It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors


According to the dictionary definition, a traitor is one who betrays a person, a principle, or especially their country. It is of no consequence why someone, or a group, chooses to work in opposition to their nation, or fellow citizens’ well-being, because if their intent and result of their actions is to deliberately damage or cause harm to their country or fellow citizens, they are by definition traitors. It is likely that throughout America’s short history, except for the traitorous Confederacy, no group of individuals has exhibited the characteristic betrayal of a traitor more than conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular. What makes their actions all the more despicable is that their traitorous actions are founded on racial animus for one man; and allegiance to foreigners and one tiny segment of the population.

These Republicans’ malicious, calculated, and concerted acts of betrayal of their country and its people started the evening of Barack Obama’s first inauguration and, despite his overwhelming re-election victory in 2012, they have persisted unabated and in fact continue to grow. Of course the latest blatant example of betrayal is Speaker of the House John Boehner violating a 216 year-old federal law by “joining with the leader of a foreign nation against his own president.” That was the assessment in a scathing article published in the conservative magazine Forbes that rightly asserted that Boehner “seeking to damage any  American President by helping a foreign leader can never be considered something that is best for the nation.” That comment, in a nutshell, elucidates exactly why Republicans are traitors to America; they have no regard whatsoever for “what is best for the nation” or its people. Coupled with their blatant disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold, their opposition to what is best for the nation has become the defining characteristic of the 21st Century conservative movement and it is why they are traitors.

The Republican drive to subvert this nation and its people’s well-being began when they met and secretly plotted to undermine economic recovery after they just spent 8 long years creating the Great Recession for the benefit of the rich; including starting two wars of religious aggression. At no time in history has a group of political leaders purposely conspired to destroy the nation’s economic well-being as Republicans did on Inauguration night in January 2009. They ramped up their war on the economy in 2011 when they nearly destroyed the full faith and credit of the United States that the Constitution states “shall not be questioned,” much less deliberately decimated. The constitutional betrayal garnered America’s first credit downgrade in history and a ploy they came precariously close to repeating in 2013 when they shut down the government by betraying their Constitutional mandate to legislate for the “people’s general welfare;” all over their opposition to Americans having access to affordable healthcare. It was a betrayal of their fellow citizens, and their oath to uphold the Constitution that tasks them to pass legislation, not shut down the government or threaten a credit default. Over the past six years, Republicans have shown that their allegiance to the Constitution is as non-existent as their allegiance to this country or their fellow citizens.

Republicans have compiled a despicable record of betraying Americans by conspiring and plotting to rob them of their wealth and transferring it, by way of tax cuts, to multi-national corporations with American-sounding names; all while assisting them to avoid taxes by protecting their ill-gotten gains in foreign banks. In fact, the Republican drive to enrich another foreign entity, TransCanada, at the expense of America’s environment, the people’s health, and economy is, as Forbes noted, “something that can never be considered in the best interest for the nation;” as if any American traitor ever considered what was in the best interest of the nation. Republicans also betrayed the Constitution by conspiring with foreigners (Canadians) to undermine the Executive Branch and upset the balance of power to benefit a foreign corporation, other foreign nations’ energy needs, and two un-American John Birch devotees.

Maybe more than anything, Republicans have betrayed America by attempting to destroy the principles in the Constitution they apparently despise as much as the nation and its people. There is no greater example than a massive concerted effort to obstruct and eliminate Americans’ right to vote in states Republicans control with valuable assistance from the conservative Supreme Court; a conservative cabal that has as little regard for, or allegiance to, the Constitution or America as Republicans in Congress and the states. In fact, in what is a telling commentary about Republican’s betrayal of the Constitution, a little over a week ago two Democrats in Congress felt the pressing need to propose a Constitutional amendment to “recognize voting as a fundamental American right.” Americans already “had”  constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental voting rights, including two long-established amendments extending the right to vote to women and people of color and not just white Christian males. But those Constitutional rights are vanishing due to Republican traitors to the Constitution and America’s representative democracy.

A list detailing the myriad ways Republicans betray the Constitution is extensive beginning with supporting religious fanatics successful efforts to control women, to supporting treasonous armed anti-government militias confronting and threatening federal agents, to giving corporations supremacy over citizens, to legislating discriminatory policies denying other Americans’ their constitutionally-guaranteed equal rights. Two years ago, and many time since, Republicans called for armed rebellion against the United States government if Americans re-elected Barack Obama as their President; something that anyone would regard as traitorous including calling for for a second revolution, threatening “Second Amendment remedies” against the government, and all manner of Republican-led state legislation ininuating armed threats against federal officials enforcing federal laws.

Their traitorous acts to destroy the economy and conspire with foreigners to undermine the Separation of Powers and office of the President are also betrayals of the Constitution they swore to uphold. The Republicans’ six year crusade to destroy the nation’s economy is not only traitorous; it is unprecedented in American history and still ongoing.  One wonders, really, if there is anything about America, its Constitution, or its people Republicans will not betray to advance the interests of the rich, foreign nations, and foreign corporations.

The Constitution is very concise and clear as to the job Republicans in Congress are  expected to perform and it is primarily “to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.” It is not to betray America by working with foreign leaders to undermine the Executive branch, not to assist foreign nations and corporations in their pursuit of profit, and not to dismantle the Constitution for theocrats and corporations. Republicans are turncoats with no interest whatsoever in what is “best for the nation” or its people. They have done nothing whatsoever over the past six years that was not an act of treachery against the American people, the Constitution, or the nation they show nothing but contempt for and it is because the people elected an African  American man as their President and in doing so exposed Republicans as traitors and enemies of state.

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  1. At least, someone has headlined it. Granted, headlining it on here is preaching to the choir, but its going on Twitter.

    They certainly are traitors.

  2. Republicans are traitors & puppets of the Koch Bros who are he//bent on undermining our gov’t and the people and we cannot act as bystanders and let these unpatriotic racist obstructionist take our country, we must all vote this insanity out of our gov’t or we,the 99% are doomed.

  3. The 2014 elections are very upsetting for me, since the republicans won big. They provoked the government shutdowns, turned down medicaid expansion, state insensitive comments, really show they don’t care about the American people, and are only in politics for their own benefits. Also, the government paralysis we have thanks to the republicans and their heartless cut of services. I have read on various websites that the 2014 election win was actually bad for them, and will start cracking up. The republican establishment has unleashed the crazies, which will be their undoing. Hillary 2016 for a saner America.

  4. They are traitors starting with the Powell memo back in the early 70’s but the Democrats are much to blame for allowing this boil to fester on the country.

  5. We already know these men/women be traitors, you are singing to the Choir . The real issue is getting something done about it.

    We need to get rid of the Supreme Court Judges that allowed Citizens United and get that anti-constitutional bill over-turned. That should put a stop to a lot of the dirty money in current politics. Then we need to begin incarcerating those politicians who began to plot against the President even before his first inauguration. Then continue on down the ranks and even to the individual State level.

    Problem is we have allowed Congress too much freedom to “police themselves”, which, of course, they do not do. So once the traitorous politicians have been dealt with we need to begin re-writing how Congress is done, from terms down to pay and who needs to approve such things – they’ve already proven they are not to be trusted.

    We know what the problems are we just need someone with balls enough to do something about it and to keep it from happening…

  6. I have been saying for years that the TP/GOP are TRAITORS and are more dangerous to the USA then any foreign Terrorist group. These people need to be treated as both TRAITORS an DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. They have pushed policies that have wreaked havoc,pain and enormous amounts of suffering upon the Average citizen.
    By the way, do not be fooled for one second that they do not know what they are doing to the USA. They are very aware of all the terrible things they have done to weaken the people of the USA. One item on their list that demonstrates clearly to all their hate for American citizens. Is their repeated attacks upon voters. They have been working hard to make the USA a country where only the TP/GOP will have the ability to vote. The institution of ALL Americans being able to go vote is a key foundation for this country and the TP/GOP keep kicking at that foundation to make this country weaker.

  7. The question is, are there enough angry Americans to take a stand and join together to counteract the treason?

    Voting certainly wasn’t a priority for over 60% of the Dems, so now what?

    Personally, I think Americans are becoming immune to the craziness. If that is the case, it does not bode well.

  8. Still waiting for some of these traitors to be arrested, charged and convicted for their crimes against this nation, our President, and to us We the People.

  9. I disagree with the assertion that Repubs are traitors, and especially with the premise that it is based on racial animus towards Obama. They are not traitors, they are fascists. The GOP’s raison d’etre is to protect and enhance the wealth and power of the already wealthy. This had it’s first period of sway during the Robber Baron era, and it’s re-birth under Reagan with the introduction of Trickle Down. Having a black president only facilitated the continuation and enhancement of the fascist agenda as it used race as a distraction and unifying factor of the GOP base. These people are easily fooled into thinking that a vote against Obama must be a worthy pursuit, without even considering that their voting patterns harm themselves more than the intended target. If Clinton wins as expected, expect more of the same tactics save that it will be misogynistic in nature instead of racist. It’s not Obama per se, it would be so for any black man as POTUS, and will be for any woman.

  10. I agree.
    I was in the medical field in the 1970’s, and the “corporo-politico” movement was evident even there.
    Nixon had meetings with big wigs in the medical/insurance field, I remember one quote of Nixon’s after a discussion with the representative from Kaiser Permanente; “you mean you can make money off of sick people”?
    That’s when I got my first taste of what I call the “medical industrial complex”.
    The rest is history

  11. There are ocean-to-ocean masses of mighty anger in this country. Trouble is, they are ignorant, stupid, myopic FOX-feeding DittoHeads angered by welfare queens, uppity blacks, homos, atheists, feminazis, illegals, commie-pinkos, Jane Fonda, and any bread other than Wonder Bread.

    As for the others, they may well be, as you suggest, becoming immune to the craziness.

    My hope is that Obama’s energizing final two years will wake ’em up and get ’em angered enough to vote next time.

    Time will tell.
    Time will tell.

  12. Calling them “Fascists” in no way lessens the fact that their actions are by definition traitorous. It simply defines who they’re betraying us to.

  13. Very good article. I totally agree and every one of them, including many of the Fox “News” talking heads should be in prison right now.

  14. Traitors, indeed, but the Republicans are the new Confederates. They are racists and they are holding the American people slaves to the multinational mega corporations and to the 1%ers who control our lives. This address to Congress arranged by the Republicans tells us how traitorous they are in that they have invited a foreigner to come to our country and tell us we must send our American troops to fight a war across the world for a foreign country in which we have no vested interest and that we must pay for the cost of this war with our tax dollars. And the Republicans agree with this: they want Israel to take us to war in Iran. They want us to commit to dying and going into debt on Israel’s behalf. If that isn’t treasonous, what is?

  15. Excellent article. I also read the GOPlifer Chris Ladd article.

    The next two years are going to throw the republicans’ incompetence and inability to govern in high relief.

    I fully expect widespread republican election fraud in 2016.

    The republicans are defending too many seats, there will be larger voter turnout and the Kochs have announced their $800,000,000 investment.

    If they have announced they are investing that much to buy an election, they are pretty certain we can’t do anything about it.

  16. Rmuse: Thanks for a very informative article.

    I’ve been saying and writing this for many years now, beginning with TP/GOP saint, Ronald Reagan.

    However, I add and declare they are also guilty of “insurrection and sedition” as well.

    They are not unAmerican, but they are antiAmericans — enemies of State.

    We must have Citizens United overturned! Our replublican senator voted FOR this even though she knew that the people were against it.

    We need to keep involved. Remember the Kochs pledged to spend $9billion in 2016.

  17. Once again Fireman, I agree, thought this a long long time ago.
    Still wonder tho- what is wrong with the American people who keep on placing these people in control with their vote???

  18. Treason against the United States consists only of levying war against us, or giving aide and comfort to our enemies. As awful as the GOP is these days they have not committed treason.

  19. Anne B.,
    I share your concerns and I agree with your opinions, but don’t be like the right wing media and throw misinformation out there like the $9 billion figure for the Koch’s election investment in 2016. The amount they announced they will spend is just under $900 million, an enormous amount of money, but a far cry from $9 billion.

  20. The GOP believes that Obama is NOT really the President, they have their followers believing that also. They tell them he is Not American, that he is Muslim, that he is not Legally their President, and they fully believe that they are protecting their country. (THE VOTERS)..the GOP is playing a very dangerous game. How to stop this I don’t know, but we must do something, our very Country is at stake.

  21. I have been screaming that message for years, the President should round up Boehner, McConnell, Cruz, Limbaugh, the Kock brothers and a few others for good measure, jail the bunch of them and charge them with sedition and other traitors acts. This would be a golden opportunity for President Obama to take back our Country from these criminal bastards.

  22. Basically, this is why:

    “If you can convince the lowest white man that he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll even empty his pockets for you.”


  23. We have only one major party in the U.S. and it should be called the Globalist Free Trader Party. Workers have been betrayed by both parties. President Clinton consummated the trade programs of the elder President Bush. It stole the American Dream away with millions losing their jobs and businesses.

    Free trade economics has failed. President Obama had to bail it out. President Bush the Second hid the mess behind his pre-emptive “shock and awe” wars.

    President Obama bailed out the failed system from the top down. He bailed out the big money interests, the investment communities, wall street, banks and the “too big to fail” corporations while ignoring the suffering of the millions who lost their jobs and businesses. We are now all on welfare from the top down. What is the difference in a trickle down economy if it comes down from the top down with governments acting as brokers and dealers? economics

  24. As I’ve said before, It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans anymore! It IS Americans vs. Republicans! Republicans have never quite been for the general welfare of the whole nation and the nation as a whole. They believe that only they have the right to meter out privilege and freedom as it pertains to THEIR domineering agenda.

  25. ‘The USA’s and UK’s economic Decline’ is due entirely to our political classes’ Inept Management of their respective economies and where they have given Control over the lives of 90% of the people to the Powerful Corporations and with that, total control over our political leaders. Unfortunately with the Emerging and Dominant Asian Economies this will lead to even more extreme poverty for 9 out of every 10 of both the American and British people’ –

    ‘Vast Corporate & Political Power in the West have Impoverished the People of the USA and the EU over the past 30-years – and unfortunately it will get far worse as things will not change for the better’ –

  26. Sherri, I think that the media have wittingly or unwittingly obscured the treachery by taking money to package the so-called “tea party” branding so that it appears “American” and “grass roots” when in truth it is the tip of the spear of the Koch brothers assault on the American democratic model and our traditions of democratic decorum. These brothers replenish their immense fortune every day and are using that wealth in an attempt to take over every branch of governmnent–including the state houses and the courts. One day a hundred of so fruit-cakes posed for a media event dressed in American revolutionary regalia and just like that, the “tea party” myth was foisted upon us. No two people wake up having had the same dream. This has been a waking state calculation to get away with replacing moderate Congressional republicans with those who lend themselves to the Koch conspiracy to have their way. No one of brains and character makes it through the Koch/Norquist/Murdoch…

  27. They’re traitors period.
    They’ve betrayed the poor, elderly and our veterans.
    They’ve obstructed and have voted down bills to HELP the nation.

    Name 1 GOOD thing republicans have done in the past 6 years…NOT ONE that I can think of.
    All they want to do is vote YES to have more of our troops go and be killed in useless wars.

    “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” – George McGovern

  28. You give the American Taliban too much credit. Hell, name one thing they have done for the American people in the past 30 years!!!

  29. Thank GOD it is finally in writing and as far as I am concerned we need to stop those traitors from further damage….THEY ARE TRAITORS….I WANT TO FIGHT TO GET OUR COUNTRY BACK. They always said, “they want their country back” but it was our country until they changed it into hardship. In the 70’s it was great then the Republicans ruined everything and now they are out of control…GOD HELP US.

  30. Its not just Republicans that are traitors, it is any Conservative, even those in the Democratic party, and most people do not realize this, but their is a astonishly large numer of them. Also, you must include “Tea-Party” people, and Libertarians, which are basically Conservatives, hence my use of the word enveloping all traitors, because the are all the same, cant say that about most “groups” of people!

  31. Finally a lawsuit that I wouldn’t mind paying for, in fact I’d gladly donate to the cause. Let’s sue Boehner and the GOP this time, and give them a taste. I know a lot of people that would back that effort. Seems like there is proof abounding as their actions show.

  32. I’m sure we could go back further, but what did it for me was when the repub leaders met for dinner the day PBO took office and vowed to destroy his presidency. Ever since, I’ve felt that they were traitors. Then we see everything that will help the American people repubs are against. Hello? Why do non-rich voters support them? I will never get it.

  33. I agree that the GOP goal is a fascist/corporatist state here at home but they are also betraying the system of governance that we have had in the US since the end of the 18th century and the Constitution to which they have sworn allegiance. And, especially, since the secret GOP meeting on Inauguration Day 2009 when they vowed to limit President Obama to one term in office they have done nothing to help this country or its citizens. All they have done is obstruct. Their behavior has been pure sedition. The founding fathers of the 21st century GOP are Charles and David Koch.

  34. While they are traitors the teahadist cant even govern
    Exhibits 2001: Looks like the Republican’s treasured anti-immigrant riders to the Homeland Security funding bill have a steep price tag.

    Immigration riders attached to the Homeland Security spending bill by the House GOP turn out to actually widen the budget deficit over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. As a result, the $39.7 billion measure will need a supermajority of 60 votes under Senate budget rules, even if Republicans get past the Democratic filibuster.
    Politico reports that the CBO estimate didn’t even take into account the cost of deporting all the undocumented immigrants who could get relief from deportation under President Obama’s most recent order.

    That could be upward of $20 billion to $25 billion, according to the best estimates collected by POLITICO.

  35. I completely agree with the article that the republicans have committed acts that could easily be considered treasonous and while no one has raised the red flag against the GOP, it has become painfully obvious that the conservatives have committed political heinous acts not only against the current president, they have also used the Constitution as a weapon for their own hateful ends. That is not all, for their association with powerful friends who do not care about their country or its people there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that money is the main driver for the republicans behavior.

  36. see the 1 NOW WAYer couldn’t even give 1, JUST 1 good thing the repubs have done.It should go somthing like this:
    The democrats have done…
    WE fought and won a world war,
    WE created Social Security and lifted 75% of seniors out poverty,
    WE built an Interstate Highway system,
    WE created medicare and provided seniors with health insurance after their retirement,
    WE built new modern airports across the country,
    WE had economic expansion and created the middle class, the greatest middle class in history,
    WE built thousands of new schools and expanded education opportunities,
    WE passed laws to end racial discrimination,
    WE implemented the GI Bill and our veterans benefited with homes and education,
    WE rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan,
    WE unleashed the power of the atom and developed peaceful uses for this power,
    WE funded the development of new technologies,
    WE funded research of cures, treatment and remission of diseases; polio, tuberculosis, STD’s and h…

  37. Technically, what the GOP has been doing since Obama’s election is sedition, not treason, although the recent snafu with Netanyahu, trying to force the President’s hand in the Iran negotiations, comes dangerously close to treason. Despair and inaction are not options here. Please, everyone who can…get out the vote in 2016.

  38. Umm… you DO realize LBJ was a Democrat, right?

    You REALLY think it’s the GOP? You’re delusional. Both parties are playing us for fools. They WANT us to point fingers at each other, it keeps our eyes off the ball.

  39. GOP traitors go way back. We can start with the aborted coup against FDR that Prescott Bush was involved with, his trading with the Nazis, GHW Bush’s involvement in November 22, 1963, Nixon’s treason in scuttling the peace talks of LBJ, Watergate, St. Ronnie the Fraud’s October Surprise machinations to keep the hostages until after the election, trading missiles for hostages, Iran-Contra in violation of the law in the Boland amendment, the theft of numerous elections including W’s in 2000, the efforts to restrict the democratic process by restricting the right to vote, and the shit continues to this day.

  40. Hear! Hear! Talk about the 800 pound gorilla in the room. No one, wants to use the word “traitor”. But I’ve been involved in politics for 45 years, I have never seen anything like this in my life. Sure there was the John Birch Society (founded by the Koch’s old man) but it was relegated to the fringes and kicked out the Republican Party.

    This in-your-face denigration of the President is a first. “YOU LIE” at SOTU! Really? But as the article says, Republicans meeting to plan on how to make the President fail, thus making the nation fail. All of the acts listed in this article are traitorous.

    And as others have said it could NOT have happened with the complicit media.

  41. Wow. If this guy had actually read the Constitution, he would realize that there is nothing there that prohibits Congress from listening to a speech or meeting with foreign leaders. Or even visiting foreign leaders. Pelosi, for example, met with Assad in 2007 against Bush’s expressed wishes. In 2013, of his own volition, Harry Reid met with Lobsang Sangay, a foreign leader in exile, which can complicate relations with China. So under this twisted, irrational, ranting logic, Pelosi and Reed also are traitors.

    The Constitution says the President shall have the power to make treaties, but nothing more. Congress, on the other hand, has the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and with the elastic clause, listening to and meeting with foreign leaders would seem to be legal.

    The actions of Boehner may be unwise, but since he is not negotiating a treaty, not unconstitutional. If it was, the Democrats would surely file for an injunction in federal court.

  42. So tell Mr. Critical thinker did anyone of those people mention address a joint session in Congress to gin up support for a war against the government they opposed? Dumbass

  43. Read the Constitution. I defy you to find the Article or Section that grants the President sole authority to meet with or converse with foreign leaders. If Pelosi had made an agreement with Assad, that would have been improper. She did not. Ditto for Boehner, who presumably will also not negotiate an agreement.

    Their motives were similar — that is, to publicly show disagreement with the existing Presidential policy.

    But that’s ok. The Constitution grants foreign policy powers to the Congress at least equal to those of the President. Scholars have described the foreign policy division in the Constitution as “an invitation to a struggle.”

  44. Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1, 3, 10, 11, 12 and 13 all of which when combined with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 give broad foreign policy powers to the Congress. Add to that the oversight power, which is a universally recognized implied power, and you have the basis for a great deal of foreign power discretion. The President, on the other hand, has just this: “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties ..”

    If you don’t believe me, check out this page from the State Department:

    It is a resource to which I point my students.

  45. Since when was John Boner elected to the senate and BTW Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18 states
    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

    So are you saying OUR common defense should be relegated to another country? Other than that you citing that clause is full of shit on Congress powers to run foreign policy

  46. I hope you don’t teach your students Article 1, Section 8 because at no time does it gives Congress the right to conduct its own foreign policy.

  47. Not explicitly, but the elastic clause implies it through the other clauses.

    Not my original thoughts. Read the analysis at the State Department. Unless you think Obama’s State Department is full of malarkey.

  48. And BTW, you quoted the first clause of section 8. 18 is the elastic clause. Combine 18 with 1, and you get implied powers.

  49. That’s rich. Implied powers. Oh the irony. Do Congress mainly the Senate has a role in foreign policy ? I would say yes. Do the speaker of the house has powers to invite a foreign head of state to undermine our national security? I would say no. Now some will bring up NATO and that’s a fair point but please point out to me where we have a mutual defense treaty with Israel.

  50. You DO understand the concept of implied powers, right? It’s in every junior high civics book, and is a lynchpin of our system.

    And did you read the State Department article? It lays it all out very nicely.

  51. Yes I do understand implied powers. Now ask yourself do people understand it when it comes to the President or he doesn’t count because he is a blah

  52. A blah?

    You digress, which I guess means that you are conceding the point. Change the subject when you’ve lost the argument. The question is not about the President. It is about whether Congress has any foreign policy powers, in the absence of which an invitation to Netanyahu, or Pelosi’s visit to Syria is Unconstitutional. The Congress does have foreign policy powers, according to (not insignificantly) the State Department itself, which is part of the Executive Branch, and would not be expected to concede these things were they not indisputable.

  53. No I didn’t change the subject. First Pelosi went to Syria to secure the release of an Israeli airman held by Hezbollah which she did. No one ever brought up McCain’s visit to the rebels in Syria other than to mock him for meeting with Isis.

    My objection is this and I thought I have made this plain and simple. If Israel want to attack Iran that is their right. But I don’t want American men and women dying to further the likuds dream of a greater Israel.

    The treasure we will spend is mind boggling. 2.7 trillion in the first three months. Have you read the Menendez / Kirk amendment? In a nutshell it is ceding our national security interest to another country

    Now you can say the Congress can do this but for once I want you to think of the ramifications on the road Boner and nuttin yahoo are leading us on.

    You may like to look at war on TV but if you think that Iran will be a cakewalk then you are truly stupid and whatever god you believe in may he have mercy on you jim beam soaked soul

  54. If you can’t win an argument, call someone a name. Not particularly mature of you.

    My wife is an Air Force Captain and a decorated Gulf War veteran. The ramifications are not lost on me.

    I’m a Makers Mark man.

    My argument is simply about constitutionality, and applies to either party. McCain has as much right to meet with foreign leaders as Pelosi or Boehner.

    And I’ve looked at your previous posts. I did a search for the keyword “Israel.” At no point did you say this was about Israel’s right to attack Iran and about American men and women dying for Israel. Not once. In fact, the first time you mentioned Israel was at 8:07 pm, which was TEN posts into the discussion. And at that point, all you referred to was an absence of mutual defense treaties.

    So you could not possibly have made it clear.

  55. What name did I call you. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! I think you need to expand your search to all threads on this idiocy

  56. “you are truly stupid and whatever god you believe in may he have mercy on you jim beam soaked soul” And earlier: “So tell Mr. Critical thinker did anyone of those people mention address a joint session in Congress to gin up support for a war against the government they opposed? Dumbass”

    Maggie mentioned Israel first at 7:32 am. The next mention was you at 8:07. So unless you can point me to an earlier post in which you espoused your Israel theory …

  57. So no mea culpa on the name-calling, huh?

    Give me the link to the archives where this comment exists. Because it most certainly is not at this URL, unless you are also posting under the name Maggie.

  58. Isn’t the article about what Israel wants and the Republican party’s complicity, led by Boener, to interfere with a seriously delicate negotiation process? You communicate so effectively that I thought you were being purposefully glib.

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