Bernie Sanders Becomes The First Senator To Boycott Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress

bernie sanders boycott netanyahu speech

Sen. Bernie Sanders has joined the growing list of members of Congress who will be boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress.


While speaking at the Brookings Institution, Sen. Sanders announced that he would not be attending the speech, “The President Of The United States heads up our foreign policy.The idea that the president wasn’t consulted? That’s wrong….I am not going.”

Sen. Sanders joined a growing list of members of Congress who not be attending the speech. The list of Democrats who will not be attending include Reps. Jim Clyburn, John Lewis, Raúl Grijalva, G.K. Butterfield, and Earl Blumenauer. Bernie Sanders is the first senator to announce that he is boycotting the speech in protest of the way that Boehner and Netanyahu have disrespected the president.

Israeli officials are starting to crack under the backlash. Their first move was to try to blame Speaker of the House John Boehner. After throwing Boehner under the bus didn’t work, Israeli officials are considering changing the format of Netanyahu’s speech to make sure that it does not air on primetime television.

Reuters reported, “As a result, Israeli officials are considering whether Netanyahu should speak to a closed-door session of Congress, rather than in a prime-time TV address, so as to drain some of the intensity from the event, a source said. Another option is for the prime minister to make his speech at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington the same week, rather than in Congress.”

The outrage and boycott are causing Netanyahu to consider burying the speech. The Israeli Prime Minister still intends to give the speech, but public pressure may force him to abandon the publicity stunt of addressing a joint session of Congress on national television.

Ten House Democrats and Sen. Sanders have committed to skipping the speech. No one from the White House will be attending the speech, as the conspiracy to pressure and embarrass President Obama is turning into a humiliating defeat for Boehner and Netanyahu.

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  1. good for Bernie… unfortunately so far our California Senators are not standing with Bernie and as I found out today neither is my Rep Eric Swalwell…

    this is a sad failure that more Dems aren’t sitting it out…

  2. Israel is no longer enritled to my good will.
    Nor is she any longer entitled to my respect.

    Nor will I extend good will to any Democrat
    who attends this outrageous travesty.

  3. Thank You Senator Sanders for setting the example for the rest of the Senate. True Patriotic Representatives and Senate members should boycott this speech ASAP.

  4. When one of the highest ranking Jewish members of the U.S. Congress boycotts Netanyahu’s speech it can’t be good news for Netanyahu, Boehner or the GOP.

  5. Why do the uneducated always say “the 3 branches of government are equal and Boner has the right to ask Netanyahu to speak?”

    The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994.

  6. It s time to call out the Likudites that are polluting our and I MEAN OUR government.

    They should fear us more than they fear AIPAC

  7. They’re the president “wanna-be’s”, you know ones that was want to “act” presidential eventhough it’s a direct violation of the logan act AND protocal.

    They really are children and have been since president Obama has been elected.

  8. great job Bernie!! I support you 100% and hope every single democrat boycotts the speech. I hope the dems are seated as Netanyahu begins to speak and then, one by one, I want to see the dems get up and walk out the door!!! we have got to stop this radical rightwing hatred for this country and our president. we have got to say to these rightwing whacko birds enough is enough!!! we have got to take this country back from the radical rightwing.

  9. one question folks- would you rather see a Clinton/warren ticket or a Clinton/sanders ticket or a warren/sanders ticket? as much as I love sen sanders, I think Clinton/warren would be a slam dunk!!!

  10. Andy, you clearly have no clue what your talking about. The Logan Act applies to US citizens, and says that they cannot interfere with the US gov’t’s communications with foreign governments. I respectfully ask how this applies to Netanyahu coming to Congress? Boehner runs the show in the House, like it or not…just as Harry Reid ran the show in the Senate.

    Did you know that Obama’s reason for not meeting with Netanyahu when he comes is that he “doesn’t want to interfere with the Israeli elections?” Did you also know that Obama met with India’s leader 10 days before that country’s elections? Obama’s real reason for not meeting with Netanyahu is that he can’t stand him…plain and simple.

    Every aware American knows that Obama hates Netanyahu and the State of Israel. Furthermore, liberal Jews are the stupidest of Americans. Why any Jew would vote Democrat is simply mind boggling. Sanders should convert to Islam and move to Iran where infidels are castrated and beheaded.

  11. Show me in your precious constitution that a member of Congress can conduct foreign policy on his own?

  12. Israel has always been America’s strongest ally and the liberal and socialist element in our government are doing everything they can to destroy that relationship and Israel along with it. The Muslims in our government are more than glad to assist them because they hate Jews and want them annihilated.

    You people are obviously unaware of the real threat to this nation and it is two-fold and insidious in its efforts to bring America to her knees. Instead of fighting against our strongest ally you should be standing firm against the socialist and radical Muslim efforts to tear out nation apart.

    Try reading something beside the lying liberal press. You could learn a lot that you are clueless about at this point in time.

    You will find that Israel will not lay down and be walked on by America or anyone else. To attack her with words or weapons is the errand of a fool! There is divine protection on Israel and all who attack her are the enemies of the God who reigns in Heaven.

  13. Its clear you’re just rehashing a talking point…but here’s the facts for you.

    Obama’s Indian visit wasn’t immediately before India’s national elections, it was before an Indian state election. This would be like a world leader not meeting Obama when he went there in April 2015 because it was too close to a Texas statewide election.

  14. You might have a tenuous thread of credibility had you not misused “your” in your first sentence. But you did, so you don’t. It’s simple: Boehner’s invitation was a clear assault on the duty of the President to manage foreign policy. Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was an irresponsible ploy to embarrass the President at the expense of clear national policy and critical negotiations with Iran. All thinking Americans (a category that excludes you) know that Boehner’s actions are reckless, borne of an all-consuming, childish and blind desire to thwart this President’s decisions, even if it risks a nuclear confrontation between Israel and Iran. That course, like your perception of reality, is obviously insane.

  15. Docker, this is a ploy by Israel’s current Prime Minister who is running for reelection. This is not necessarily the view held by the Israeli people. I agree with your disrespect of Mr. Netanyahu, but not with the people of Israel. I do fully agree with your statement about anyone who attends the speech.

  16. If President Obama hates Israel so much, why is it that he has spent more in Israel’s military defense than any other President in the history of the US? Stop watching Fox and start listening to Facts.

  17. Sen. Bernie Sanders should run to be our next President!
    United States needs a down to Earth President, and I think he would do an excellent job repairing the system that has been broken for some time! Sen. Bernie Sanders is a people person and knows what the lower classes are going through and knows what needs to be done! The wealthy would only have to suck it up and help the middle class and the poor as they should do!

  18. Direct from Bibi’s fetid mouth back in 1996, while serving as opposition leader, blasting then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres’ decision to travel to the US less than a month before the Knesset elections.

    “I can’t find an example of any previous Israeli government whose prime minister, on the eve of elections, made a cynical attempt to use relations between Israel and the United States as a party advertisement.”,7340,L-4618781,00.html

  19. I have repeatedly asked my Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, both dual citizens of Israel as is Bernie Sanders, and they do not reply. If they attend and participate in this insult to our nation’s sovereignty and our President, as I expect they will, my checkbook is closed to them as is my vote.

  20. I like it that Bernie Sanders is doing this. I do tend to be suspicious enough to think he’s doing it as much to dissuade people from thinking he is an Israeli, which he is as a dual citizen, as it is to be a presidential candidate who is being hammered as a dual national with a sworn allegiance to Israel. I like what Bernie Sanders has to say but I could never vote for a person with a dual loyalty to a foreign country as President of the United States.

  21. I’m not sure who this “Rick” is, but he definately does not hold the same views as I do. This site should not allow identical names used on its site. This can lead to much confusion.

  22. I agree with senator. No one should be attending this speech. We are watching senators supporting him.
    He is responsible for war crimes committed against Palestinians.

  23. First off imposter Rick, no one is stating that they are against Israel. In fact the oposite is true. Just because someone disagrees with Mr. Netanyahu’s right wing views and his obvious attempt to insult a sitting US President, does in no way mean they hate Israel. Secondly, what is an attempt to bring America to her knees is the extreme right wing, their hate groups and their billionaire backers. They want to return to the robber baron times when the rich held sway over this country and the middle class did not exist. Those were not the good old days. They want to decide who can vote in elections so they can stay in power. Get out of your religeous fog and open your eyes to what’s really happening in the real world. And thirdly, stop using MY name. You make me sound like some right wing religeous fanatic.

  24. As Leahy says he’ll sit out Netanyahu speech, Netanyahu doubles down

    As Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy joins those sitting out Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to Congress, Netanyahu himself is trying to salvage the situation. Taking to Twitter to do it is probably not either constructive or top-notch diplomacy, but Netanyahu is more known for his ego than his statesmanship, so begging Twitter readers for retweets it is.
    Read More


  25. You say Israel will not lay down and be walked on. Good, they shouldn’t.

    And neither should President Obama and the USA.

    Most of us aren’t privy to classified information, but for as long as I can remember it looks very much like Israel takes, or demands, our support but has gone out of their way to undermine our current President and VP, more than once. Good for Senator Sanders to call a spade a spade. It should never be tolerated from any nation.

  26. Right, a ‘head in the sand’ community organizer is a better spokesman for the Jewish people than the Israeli Prime Minister. I’ve heard it all now.

  27. He did get a higher percentage of the Jewish vote than the war monger. Oh I forgot you are a chickenshit bagger who cant count

    The Truth, “No president in history has done more for Israel’s security than Obama”

    Yet, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Colin H. Kahl wrote for Foreign Policy in August of 2012, “No president in history has done more for Israel’s security than Obama”. He made a darn good case for this claim, and the facts would humiliate thinking, non-delusional people:

    Since we know you dont do math maybe that homeschooled edumacation taught your bagger ass to read

  28. Today the children (Dems) in the Senate proved they care more about protecting Obama’s illegal amnesty ‘executive’ order than they do about protecting the U.S. by obstructing the vote to fund the DHS.

  29. A triple dog dare your foxifried brain to find amnesty in his executive order which BTW bagger Reagan did grant amnesty using the same power and Bush did the same thing the President did. Have you ever read the Constitution?

  30. Exactly why should a President of the United States be required to be a spokesperson for any foreign power?…

  31. That’s right, typical lib, start off with the name calling. Blame it on the Tea Party. How original. Then post a link to a far-left-wing site to back up your gibberish, and expect me to believe it. You went to government (oops, public) school didn’t you?

  32. Bruce you are 100% correct in my opinion. So sick and tired of the BS these people try to sell as fact. This country is in terrible trouble and it is because of the uninformed, uneducated people who vote for the likes of Boehner.

  33. Anyone concerned about the sovereignty of the USA? How un-American to support a foreign leader against an American leader. Even if you hate Obama you should have respect for the office and for the fact that he represents the country. To support a leader of a foreign nation against your own is simply treason. Why don’t you vote for Netanyahu instead? This is shameful I don’t think any other country would have so many unpatriotic citizens and members of congress as the USA. No other people or nation would support a foreign leader against their own even if they disagree with their own leader. You show no self respect.

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