Bill Maher Shreds Republicans For Finally Admitting That Sarah Palin Is a Crazy Person

Bill Maher sarah palin crazy

Bill Maher took Republicans to the woodshed for finally admitting that Sarah Palin is a crazy person and proposed three other issues that Republicans ought to rethink and admit that they are wrong on.


Maher said:

Now that many Republicans have finally come forward to admit that ok, you were right Sarah Palin is a crazy person, they have to ask themselves what else might I have been completely wrong about all of these years.


To be fair, Democrats make huge mistakes too. Taking pictures of your d**k comes to mind, but let’s face it, this isn’t a fifty-fifty thing. Democrats can be fuzzy thinkers, but Republicans will look you right in the eye and tell you two plus two equals Jesus. But not anymore with Sarah Palin, the pundits who always defended her have officially had enough. It is as if the scales finally fell from their eyes and they were able to admit that the emperor has no clues. They called her speech incoherent, a farce, unseemly. Words that might have truly stung Sarah if she knew what they meant.


I only have one question for Republicans. What took you so long? The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years. But now that you know you can do this, what about writing a column called you betcha I was wrong about climate change? Might feel good? Germany gets seventy-four percent of its electricity from renewables. They don’t live in the future. Turn left at Austria, they’re right there. Look ’em up in a history book, they’re always up to something.

Or what about giving up on the idea of sending twelve million Mexicans back to Mexico? There aren’t enough trains. Ask Germany. And as long as long as we’re in a rethinking mood, you might, you know what might be a good one? Middle East invasions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria now, Iran all of these places that you want to send heroic snipers. Turns out they don’t like it. They’re not that into being sniped, and what about that great granddaddy of zombie lies. Trickle down economics. Can’t we throw that one under the bus too. It’s never worked, and it never will.

Republicans finally threw Sarah Palin under the bus because she humiliated them at one of their own gatherings. She went from being the annoying guest who threw up on herself to being the person who set the drapes on fire and caused everyone to flee the building.

The other positions that Maher wanted Republicans to rethink are parts of their ideology. Republicans aren’t embarrassed by failed economic policies, and crackpot ideas to deport all undocumented immigrants. Republicans win elections back home based on climate change denial.

The modern Republican Party isn’t guided by facts and intellect. Republicans are driven by beliefs and feelings. Republicans felt humiliated by Palin, so they disowned her. A party that is governed by beliefs and feelings isn’t going to be swayed by logic, facts, and science.

Republicans may be distancing themselves from Sarah Palin, but they still behave just like her.

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  1. It’s a start, but I’m not happy until McCain finally admits his error and apologizes for picking her for the VP spot. It was an unconscionable selection that would have put our country at risk if he had been elected and became incapacitated.

  2. If McCain had been elected, she would have assured that he became incapacitated. She’s never accepted the fact that she was not the one running for President. I hope we never again come so close to total destruction.

  3. You got that right! He inflicted her on us. I liked him years ago….that is, pre Palin America!

  4. The fact that the majority of us recognised her for a dim wit almost immediately tells a sad tale about the intelligence of the gop. They refused to even consider that she might not be presidential material. They treated her as though she really was intelligent enough for the position. The McCain camp had to wipe clean computers of friends in Wasilla, to destroy evidence of the TRUTH about this woman. Once the truth comes out, and it WILL, McCain will shrivel up and retire, hopefully. The truth is so explosive, people will have a difficult time believing this woman was selected as VP candidate.

  5. The messes McCain campaign had to clean up.

    Unmarried pregnant high school daughter.
    Bridge to nowhere.
    AIP membership.

    I’m sure there were others that I’m forgetting.

  6. When she gave tha speech in Iowa it reminded of a ghost hunter getting a message from the great beyond. I think she thought she was channeling Reagan. It still made my brain hurt to think on it.

  7. The one I can think of is the one where she had to plea bargain her son into military service.

    The details are a little murky.

  8. As mayor of Wasilla, population 6,000, she hired a city manager to perform the job!!As governor, the other members wore buttons asking “Where’s Sarah?” because she showed up so seldom. Her husband, high school graduate Todd sat in on all meetings, and was cc’d copies of every e-mail. He would call ahead, warning them if she was in a bad mood. Instead of moving into the governor’s mansion, she stayed home, charging a per diem for living in her own house. Her house was built from the excess materials used to build the Sports Center (which was built on land the city did not own}. The people of Wasilla were left with millions of dollars to pay for the land after $carah resigned. A man who spoke to ABC TV after the family brawl, lost his job for speaking out.

  9. I live in Tennessee. She would be totally electable here, if she wasn’t perceived as being too moderate.

  10. It’s too late to cancel. They will suffer in silence. It is great to see them run away with their tails tucked between their legs.

  11. That just goes to show you that their only interest is winning and nothing else matters. John McCain should be completely shamed for his desperate stunt. Party first and forget the country.

  12. Actually, “Tommy toe” is the name of a specific cherry tomato cultivar from Arkansas, but is not properly applied to the entire genus Lycopersicon.

  13. Republicons are wrong about EVERYTHING therefore, they are the wrong choice for the betterment, peace and health of this Nation.

  14. So what happens if we get rid of all parties? How would people be able to think? I mean we all were raised to mainly think either republican or democrat. What if you took all party out of the equation? Would any of you people be able to think for yourself?

  15. When it takes this long for republicans in and out of government to see who and what Sarah is . . . Then obviously the entire right is either blind, stupid, or incompetent. 1) Yes, she was actually their candidate for Vice President. 2) I have republican friends who think she is brilliant. Maybe not so much now. 3) Watch the movie Game Change. The facts revealed in that movie about her are stunning.

  16. In the words of Stewie Griffin, “Bravo. The last horse finally crosses the finish line.” Better late than never, I guess. As for Palin, you want the shit scared out of you, watch Sarah Palin You Betcha! on Netflix. I dare anyone to watch that all the way through and tell me you don’t think she is a freaking sociopath. The fact she didn’t win still put her far too close to the presidency for my comfort level.

  17. Listen I love Maher, I really do but –

    Okay it’s the Palin thing again, I get that too – not that I am not a big supporter of Palin – I get that if you need to maintain ratings and followship for your media offering than Palin will pull in the numbers like no other!

    But Maher, Holly Jesus, even a hard in the wool tea shirt wearing Conservative like me, even while laughing, gets this nagging feeling that maybe the gals are only laughing because they are in your studio – I could be wrong as I have many times been wrong when I try to – like – fill a women’s shoes when it comes to over estimating their response!

  18. Finally. Finally? What were they seeing in that ding-bat back in the day? I think she was their pin-up model hoping to lure all the old horny Republicans to salivate having her as second in command at the White House. Ask McCain. He wouldn’t admit it, but he STILL has a Hard-on for Sarah. Just look at his leering eyes, dirty ol man looks when he talks about her…..go back and look at the videos and still photographs of McCain when he’s asked about Sarah. Heh-heh-heh.
    By the way….Sarah will leave the national stage in two years–When Barrack Obama leaves the White House at the end of his remaining two years. Her 15 minutes of toooooo long fame will come to an end. Because her only reason for being in the limelight is her snarky, dumb criticisms of Obama. In effect, the barking dog who, for comic relief is allowed to continue with her incoherent blah, blah, blah. Screeeech! ((( Ouch! My ears! )))

  19. Bill is right, many of us knew that Sarah Palin wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer long ago. The GOP establishment knew it but had to let it play out. They were as surprised as the rest of us when she became the G. Wallace of our time. She used her “real America battle cry well giving McCain’s campaign a boost and republicans a brief bit of hope, until she enlightened us with her intellect. I’ve known since then that she is an idiot and any supporters, well birds of a feather flock together.

  20. As far as the trickle-down theory, it’s not so much that 3 dogs wouldn’t share. It’s more like the Repubs think that whatever the dog poops out will be good enough for the rest. But it just stinks.

  21. What a lame argument. Sorry Bill, but REPUBLICANS (30% of the voting block on the RIGHT) have never liked Palin. This is all done to keep her in her place. BOR never liked Palin, and the day after the election allowed Anonymous Sources to attack her on a personal level. Conservatives still think she is the best, but I’ll tell you whay Bill, if Democrats adopt Palin’s vision for this country, then I’ll give Palin up.

  22. She will for sure confirm her TelePrompTer is working so she can coherently bash the president for using a TelePrompTer

  23. what else should we expect from a woman who thinks jesus celebrated easter for years with his disciples?

  24. Sarah would be perfect for North Carolina. She would not even have to wash her hands to join Senator Tillis.

  25. I really feel for McCain. He is still in that tiger cage in Vietnam and His mind cannot escape. TERM LIMITS NOW! Yeah right, We want the A holes to limit Themselves.

  26. reynardine, your comment had nothing political in it whatsoever and was a FACT about a vegetable/fruit and STILL some braindead gop’er gave you a down vote! These right wingers are just too stupid to exist, they are lucky we have autonomic respiratory and cardiac systems or they would be too stupid to take their next breath or just deny that they needed oxygen to live…..

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