make a point—stand up for America!!

  27. These republicons are the worse traitors this Nation has ever seen. Nothing good and decient will ever come from them or through them. History will show that it was them that caused the fall of a once great nation.

    They do the devil’s bidding.

  28. America’s foreign policy is none of Israel’s goddamn business. The President of the United States determines the foreign policy of our country, not the Congress and for damn sure not some penny ante junk country like Israel.

  29. Democrats must boycott this insult. Any Democrat who attends Netanyahu’s speech is participating in an insult to our country and President Obama.

  30. It’s collusion, NoBoner and Bibi cooked up this little scheme and thankfully it has backfired on both. Now Bibi is sending out his troops to do damage control which no one buys into. They are both scheming little thugs with no regard for respecting protocol. The shame *is on them, not President Obama.

  31. Boehner’s action is exactly the fodder for our enemies to enjoy … a divided America!

    The action of Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu to speak before the House is a seditious act. Boehner should be indicted and charged with sedition!

    Indeed, Boehner is playing with fire… and he just might get burned!

  32. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot..

    The rats are underneath the piles.
    The “usual suspects” are underneath the lot.

  33. Shouldn’t Boehner face some sort of disciplinary committee? Lying to Netanyahu is a serious breach of conduct.

  34. Bibi tried this before by playing footsie with Romney before the 2012 election, only to have it blow up in his face. Now he’s trying it again…rinse, lather, repeat. No wonder the Knesset is screaming full blast–Congress may write Israel’s subsidy check, but it’s the executive branch that signs it. Lots of things can happen to that check in the executive branch. Kerry might lose it, or forget to put it into the mail for a month or so…and the rest of Israel is pretty up on this stuff.

    No, both Bibi and the Weeper are going to lose on this oen.

  35. Boner is one of the biggest blow hards that Congress has ever had.

    My “rep” just bragged how the GOPers had voted to repeal the ACA AGAIN!

    I wonder why GOPers think that only Repugnants live in their districts.

  36. Michael, without aid to Israel, the United States would have no place to land our planes. At the moment, any U.S. plane can land in Israel without first getting permission.
    Israel is the ONLY democracy in the middle east, if you ever went there, you would find it hard to differentiate an American city with an Israeli city.
    It is the only country in which ALL RELIGIONS are safe, where all religions can thrive.
    ALL ARAB STATES ARE APARTHEID, Israel is NOT. People from all backgrounds live in Israel.
    Although the Jewish people are in the majority, NO OTHER RELIGION is denied citizenship.
    Without U.S. aid, Israel could become what it was in the past: A desert.
    We get too much from Israel; it is not an one-way street. This American is alive and well because of an Israeli invention, the coronary artery stent. Cell phones were invented by Motorola in Israel. Phone cameras were invented in Israel. Every laptop uses an Intel chip that was invented in Israel. We NEED that nation!

  37. Israel: promised land for Jews … as long as they’re not black? .

    Cell phones were invented by Motorola in Israel
    The First Mobile Phone Call Was Made 40 Years Ago Today

    On April 3, 1973, Motorola employee Martin Cooper stood in midtown Manhattan and placed a call to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey.

    80% of world’s computer chips will be made by Intel Vietnam by 2015: CEO

  38. You’re right about what the evangelicals are up to. They claim to love Jews and then go about cooking up ways to get Jews to go to Israel.

    Well…they will fail. Jews will go there when the messiah gets here. The messiah won’t do miracles, he will bring a world wide acknowledgement of God and bring about world peace.

    I am an American Jew. I love THIS country. Why would I go to Israel? Not that I do not have feelings for Israel, I do, but THIS is my country, not Israel.

    Yes, I voted for Obama, but that was the only option! How could I vote for two people who are so far out of touch with reality? At least the Obamas have lived in the real world, neither GOPer has or ever will.

  39. Swap Israel for Palestine?

    What has Palestine ever done for you? What has it ever done for ANYONE? The answer is nothing.

    Israel on the other hand has given medical and military inventions to the United States. I am alive because of an Israeli invention, the coronary artery stent, without it, I’d be dead.

    Do you operate a laptop computer? Most of the chips inside were invented in Israel including the main chip that gets laptops functioning.

    Palestine, like all Arab countries is apartheid; Israel is a free democracy. So if you do not like living in a democracy, GO to any Arab land you wish. You will not have the freedom you have here, but you would have it in Israel. You can ever blast the country and not be arrested, try that in Palestine and see how quickly you will be arrested and probably executed.

    The aid that Israel gets is spent mostly here in the United States. That provides employment for Americans, what about that don’t you like?

    Check out Israel, It’s…..

  40. What really worries me is the comment I read many times… it forces American Jews to choose between Obama and Israel. What does that mean? Are American Jews American or Israeli? Is it not evident that they should choose the USA over a foreign country. I feel American people have been hijacked by Israel and the many Jewish congress men who are working for Israel and against our nation. We don’t have any ties with Israeli people why are we still supporting them? America first!!

  41. I am so sick and tired of all this Pro Israel propaganda. Don’t you have a real job to attend? We also witnessed what the IDF did to Civilians during the last “war” against Palestinians, so give us a break!

  42. From the source, NYT themselves. See bottom of article in link for the following correction:

    “Correction: January 30, 2015:
    An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.”

    Interesting how only conservative sites are talking about this and everyone else is hell bent on perpetuating this entirely made-up story of Bibi breaching protocol.

  43. Conservative sites talk up sarah palin too. I wouldnt brag too much. It doesnt matter when the WhiteHouse was informed. These types of guests go through the State Department

  44. Where you been getting your history lessons? Fantasy Island?

    Is real is not a democracy, no more than there is a man on the moon. Is real is more apartheid than the word itself, and the are more imperialistic than Japan was during the days of Japanese imperialism.

    Aid to Israel should be cut, and so should all other american funding into that region. Trying to say we should keep Israel close and keep pumping billions a year into Israel just so we can have some were to park a plan, is about the stupidest excuse I have ever heard.

    Is real has become a thorn in the side of america, they are bleeding us like you would bleed a pig.

    Bibi fucked up but he showed his hand. He is a snake. He can not be trusted, and because he is the leader, Israel can not be trusted. What bibi did was bite the hands that has fed Israel since the 1940’s.

    That kind of support and allegence should not have been offered up, by Israel, in an attempt to control our politics to their benefit.


  45. The anti-semitism here is so thick you could cut it with a knife. If I hadn’t googled this site,,, I would think we were at David I know a bunch of Liberals. I grew up with them,and it’s amazing how they ALL now give Islam a pass and hate Israel. Muslims are pure and pious, but Jews are evil…. You say one thing about Israel…. like they’re the only democracy in the region, and POW… you’re an Islamaphobe,,, There’s nothing Liberal about Islam BTW…


  46. Adam, ain’t gonna happen. They don’t have nearly the 67 votes needed to override a veto.

    President Obama has outplayed the republicans at EVERY turn, and it’s delicious to see!

  47. GK, I don’t think Elle is smart enough to know what “nuance.”

    Correlation is way out of Elle’s league.

  48. The part that pisses me off is that none of them understand that their time, as well as our time, here on this Earth, is finite. They just keep pissing it all away with narrow minded foolishness, a mean sprited and spiteful waste of precious time. Just get on with doing what you were hired to do, make this a better place to live for everyone, and if you can’t do that faithfully remove your sorry ass from office.

  49. After the midterm elections, Mr. Boehner actually thought he was the President and in charge of foreign policy to his own shame. He belongs under the bus hiding in shame on himself and the republican party.

  50. The rest of the world has caught up with Israel lies of funding muslim extremists then use the zionist influenced media to blame them.

    mossad logo: war through deception

  51. Brainwashing has done damage to the American people to the extent that white people with no Jewish heritage will undermine their own President. This is a showcase of what racism has done to the American people and government.

    Israel wants Iran brought down. They made us go to bring down Syria and that wasn’t enough. Obama has given Israel everything they wanted but it’s not enough. Obama allowed them to massacre the Palestinian people and yelled at him like a child and Republicans cheered Netanyahu on.

  52. Most Democrats are puppets for Israel and think their unconditional support for Israel guarantees them of their political career.

    Last year when Israel attacked Palestine and Democrats and Republicans still voted to give money to Israel instead of sanctions, it was clear Israel owns us.
    Barack Obama even tried to tell them to back off a little bit and Netanyahu yelled at him like a child and Republicans cheered Netanyahu on. No Democrat even backed Obama.

    People will act all tough against a muslim extremists war that’ll never happen but cannot stand up for their country when attacked by a foreign president. They infect cheered him on because deep down race took over logic.

  53. Watch out people. I believe Israel has another 911 up there sleeves in the near future to blame it on muslims again..

    If they don’t get their way they will cause confusion.

  54. It’s the BushGang NEOCON-PNAC in cahoots with Netanyahu.
    Dems should Invite Palestinians to talk with Congress!

  55. This is a precursor to war if a Republican is elected President. One of the things that make the GOP a bad bet to win in 2016 is the feeling most Americans have that if a a Republican becomes President, we will be at war. There is a constant need in the GOP to reward the war machine whose donations to favored candidates are numerous. If you want men telling woman what health care they should have or if you want America in a war, or if you think it’s good to throw millions of people off medical insurance or if you think going backwards is the right thing them vote GOP.

  56. Boehner is a disgrace he sat at the State of the Union, sitting and knowing what he had done to disrespect the President and undermine the office of the President. None of their hands are clean in this they have always said this man was not legitimate.

    Racism is alive and well and yes Democrats need to boycott this event all the GOP wants to do is send our young men and women to war to come back in body bags.

    Obama has kept America safe all that foolishness is happening in the Middle East and they should take care of their country unless it threatens our national security.

    BOEHNER IS NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. and should be sanction. He is always talking about following the rule of law and the Constitution. Does this apply to him? I wonder…….

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