Wyoming’s Republican-Dominated Senate Kills Medicaid Expansion

via PBS
via PBS

On Friday, the  Republican-controlled Wyoming Senate voted 19-11 to reject Medicaid expansion, which would have extended health care coverage to over 17,000 low-income, uninsured residents. Lawmakers voted down the expansion, even though it had the support of conservative Republican Governor Matt Mead. Mead opposed Medicaid expansion during his first term, but he converted to becoming a supporter in November of 2014, arguing that the state could use the 120 million dollars in federal funds to offset the costs absorbed by hospitals for uncompensated care.

In response to the Senate rejecting the bill, Governor Mead expressed disappointment, stating:

I believe that Wyoming’s working poor need health care coverage. We must recognize what health care means to individuals and to our economy.

The state would have been eligible for 120 million dollars in federal money with no strings attached. However, because so many Wyoming Lawmakers campaigned on opposing Obamacare, they rejected the funds. For example, State Senator Leland Christensen (R-Alta) argued that the Affordable Care Act was not the answer to Wyoming’s health care crisis. He proclaimed:

This is no time to abandon the Wyoming way of doing things. We have options. I’m convinced we can find a better option for the people of Wyoming.

The Senator, however, did not specify what better options the state was considering. As with so many Republican opponents of the Affordable Care Act, Wyoming’s Senators know what they are against, but they have yet to articulate what they are for. After the Senate bill had been defeated, a House companion bill was pulled from the Labor, Health and Social Services Committee, effectively killing Medicaid expansion in both chambers for the current legislative session.

Wyoming’s decision to kill Medicaid expansion comes just two days after Tennessee turned down expansion for their state. In both cases, Republican state lawmakers defied the wishes of their own GOP Governor. Governor Gary Herbert of Utah (R), may face a similar revolt when he tries to get Medicaid expansion funding passed through his state’s Republican-dominated legislature.

A number of Republican Governors understand that Medicaid expansion is a sensible way to extend coverage to low-income residents of their states. However, the Tea Party dominated legislatures in red states are not interested in cooperating with pragmatic Republican Governors. Those lawmakers would sooner have people go uninsured than admit they are wrong about opposing Obamacare.



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  1. If anyone dies {and they will} because these cretins refuse to expand medicaid, I believe they are guilty of at least Manslaughter. If not Murder!

  2. The Senator Proclaimed I’m an Idiot and I know there’s a better way to give healthcare to the working poor but since I’m an Idiot I don’t know what it is.

  3. So their hospitals will be financially ruined by uncompensated care, and rural facilities will have to close. Just like in the southern states. Brilliant.

  4. I believe Maxie2014 posted this somewhere:

    The death toll from blocking Medicaid expansion
    Six of the 10 states with the highest number of estimated deaths are in the South:
    1. Texas (1,840 to 3,035 deaths)
    2. Florida (1,158 to 2,221 deaths)
    4. Georgia (561 to 1,176 deaths)
    5. North Carolina (455 to 1,145 deaths)
    6. Virginia (266 to 987 deaths)
    7. Tennessee (284 to 759 deaths)
    The other states with the highest expected death tolls are Pennsylvania in third place and Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin in eighth, ninth and 10th places respectively.

    I’m now on my 6th alias on FB, I deserve a liberal metal for being blocked from commenting 5 times now.

    Someone actually posted this:”Finally someone with a brain to start controlling this out of control government spending !”

  5. I then posted this
    Bush Deficits
    FY 2009†: $1,413 bln
    FY 2008: $458 bln
    FY 2007: $161 bln
    FY 2006: $248 bln
    FY 2005: $318 bln

    Obama Deficits
    FY 2016*: $474 bln
    FY 2015*: $583 bln
    FY 2014: $483 bln
    FY 2013: $680 bln
    FY 2012: $1,087 bln
    FY 2011: $1,300 bln
    FY 2010: $1,294 bln


    along with the Iraq war costs, medicare part D and Halliburton’s $39 BILLION bribe

    Do you think they care about these?

  6. That is why the Hospital Association of each sate is an active advocate for Medicaid Expansion. Just ask John Kasich of Ohio….he was pushed by Ohio Hospitals, he put Medicaid Expansion in by EXECUTIVE ORDER……..and got reelected

  7. The GOP knows full well in RED NECK, ASS BACKWARDS RED STATES like wyoming, nebraska, oklahoma, louisiana, texas, arkansas, alabama, georgia, mississippi etc. they can pull this CRAP!! because they play on the fears of poorly educated mostly caucasian americans!! To quote LBJ, ”You can take away ANYTHING from the average white american, just as long as they THINK they’re doing a LITTLE better than the average BLACK person!!!

  8. EXCELLENT point @Andy, republican policies are ALWAYS going to favor corporations!! and what’s corporate america’s first commandant?? Thou shall not lose ANY profit” and if human life gets in the way?? Then let them DIE!!! just ask St. Reagan! and how jerry falwell and other religious FREAKS told him not to fund AIDS research in the 80’s!!!

  9. The voters who got these people in will be the first to complain. What a shame but they did it to themselves.

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