Israeli Official: Boehner And Netanyahu Conspired “To Defy and Humiliate President Obama”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah

Retribution is some form of punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong, whether the wrong is perceived or real. For the past four years, Speaker of the House John A. Boehner (R-OH) has likely perceived that President Barack Obama has inflicted all manner of wrongs on him due to the ease the President is able to thwart Republican efforts to rule America according to their masters the Koch brothers. Obviously Boehner is frustrated that he has been outplayed and out-maneuvered at every turn by the President, and lacking the wherewithal to take on the President himself, he marshaled support and conspired with a foreigner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to “defy and humiliate President Obama.”

Many political observers, the White House, and Democrats were rightly incensed when Boehner invited the foreigner to address a joint session of Congress without going through normal State Department protocols, and their supposition that Boehner deliberately went around the normal diplomatic channels as an act of defiance against the Executive Branch seemed more than credible. Now it is official; Boehner’s illegal invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress represents a coordinated attack on President Barack Obama by the radical Republican right-wing and all its bad actors. This official reiteration of what many Democrats suspected all along is according to the Israeli consul general.

As reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Yaron Sideman said that Speaker of the House John Boehner, congressional Republicans, the Republican Jewish Coalition, the Zionist Organization of America, and radical Christian leaders’ only purpose “in inviting and supporting Netanyahu’s speech is to defy and humiliate President Barack Obama by addressing the Iranian issue.” In most people’s minds, Boehner and Netanyahu’s conspiracy was more than just to defy and humiliate the President on Iran; it was an attempt to subvert America’s negotiations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions to start another Middle East war at the behest of Israel. In fact, according to Boehner, his illegal conspiracy was specifically to allow Netanyahu “send a clear message to the White House” that in matters regarding America’s Middle East policy, Republicans are committed to Israel.

It makes no difference how committed to Israel un-American Republicans are, foreign policy is the purview of the Executive Branch led by President Obama; not Boehner, not Israel, not Republicans, and certainly not the warmongering foreigner Netanyahu. According to the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court, “all ability to conduct foreign policy is vested in the President. It is given implicitly and by the fact that the Executive Branch, by its very nature, is empowered to conduct foreign affairs in a way that Congress cannot and should not.” John Boehner, like Israeli foreigner Benjamin Netanyahu, has no allegiance to the U.S. Constitution or the need to adhere to rulings by the United States Supreme Court; no foreigner does.

Many Democrats already regarded Boehner and Netanyahu’s actions a deliberate, well-planned, attack on the sitting President of the United States; including Representative John Lewis (D-GA). Lewis is part of a growing number of Democrats who signaled they are not attending Netanyahu’s speech because “what the speaker did is an affront to the President and the State Department.” Now, according to an Israeli consul general, it is official that “an affront to the President” is precisely what Boehner and Netanyahu intended in their conspiracy to thwart American foreign policy.

Another Democrat, Rep. G.K. Butterfield, said he was “very disappointed that the speaker would cause such a ruckus” in his leadership role in Congress, and stated what the White House and others have said on first learning John Boehner violated the 216 year old “Logan Act;” Boehner’s action was “unprecedented.”

His action was also illegal according to 18 U.S.C. § 953. The Logan Act “forbids unauthorized citizens” like John Boehner “from negotiating with foreign governments.” The law expressly prohibits “Any citizen from directly or indirectly commencing or carrying on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence or defeat the measures of the United States.” Netanyahu, an anti-Obama foreigner, cannot be punished under federal law, but Boehner can be and should be charged, tried, convicted, and sentenced to serve time in a federal penitentiary; not for conspiring with a foreigner to “defy and humiliate President Barack Obama,” but for breaking the law.

Rep. Butterfield, a Jewish Democrat, joined many Israelis in harshly criticizing Netanyahu saying that by accepting Boehner’s invitation without talking to President Barack Obama, the prime minister “politicized” his visit to the United States. Kentucky Democratic Representative John Yarmuth called Boehner’s invitation “close to subversion,” and noted that it is part of a devious American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) fundraising effort to garner support for sabotaging nuclear talks with Iran.

Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat, has already written that if Boehner does not cancel the speech he will not attend. He said, “I refuse to be part of a reckless act of political grandstanding, and I will not participate in a calculated slight from the speaker and the House leadership to attack necessary diplomacy. When nuclear security and Middle East stability hang in the balance, no member who cares about peace and Israel should participate in this effort to undercut our President in the middle of delicate nuclear negotiations with Iran, while inappropriately projecting political support for Mr. Netanyahu in the middle of Israel’s election.”

It is an abomination that John Boehner’s need for vengeance against President Obama, and fealty to Israel, overshadows any pretense of loyalty to the United States, or federal law, he claims to support. It is one thing to support Israel and send them billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up their military, but quite another to conspire with Israel’s leader to thwart America’s negotiations for a peaceful resolution to Iran’s “alleged” nuclear threat. Boehner is not a Jew, but he would do well to heed the sentiment of Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) who said “I am a Jewish member of Congress, and a strong supporter of Israel. But my first obligation is to the Constitution of the United States, not to the Constitution of Israel.”

John Boehner has been an unethical and criminally-complicit cretin since he first entered Congress. During his tenure as Speaker of the House he has been an impotent malcontent whose legendary inability to lead pales in comparison to how often he has been bested and outmaneuvered by President Obama. Now, by his own admission, has he not only illegally conspired with a foreigner “to defeat the measures of the United States” foreign policy in the Middle East,” he has exposed an inherently petty character flaw that would embarrass even a low-class Koch sycophant; the need for a foreigner’s assistance for retribution in a sick attempt ”to defy and humiliate President Barack Obama;” something that will never happen.

Since Boehner is incapable of suffering humiliation for his public exposure as a vindictive un-American, he should certainly suffer the full weight and power of the law and go to jail. Not for conspiring with a foreigner to “defy and humiliate the President,” but for violating federal law and “conspiring to defeat the measures of the United States;” something most Americans consider treason.

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  1. If Boehner is allowed to pull this off, it will set a dangerous precedent for foreign policy in the future. He must be punished for this deliberate action.

  2. How much $ is Boehner taking from Kochs? Hes their pawn in their little coup of the American government. Its time to jail Boehner for his conspiracy against his country. Hes been bought!

  3. Where are the righties out here? You’re always spreading debunked talking points of how terrible the President is, and here we have clear-as-day evidence that the House GOP is engaging in treasonous and subversive ways. What’s that term you always throw around? Oh yeah… UNAMERICAN.

    Will any eighties have the guts to admit the repubs are wrong?


  4. First suspend all military aid. Second send that ratfuker Ron Demer home and recall our ambassador. Third recognize the Palestinian state and finally put those quislings who will support a foreign government up for ridicule by making them sign a loyalty oath and if the refuse ship their treasonous asses back to Israel

  5. I would hope not but one thing we can do is revoke his diplomatic visa and issue him one that every other visitor gets. Make his ass go through customs and take a cab

  6. It is time the United States ceased being a lap dog for Israel. Netanyahu the Israeli Bully has shown once again is full disrespect and disregard for President Obama. It is widely asserted Netanyahu despises Obama because Obama is black. There is strong reason to give thought credence.

    As to John Boehner, he should be censured on the floor of the House for breach of ethnics and treason. Logically, “our” government never will do such a thing because punishing anyone on The Hill for the such blatant sins is unthinkable — except to those of us who continue to vote and pay taxes, realizing how we now are outnumbered and overpowered by the 1%. Put “Bibi” and Boehner on the “enemies of America” list. Yeah, right.

  7. Amen, look I’m for peace. But I have seen what this man N…………u has subjected the Palestinian people too. And I have absolutely NO problems with Jews etc. My problem is with Net………u. Seriously he reminds me of a Dick Cheney (younger form).

  8. Neither Boner or Yahu can claim innocence, they were complicit in everything that went down. The speaker is a traitor, and the PM is taking Israel down the same path G.Bush took the US. You don’t crap on your biggest and best friend.

  9. That’s all great about Bebe, but Boehner needs to be punished just like any other citizen would be for conspiring against POTUS.

    Boehner needs to take “responsibility” first and foremost.

  10. Sally, let me know if you or someone gets a petition going. Unless we speak out, Boehner will get away with this.

    Keep us posted, please.

  11. Not only should Boehner punished this violation of the Logan Act, but if the Koch Demons, or Adelson is involved, they all should be charged with conspiracy. It’s time for the people let Boehner know that his BS will not and cannot be tolerated. He is not untouchable.

  12. The only “friends” Boehner acknowledges are the ones who fill his coffers. He is not loyal to the country, he is loyal to the 1%.

  13. My first regret is we did none of this to the corrupt scum that deserved it, Bush/Cheney et al. Second, why isn’t the justice department looking at this issue? Third, the Demos should attend the address but when Netanyahu takes the podium, stand up and walk out en mass. Fourth, all aid should be cut to Israel, their ambassador expelled and ours recalled.

  14. You people are full of it. NOTHING has been by the law in this government body since ’09. Circumvention has been the buzz word. Now because our congress wants to hear from an expert in that part of the world the whole Democratic Party has its panties in a bunch! Good God is anyone on the left capable of non-partisan politicking. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insights could be of serious value in the non-war against non-radical Muslims. We are suppose to have THREE equal branches of government not an imperial party!

  15. Well……this will determine whether or not the Israeli people back his tactics by reelection or reject his irresponsible behavior and VOTE HIM OUT!

  16. Finally a article with everything in it that I have been saying all along. He committed a Federal Crime when he broke the Logan Act/He’s gone against our Constitution in attempting to allow a Foreign Leader to meddle in Our Government/Foreign Affairs, an he has broken a Protocol set Many Decade’s ago by our Government. He’s always talking about suing the President———–The only thing that should happen is his removal from office for betraying our country!

  17. Are you calling me “asshole”? If so it’s probably because I dared to voice an opinion contrary to all the others on this thread. Well done.

  18. You don’t get it Sha! He broke our Federal Laws! Rather you believe it or not this isn’t about being a Democrat or a Republican at all! Rep. Boehner not only upsurped our Constitution, he broke a Federal law, an 3rd he broke a very important protocol in our Government that has been put in place many Decade’s ago! Get off you Dead “A” an look up the “Logan Law”——–It’s a Federal law that prohibits an U.S Citizen from doing what Boehner just did!!! Rep. Boehner has NOT brought that law suit against This President an if he did he wouldn’t win because this President is to smart to break our Federal laws an upsurp our Constitution like Rep. Boehner just did! This isn’t a little to do about Nothing Miss, This is about some one who Purposely allowed a Foreign Agent to come through the back door of our Congressional Floor an was going to try to “OVER THROW” our Foreign Policy Making! Do you have any idea at all, how serious that is? This isn’t you ha,ha gotcha moment girl!

  19. No I am calling you an asshole because you chose a foreign government over your own and that makes you a quisling. And BTW you know nothing about the conditions other than what the likud tells you.

    I for one do not want one American life and not one dollar fighting for Israel

  20. FACT: you can insult me until the cows come home. It will not make this piece anything more than an opinion piece. Give me one cited factual reference in this article not based on opinion….FACT

  21. I say cut off funding to Israel until Netanyahu resigns or at least publicly apologizes to Obama! Boehner needs to be brought up on charges!

  22. Speaker Boehner is not setting foreign policy. He invited a speaker to speak. Additionally, if he broke the law and violated the Constitution this President beyond a shadow of a doubt would have had him CHARGED at the very least, sanctioned, point in FACT, none of that has happened. Just because you declare your interpretation of what took place or what the Constitution says does not make it fact.

  23. That is the problem with you baggers, you’re so f**king ignorant on all matters. You are just like the followers of any dangerous cult, your “leaders” can do no wrong, anything they do is OK. You need to learn a lot more about how the world works before you spout off with nonsense like that.

    The right-wing is a clear and present danger to the U.S.A., and should be outlawed as the treasonous snakes that they are.

  24. Once an for all Sha. This is Factual Evidence! Look it up in your Constitution an than just Google “Logan Law” an it will give you the Federal Statue Mandate on the Criminal Act Rep. Boehner just did against the united States! You can have your own opinion any time you choose, but you can’t make up your own fact’s Sha to suit yourself. This is NOT about Republican an Democrat’s! This is about a man who tried to bring a Foreign Agent in the back door of our Government an right onto our congressional Floor in an Attempt to “Over throw” the United States Foreign Policies!! That is a Criminal Act——–It’s WHY the Federal Statue Law of “Logan Act” was put into place to stop some thing just like this from happening!! This isn’t a GAME! This isn’t a ha, ha I gotcha thing!!! This is REAL! It Happened an it was illegal——–now do ya got that Girl or do you need it spelled out to you ‘word by word” so you understand?

  25. How I chose a foreign government over my own is beyond me. Additionally, you are doing the exact same thing you accuse me of…reading an article and taking it as the gospel. We’re you there to know exactly what took place?

  26. Once and for all, Alberta, if all is as you claim President Obama would have Boehner’s nads in a vice! He would be thrown under a federal jail. There is no love loss between POTUS & GOP party. Any legitimate opportunity to take one out POTUS would exercise!

  27. Can you read or is that homeschooled education guiding you
    18 U.S.C. § 953. The Logan Act “forbids unauthorized citizens” like John Boehner “from negotiating with foreign governments.” The law expressly prohibits “Any citizen from directly or indirectly commencing or carrying on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence or defeat the measures of the United States.”

    United States v. Curtiss-Wright Export Corp., 299 U.S. 304 (1936), was a United States Supreme Court case involving principles of both governmental regulation of business and the supremacy of the executive branch of the federal government to conduct foreign affairs. The Supreme Court concluded not only that foreign affairs power was vested in the national government as a whole but also that the President of the United States had “plenary” powers in the foreign affairs field that was not dependent upon congressional delegation.

    plenary: adjective

    full; complete; entire; absolute; unqualified:

  28. We’re ? WTF!!! The purpose of this visit is to derail the talks going on right now. Have you read the Menendez Kirk bill and its ramifications? In a nutshell it says if Israel attacks Iran we will be going to war. Do you have any idea on the ramifications of that decision? Look bagger before you go off on likud talking points educate your ass and then come back to the grown up table

  29. The clear intent of this provision [Logan Act] is to prohibit unauthorized persons from intervening in disputes between the United States and foreign governments. Nothing in section 953 [Logan Act], however, would appear to restrict members of the Congress from engaging in discussions with foreign officials in pursuance of their legislative duties under the Constitution.

  30. This no longer is a party or Conservative/Liberal thing. This is evidence of a violation of Federal Law by a Federal Lawmaker. An investigation should be launched. If the evidence proves true, John Boehner should be tried and, if convicted, go to jail. The penalty, as prescribed in the Logan Act, is a fine, imprisonment or both.

  31. And pray tell what legislative duties do a congressman has under the Constitution to conduct foreign policy other than declaring war?

  32. Netanyahu is a war criminal, I thought the gotp didnt want criminals from other countries coming here…guess its ok if they’re rich. He has no reason to address our nation.

  33. thanks for addressing that asshat. I don’t believe he’s even smart enough to understand. I am a Nam vet and I know what it’s like to try and talk to an idiot. You did an excellent job

  34. Have I been misinformed or misreading the Constitution that Congress is the only branch of government that can declare war?

  35. Excuse me but I am under the impression from all I have read and heard Congress is the only branch of government that can declare war. God forbid there may be a need in the very near future to declare that very thing.

  36. Then you should be against this blatant attempt to subvert our policy because in the end we will be going to war

  37. if you do a search for Boehner, you’ll find two petitions calling for charges against him on his illegal action.
    All Petitions | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

    The right to petition your government is guaranteed by…

  38. Your question was regarding legislative duty not who commands the forces. It would be the legislative duty of congress to declare war not the executive branch.

  39. Sha
    I appreciate how you are maintaining your decorum and dignity in the face of wildly speculative insults from ignorant fools. While I don’t necessarily agree with all your points, I steadfastly support your right to express your thoughts. I just wish that civility would be maintained by those with opposing opinions. Too much to ask for I suppose.

  40. I answered your question and did not need to insult you to do it, as you seem to need to do. I have no desire to go to war but if there is a need I want to be fighting the right enemy and have as much info as possible.

  41. Head hits desk

    And pray tell what legislative duties do a congressman has under the Constitution to conduct foreign policy other than declaring war?

    I thought I was speaking English maybe I should try some Palinese
    Well you betcha that our founding fathers led by Moses wrote on that constitution by god almighty himself that the President has the job of, by golly whats that word again (looks at hand)foreiners policy.

  42. Thank you, Allen. I have grown accustomed to being insulted. It goes with the territory of having a different point of view and daring to voice it. Both my spouse and I have served a combined 31 years in the USMC. We love our country and would give our lives for it. I believe we have earned our right to speak our peace.

  43. Whose the fool? The one who doesn’t know the law or Constitution or the one trying to educate you baggers?

  44. As reported in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz,
    It would be much more helpful if in the future linked articles weren’t behind a paywall.

  45. Besides actually declaring war I believe funding it is a pretty big deal too. By the way, your dramatics and sarcasm are ineffective…I stand my ground.

  46. What else could we actually expect from a U.S. GOVT. leader who officially operates and functions 24/7 with a brain and body that probably contains a 99% Alcohol to 1% Blood content and who knows what else? People living in the real world are fired every day from their job for being alcoholics and doing way less damage than this alcoholic fool did. Why not fire, prosecute, convict and then imprison (if guilty) this TRAITOR to our country? He will probably use his newly discovered alcoholic condition and the stress levels of his Govt. position as his alibi and excuses for committing this act of “treason”. Their is no other excuse (in my opinion). He could say that the “Devil” made him do it and then “confess” his sins to the Pope and be “forgiven” by his GOP “GOD”. His soul would be Pure again and if he died he could go straight to Heaven and be with his “GOD”. Even evil sinners and losers can be winners if they have the Right Religious connections. [WINK]

  47. Allen, I kind of got the biggest laugh as an indirect result to your show of kindness. Sir, you received two thumbs down for daring to show a bit of kindness in your comment. And this is the party of tolerance and grace…it cracks me up.

  48. The right enemy? Please tell us who has Iran invaded/occupied in the last 150 years. Have you any idea on the economic cost? War with Iran? Revisiting the Potentially Staggering Costs to the Global Economy Summarized below are three of the six scenarios along with the associated estimated range of costs to the world economy in the first three months of U.S. action alone.
    Comprehensive Bombing Campaign (upper bounds of estimated costs to global economy: $1.7 trillion)
    Scenario: Isolation and Persian Gulf Blockade – no military action (upper bounds of estimated costs to global economy: $550 billion)
    Scenario: Full-Scale Invasion (upper bounds of estimated costs to global economy: $2.8 trillion)

    We are not even talking about the human cost. We used over 150k troops to invade Iraq and we still couldn’t bring that country under control. What do you think it will take to bring Iran that’s 3 times larger and have twice the people?

    You better lose this neo con thinking that a war with Iran will be peaches and cream and we will be welcome as liberators

  49. I say arrest Boehner and throw his ass in jail. It’s way past time for some of these crooks to be held accountable for there crimes.

  50. There is no doubt the cost of war is expensive in lives and dollars. Unfortunately, I do believe we are seriously underestimating the intent of radical Islam. I earnestly hope and pray to be wrong but if we do not take it to them…they will bring it to us. Truthfully, I believe they are here and simply waiting for the right moment. For some reason we seem to believe we are excluded from the overall long term plans of our enemies. I believe our arrogance will prove to be a fatal mistake. These are bold and brazen people they will not stop. Again, this is just my opinion and I desperately want to be wrong.

  51. Again I ask you what country has Iran invaded/occupied in the last 150 years? And BTW turn off fox. You are more likely to be kill by some gun nut than the terrorist boogieman

  52. If it were just about Iran that would cool but it is not. You explain the attacks in the us. The attacks on US citizens in foreign countries. They are happening with a frequency previously unheard of. Fortunately, I do not limit myself to listening to or reading from one news outlet. As previously stated, my spouse and I have served a combined 31 years as Marines. If need
    be we would serve our country again, in a heartbeat. In fact, we may have…there is trouble on the way. Anyway, for your information, I am actually tuned into Big Bang, Thank you.


  54. I am not sure why you think by whom terrorists are funded is relevant. The fact is their goal is the same. I do not restrict my idea of terrorists to just Iran. That kind of thinking is foolhardy. It is my belief the threat is bigger than that. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I see no harm in PM Netanyahu addressing Congress. One thing we can be sure of regarding Israel…they DO NOT HATE us or what as a country we represent.

  55. Sha, you have no idea what you’re saying. Look up the Logan Act. It’s been law since 1799 and the only lawless actors in this scenario have an R next to their names.

    Netanyahu has nothing to say to Congress that he hasn’t already said to Obama. He simply wants war.

    Instability and war feed terror. Republican short-sightedness and refusal to rebuild what they helped destroy over 3+ decades gave rise to terrorism.

    If you want to see 9/11 play out globally, you just keep heeding the advice you’ve gotten from the same people who brought you Afghanistan and Iraq. And by all means, keep applauding Boehner.

    Why should we expect you to learn, when your party practices the insanity of doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result? At least Obama is using a thoughtful approach by giving Iran an opportunity to take charge of their own destiny.

  56. I am really at a loss as to how Speaker Boehner inviting PM Netanyahu to speak to congress is an attempt to “Overthrow United States Foreign Policies.” Please show me where the factual piece of information was included in the PM’s invite. Could it be that is a bit of political gaming to incite the masses?

  57. Regardless of your opinion regarding my intellect or political views, as one military man to another…Thank you for your service. I know Nam was a difficult conflict. My step-dad did two tours…it was rough on him. Again, thank you for your service.

  58. israelis learned from the nazis….how to act like them. no fan of arabs or islam, i find zionist as or more obnoxious. religion, religion, religion…the most prevalent form of child abuse is sunday school.

  59. It is incorrect to say Congress has no role in foreign policy. The Senate approves treaties and sometimes participates in te negotiation thereof, as well as confirm ambassadors. Both chambers have committees with foreign policy jurisdiction and members of Congress join delegations to other countries from time to time. The precedent is that the President lead on foreign policy, but it is not a constitutional requirement that it be exclusive. Inviting a foreign leader to speak does not constitute a negotiation and in our system of co-equal branches the legislative branch does not need the executive branch’s permission to invite someone to speak.

  60. Your problem is you don’t understand the concept of “everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but NOT their own facts”. You spout your opinions and you cling to them regardless of the facts presented to you.

    Republicans do not want diplomacy with Iran, period. It doesn’t matter what Iran says or does. Republicans want a war with Iran, just like they wanted a war with Iraq. Boehner decided that he was going to bypass the President of the United States and have Netanyahu address Congress with the purpose of attempting to persuade the members to forgo negotiations with Iran.

    If you know of another instance where a foreign potentate who has a completely different view of the foreign policy of the President of the United States was given the privilege of addressing Congress with the intention of influencing said Congress, please cite it now.

  61. No disrespect to you, Anna, but I know exactly what I am saying. I have also read the Logan Act. There seems to have been a number of times where people could have been charged with violating but never were. Additionally, based on the premise of the PM’s visit he nor The Speaker have broken or are breaking any laws. It seems ludicrous to infer John Boehner & Netanyahu are planning to usurp presidential authority regarding foreign policy via Netanyahu addressing Congress. I hope people are as adamant about it not being about party when SCOTUS deliberates the legitimacy of some of POTUS’ alleged executive orders overreach as defined by The Constitution. Will you be all about The Constitution then or will it be about the man? For the record, that is exactly what I believe this is all about…the man…not what is good for our country.

  62. They cannot humiliate President Obama. They can only make themselves look venal and without a shred of class. Question – this advances the cause of Israel how? With the numbers of Democrats withdrawing from the chamber refusing to listen, Boehner and Netanyhu just did the unthinkable and made Israel no longer a priority or a power in America. AIPAC will be irrelevant. And all that is probably a very good thing.

  63. You might want to go read the Constitution. FOREIGN POLICY IS THE EXCLUSIVE MILIEU OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, which is in control of the Department of State, which handles said foreign policy. The Logan Act is crystal clear. What Boehner did was ILLEGAL. It is a CRIME. And it was done for petty reasons. The Congress can vote on treaties, but cannot interfere in negotiations. And by inserting the Prime Minister of Israel, ONE WEEK BEFORE HE STANDS FOR RE-ELECTION, and having him try to dictate our foreign policy is WORSE.

  64. boehner broke the law. he committed treason. he broke the logan act law… and you really need to reread the constitution before you spout such ignorance.

  65. If this president is this thin skinned and is in a hissy fit over such a minute thing considering all that is going on in the world this is incredible. This is quite telling about Obama it means he refuses to listen to other people which might have a differing opinion than him. I say come Netanyahu and put your case before the American people. They look forward to what you have to say.

  66. Sha, you are mislead if you truly believe Netanyahu is an “expert” in the Middle East. Experts need to be unbiased; he is not. Read the Israeli newspapers! Not even the Israelis support his “expertise” being touted to congress. This is purely a ploy to interfere with American politics and an attempt, two weeks before his election, to get more votes, which, incidentally, seems to have backfired. It will be interesting to see if it cost him the election.

  67. You are a total hypocrite. you love to make conspiracy theories on Obama breaking the constitution. But when the teapublicasn actually violate the constitution you give them a free pass ? It is black and white in the constitution . The Potus handles all foreign affairs not members or citizens of the United States. If bone head wants to do that then he needs to run and win the election for the white house. This is the very first time has member of congress betrayed the constitution to attack the POTUS. Everyone regardless of party had always respected the office of the POTUS. Well until a black man runs the office. What would say if democrats invited Saddam Hussein to congress to make his case there are no weapon of mass destruction to a joint session of congress ? Oh yea you call them traitors for violating the constitution for a desperate attempt to humiliate the POTUS. But of course Bush needed no help to humiliate himself. You are nothing but an ignorant racist !!!!

  68. American support for the Jewish state is a blatant violation of the establishment clause of the US constitution.

  69. Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was boorish, clumsy, politicized and stupid… but not illegal. The author of this article did not bother even to read the Wikipedia entry on The Logan Act:

    The Logan Act was created in response to this kind of political bickering during the James Madison presidency. Few have been indicted but nobody has ever been convicted of violating the Logan Act.
    Notably, this act was intended to prohibit private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments on behalf of the USA…this does not apply to elected officials. According to a 1975 ruling by the State Department:

    “The clear intent of this provision [Logan Act] is to prohibit unauthorized persons from intervening in disputes between the United States and foreign governments. NOTHING IN SECTION 953 [Logan Act], HOWEVER, WOULD APPEAR TO RESTRICT MEMBERS OF THE CONGRESS from engaging in discussions with foreign officials in pursuance of their legislative duties under the Constitution.”

  70. This is the tip of the iceberg unfolded, why Netanyahu and his cronies in the US, are so desperate to sabotage the Negotiations between P5+1 and Iran, it certainly has nothing todo with the Israeli security, since Israeli is known to be armed to the teeth with nuclear arms and not to forget the US commitment to its security, I doubt Iranian politicians are that stupid to try to nuke Israel without confronting its Nuclear arsenal and that of the US ( In fact given their policies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon indicates they are clever politicians) , so why so much interest!, I believe Israel uses crises to shadow the Palestinian issue, If it wasnt Iran nuclear “crises”, then they would have conjured up another crises. The resolution of Iranian diplomatic talks would only put the spotlight on the Palestinian issues…Its about time Netanyahu and his cronies in congress and IPAC were exposed for what they are!.

  71. “Issue him a visa that any other visitor gets.” AFTER he does the paperwork, is evalated and IF he is found to qualify for one.

  72. I’m agreed with you.

    But I think it has to be prefaced with a brief explanation of the relevant part(s) of the Constitution, the Logan Act (and any others that fit) and perhaps a legal decision or two. The Press gaggle might be a really good place for that.

    Then Speaker Boehner should be locked up within the hour, Ambassador Dermer booted out, our ambassador called home, and interactions with Israel suspended until 30-45 days after the Israeli elections.

  73. ‘Expert’? Even Netanyahu’s own intelligence services think he’s nuts on the subject.

    Israel has a history of perpetuating war and rejecting peace. Even if it is killing them.

    I’d say that Netanyahu wanted israel destroyed except he REALLY does ‘think’ that it is only gentile, american lives that will be lost.

  74. To get back to bare bones of this, Obama is doing (with the allies in europe) what many americans have tried to do for many years, which is bring some stability and peace to that region. He is trying to avoid nuclear war, Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons already but cannot bear for anyone else to have them. Israel would like us to go to war for them because Netanyahu is a war hawk
    and a coward. I say we should tell Israel that it is OK for them to go to war as long as they do not drag the US into it.

  75. One idea, Sheldon Adelson gives money to republicans and could be behind this.
    America should stop giving financial support to Israel and just let Sheldon Adelson give them some of his billions and cut out the middleman – us!
    OK, I forgot – he wants the blood of our troops as well as our cash.

  76. Iran’s Khamenei throws support to a Practical Nuclear Deal with West

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s clerical leader, gave a speech on Sunday in which he said he supports an agreement with the West on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program that is practical and can be achieved, but added, “I will not accept a bad deal.”

    The speech is being seen as a sign that Khamenei is throwing his support behind President Hasan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in the latter’s go-for-broke attempt to conclude successful negotiations with the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5 + 1) regarding Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment program. The P5 +2 are seeking an agreement tat would allow Iran to continue to enrich for reactor fuel but would include safeguards to prevent Tehran from ever militarizing the program.
    Read More

  77. Even if it is true that Boehner broke the Logan Act, the President will not have him arrested, that would be lowering himself to the pettiness of the Republicans. Just as will eventually be the case with Cliven Bundy, all of these issues will be addressed in their proper time, and the Administration will have acted in the country’s best interest, not out of a desire for retribution.

  78. Netanyahu wants to be the aggressor, then play the martyred victim. If the people of Isreal are so blinded by this asshole, when the shit hits the fan, then they can pay the price. We’re still paying the price for blindly following the lies of the Bush administration.

  79. I wonder do you feel the same about the President’s violations of powers? I venture to say, that is a “no” because everything he has done is totally above board and constitutional to your way of thinking. SCOTUS has already found that not to be the case. Did you argue as hard then about separations of powers?

    I am tired of the partisanship and all the political games at the expense of the country. There was a time when the parties were able to debate and compromise. A house divided cannot stand and this country is sorely divided in almost every area possible. That is painful to acknowledge.

  80. Susie:

    Your opinion is LOST amongst the facts and intelligent opinions that have been rolling along here. Take some time to read ALL of them and LEARN something. Don’t come here with your foolish FOX talking points (…”Obama’s hissi-fits”, etc.) And by the way, it IS NOT only Obama determining that Boehner and Netanyau have crossed the line: READ ALL OF THE COMMENTS COMING FROM CONGRESSMEN (Republicans and Democrats) and even voices from ISRAEL are condemning this petty, illegal proposition by your drunk Speaker of the house! Furthermore, what makes you think for a minute that this is the only issue Obama and his administration is losing sleep over? They are ON TOP OF EVERYTHING! Goofy comment on your part. Obama listens to other heads of state, but not when it is set as a DEMAND. Diplomacy is practiced, ok? Netanyahu could and has spoken to OBAMA behind closed doors in private. And NO we are not looking forward to what Bibi has to say, at this point. So, as I said read…

  81. What all intelligent people have learned from this debacle is that the American people resent having a foreign leader come to our elected Congress and tell us that we Americans should fund a war on behalf of Israel against Iran and that we Americans should have our military men and women die for Israel in a war against Iran that no sane person in the USA wants to engage in. It is not Israel’s business to come to our country and interfere with our President’s determination of foreign policy. This issue has so turned Americans against Israel and solidified the resistance to war with Iran that the two fools Boehner and Netanyahu have created a perfect storm that will forever change America’s view of Israel and America’s mindless support of that war criminal of a country. Americans now know how much of our hard earned tax dollars go to support the socialist theocracy warmongering Israel and we don’t like it.

  82. You are the one that has described Speaker Boehner’s action most accurately. Most other commenters, to my way of thinking, are espousing emotional and somewhat hypocrital posts based on other people’s opinions. This of course is merely my opinion.

  83. If I have to inform you that leads me to believe you have not been keeping up with some of SCOTUS’ decisions that have gone against POTUS. I would suggest as you have to me in a few comments some research may be necessary on your part.

  84. For Sha… The “right enemy” is within not without. Yes, we have seen the enemy and it is us!

    Boehner is the worst Speaker and Congress is the worst in our history. They spend taxpayer money with their “repeals” of the ACA (and the government shutdown) and steal. They refuse to do anything substantial for the American people as is their job!

    Our political system has been bought by corporations, millionaires and billionaires, thanks to SCOTUS that passed Citizens United and McKutcheon.

    TP/GOPs are in Congress solely to destroy our government and country. They have no interest in our country except to bow to the Kochs, corporate donors and to worship at the altar of greed to fill their pockets. They hate us!

    Has any government official ever said their goal is to make the president a one-term president?

    They should be indicted for sedition, insurrection and treason!

    TP/GOP meeting on January 20,’09 to obstruct everything President Obama? I love my country.

  85. My bet is that Netanyahu backs out of the invite and gives no speech. Pressure not only from our Congressmen, the President , the Vice President and the American people–but he is getting it from his countrymen too in Israel.
    So, to save face he will bow out, and offer to go to the White House and speak to Obama and his cabinet instead, behind closed doors.
    Boehner will be kicked to the curb, rightly so. Boehner will spend the next two years with the scarlet symbol on his lapel.

  86. Teresita, I believe I’ll stick with Netanyahu over reading negative articles from his dissenters. Some that is believed to have been in cahoots with our government to discredit the PM. Additionally, he must also have the faith of a majority of his countrymen as he has served as PM for a good amount of time. To my way of thinking he presents himself as an unafraid strong leader. He is surrounded by enemies and yet his country still exists much to the distress of many.

  87. Utter silliness.

    I thank you, all, for the interesting chats. Do have a wonderfully blessed day and prosperous lives!

  88. DJ Chef Ron, I appreciate the conversation. It has certainly been entertaining and enlightening. Again, thank you for time and contributions.

  89. Sha:

    Well, if the Prime Minister is such an expert, then why doesn’t he pass his expertise insights on to the President via a letter or phone call, rather than on a grandstand in front of the Congress, which can, because of the Constitution, have no impact on the negotiations with Iran?

  90. He is such an expert that he sent in one of the best train armies in the world in an invasion of Lebanon and got his ass kicked by Hezbollah

  91. Obama had no business calling Isreal friend these Zionist so call Jews and their supporters are just a bunch of Criminal, with their Terrorist Military dress in uniform and looking good.for one that piece of land rightful name is Palestine, how can there be much more arabs living there all born there and be called a Jewish state. by the shipment of hundreds of thousands of Jews from all over the world.How can it that as soon as a Jew lands in Israel they become citizens of that State but Palestinian which are born there are not citizens of the same.They keep on stealing Palestinian land and clam Isreal was given to them God,I haven’t heard such nonsense in my life.They oppress the Palestinians and when they resist ,we all jump on the bandwagon and call them Terrorist, don’t forget that Nelson Mandela and his A.N.C organization resisting Apartheid were also called terrist.Palestinians children ages as low as 4yrs are being arrested by Israelis soldiers,anyone with sence would come to…

  92. Shia – By going behind the President’s back to invite Netanyahu to speak to Congress, he not only broke protocol, he broke the LAW. Period. End of story. It doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks.

    As for Obama breaking the law – come ON! Executive Orders are legal. They were legal for EVERY president, but suddenly illegal for President Obama. Why is that? Why would his Executive Orders be different from ALL others?

    And, I would think that a veteran would be one of the strongest voices against plotting to derail negotiations and plunge the U.S. into another unwinable war in the Middle East.

    Didn’t you read what Sideman reported in the Israeli newspaper? Don’t you understand how angry the ISRAEIS are?

    All I see in your comments are unreasonable and unwarranted accusations against your President.

  93. I believe there were a couple of instances of the Court overruling Obama several years ago, but why don’t you mention their agreeing with him far more often?

    While researching, you might check the egregious overreach by the Stevens Court going back years. These have been decried by several independent watchdog groups. Sorry I don’t have the links now, but I’d be more than happy to look them up and post them for you. Now, move on to something legitimate or stuff it.

  94. I guess its okay with you that Bush stole money from Americans AND murdered 4500 of our young people. Thats your imperial government douchebag. Get a clue sha it.

  95. If he has violated the 216 year old “Logan Act” AND Title 18 of the United States Code AND the Constitution of the United States of America, THEN WHY IS NOT SOMEONE SUEING HIM? Give him a taste of his own medicine since he is trying to sue Pres. Obama for doing his job!~

    JUST DO IT~!

  96. I have one question for the Isreali people. Some of the most vocal supporters of your PM’s speech to our congress is the religious right. They interpret the bible word for word as being the the unvarnished truth. So these evangelical christian nut jobs believe the Jews killed Jesus. My question is why would you think they want to help you? Some on the right think the Jews need to be perfected. This should frighten you.

  97. sha, it really is comical how many times you continue to embarrass yourself in this thread. Seriously, your “knowledge” of our Constitution could be inserted into a thimble, with plenty of room leftover.

    I’m STILL waiting for the details of all the alleged “violations” of the Constitution you refer to, regarding the President.

    Please, inform us!!

  98. just shut up already, you’ve made a total fool out of yourself, just like all ignorant tea baggers do.

    Boner has NO RIGHT to do this, and Netanyahu has NO RIGHT to speak to congress without the invitation coming from President Obama.

  99. when they say “If I have to inform you that leads me to believe you have not been keeping up with some of SCOTUS’” or “look it up yourself”…those are key statements of….”well Faux told me” or “I don’t have a clue but I’ll say it anyway”
    Tea bagger are notorious for not having any back-up for their ignorance.

  100. You’re right about how mild the President’s responses to the utter hatred and vitriol thrown his way since 2009, but I don’t think it would be his “call” to file charges against Boehner’s.

    Wouldn’t that be within the realm of the U.S. Justice Department? (I heard Loretta Lynch probably has the guts to do it, too!)

  101. For anyone defending this, flip the script. Bibi would be screaming bloody murder, and you would be calling for the removal from leadership if not impeachment for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and you know it!

  102. As a Republican and a Jewish American, I agree with Rmuse for entirely different reasons. Put the Logan Act aside and read Article Two, Section Three of the U.S. Constitution, which is far older than the 1798 Logan Act (11-7 years in those terms is a long time. I did “11-7” as opposed to “7-11” on purpose because the timeline would be 1787-1789, 1791, and then 1798.).

    Also, Netanyahu is accomplishing his goal of damaging Sabra and Diaspora Jewry as well as Olim and Olot (“Oli Jewry”?).

  103. Sadly, Obama and the National Democratic party are limp dicked wimps. Boenher should have been called out as the traitor he is and Charges should have been filed already.

  104. Reply to sabreen60
    Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    If you know of another instance where a foreign potentate who has a completely different view of the foreign policy of the President of the United States was given the privilege of addressing Congress with the intention of influencing said Congress, please cite it now.

    Oscar Arias (Costa Rican president) was invited by Speaker Wright to address Congress to make the opposition case against Reagan’s support of the Contras.

    Just trying to help.

  105. So a President who was breaking the law by supporting the Contras against congress who in their Constitutional duties passed a law saying he couldn’t do it is the same?

    Just stop your nonsense. Do you really think we are that stupid?

  106. It gets better
    Congress and the White House rolled out the red carpet for Arias, whom many regard as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Reagan spent 20 minutes with him in private conversation, and House Speaker Jim Wright invited him to address the House Democratic Caucus and Senate leaders of both parties.
    Rolled out the red carpet? You Reich wingers crack me up with your false both sides do it

  107. Unstated in this is the fact that Congress, while not the Executive, is not obligated by the Constitution to sit bound and gagged while any president just runs amok.

    It is an OBLIGATION of Congress to communicate the state of the nation to the electorate, and an address to Congress is just one mechanism to do so.
    Congress has every right and OBLIGATION to fully understand the potential threats facing the U.S. and the Armed Forces sworn to protect it. Hearing from one of the foremost authorities of Middle Eastern extremism and the head of our strongest Middle Eastern ally isn’t some privilege afforded to Congress, it’s a Constitutional obligation.

  108. Its incredible even when they clearly blatantly do seditious acts you lie to yourself and act like its nothing…and will defend the GOP partisan hacks. Read the law. He broke it. I hope to God he goes to jail. He has been thee most worthless drunk house speaker in the history of America! Even Hiring KKK in the House. The current 114th Congress is a House of Bigots Liars Cheaters Traitors not just to Americans but AMERICA! But go ahead justify another incredily outrageous disrespectful dishonest thing the GOP has done and then blame liberals. To you RW people out there who keep making excuses for your RW idiots you are the ones that LOSE if they ever win. All their money didn’t beat PBO. Proves there are more sane people in America than RWers & Tparty bigots who want nothing but hate wars guns among us. I wish you could secede. You would see how long your barbaric insane gun loving bible thumping lying asses would survive. You wouldn’t!

  109. This article title is funny. As a textbook narcissist, Obama is not capable of recognizing humiliation. He will just ignore it or seek revenge like he always does.

  110. You need to take it back a few more years to the Bush -Cheney eras or have you bumped your head too? GTFOH!

  111. Boehner is not a Jew, but he would do well to heed the sentiment of Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) who said “I am a Jewish member of Congress, and a strong supporter of Israel. But my first obligation is to the Constitution of the United States, not to the Constitution of Israel.”

    Well stated except for the obvious fact that Israel does not have a constitution or bill of rights necessary to safeguard citizen rights.

  112. churchlady, I hope you are right. This country has been on its knees before AIPAC for too long. Members of both parties have been basically afraid to say anything against anything Israel does no matter how murderous. I’m tired of this junk. It’s not like Israel can do no wrong. I’m also sick and tired of the religious right dictating the foreign policy of this country. The book of revelation is not a political science text.

  113. This article was written by a far left supporter of Obama, not an independent thinker looking for truth and reality. First of all, to quote Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper without saying that it’s political stance is about the same as the Communist Party of America, is absolutely misleading. Haaretz has it’s own followers but none who are sound of mind.

    As to this being rude or worse to President Obama, my thought is that let’s worry about what is really important here, IRAN and NUKES and not worry that some self indulgent overly sensitive president is bent out of shape.

    The US is being out manipulated by Iran in what may go down as one of the biggest catastrophes in history and we are spending too much time worrying about whether Netanyahu’s speaking to Congress is politically expedient or not. The US does not understand Iran the way Israel does – for Israeli it’s potentially a life or death situation – and her leader should be able to inform us as to the reality because we…

  114. I agree with Amy. When Bush/Cheney went into Iraq it was at Netanyahus’ urging and look how that turned out. Now, he goes in front of the entire congress and publicly states that our President’s way of negotiating is wrong. He omits presenting a better solution just recites the mantra that Iran can’t be trusted. Israel HAS nuclear weapons and refused to sign the proliferation treaty. Iran HAS signed the treaty. The fact that Dick Cheney addressed the Republicans the night before the speech should make us all uneasy. How many of our young men are we willing to sacrifice for our friendship with Israel? Think about it. By the way, our President hasn’t broken any laws. That’s why the GOP never filed their threatened lawsuit.

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