A Growing Number Of Democrats Say They Will Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress


The list of congressional Democrats who intend to boycott Netanyahu’s speech to Congress because of the way President Obama was treated is growing by the day.

Mike Lillis of The Hill reported:

A growing number of top Democrats plan to skip next month’s Capitol Hill speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reps. James Clyburn (S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat, and Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.), chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), are just the latest lawmakers to indicate they won’t attend the March 3 address before a rare joint session of Congress.

The Democrats join other leading Capitol Hill liberals – including Reps. John Lewis (D-Ga.), the civil rights hero, and G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.), head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) – in protesting the speech by vowing to steer clear of it.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) predicted that Jewish voters will vote Republican because of the Democratic boycott, but reality tells a different story. President Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008 and 69% in 2012. In the awful Democratic year of 2014, Democrats still got 66% of the Jewish vote. Since 1916, the highest percentage of Jewish votes earned by a Republican presidential candidate was the 40% given to Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956.

In short, if Republicans thought that they could use Netanyahu’s speech to make Democrats look anti-Israel and drive Jewish voters to the GOP, it is not going to work. The Democratic boycott has nothing to do with support for Israel. The issue is how the invitation was handled and the disrespect that has been shown to the President of the United States. The Republican attempt to make this a Jewish issue is a cynical and pathetic grab for votes.

The Democratic boycott is growing. The only thing that Republicans have done successfully is turn their disrespect of this president into an international incident.

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  1. The republicans have disrespected President Obama from day one. Vowing to block anything he tried to do was insulting to voters, too. They resent highly intelligent people, since their side has so few of them. The fact that he also happens to be part black, well, THAT is unacceptable. The gop holds in high esteem people who come from wealthy families, regardless of their qualifications for high office. George W. Bush – are you KIDDING me? He was a laughing stock worldwide for his total foolery. Then along came Mitt Rmoney, who insulted the British. Why is it that people overseas see these people for what they REALLY are, when the Americans totally ignore it? Sarah Palin is considered a joke in the UK. Here, she is on TV constantly.

  2. I hope the democrats stick together and skip the show. Let Yahu talk to empty chairs and the empty heads of the retug caucus. Hope the Isreali people see what an asshat their PM is. When the stupid and the dangerous team up the results are never good. Look what we got with Bush and Cheney.

  3. Truth be told, many Republicans have disrespected Obama since the day he was born due to the elevated amount of melanin in his skin.

  4. When the stupid and the dangerous team up
    the results are never good.

    Words to remember.
    Words to repeat.

  5. Why would “BiBi” Netanyahu still speak is my question. It’s obviously a contentious issue that brings division and discourse in the USA. Why is he playing in the hands of manipulators? Very unprofessional and unbecoming behavior of a world leader!

  6. All the Democrats and Republicans with a conscious should boycott. This is nothing but another attempt for Boehner to disrespect the President of the United States. No matter what anyone says, this is a Black/White issue and for once the house and senate should stick together and speak in one voice” the Beohner/McConell bulshit stops now.

  7. “Why is it that people overseas see these people for what they REALLY are, when the Americans totally ignore it? ”

    Simple – huge numbers of Americans are either stupid, or willfully ignorant, or both.

  8. He’s not being manipulated, he’s the one doing the manipulation. Boehner is too stupid to realize he was led down the garden path by an ex republican aide who gave up his US citizenship to work for Netanyahu. All parties new what was taking place here. They just thought no one would notice.

  9. The gall of these Likudniks never ceases to amaze me.

    “This is, I think a critical visit by the prime minister. If these Democrats would rather put partisan politics ahead of principle and walk out on the prime minister of Israel, then we have an obligation to make that known,” said Matt Brooks, the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
    “We will commit whatever resources we need to make sure that people are aware of the facts, that given the choice to stand with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu in opposition to a nuclear Iran, they chose partisan interests and to stand with President Obama,” Brooks said.
    “We will, of course, be publicly condemning any Democrats who don’t show up for the speech—unless they have a doctor’s note,” said Mort Klein, president of the 30,000-member Zionist Organization of America. “It’s really an anti-American, anti-patriotic position to take.”

  10. I expect that the comments from an “Israeli official” that Netanyahu thought the President was on board when he accepted the invitation is a prelude to Netanyahu backing out. This is highly unpopular in Israel too. Otherwise, Boehner and Netanyahu are going to have to live with the embarassment.

  11. Dj…well that just made me laugh! Especially the part unless you have a doctors note, like that would be hard to get!

  12. Democrats against partisan politics? Don’t make me laugh. When this speaking engagement was first announced, the republicans said that they would support whatever good ole Bibi wanted, in respect to handling Iran. And he wants war, which our president does not. They want to
    destroy the diplomatic course the president is on, and instead have a war. That is how Boehner planned to support a foreign leader and back stab our president. And you think that is okay?

  13. Biden is said not to be attending and that should give every Democrat the stones to boycott Netanyahu’s speech. If I see Pelosi and Reid and my two Senators Shumer and Gillibrand sitting there in participation with the Republicans and the zionists in league against our nation’s sovereignty and our President, I will never give another red cent to them.

  14. Shame on Boehner for overstepping the bounds of his office, Solidarity amongst all the Democrats would indicate their disrespect of Boehner’s invitation.The Repulshricans seem to be quiet on the issue.

  15. DJ

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  16. I agree with you, Maggie, but I still would love to see the Dems attend, and when the despicable Bibi starts his speech, all the Dems should stand, turn their backs, and walk out of there, silently. It would be on Television, the world over. Without saying a word, it would say so MUCH!

  17. This is a very dangerous world. Iran is on the verge of having a nuclear weapon if they don’t allready have one. I cannot imagine a congressman boycotting his speech. israel will attack Iran if forced to.

  18. You know you sound very ignorant
    ‘Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon’

    New York Times report quotes senior American officials who believe there is little disagreement between Israeli and U.S. intelligence over Iran’s nuclear program, despite calls for a strike by Israeli officials.

    Iran has not invaded another country in over 150 years can you say that about Israel and BTW we do know Israel has 80 to 100 nukes

  19. yOLEBERRY:

    Israel will quicker attack Iran with a nuclear weapon than the other way around. With sabre rattlers like Bibi in power, it is more likely. (Hmmmmm)
    But to remove your fears….NOBODY, NO COUNTRY in the world is foolish or insane enough to launch nuclear attacks on neighboring countries or any country in the world, for that matter. Ever hear of Assured Mutual Destruction? Amargedon. Don’t wish for it, nor hope for it as if you are rooting for some f’king sports team.

  20. Really? Because I’m making a list of all that did NOT attend and plan to do whatever I can to keep them from getting re-elected. Even if they did not want to, they should have listened to Netanyahu’s speech. It was wonderful and I am very proud of those that attended.

    Obama has a failed foreign policy, shows no love for his country and has only caused division in America. He is the opposite of Netanyahu–a failure as a ‘leader’. No wonder that when he visited China, they called him “insipid” in their newpapers–a perfect word for him.

  21. You’re exactly right–when the dangerous and the stupid unite watch out(!!)–after all that’s how Obama got elected! He had no qualifications–but was elected by liberals who were in love with the idea of having a ‘black’ man for president. It didn’t matter the guy has nothing to offer as a leader. Liberal voters=all emotion, no intellect in their selections of candidates. If you question them, they pull out the race card or the stupid card.

    In 2016, the liberals will push Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she committed fraud right out of the starting gate.

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